Exploring the Depths of Kahuna Shaman Reality Perception

February 17th, 2012

By Bill Russell

Shamanism has been called “the technology of miracle-making”. Long, long ago, shamans, in indigenous cultures around the world, learned to play the game of life by different rules. They learned that what we call reality is flexible, fluid and can be influenced by the mind to manifest experiences that, from our western point of view, are impossible. Among these experiences are the ability to walk in fire without injury, controlling the weather, and instant healing. How these men and women have been able to accomplish their feats has been a mystery, and even treated with disbelief, by scientists…until relatively recently.

First and foremost, in all cultures where they have existed, the job of the shamans is to heal. They exist to create beneficial changes for their community and the world at large. They are bringers of health, harmony, peace, love and joy to persons, places things and circumstance. To accomplish their work, they utilize the forces of nature that become accessible through altered states of awareness. In essence, they are distinguished from other healers by the way they use their minds. They believe, for example, that experience is a product of expectation and belief, that all is alive and aware, that all is connected at deep levels of awareness, and that the power of the mind is unlimited.

A fundamental aspect of the power of, for example, the Kahuna shaman of Hawaii is a clear understanding of the relationship between the universe and (what we in the west call) the subconscious mind. Their perceptions of this aspect of mentality are vastly broader and deeper than our modern scientific concepts about it. Their shamanic powers derive from the belief that the unfolding and manifestation of our entire life experience relates to energy/thought patterns held in these deeper levels of mind. To influence reality experience, they learn how to enter these levels and manipulate these imbedded patterns. Through this manipulation, they believe that any aspect of reality – even what we call the laws of nature – can be altered.

In the Kahuna inner cosmology, the ordinary, daily reality, as we perceive it, is simply the tip of giant iceberg. Beneath this level, in deeper waters, are other equally valid, and clearly delineated, platforms of perceptions of experience that involve all of us. From these depths, unconscious processes create our experience of daily reality. Shamans of all traditions long ago developed many means to enter and influence these levels that reflect back as beneficial changes in our level of daily experience. Examples of just a few of the tools that are used to alter the contents of these deeper levels are dreams, prayer, life force energy work, and ritual.

Even a brief exposure to the awareness, entry and involvement in these various levels of inner awareness can be a life-changing experience. Many participants come away from such an experience with a new realization of their great personal power, confidence and fresh hope that positive changes in their lives are possible and a new understanding of humanity’s relationship with the universe.

Manifesting Reality

January 18th, 2012

Come to a place of understanding – clear the mind, sit quietly, become attuned to the environment.

Focus conscious thought on this single desire or goal.

Visualize what is to be changed or created. Include specifics such as color, size, value, location, and timing.

Write out the wish and place it where it can be constantly seen. Read this aloud 3 times in a row.

Blend the wish with focused intent and physical energy – repeat this same wish using same words spoken out loud 2 or 3 times a day for several weeks.

When there is total integration of thought within the mind and body, and one is aware of every aspect of the words, and can retain a clear and detailed vision of
the goal, tear up the paper.

Be confident that in some way the desired change will occur.


(This is a Level One technique to acquire skills in training offered by Metempyrion)

Living Symbols

December 19th, 2011

Vibrational Effects of the Crop Circle Patterns

By Kaayla Fox

Imagine not having words and writing in different languages, or if we could not hear; we would have to use symbols as was done in the past.  To many who visit the crop circles in the fields around the world, they are believed to be a language that activates a knowing, an energetic communication.  Thanks to the dedicated crop circle photographers, films and the internet, we are given the opportunity to change our limited realities with these images.

I discovered that the crop circle images that I transform into the LightCircles jewelry also have particular energies that can assist us along our earthly and spiritual journeys.  I first began making crop circle jewelry in 2000 and since that time, my involvement with the crop circle phenomenon has been the main arena for artistic expression and personal development.  This article is a glimpse into my personal discoveries, and the responses of those who have worked along side of me and those who have opened to higher aspects of themselves through crop circle vibrations.

In his book, Man and His Symbols, Carl Jung says about symbol, “…it always stands for something more than its obvious and immediate meaning.  Symbols are natural and spontaneous products.”  One might ask, what are we connecting to in these crop circle formations?  What draws us to look at these images over and over, and still feel intrigued and uplifted each time?  Is there something in the shapes?  Palden Jenkins, a crop circle researcher states, “The key lies in the invisible energy-fields and the crop patterns are just a footprint, a sign of what we’re looking at, but not the thing itself.”  That has been the driving force behind my life’s commitment to interact more deeply with the energies emanating from the patterns themselves as they are symbolized in the jewelry.

Watching people become more relaxed, bright eyed, and joyful after handling my crop circle jewelry, I wondered what would happen if these crop circle ‘mandalas’ were placed in an array on a person’s body, as one would do a gem stone layout for healing.  My concept of using these energetic medallions of sterling for healing, finally became more real when I met Stuart Wreschinsky, a natural clairvoyant, who recognized something ancient in the geometry and could ‘see’ the energies emanating from the silver.  We began to experiment with placing the medallions on the energy pathways of individuals, much like the ley lines and vortices on the Earth.  With his feedback, I began to define and document some of the mystical effects and interactions between people and the crop circle symbols.

