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Ending Wars

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

By Buryl Payne

For hundreds of years people have been fighting wars. Books have been written. Treaties have been written and signed. Treaties have been broken. People still fight wars.

The reasons for starting wars are thought to be race, skin valor, religion, resources such minerals, metals, trees, or food crops. That have ended.

Yet no satisfactory solutions to why there are wars have been found.

That may be because people have been looking in the wrong place. Causes for war are not on the Earth. Russian scientist, Alexander Chizhevsky, observed this over 100 years ago. Raymond Wheeler, professor in the United States, expanded his work to include wars going back to 2500 BC. Edward Dewey validated his data with clear statistical analysis.

Sunspot Peaks and Battles

Wars are often triggered by sunspot activity. Sunspots are accompanied by solar flares, which produce geomagnetic fluctuations if they strike Earth. Some people are sensitive to such tiny magnetic fluctuations. Their brain waves are disturbed and their hormonal system may be thrown off balance. There are more crimes, accidents, heart attacks, aggravation of other ailments, including suicides and psychotic episodes. Wars may start with small incidents of violence and escalate to major battles.

I observed sunspots are formed when two or more planets align with the Sun and therefore they are predictable. See the book: “Planetary Influences” at under “Books”.

Georges Gurdjieff, an influential metaphysical teacher, explains that war is the result of planetary influences. Over sixty years ago he said:

“When two or three planets pass too near each other, even for a few seconds, tension results. For the planets, the tension lasts perhaps a second or two, but here on Earth, the influence causes people to slaughter one another for several years. People affected at the time feel hatred for one another and feel the need to slaughter each other for some exalted purpose; or to defend somebody or something due to exaggerated feelings of pride and nobility, or to act upon some other unrealistic and manic urge or endeavor. People fail to realize to what an extent they are mere pawns in the game. They believe they are choosing their actions. But in reality, all their movements, all their actions, are the manipulation of planetary influences. The Moon plays a big part in this. It must be understood that neither the president, nor the generals, nor the ministers, nor the parliaments, signify anything or can do anything on the grandiose scale of things. Everything that happens is largely governed from outside and governed either by accidental combinations of influences or by general cosmic laws.”

I have the tool you need to make your own predictions and also have found that sunspot can be reduced by global meditations. For more information see the “Dynamic Solar System” and my book: “The Power of Collective Thought”.


Warring behavior is triggered by the Sun’s activity. The Sun has nearly regular cycles. Wars often occur on the ascending or descending section of the solar cycle. This often occurs at times when Mercury, Mars, or Venus is close to Earth and the Moon moves rapidly from one to the other, producing geomagnetic fluctuations one after another, stirring people up. A typical, idealized Sun cycle is shown below with the possible times wars might start.

The solar activity changes rapidly when wars start (mathematically this would be called the derivative).

Changing solar activity affects brain rhythms and hormone balance in humans, mostly in men. I call it ‘Male Macho Syndrome’ or MMS, analogous to PMS in women, often triggered by the Moon, it is a real condition. War fever is an appropriate term. War fever is infectious. One individual may infect many others.

Dr. Becker found there were more psychiatric hospital admissions during geomagnetic storms. Apparently pre psychotic people sometimes ‘flip out’ during these times. Many political leaders, especially dictators, are more apt to be somewhat psychotic, coming to their positions by murder and violence. Often politicians are more apt to become psychotic due to geomagnetic storms. It seems that one has to be a bit psychotic, anyway to want such a job! There is possibly a remedy. See Chapter VIII in Buryl’s book: “Planetary Influences on the Earth” and in “The Power of Collective Thought” book.

Einstein said: “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”

The discoveries that wars are caused by planetary positions which cause sunspots which cause geomagnetic disturbances which disturb brain rhythms and hormone balance which can make some people psychotic constitute a new way of thinking.

This is a new manner of thinking of which Einstein might approve

Buryl Payne Ph. D. inventor and innovator bridging the 20th-21st centuries. University of Washington: Physics MS Biofeedback 1962, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude. He also has a, Ph.D. in Psychology.

Founder of the Academy for Peace Research in Santa Cruz, CA 1982 and on the world wide web in an educational capacity since 1988. Buryl has been on the vanguard of the ‘intention movement’ to focus on telepathy and collective mental focus to bring about change for the higher good in the world.