To authenticate the experiences, we did a study using before and after session aura photos. Watercolor Aura Scans made by medical intuitive, Judith Jubb demonstrated significant energy field changes representing evidence of shifts in energy (healing) before and after a client’s exposure to the crop circle medallion placement.  Stuart also drew some fascinating line drawings of the energy patterns that he saw around the body of clients at various intervals throughout the session.  
Photos of these studies can be found at:


Working with clients, we noticed that in each progressive session a person received, their experience varied and the more deeply they connected into themselves on different levels.  The experience might be kinesthetic sensations one time, visual images another, deep emotional reactions or perhaps a combination the session after that.  We learned that these crop circle symbols are comprised of frequency patterns of subtle energy that can be seen by some people but felt by many others.

Dr. Richard Bartlett’s reference to quantum physics gives some clarity and insight into what may be going on when we respond to symbols.  In his book, The Physics of Miracles he says, “The mathematics and physics are unconscious symbolic languages.  They are meant to stimulate higher brain function — not the hired hand left brain’s higher analytical functions, but, instead, the right-brain awareness of symbolism and interconnectedness.”  Is this higher brain function connected only through the sight of symbols or is it even more possible that everything is connected energetically to be experienced as well?  Are we open to feel and interact with the intelligence behind these images?  Keep in mind that the sign we’re looking at is not the thing itself but invisible energy-fields.

Many people relate that they feel protected and grounded; more centered and confident when wearing the jewelry.  Some individuals need and want the support of an energetic reminder that they are more than a body with a thinking mechanism while they intuitively choose the symbols with the combination of frequencies they need at that particular moment.  This subtle yet powerful experience is completely individual depending on the responses within the personal energy field as it receives the vibrational information.

After documenting the placement of the medallions for about a year, we noted that as observers, we had began to use certain pieces in a repeated way brought about by looking at the results of our intuitive inclinations and then unconsciously drawing conclusions, thus influencing the outcome  This is exactly what we did not want to do.  We wanted to keep a fresh approach for each new client and session so that we were not causing the effects, but allowing the frequencies of the crop circles to interact naturally with the client’s energies at that moment in time.  There was no need to affect anything other than to assist the flow of information the client was receiving guided by their own higher intelligence.  That was the beauty of this process.  No ‘fixing’ required.  The intelligence behind the sacred geometry of the crop circle provided whatever was required.

We stopped analyzing the particulars, and returned to a more fluid intuitive approach that supported ‘at that moment in time’ involvement with our clients.  The interesting outcome was that the results were still repeatable even though we let go of any structured method of documenting medallion placement.  Even Ruppert Sheldrake says in his book, The Sense of Being Stared At: And Other Aspects of the Extended Mind, “The first and most fundamental kind of evidence for the seventh sense is personal experience….Experiences and observations are the starting point for science and it is unscientific to disregard or exclude them.”  The personal experience is what we rely on for verification.

This has become an extraordinary investigation of subtle energy and we believe it to be one of the most profound uses and purposes for the worldwide phenomena of crop circles.  Experiencing these powerful energies combined in an array in your personal energy field is quite amazing.  Energetic healing draws on all levels of a person’s consciousness, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  It may enable the release of energies not harmonious that can cause illness, psychological problems or emotional upset.  About 97% of the clients report feeling calm, deeply relaxed, balanced, mentally clearer, and many also feel enlivened and refreshed as well, which is a state we could all use more of these days.  We have barely unearthed the tip of the potential opening to us through this process, and much more research needs to be done in order to know the long term benefits of working with the energetics of the crop circle patterns outside of the field experience.

Crop circle formations are believed to be encoded with Light and Information in universal patterns of vibration that interact with the core consciousness.  If we choose, this will raise the vibrational levels of our earth energies, and those individuals who come in contact with these emanations will feel more connected in unity.

In my personal search for the purpose in forging this path into the unknown and to answer the question of ‘why preserve these formations in silver metal’; it is because of the experiences of clients and customers.  They have confirmed my own understanding that the crop circles are not only for those who walk in the fields, but for everyone to learn from and experience their light and information.  The crop circles have shown themselves to be living entities of higher vibrational fields, guiding the transformational process of Crop Circle Energetics and the other energetic technology tools that I have developed.

The author, Kaayla Fox:  Following marriages and children, her Spiritual training includes the Berkeley Psychic Institute, the Motherpeace Female Shamanic Healing Arts, and California Certification in Hypnotherapy, Magnetic Healing, Reiki Master, and Matrix Energetics.  Today, she is known as the ‘Crop Circle Lady’ as she shows her LightCircles Jewelry across the country in galleries and stores.  She is the creator of LightCircles Vibrational Elixirs, and is the co-founder of Crop Circles Energetics, offering private sessions and group presentations with demonstrations of the ‘Crop Circles in Motion’ experience.  She is a Spiritual Counselor and a long distance Healer.  The author retains all copyrights.

For more information contact her by e-mail:



Feng Shui of Shoe Placement

December 19th, 2011

By Bill Russell

We have energetic ties to our shoes. They cover our feet through the day and display the body language messages of our foot movements and positions. When we remove our shoes, our feet are still intimately tied to them at our deep inner levels of awareness. They are symbols of our feet and, as shamans know, our inner awareness does not distinguish between a thing and a symbol of the thing. Our habitual foot positions affect how we deal with life situations. Likewise, the longer our shoes are set in a certain position when we take them off, the stronger we will be influenced by them. The shoe arrangements illustrated below shown below represent some of the positions in which we may arrange them after we take them off. In Fig. 1, shoes are removed and set to rest neatly side by side, facing forward. They indicate a vitality of poise, readiness, alertness and focused attention. A person with this kind of attitude is ready to take on any challenge when they get up in the morning and put on these shoes.

Fig. 1

If we change the pattern of Fig. 1 and set the shoes wider apart (Fig. 2), they establish a more grounded and stronger energy influence. Consequently, we will feel that way when we wear the shoes.

Fig. 2

When we store our shoes overnight with the toes pointed inward (Fig 3), we are setting ourselves up for a day of self effacement, weakness, hesitation and indecision.

Fig. 3

Now look at the placement shown in Fig. 4. We feel uncomfortable, unbalanced, vulnerable and disordered when we set aside our shoes in this pattern. Would you want to carry that feeling the next time you wear the shoes?

Fig. 4

A more extreme situation is represented in Fig. 5. Here, we have taken off our shoes and tossed them aside in a pattern that adds chaos and confusion to the energies of Fig. 4.

Fig. 5

Fig. 6 establishes an energy of not knowing whether we are coming or going. Don’t store your shoes overnight this way to impress that disorienting pattern on you if you want to have an effective day the next time you wear them.

Fig. 6

Shoes left overnight with their toes pointing outward as in Fig. 7 confer an energy of goofiness, eccentricity and instability. This pattern is a good arrangement for a clown.

Fig. 7

Setting your shoes aside with both turned slightly outward and the right shoe much farther ahead of the left, Fig8, establishes the energy of “putting your best foot forward” or “striding boldly ahead.” A person putting on these shoes is ready to march through any obstacles the day has to offer.

Fig. 8

In Feng Shui thinking, we are strongly influenced by the placement of objects in our environment. This evening when you take off your shoes, give some thought about how you will position them overnight and how they will make you feel tomorrow when you wear them.

If you doubt the effects that shoe arrangement can have on your vitality and experience, take off your shoes and have someone muscle test you while you are looking at the shoes arranged in one of the unsupportive patterns of Figs. 3 to 7. Then repeat the muscle test as you look at a supportive shoe arrangement as shown in Figs. 1,2 and 8. You will find that your muscle strength is stronger when you see the supportive patterns.

Muscle strength testing is simple. Simply hold an arm straight out in front of you and, as someone pushes downward on the wrist of your extended arm, resist the downward push.

Bill Russell is an herbalist and shaman brought up in the Pennsylvania German tradition. He has Hawaiian Huna training with Serge King. As a research physicist he was on the faculty at Pennsylvania State University in the 1960′s-70′s and worked with NASA in the 90′s. His Field Guide to Wild Mushrooms of Pennsylvania and the Mid Atlantic was published by Pennsylvania State University in 2006 and has received wide acclaim.

If you would like to contact Bill feel free to send an email to shaman8@verizon.net

Mayan Calendar

December 19th, 2011

In response to the volume of comments on the Mayan Calendar article Metempyrion has received we make this statement. Much of the information published on the Metempyrion website is provocative in content. The board members and staff of the Foundation are committed to informing our readers about information which is otherwise unavailable. The viewpoints of the authors appearing on the website are alternatives to common perspectives which inundate the population through mass media and religious dogma. The individual authors are responsible for content and opinions expressed in articles appearing on the Metempyrion site.

Metempyrion fully recognizes and honors traditions and prophecies handed down through time around the world. The difference we present is in the interpretation of those
teachings. There are at least three possible interpretations for each of the sagas; Hopi Prophecy, End of Days, Apocalypse, and the Sidereal/Planetary Cycles of time.

Earth changes are natural occurrences which have been and shall always be part of a living planet. That the massive human population now takes up areas on every part of the globe precipitates that some group somewhere will experience tragedy during a natural shift caused by weather or movement of matter making up the planet. Natural catastrophes are exacerbated by the greed of humans willing to make war over material resources, combined and a lack of understanding of forces beyond our control. Any number of these could be called ‘Holocausts’.

People have free will to believe as they choose, collectively and individually. Interestingly in the Book of Revelations of the New Testament in the Bible, the story ends with God living among men on Earth in the new world in an age of Peace. According to Sanskrit scriptures the Kali Yuga is expected to rage on for thousands of years in the cycles of man. The Mayan long day calendar and that of the Hindu have many similarities.

In the meantime, Metempyrion offers a reasonable Path of Action to survive challenges and changes experienced in the Now. For a better understanding of the philosophy of the Metempyrion Foundation, see the article Journey of the Soul at www.metempyrion.org.

by Theresa Crabtree

The Maya have deservedly earned the nickname, “Time Keepers.” Of their seventeen calendars, five remain a mystery to those outside the priesthood. Their oldest and most important calendar, the Tzolkin, has been in use for over 2500 years. Each day of the Tzolkin calendar has a unique energy from a blending of one of the 20 Day Keepers, paired with the energy of one of the 13 Tones, which are energies from the sun.