He has several patents, his GSR Biofeedback Device is licensed to Radio Shack. Buryl continues his research in mind sciences and subtle energies, and builds experimental products which are then tested for application in the energetic health fields.

Books published include: Magnetic Healing and Quantum Theory of Love. The Granola Bar was an idea he gave to General Mills which has inspired numerous similar products which are found in most natural food stores.


Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Many people from all over the country and abroad have contacted Metempyrion recently asking questions about interactions with other people and processes they are currently experiencing. Many of us seem to be noticing signs of change that are puzzling and frequently involve frustration and grief. Although the situations vary from finances, housing, problems with family, employees, employers, projects, health, and accidents, they all have one thing in common:


Somehow our perception of the Laws of Physics seem to be shifting. Processes taken for granted in the past are not following the expected norm. People are questioning fundamental standards of conduct. Many of us expect that if we pay for a service we will receive cooperation; commodities that we purchase will be what we thought we paid for. Unfortunately it is as if we have crossed over into some alternative reality ‘beyond the point of no return’, where nothing and no one is what they seem to be.

Those of us who spend time in a reflective mode of thinking are comparing notes to come to a shared realization regarding these disturbing happenings which appear to be occurring more and more frequently. Factors taken into consideration must include the world economy, the boundaries of medical technology, the massive human population concentration in metropolitan areas, and shifts in climate which we are witnessing on a global basis. These facts are obvious and pervasive and therefore, not directly personal.

There is another major factor which is hidden from view and often ignored because as humans, we are all completely involved in the experience. This can generically and collectively be labeled ‘human response’, which hardly explains the complexities of the phenomena. Behavioral responses originate in the subconscious part of the brain and frequently never reach the frontal lobe more rational higher brain, which is where judgment calls between ‘right and wrong’ actions take place.

What are we talking about here? If you are confused by comments and behavior of relatives, friends and strangers in your daily interactions with them, are you the one who has lost touch with reality, or are these people actually seeing and acting from a completely opposite window of perception? This may be discolored by medication or some toxic exposure. After taking the time to audit your own behavioral responses to see if perhaps you initiated the miscommunication, try again to express yourself more clearly. This will have a successful result if the other individual involved is coming from a clear place of desire to cooperate. If the resulting encounter is equally frustrating, then your conclusion must be that some other influence or concealed motivation for bad behavior is involved.

At this point in the situation, most of us are inclined to walk away rather than follow through on further dealings with that person or group. In many instances, this is probably the wiser choice. However, if the situation has become perceived as critical to one’s health and wellbeing, we correctly find ourselves compelled to pursue the cause of the disruptive behavior on the part of the other parties involved.

Frequently personal pride may block an individual from agreeing to cooperate with someone just out of simple stubbornness. This may be a learned behavior through observation of responses among family and community members which causes a negative attitude of refusal about changes of any kind. The person is completely unaware of the problem, because of the surrounding collective mental state of the group as a whole. Creative thinking and commitment can be used by anyone to extricate themselves from continuing a destructive behavior pattern and passing it on unconsciously to descendents.

In a metaphoric context, the challenge to resolve the issue between persons involved, has now become identified as a challenge to survive. Speaking on the level that personal identity is in jeopardy, the personality must step up to the perceived challenge for the sake of justice if nothing more. Now the Ego is awakened to participate and higher logic must be initiated. This higher brain function is one of the gifts defining a ‘sentient being’; one who is self aware and conscious of purpose and responsibility for personal actions. Integrity and a moral compass to guide behavior is an definable trait in many respected individuals. Most ideologies outline a code of ethical behavior within a group and are most helpful when individual members choose to comply.

Defining Homo Sapiens as a sentient species and acknowledging that human nature is in part inculcated by association with others in a society, still the individual Free Will to make decisions is left to the single person. If the behavior does not fall within acceptable norms, there are consequences which are regulated in the forms of laws within a social structure. But what about the deeper underlying influences which gained the power over the individual that caused the bad behavior and disregard for damage to other people in the first place? Perhaps abuse of personal power causes chemical reactions in the brain that become addictive; like an adrenaline rush during aggression.

This distorted behavior becomes contagious, as bad energy is then passed on and ricochets from person to person. Through vulnerability and fear, distraction and concern for personal survival in an increasingly hazardous high density population situation leads to more and more disregard for courtesy and moral behavior among the larger group. People are asking if this is due to military or government activities involving ELF experiments, toxic industrial emissions or something to do with our sun’s cosmic eruptions. It has even been speculated that people are being compelled to self destruct by some off world intelligence.