There are 260 days in this calendar (20 x 13 = 260), each focusing on a unique aspect of the human condition, such as fear, anger and forgiveness. Although the nature of the Tzolkin calendar is simple, its meanings are deep and very complex. The Maya believe that before incarnating, the soul chooses which Tzolkin date to be born on. Thus, the child’s mission in life is enhanced by the specific energies offered on their date of birth. Both priests and midwives are required to be trained in the meaning and use of the Tzolkin.

Their agricultural calendar, the Haab, has eighteen months, each containing 20 days. The Maya were well aware that the cycle of the sun was 365 days, thus they added 5 days at the end of the year, which they call the Wayeb. It is believed that the Haab calendar came into use around 550 BCE. The Tzolkin and the Haab calendar worked synchronistically, like cogs in a wheel. Each day, one of the Tzolkin dates is paired with one of the Haab dates, taking 52 years to complete one cycle, called the Calendar Round. Currently, the Tzolkin calendar is in use in approximately 85 villages, mostly in the highlands of Guatemala and in Oaxaca, Mexico. The Haab has fallen out of use, having been replaced by the Julian then the Gregorian calendar.

The Mayan calendar that has gained widespread attention in the past few years is called the Long Count (LC) calendar. Although the LC calendar was in use by the Olmecs centuries before the Mayans mysteriously arrived in the Yucatan, the Maya were the ones to develop the calendar. In addition to the normal five coefficients (ex. used to mark a specific date by the Olmecs, the Maya included the Tzolkin date, the Haab date, the lunar cycle and often, the cycle of Venus in their inscriptions. There is much speculation as to the purpose of the Long Count calendar other than its use to keep track of time in relation to other dates. What is important to note is that the LC calendar has not been in use since the last buildings were erected during the age of the great Mayan empire, which disintegrated around 900 CE. Due to the horrendous acts of violence to their priests and extensive libraries during the Spanish invasion in the 1500’s, much of their ancient knowledge, history and traditions have been lost.

However, archaeologists have discovered that the Long Count calendar runs in various cycles, similar to the Gregorian calendar that has cycles of days, weeks, months, years and centuries. One LC cycle is the baktun, which has a period of 144,000 days. The 13 baktun cycle, which appears to have special significance to the Maya, has a cycle of 1,872,000 days (13 x 144,000). Modern Maya call this cycle “13 baktun” or “Sun.” Maya spokesman, Don Alejandro Cirilio Perez, states that the current 13 baktun cycle is nearing the end of the fourth “Sun” and will then enter the fifth “Sun.” He states, “When that day comes, it is like the end of the year, you have new year’s eve, then new year’s day.” The Maya do not believe the end of this baktun cycle will herald the end of the world. So, how did the Long Count calendar come to be associated with the end of the world and the date December 21, 2012?

Ironically, it began with the same person who ordered the execution of the priests and destruction of the libraries in the 1500’s, Bishop Diego de Landa. After returning to Spain, Bishop Landa attempted to rectify some of the damage he caused by publishing what little he had learned of the Mayan history during his 17 years in the Yucatan. In his treatise, Relacion de las Cosas en Yucatan, Bishop Landa mentioned two events that occurred during his stay in the Yucatan, recording both the Christian (Julian) date and the Mayan date. This has helped modern archaeologists decode the dates on ancient inscriptions. For the next three hundred years, the Long Count calendar was ignored by the public who were more fascinated with the beautiful temples and ornate figures carved by the Maya.

In 1897, American journalist, Joseph Goodman became fascinated with the Mayan culture, especially the Long Count calendar inscriptions. After meeting Yucatan scholar, Juan Martinez, who had copiously studied Landa’s work and the Chilam Balam manuscripts written by Mayan priests, Martinez and Goodman came to believe that the Long Count calendar began in August of 3114 B.C.E. Forty years later, English archaeologist J. Eric Thompson studied the works of Goodman and Martinez and was in agreement with their hypothesis.

In 1937, he published the Goodman, Martinez, Thompson (GMT) Correlation. In this work, he asserted that the current 13 baktun cycle of the Long Count calendar began on August 13, 3114 B.C.E. Knowing that the 13 baktun cycle is comprised of 1,872,000 days, it was easy to determine the ending date. Thus, Thompson was the first to publish the ending date of the current 13 baktun cycle of the Long Count calendar to be December 21, 2012. Although the GMT Correlation is commonly accepted among the scientific community, there is still much debate with dozens of scholars citing different dates ranging in a period of over a thousand years. These theories would place the ending of the current 13 baktun cycle to be anywhere from 1479 – 2534 CE.

Most important is what the Mayan Elders have to say about the ending date of the Long Count calendar. Three Mayan Elders, Don Alejandro, Hunbatz Men and Carlos Barrios all agree that the current 13 baktun cycle of the Mayan Long Count calendar does not herald the end of the world on December 21, 2012. These modern Day Keepers are not happy to have their calendar connected to the doom and gloom theories of global cataclysms. They do not believe humanity is coming to an end, although they believe we are in a period of significant changes, including a 60-70 hour period of darkness. Don Alejandro hints that when the sun returns, humanity ‘as we know it’ will change. He states that those who are pure of heart, in balance with nature and respectful of Mother Earth will survive any changes we will face in the years to come.

What can you do to prepare yourself? You can begin by taking your attention off 2012 and placing it on the current moment, being fully present and mindful of every thought, word, action and emotion you are currently experiencing. By moving beyond fear and living a life based on integrity, you will be able to literally create heaven on earth. You are further invited to take your focus off the Long Count calendar and place it upon the sacred Tzolkin calendar. There are many resources available to learn how to incorporate the Tzolkin calendar into your daily life. In addition, the Day Keepers on the other side of the ‘Veil’ offer their services to assist you during this time of Transition. They invite you to call them in during your regular meditation practices.

This article is published here with the permission of the author, Theresa Crabtree. Her new book, Mayan Messages: Daily Guide to Self Empowerment is based on the Tzolkin calendar to assist those who are ready to reach beyond the illusions of the third dimension.

Theresa has over 30 years experience as a counselor, lecturer and facilitator. As a professional special education teacher with students ranging in age from 3 to 85 and as a hospice caregiver, she has studied human behavior to discover what makes people ‘tick’. At 45, something clicked and she knew her life’s mission was to use her intuitive skills as a channel and healer. Acting on inspiration, she moved to Sedona, Arizona where she was introduced to sacred geometry and Native American ceremonies through others involved in metaphysics. She and her partner, Ditoh Rohrig call their work S.E.E.D. for Sunshine, Emotions, Exercise and Diet.

Excerpts from the book are posted: http://mayanmessages.wordpress.com
Contact: TheresaCrabtree@msn.com
For further information visit www.t-a-d-a.com

Editor’s note: Calendar dates used in this article B.C.E. = B.C. C.E. = A.D.

Writing for Metempyrion Press

December 19th, 2011

October 23rd, 2009 Metempyrion

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Metempyrion is now accepting short articles which will be posted here at the Metempyrion Press. The author of any article or poetry will receive name credit at posting. All selected entries must be 1000 words or less and will be edited for content and grammar to maintain a high quality. Philosophical theme will also be taken into consideration for inclusion.

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Viewing the Human Energy Field for Health

December 19th, 2011

January 10th, 2009 Metempyrion
by Judith Harlan Jubb, clairvoyant

Judith Jubb, a lifetime member of the American Society of Dowsers, has spoken about and demonstrated clairvoyant pre-diagnostic aura scanning at dowsing conferences from coast to coast. As a medical intuitive Judith ‘sees’ personal energy fields as light and color. Colors indicate inherited traits, mental activity, and physical health. Her interpretations of bio-energetic idiosyncrasies, weaknesses, and flows are well documented. A book on the subject is due in 2009.

The use of pendulums and deviceless dowsing for purposes of divining is becoming more important to the detection of subtle energies of all kinds. The disparity between ancient belief systems and modern science grows less each year.

Recently research in Germany with microscopic photography has confirmed the presence of photon cells in the nervous system of the human body. Like in plants, the photon cells collect and store sunlight which is then converted into energy. It is this energy which flows through the nerves to chakras, organs and systems in the physical body to promote vitality.

Because over 68% of the physical body is made up of water converted into blood plasma, lymphatic and other fluids, these can be traced by dowsing techniques just as underground veins of water can be detected. The energetic currents in the body can be tracked due to movements shifting between positive and negative electro-magnetic polarities, called ‘bio-magnetic’ energy. In this way a range of functions can be specifically interpreted. Energy sensitive people are trained to ‘feel’ energy blocks and facilitate release to restore the proper flow of energy in the physical body.

To a clairvoyant, energy frequencies are seen as light and dark shades of colors emanating from areas of the body to create the etheric or energy field. Mystics call this energy field the ‘Aura’. The scientific community is beginning to recognize that the space around an individual organism exists as conjunct with the physical body. This is now being referred to as the ‘information field’.

From ages ago, around the world individuals have used extended sensory perception including extended sight to perceive disharmonies in the human system. They have studied how to modify, correct, or eliminate problems to promote the well being of the soul, the mind and the physical body. As tendencies through energetic irregularities can be recognized frequently before the condition manifests physically, these various techniques come under the category of ‘preventive care’.

Frequently a person notices improvements in lifestyle, vitality, attitudes, and relationships after following suggestions for self improvement. Seeing a new energy picture confirms that what they are doing in their daily life impacts health. We are multidimensional beings and need to pay attention to well being on all levels. Many people use the pendulum at the grocery market and health store to discern what the subconscious mind knows the body needs. Use your intuitive skills, they work! Best Wishes.

Judith Jubb has been a spiritual counselor for over 30 years. Telepathy, remote viewing, intention into manifestation and all related mind sciences are processes that she works with and teaches others on their paths of fulfillment. Her work changing the vibrational quality of water through intention as well as her energy healing work has been documented in Pennsylvania State University and the University of Washington. For more information go to www.metempyrion.org.

The Spirit Mind Connection and Ways to get There

December 19th, 2011

November 23rd, 2009 Metempyrion

This article is offered in response to queries received by Metempyrion

There has been a gathering worldwide interest in the Amazonian shamanic practices regarding the brew called Ayahuasca. A variety of herbal components are prepared and blended together including tree Datura, acacia, a liana referred to as the vine of death, other leaves, and bark found in the forest, which have a mind-expanding affect when prepared together and ingested. Imbibing this substance is currently being touted on the internet without initiation or psychological preparation, which is hardly the way ayahuasca is introduced to members of the indigenous tribes who partake of it in their culture. This is much different than the traditional cultural practice included in a ritual format.