Supposing any and all of these are possible, the priority course of action remains the same. Self-control of personal reactions to stimuli outside the individual life form is primary to survival. Taking the Natural Law of Cause and Effect into consideration, one’s own behavior must be defined according to Right Action in any situation. Over-reaction out of a sense of panic is common human behavior but is not an appropriate response in most cases. How does one discern what is right action? Sometimes the rage and deceit expressed by the other person comes without any hint of bad intention to warn a person of danger before the actual crime has been committed. We are called upon to shield and defend ourselves spontaneously in the moment.

Confidence in oneself and our own perceptions and decision making functions comes through practice. Now the complexity of human behavior extends exponentially because we must be attentive to both exterior interaction with others and more importantly our own perceptions and inner responses to outside influences. Actually the only thing any of us have control over is our own actions and our responses to the actions of others. Moderation is an important key, and the thinking person may seek a better form of stabilization of a situation, than an immediate strike in kind, again an abuse of power. Violence begets violence is the apropos cliché here. Even if we are talking about a battlefield in the minds, psychic violence can be the most damaging of all. A few common examples which are symptoms of a chronic toxic mental state are listed here:

slander/libel/ lies, setting another person up to fail at a project,
refusal to cooperate after an agreement or truce has been reached,
projection of one’s own deceit by blaming another for the wrong behavior

All of these are tactics used to undermine self confidence and to distract a person from productivity and fulfillment. The questions to ask are: Was this an accident or a mistake on the part of the other person, or was it done intentionally to cause harm? Was this done unconsciously by someone not in-touch with their own motives, or was this done maliciously and consciously by a person fully aware of their own actions? Once the injured party can be sure of the answers to these questions, a right course of action will present itself.

It is a time of testing for the Powers of Light as the Darkness becomes more pervasive. We are all feeling strained from the efforts needed to withstand psychic attacks in numerous forms including constant negative propaganda on radio and TV. Many of us are having to deal with unexpected deceit, anger and violence from people we have trusted who are involuntarily being influenced by this exposure. We feel we are being targeted because our responses and priorities are different from those around us. This is a test of Faith on several levels.

Recently local newspapers here are attempting to focus on uplifting fun community activities instead of war and violence beyond our control. If you find yourself and people near you distracted by the chaos, you need to change your focus and that of others around you if only temporarily. Think outside your usual context. The Shamanic Way teaches that there are ‘Times of Not Doing’ which are as constructive and necessary as times of activity. Sometimes inspiration comes which enhances spiritual growth and personal revelation. The ancient Buddhist practice of meditation is a similar concept that has proven highly successful in maintaining mental and physical health.


The major Planetary Shift anticipated is happening NOW and we are all going to be affected by it in unexpected ways physically, mentally and emotionally. A catalytic incident may be entirely unexpected, like being blindsided by another driver on the road which causes a radical readjustment in thinking as well as spinal and neck realignments to relieve physical pain. Emotional adjustment may be required as part of healing. Let’s reorient ourselves to a different way of living with others in a flexible context. Both interior emotional and mental environments and exterior ever changing factors need to be taken into consideration and factored into any and all behavior.

Realize that the 21st century is going to be different on earth for all of us than what we expected. Outworn paradigms need to be discarded as do old memories which are no longer relevant to our individual progress through life. Follow the golden path through the woods and even as scary and gloomy as they appear; as bazaar and irrational as the characters engaged may be; classic rules of courtesy and respect still apply. As unreal as the environment seems, maintain your integrity and faith to reach your intended safe haven.

We are all on the Planet, which is a finite environment with ecological and hence economical boundaries. In order to continue to thrive here we all need to cooperate for happiness and prosperity. Choose your path wisely with foresight into the future.

Mayan Calendar

Monday, December 19th, 2011

In response to the volume of comments on the Mayan Calendar article Metempyrion has received we make this statement. Much of the information published on the Metempyrion website is provocative in content. The board members and staff of the Foundation are committed to informing our readers about information which is otherwise unavailable. The viewpoints of the authors appearing on the website are alternatives to common perspectives which inundate the population through mass media and religious dogma. The individual authors are responsible for content and opinions expressed in articles appearing on the Metempyrion site.