A communal experience of sharing for the well-being of the group in any ceremony or ritual including, imbibing or ingesting a substance which enhances or changes perception, is an ancient and universal concept. As a group endeavor, drumming, trance dancing, and participating in Sweat Lodge Ceremonies is widely practiced. Many of these occasions involve partaking of some drink or substance for the purpose of enhancing the spiritual experience. The Christian practice of Eucharist, partaking of the consecrated wine and wafer (representing the blood and body of Christ), is a gesture based on this most ancient ritual and can be a most uplifting experience for the indoctrinated believers.

Authors, psychologists, philosophers, and anthropologists who are advocates for exploring the unrecognized uses of herbal and mineral derivatives, may have ventured beyond the 3 dimensional reality into the spirit-mind connection. Perhaps the time has come for contemporary medicine to recognize the principle that underlying all material form is another reality which is fundamental and essential for life to exist. The opportunity for individual spiritual growth is acknowledged.

“There is an invisible world (or plane) supporting the visible one.” Joseph Campbell, mythologist.

The proponents of ayahuasca, including adventurous anglo males interested in hallucinogenic substances since the 1960’s, have spoken at length about the attributes of using these preparations for a variety of objectives. Much of the interest is among psychologists for purposes of research under laboratory conditions to observe what participants are feeling and thinking during the 4 hours or so of being ‘in thrall’. If the people who are sampling this brew are healers, or involved in some pursuit which would suggest a desire to benefit others or society at large, there might be recognizable and honorable reasons for experimentation.

One way to experience the ‘Oneness’ or connectedness of Life is to ingest some part of the immediate environment in order to partake literally of the abundance expressed. Some lifeforms are more concentrated than others in elements that can enhance the bond between humans and other species. On every continent there are plants, leaves, fungi, and roots which have perception altering affects. Humans have always been curious about the soular connection glimpsed during dream time, or caused by a traumatic event.

Taking any of these products is not required to attain spiritual consciousness. Other ways to reach altered states of awareness include intense breathing and meditation. The Vision Quest, when one fasts and chants to become absorbed into the inner dimensions of existence, has been part of seeing visions and a coming of age ritual in many cultures. Many humans have believed the life of the soul is ethereal and mystical and a part of our nature to be explored.

Always it is important to have a teacher or experienced guide. Any of these practices can be dangerous and should not be taken lightly as recreation. Serious ramifications can occur if the person is unprepared for the experience as it may unfold. The projected goal of any of these rituals is that the participants become more aware of their identity, and their roles in the community and the world in which they live. Every individual is responsible to understand how their own physical condition, limitations, and vulnerabilities might be adversely affected by going through the chosen process. Every person should be aware of any health condition which might be exacerbated, possibly to the point of death, while participating in any strenuous activity.

It is the obligation of the shaman or director of the occasion to provide a ‘safe environment’ in every meaning of the word to ensure a beneficial experience for all participants involved. If or when an individual shows signs of distress or crisis on any level, physical, psychological or spiritual, an experienced healer must be ‘present’ to take action. Authentic shamans are bound by a sacred covenant to protect life and safeguard all who partake of any substance or activity while under their direction.

What follows are two separate accounts of incidents that have taken place during ceremonies:

A woman who had been to Peru and participated in ritual with tribal members in an ayahuasca ceremony, returned to her home in southern California. During the following year she began to feel trepidation about her health and became consumed with the idea of her impending death. She told friends about her fears who advised her to go to a doctor. The doctor could find no evidence of such a potential, but the woman continued to have disturbing thoughts and dreams about her death. She had wanted to return to the forest to repeat the ayahuasca ritual but became afraid she would die there. At the very last minute, she felt compelled to get on the airplane.

For the ceremony, she was drawn to sit between two women, both known as healers. After taking the ayahuasca brew, she began to experience visions similar to her prior experience and then lapsed into a deep comatose state about which she remembers nothing. When she awoke a day later she was lying prone; the shaman and women leaning over her concerned. They said no one had ever reacted like that before but they felt they had literally called her back from the dead.

The questions remain. Was this health crisis programmed from an earlier time, perhaps genetic? What process inside of her was set into motion by her first experience with ayahuasca the year before? Would she have died had she not returned for the healing? Would she have gone through the near death experience at all if she had not participated in the ritual either or both times? What we know is that she did go, not once but twice. She did return home to tell the tale.

Another incident took place recently with not so happy an outcome:

A man who considered himself a leader in the trend of spiritual development in urban populations in the United States, gathered people together for a sweat lodge ceremony. The setting was beautiful Arizona in an area well known for uplifting experiences and a tradition of Native American spiritual activities. Sweat lodge ceremonies are intimate gatherings of small groups in secluded areas. Usually there is a certain amount of reverence in the attitude of the participants, and an open-mindedness to experience the unknown. Pipe tobacco or sage smoke may be used for prayers and purification.

On this occasion, preparations were made using materials not commonly accepted for the construction of the lodge. The number of participants became much larger than what would normally be considered desirable. The event proceeded and as the experience unfolded, several individuals began to experience some distress. At some point the situation became critical and one person, then two others lost consciousness. As those in charge of the event began to become aware of the seriousness of the situation, it was clear that they had not anticipated any such occurrences. One woman died before medical attention could be given to her and two other people died shortly after arriving at the nearest medical facility.

The questions remain. Was the leader adequately experienced in this type of shamanic ceremony? Were the participants properly prepared and informed of the risks involved? Had people taken responsibility to know their own medical conditions and side effects of medications they were taking? What were the motives involved for having and participating in such an event? Although the costs of supplies and time of preparation need to be considered, generally gifts for the shamans and healers and food to be shared by the group after the ceremony are all that are offered.

Monetary gain and or peer pressure are not recommended for spiritual development exercises. Motives are a very important part of any decision to participate in any ritual, and will also color any interpretation of an acknowledged affect.

Similar to other healing herbs, ayahuasca is also used by healers to initiate changes on deep subconscious and subcellular levels, so a person can be better, stronger, healthier. When listening to a Curandaro or healer from the indigenous tribes regarding their practice of using these brews for healing, one becomes aware that they are and have been deeply involved with their environment and everything in it for ages. Also, by hearing first-hand accounts, and taking into consideration information from the shamans who are very familiar with the affects of repeated use of ayahuasca over time (spanning generations), it is clear that not only the difference in language would make communication difficult when trying to explain about the purposes of participation and visions experienced.

A conditioned state of mind which is inherited, defining the meaning behind the words, is a part of the belief system relative to the cosmos. Without this code, understanding is limited. When a product or practice is isolated from its source, the affect, or rather the translation of the affect it has on individuals coming from outside the culture of origin will be limited and or misinterpreted. At the very least, some level of distortion is inescapable. The original context is as important as the activity itself. Within a society, from an early age members witnessing the events would have accustomed expectations. This is a first level initiation referred to as exposure.

The experience can not be adequately expressed verbally, and is so far removed from the culture of modern society and most prior experiences the average individual may have had on which to base the process, that preparation is required. Consequently, the ability to communicate depends upon the level of comprehension and responsibility for personal focus. The depth of the experience shifts constantly and with additional opportunities to repeat the process.

Recently there has been reference to another chakra behind or below the classic Brow Chakra. It is being called the Alta Major Chakra and refers to the pineal gland which is acutely stimulated during the ingestion of ayahuasca and other preparations noted to contain: DMT or Dimethyltryptamine, other tryptamines, melatonin, and serotonin which are known to alter awareness. Whether the pineal gland is identified separately or in conjunction with the pituitary gland as the Brow Chakra, the two work together during the process of reflection which is necessary for interpretation and foresight of action after receiving a vision in an altered state.

With regard to participation in any ritual to belong to a group or to grow in personal development, caution should be used. Information about any and all possible outcomes from the process should be forthcoming from people with prior exposure. These people are called guides because that is their role during the experience; to guide others safely through foreign and unfathomable terrain, in this case the mind, which when considered as a gateway to multiple dimensions, can be overwhelming. Some have called ayahuasca “…an opportunity for personal transformation in a time of change.”

Any number of processes could be an extraordinary and transformational revelation for someone. Whatever the challenge, whether it be climbing a mountain or fasting under a tree, the adventure may unfold in unforeseen ways. Choose wisely, be prepared, know yourself, and go with a clear heart. That is the lesson.

The Metempyrion Foundation is not an advocate for any particular laboratory manufactured substance, or lifeform, decoction or brew that might be available through worldwide sources. Nor does Metempyrion recommend the use of such without proper professional advice and supervision. Metempyrion does not advocate or recommend the use of illegal substances.

For another account involving substance induced experiences, see the article Fog’s End in the Metempyrion Foundation Press archives.

The author, Prism, has years of experience with shamans, healers, and out-of-body experiences and visions during meditations.

The Longest Eclipse of the 21st Century

December 19th, 2011

On July 21, 2009, a Solar Eclipse will take place lasting more than 5 hours. This long duration occurs only when the earth’s moon is perfectly aligned between the Sun and the Earth. The next total eclipse of the sun of this duration will happen on June 13, 2132.

The 2009 Solar Eclipse takes place in an auspicious section of the sky. Both bodies transit together the last degrees of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon, and the first degrees of Leo which is ruled by the Sun in the ancient science of astrology. The effect in combined subtle energies should be compelling.

Although the Western Hemisphere will be in nightfall and midnight, millions of people throughout northern India, Nepal, southern China, and the Pacific Ocean will be able to observe this amazing event during daylight hours. Most of southeast Asia and northeastern Oceania will experience the shadow of the moon, the penumbra, as it passes over the surface of the earth.

Researchers, and devotees will want to travel to witness this ‘once in a life time eclipse’. The best places to do that will experience total or almost total eclipse and include Calcutta, Kathmandu, Shanghai, and Wuhan.

Thanks to Jim Maynard’s Celestial Guide 2009, Quicksilver Productions.


Subtle Energies Between Celestial Bodies

December 19th, 2011

DECEMBER 10, 2010

Although lunar and solar eclipses are quite common and occur frequently because of the special dynamics between the Sun the Earth and the Moon, the complexity of motion causes each to be unique. The moon’s orbit around the planet varies in declination above the horizon seasonally, as does the appearance of the Sun. Declination refers to the height in degrees of angle above the equatorial horizon at which a celestial body is observed. In the Northern hemisphere, this is the southern horizon; in the Southern hemisphere, it is the northern horizon. Sometimes, only a partial eclipse is visible, and others a total eclipse occurs because of these combined phenomena.