Metempyrion fully recognizes and honors traditions and prophecies handed down through time around the world. The difference we present is in the interpretation of those
teachings. There are at least three possible interpretations for each of the sagas; Hopi Prophecy, End of Days, Apocalypse, and the Sidereal/Planetary Cycles of time.

Earth changes are natural occurrences which have been and shall always be part of a living planet. That the massive human population now takes up areas on every part of the globe precipitates that some group somewhere will experience tragedy during a natural shift caused by weather or movement of matter making up the planet. Natural catastrophes are exacerbated by the greed of humans willing to make war over material resources, combined and a lack of understanding of forces beyond our control. Any number of these could be called ‘Holocausts’.

People have free will to believe as they choose, collectively and individually. Interestingly in the Book of Revelations of the New Testament in the Bible, the story ends with God living among men on Earth in the new world in an age of Peace. According to Sanskrit scriptures the Kali Yuga is expected to rage on for thousands of years in the cycles of man. The Mayan long day calendar and that of the Hindu have many similarities.

In the meantime, Metempyrion offers a reasonable Path of Action to survive challenges and changes experienced in the Now. For a better understanding of the philosophy of the Metempyrion Foundation, see the article Journey of the Soul at

by Theresa Crabtree

The Maya have deservedly earned the nickname, “Time Keepers.” Of their seventeen calendars, five remain a mystery to those outside the priesthood. Their oldest and most important calendar, the Tzolkin, has been in use for over 2500 years. Each day of the Tzolkin calendar has a unique energy from a blending of one of the 20 Day Keepers, paired with the energy of one of the 13 Tones, which are energies from the sun.

There are 260 days in this calendar (20 x 13 = 260), each focusing on a unique aspect of the human condition, such as fear, anger and forgiveness. Although the nature of the Tzolkin calendar is simple, its meanings are deep and very complex. The Maya believe that before incarnating, the soul chooses which Tzolkin date to be born on. Thus, the child’s mission in life is enhanced by the specific energies offered on their date of birth. Both priests and midwives are required to be trained in the meaning and use of the Tzolkin.

Their agricultural calendar, the Haab, has eighteen months, each containing 20 days. The Maya were well aware that the cycle of the sun was 365 days, thus they added 5 days at the end of the year, which they call the Wayeb. It is believed that the Haab calendar came into use around 550 BCE. The Tzolkin and the Haab calendar worked synchronistically, like cogs in a wheel. Each day, one of the Tzolkin dates is paired with one of the Haab dates, taking 52 years to complete one cycle, called the Calendar Round. Currently, the Tzolkin calendar is in use in approximately 85 villages, mostly in the highlands of Guatemala and in Oaxaca, Mexico. The Haab has fallen out of use, having been replaced by the Julian then the Gregorian calendar.

The Mayan calendar that has gained widespread attention in the past few years is called the Long Count (LC) calendar. Although the LC calendar was in use by the Olmecs centuries before the Mayans mysteriously arrived in the Yucatan, the Maya were the ones to develop the calendar. In addition to the normal five coefficients (ex. used to mark a specific date by the Olmecs, the Maya included the Tzolkin date, the Haab date, the lunar cycle and often, the cycle of Venus in their inscriptions. There is much speculation as to the purpose of the Long Count calendar other than its use to keep track of time in relation to other dates. What is important to note is that the LC calendar has not been in use since the last buildings were erected during the age of the great Mayan empire, which disintegrated around 900 CE. Due to the horrendous acts of violence to their priests and extensive libraries during the Spanish invasion in the 1500’s, much of their ancient knowledge, history and traditions have been lost.

However, archaeologists have discovered that the Long Count calendar runs in various cycles, similar to the Gregorian calendar that has cycles of days, weeks, months, years and centuries. One LC cycle is the baktun, which has a period of 144,000 days. The 13 baktun cycle, which appears to have special significance to the Maya, has a cycle of 1,872,000 days (13 x 144,000). Modern Maya call this cycle “13 baktun” or “Sun.” Maya spokesman, Don Alejandro Cirilio Perez, states that the current 13 baktun cycle is nearing the end of the fourth “Sun” and will then enter the fifth “Sun.” He states, “When that day comes, it is like the end of the year, you have new year’s eve, then new year’s day.” The Maya do not believe the end of this baktun cycle will herald the end of the world. So, how did the Long Count calendar come to be associated with the end of the world and the date December 21, 2012?

Ironically, it began with the same person who ordered the execution of the priests and destruction of the libraries in the 1500’s, Bishop Diego de Landa. After returning to Spain, Bishop Landa attempted to rectify some of the damage he caused by publishing what little he had learned of the Mayan history during his 17 years in the Yucatan. In his treatise, Relacion de las Cosas en Yucatan, Bishop Landa mentioned two events that occurred during his stay in the Yucatan, recording both the Christian (Julian) date and the Mayan date. This has helped modern archaeologists decode the dates on ancient inscriptions. For the next three hundred years, the Long Count calendar was ignored by the public who were more fascinated with the beautiful temples and ornate figures carved by the Maya.

In 1897, American journalist, Joseph Goodman became fascinated with the Mayan culture, especially the Long Count calendar inscriptions. After meeting Yucatan scholar, Juan Martinez, who had copiously studied Landa’s work and the Chilam Balam manuscripts written by Mayan priests, Martinez and Goodman came to believe that the Long Count calendar began in August of 3114 B.C.E. Forty years later, English archaeologist J. Eric Thompson studied the works of Goodman and Martinez and was in agreement with their hypothesis.

In 1937, he published the Goodman, Martinez, Thompson (GMT) Correlation. In this work, he asserted that the current 13 baktun cycle of the Long Count calendar began on August 13, 3114 B.C.E. Knowing that the 13 baktun cycle is comprised of 1,872,000 days, it was easy to determine the ending date. Thus, Thompson was the first to publish the ending date of the current 13 baktun cycle of the Long Count calendar to be December 21, 2012. Although the GMT Correlation is commonly accepted among the scientific community, there is still much debate with dozens of scholars citing different dates ranging in a period of over a thousand years. These theories would place the ending of the current 13 baktun cycle to be anywhere from 1479 – 2534 CE.

Most important is what the Mayan Elders have to say about the ending date of the Long Count calendar. Three Mayan Elders, Don Alejandro, Hunbatz Men and Carlos Barrios all agree that the current 13 baktun cycle of the Mayan Long Count calendar does not herald the end of the world on December 21, 2012. These modern Day Keepers are not happy to have their calendar connected to the doom and gloom theories of global cataclysms. They do not believe humanity is coming to an end, although they believe we are in a period of significant changes, including a 60-70 hour period of darkness. Don Alejandro hints that when the sun returns, humanity ‘as we know it’ will change. He states that those who are pure of heart, in balance with nature and respectful of Mother Earth will survive any changes we will face in the years to come.

What can you do to prepare yourself? You can begin by taking your attention off 2012 and placing it on the current moment, being fully present and mindful of every thought, word, action and emotion you are currently experiencing. By moving beyond fear and living a life based on integrity, you will be able to literally create heaven on earth. You are further invited to take your focus off the Long Count calendar and place it upon the sacred Tzolkin calendar. There are many resources available to learn how to incorporate the Tzolkin calendar into your daily life. In addition, the Day Keepers on the other side of the ‘Veil’ offer their services to assist you during this time of Transition. They invite you to call them in during your regular meditation practices.

This article is published here with the permission of the author, Theresa Crabtree. Her new book, Mayan Messages: Daily Guide to Self Empowerment is based on the Tzolkin calendar to assist those who are ready to reach beyond the illusions of the third dimension.

Theresa has over 30 years experience as a counselor, lecturer and facilitator. As a professional special education teacher with students ranging in age from 3 to 85 and as a hospice caregiver, she has studied human behavior to discover what makes people ‘tick’. At 45, something clicked and she knew her life’s mission was to use her intuitive skills as a channel and healer. Acting on inspiration, she moved to Sedona, Arizona where she was introduced to sacred geometry and Native American ceremonies through others involved in metaphysics. She and her partner, Ditoh Rohrig call their work S.E.E.D. for Sunshine, Emotions, Exercise and Diet.

Excerpts from the book are posted:
For further information visit

Editor’s note: Calendar dates used in this article B.C.E. = B.C. C.E. = A.D.

The Longest Eclipse of the 21st Century

Monday, December 19th, 2011

On July 21, 2009, a Solar Eclipse will take place lasting more than 5 hours. This long duration occurs only when the earth’s moon is perfectly aligned between the Sun and the Earth. The next total eclipse of the sun of this duration will happen on June 13, 2132.