For instance, we observe sunrise and sunset at positions traveling north until the Summer Solstice (in the northern hemisphere) is reached, and then the sun appears at points in a southerly direction until Winter Solstice when it again reverses. These observed changes are caused by the axis of the earth being tilted at a 23’ angle and the poles of the spinning planet facing the direct rays of the sun depending on the obit position of the earth relative to the sun. (see Planetary Cycles Summer Solstice 2008 in Planetary Cycles archives).

Likewise, as the moon orbits the earth, at times the zenith of declination occurs north or south of the celestial equator, changing every night. Zenith defines the highest point between east and west horizons above the Earth’s equatorial horizon that a celestial body is observed. An eclipse of either the sun or the moon occurs when the alignment of all three bodies causes one to pass directly between the other two, which brings about a momentary occultation.

Occultation describes when one celestial body is hidden by another celestial body from direct sight on earth. In the case of the two dominant luminaries in our earthly existence these are called Eclipses. As the moon is actually much smaller that than either the Earth or the Sun, the passage of the Moon between the Earth and the Sun makes a much smaller shadow on the surface of the Earth and for a shorter period of time. When the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon causing a lunar eclipse, depending on these special relationships, a total lunar eclipse may last hours and is seen simultaneously over a broader populated area on earth.

This should partially explain why sometimes an eclipse is seen in some countries and not in others. The intervening body may not be in direct line of declination every time, and only a partial eclipse occurs. Also of course, depending upon the time of day in the 24 hour cycle of the Earth, the eclipse can only be seen where the bodies converge in the heavens above the horizons.

From thousands of years of observation documented in cultures around the world, humans have ascertained that there are several cyclic calendars, all happening simultaneously. We know the Lunar cycle is not quite 28 days long and is called the Sidereal cycle. The Synodic cycle is longer at slightly over 29 days; whereas the Solar cycle is over 30 days long. For a moment let us contemplate all these separate factors which come together to create an Eclipse. When we do this, it becomes clear why total eclipses do not occur at the same time every year, and why a total eclipse coinciding with solstice is rare.

The Lunar Eclipse falling over December 19-20 at Winter Solstice 2010 is extraordinary because one has not occurred since December 21, 1638 c.e. The next one is expected December 21, 2094 c.e. Although there have been Full Moons on Winter Solstice in 1980 and 1999, the Earth did not cross directly between the Sun and the Moon to bring about a total eclipse.

The 2010 lunar eclipse is observable from earth across western Europe, North and Central America, Alaska, Hawaii, and New Zealand, because these areas will be experiencing nighttime. For the earth’s shadow to cover the moon completely will take one hour (prenumbra), full shadow (umbra) will last over 1 hour, and the entire experience will last 3 hours and 38 minutes, until the moon travels beyond the shadow of the earth. In the eclipse expected in 2094, over Asia, central Europe and Africa, people will see the nighttime spectacle while the earth’s western hemisphere will be in daylight.

Partial Solar Eclipses in 2011 occur January 4, June 1, July 1, and November 25. A total Lunar Eclipse will take place again on December 10, 2011. The next Total Solar Eclipse is expected August 21, 2017 and be observed in the USA. How can we make these predictions? Because by recording observed phenomena over time, projections of expected motions of the bodies involved, can be mathematically calculated.

The Sidereal Calendar, has to do with the Stars and the cycles of the other luminaries in our solar system. The Atlantean culture, continued into Egyptian and Mayan systems, recorded even longer cycles in existence in the galaxy and beyond. Other recorded cycles include the Metonic lunar cycle; the cycle of the earth as it wobbles on its axis; and the Precession of the Constellations. We are finding out about these through research left in stone structures and ancient manuscripts, as well as the most technologically updated tracking systems devised currently. Recorded are ‘Long Day Cycles’ lasting 2,300 years and 23,000 years. As everything is constantly and eternally in motion, the multitude of possible variations of influences and interactions overwhelms the mind.

In a subtle energetic context, what human beings can recognize and use to advantage for health and well being tends to depend upon lunar and solar cycles. Planting and harvesting are definitely influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon and the rotation of the earth. Some years are better than others, some seasons are milder and more productive than others. Pausing to consider just these concepts, it is completely conceivable that when the earth blocks light and with it other energies from the sun to the moon for a brief period of time, simple cycles on earth could be substantially effected in a given area. Recognition and respect for these transitions is not so far fetched.

A total eclipse of the Moon is the only time when the energy of the Moon is unaltered by the power of the Sun. At any other time, the Earth is receiving both Lunar and Solar influences through the sunlight reflected off the surface of the Moon back to Earth. A very special intimacy between the Earth and the Moon occurs during an eclipse which can not occur at any other times. We are receiving pure Lunar energy on that side of the globe. Perhaps an important rebalancing is occurring which has been signaled in some as yet unnoticed way by the body of the Earth to the Moon, which then shifts position for that purpose.

We ourselves may be responding to attunement with energy frequencies only accessible during a Lunar eclipse. When you can, take the time to sit calmly in the moonlight and just feel the night around you. You may be amazed at the powers you sense.