The 2009 Solar Eclipse takes place in an auspicious section of the sky. Both bodies transit together the last degrees of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon, and the first degrees of Leo which is ruled by the Sun in the ancient science of astrology. The effect in combined subtle energies should be compelling.

Although the Western Hemisphere will be in nightfall and midnight, millions of people throughout northern India, Nepal, southern China, and the Pacific Ocean will be able to observe this amazing event during daylight hours. Most of southeast Asia and northeastern Oceania will experience the shadow of the moon, the penumbra, as it passes over the surface of the earth.

Researchers, and devotees will want to travel to witness this ‘once in a life time eclipse’. The best places to do that will experience total or almost total eclipse and include Calcutta, Kathmandu, Shanghai, and Wuhan.

Thanks to Jim Maynard’s Celestial Guide 2009, Quicksilver Productions.

Subtle Energies Between Celestial Bodies

Monday, December 19th, 2011

DECEMBER 10, 2010

Although lunar and solar eclipses are quite common and occur frequently because of the special dynamics between the Sun the Earth and the Moon, the complexity of motion causes each to be unique. The moon’s orbit around the planet varies in declination above the horizon seasonally, as does the appearance of the Sun. Declination refers to the height in degrees of angle above the equatorial horizon at which a celestial body is observed. In the Northern hemisphere, this is the southern horizon; in the Southern hemisphere, it is the northern horizon. Sometimes, only a partial eclipse is visible, and others a total eclipse occurs because of these combined phenomena.

For instance, we observe sunrise and sunset at positions traveling north until the Summer Solstice (in the northern hemisphere) is reached, and then the sun appears at points in a southerly direction until Winter Solstice when it again reverses. These observed changes are caused by the axis of the earth being tilted at a 23’ angle and the poles of the spinning planet facing the direct rays of the sun depending on the obit position of the earth relative to the sun. (see Planetary Cycles Summer Solstice 2008 in Planetary Cycles archives).

Likewise, as the moon orbits the earth, at times the zenith of declination occurs north or south of the celestial equator, changing every night. Zenith defines the highest point between east and west horizons above the Earth’s equatorial horizon that a celestial body is observed. An eclipse of either the sun or the moon occurs when the alignment of all three bodies causes one to pass directly between the other two, which brings about a momentary occultation.

Occultation describes when one celestial body is hidden by another celestial body from direct sight on earth. In the case of the two dominant luminaries in our earthly existence these are called Eclipses. As the moon is actually much smaller that than either the Earth or the Sun, the passage of the Moon between the Earth and the Sun makes a much smaller shadow on the surface of the Earth and for a shorter period of time. When the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon causing a lunar eclipse, depending on these special relationships, a total lunar eclipse may last hours and is seen simultaneously over a broader populated area on earth.

This should partially explain why sometimes an eclipse is seen in some countries and not in others. The intervening body may not be in direct line of declination every time, and only a partial eclipse occurs. Also of course, depending upon the time of day in the 24 hour cycle of the Earth, the eclipse can only be seen where the bodies converge in the heavens above the horizons.

From thousands of years of observation documented in cultures around the world, humans have ascertained that there are several cyclic calendars, all happening simultaneously. We know the Lunar cycle is not quite 28 days long and is called the Sidereal cycle. The Synodic cycle is longer at slightly over 29 days; whereas the Solar cycle is over 30 days long. For a moment let us contemplate all these separate factors which come together to create an Eclipse. When we do this, it becomes clear why total eclipses do not occur at the same time every year, and why a total eclipse coinciding with solstice is rare.

The Lunar Eclipse falling over December 19-20 at Winter Solstice 2010 is extraordinary because one has not occurred since December 21, 1638 c.e. The next one is expected December 21, 2094 c.e. Although there have been Full Moons on Winter Solstice in 1980 and 1999, the Earth did not cross directly between the Sun and the Moon to bring about a total eclipse.

The 2010 lunar eclipse is observable from earth across western Europe, North and Central America, Alaska, Hawaii, and New Zealand, because these areas will be experiencing nighttime. For the earth’s shadow to cover the moon completely will take one hour (prenumbra), full shadow (umbra) will last over 1 hour, and the entire experience will last 3 hours and 38 minutes, until the moon travels beyond the shadow of the earth. In the eclipse expected in 2094, over Asia, central Europe and Africa, people will see the nighttime spectacle while the earth’s western hemisphere will be in daylight.

Partial Solar Eclipses in 2011 occur January 4, June 1, July 1, and November 25. A total Lunar Eclipse will take place again on December 10, 2011. The next Total Solar Eclipse is expected August 21, 2017 and be observed in the USA. How can we make these predictions? Because by recording observed phenomena over time, projections of expected motions of the bodies involved, can be mathematically calculated.

The Sidereal Calendar, has to do with the Stars and the cycles of the other luminaries in our solar system. The Atlantean culture, continued into Egyptian and Mayan systems, recorded even longer cycles in existence in the galaxy and beyond. Other recorded cycles include the Metonic lunar cycle; the cycle of the earth as it wobbles on its axis; and the Precession of the Constellations. We are finding out about these through research left in stone structures and ancient manuscripts, as well as the most technologically updated tracking systems devised currently. Recorded are ‘Long Day Cycles’ lasting 2,300 years and 23,000 years. As everything is constantly and eternally in motion, the multitude of possible variations of influences and interactions overwhelms the mind.

In a subtle energetic context, what human beings can recognize and use to advantage for health and well being tends to depend upon lunar and solar cycles. Planting and harvesting are definitely influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon and the rotation of the earth. Some years are better than others, some seasons are milder and more productive than others. Pausing to consider just these concepts, it is completely conceivable that when the earth blocks light and with it other energies from the sun to the moon for a brief period of time, simple cycles on earth could be substantially effected in a given area. Recognition and respect for these transitions is not so far fetched.

A total eclipse of the Moon is the only time when the energy of the Moon is unaltered by the power of the Sun. At any other time, the Earth is receiving both Lunar and Solar influences through the sunlight reflected off the surface of the Moon back to Earth. A very special intimacy between the Earth and the Moon occurs during an eclipse which can not occur at any other times. We are receiving pure Lunar energy on that side of the globe. Perhaps an important rebalancing is occurring which has been signaled in some as yet unnoticed way by the body of the Earth to the Moon, which then shifts position for that purpose.

We ourselves may be responding to attunement with energy frequencies only accessible during a Lunar eclipse. When you can, take the time to sit calmly in the moonlight and just feel the night around you. You may be amazed at the powers you sense.

Drawing Attention to the Beautiful Night Skies in the Warm Arizona Summer

Monday, December 19th, 2011

May 13th, 2007 Metempyrion

This year several events are happening which we should appreciate: After sundown the brightest object in the sky over Mingus Mountain and Jerome to the west is the brilliant evening star which is actually the Planet Venus.

She is currently seen near the constellation Gemini whose twin stars Castor and Pollus are to the north and set before Venus as she progresses through Cancer and Leo in June. Mercury is close to Venus yet is difficult to see because of the brightness of his neighbor. Venus will then go retrograde and seem to ‘hover’ in Virgo while going direct in early September and traveling on through Libra and Scorpio, to be seen in Sagittarius the beginning of January.

The word ‘planet’ means ‘traveler’ and the ancients named the objects in our solar system because they return in cycles yet appear to travel through the backdrop of stars and galaxies farther away. Also with the naked eye we can look higher in the sky and make out the orange planet Saturn below the chest of Leo and competing with the Alpha star Regulus at the heart of the lion. As an outer planet, the orbit seems slower to us on earth and progresses to Virgo the first part of September.

In May the moon traveled through these same constellations of the zodiac and passed near to each of these planets with the outstanding ‘blue moon’ or second full moon in May conjuncting the great planet Jupiter in Scorpio and Sagittarius. While Jupiter seems to hover in retrograde between Sagittarius and Scorpio, he will progress to Capricorn in mid December. The Scorpio constellation is very large and recognizable in the lower quadrant of the sky most of the night. For those people born with these planets in these signs, this is a return of cycles and may influence us in subtle ways. The moon will again pass close to these planets the second half of June to Full Moon in Capricorn June 30th. Beauty and wonder.

Take the opportunity to observe and become familiar with these natural phenomena to better distinguish shooting stars as we pass through the asteroid belt in August and September. Other wonderful galactic objects seen without telescopes include the Milky Way, and comets. Then satellites circling the Earth; airplane lights also move rapidly across the sky.

Visitors from outer space will be different from any of the above described objects. Keep watching the skies and good luck in your quest for truth.