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Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Many people from all over the country and abroad have contacted Metempyrion recently asking questions about interactions with other people and processes they are currently experiencing. Many of us seem to be noticing signs of change that are puzzling and frequently involve frustration and grief. Although the situations vary from finances, housing, problems with family, employees, employers, projects, health, and accidents, they all have one thing in common:


Somehow our perception of the Laws of Physics seem to be shifting. Processes taken for granted in the past are not following the expected norm. People are questioning fundamental standards of conduct. Many of us expect that if we pay for a service we will receive cooperation; commodities that we purchase will be what we thought we paid for. Unfortunately it is as if we have crossed over into some alternative reality ‘beyond the point of no return’, where nothing and no one is what they seem to be.

Those of us who spend time in a reflective mode of thinking are comparing notes to come to a shared realization regarding these disturbing happenings which appear to be occurring more and more frequently. Factors taken into consideration must include the world economy, the boundaries of medical technology, the massive human population concentration in metropolitan areas, and shifts in climate which we are witnessing on a global basis. These facts are obvious and pervasive and therefore, not directly personal.

There is another major factor which is hidden from view and often ignored because as humans, we are all completely involved in the experience. This can generically and collectively be labeled ‘human response’, which hardly explains the complexities of the phenomena. Behavioral responses originate in the subconscious part of the brain and frequently never reach the frontal lobe more rational higher brain, which is where judgment calls between ‘right and wrong’ actions take place.

What are we talking about here? If you are confused by comments and behavior of relatives, friends and strangers in your daily interactions with them, are you the one who has lost touch with reality, or are these people actually seeing and acting from a completely opposite window of perception? This may be discolored by medication or some toxic exposure. After taking the time to audit your own behavioral responses to see if perhaps you initiated the miscommunication, try again to express yourself more clearly. This will have a successful result if the other individual involved is coming from a clear place of desire to cooperate. If the resulting encounter is equally frustrating, then your conclusion must be that some other influence or concealed motivation for bad behavior is involved.

At this point in the situation, most of us are inclined to walk away rather than follow through on further dealings with that person or group. In many instances, this is probably the wiser choice. However, if the situation has become perceived as critical to one’s health and wellbeing, we correctly find ourselves compelled to pursue the cause of the disruptive behavior on the part of the other parties involved.

Frequently personal pride may block an individual from agreeing to cooperate with someone just out of simple stubbornness. This may be a learned behavior through observation of responses among family and community members which causes a negative attitude of refusal about changes of any kind. The person is completely unaware of the problem, because of the surrounding collective mental state of the group as a whole. Creative thinking and commitment can be used by anyone to extricate themselves from continuing a destructive behavior pattern and passing it on unconsciously to descendents.

In a metaphoric context, the challenge to resolve the issue between persons involved, has now become identified as a challenge to survive. Speaking on the level that personal identity is in jeopardy, the personality must step up to the perceived challenge for the sake of justice if nothing more. Now the Ego is awakened to participate and higher logic must be initiated. This higher brain function is one of the gifts defining a ‘sentient being’; one who is self aware and conscious of purpose and responsibility for personal actions. Integrity and a moral compass to guide behavior is an definable trait in many respected individuals. Most ideologies outline a code of ethical behavior within a group and are most helpful when individual members choose to comply.

Defining Homo Sapiens as a sentient species and acknowledging that human nature is in part inculcated by association with others in a society, still the individual Free Will to make decisions is left to the single person. If the behavior does not fall within acceptable norms, there are consequences which are regulated in the forms of laws within a social structure. But what about the deeper underlying influences which gained the power over the individual that caused the bad behavior and disregard for damage to other people in the first place? Perhaps abuse of personal power causes chemical reactions in the brain that become addictive; like an adrenaline rush during aggression.

This distorted behavior becomes contagious, as bad energy is then passed on and ricochets from person to person. Through vulnerability and fear, distraction and concern for personal survival in an increasingly hazardous high density population situation leads to more and more disregard for courtesy and moral behavior among the larger group. People are asking if this is due to military or government activities involving ELF experiments, toxic industrial emissions or something to do with our sun’s cosmic eruptions. It has even been speculated that people are being compelled to self destruct by some off world intelligence.

Supposing any and all of these are possible, the priority course of action remains the same. Self-control of personal reactions to stimuli outside the individual life form is primary to survival. Taking the Natural Law of Cause and Effect into consideration, one’s own behavior must be defined according to Right Action in any situation. Over-reaction out of a sense of panic is common human behavior but is not an appropriate response in most cases. How does one discern what is right action? Sometimes the rage and deceit expressed by the other person comes without any hint of bad intention to warn a person of danger before the actual crime has been committed. We are called upon to shield and defend ourselves spontaneously in the moment.

Confidence in oneself and our own perceptions and decision making functions comes through practice. Now the complexity of human behavior extends exponentially because we must be attentive to both exterior interaction with others and more importantly our own perceptions and inner responses to outside influences. Actually the only thing any of us have control over is our own actions and our responses to the actions of others. Moderation is an important key, and the thinking person may seek a better form of stabilization of a situation, than an immediate strike in kind, again an abuse of power. Violence begets violence is the apropos cliché here. Even if we are talking about a battlefield in the minds, psychic violence can be the most damaging of all. A few common examples which are symptoms of a chronic toxic mental state are listed here:

slander/libel/ lies, setting another person up to fail at a project,
refusal to cooperate after an agreement or truce has been reached,
projection of one’s own deceit by blaming another for the wrong behavior

All of these are tactics used to undermine self confidence and to distract a person from productivity and fulfillment. The questions to ask are: Was this an accident or a mistake on the part of the other person, or was it done intentionally to cause harm? Was this done unconsciously by someone not in-touch with their own motives, or was this done maliciously and consciously by a person fully aware of their own actions? Once the injured party can be sure of the answers to these questions, a right course of action will present itself.

It is a time of testing for the Powers of Light as the Darkness becomes more pervasive. We are all feeling strained from the efforts needed to withstand psychic attacks in numerous forms including constant negative propaganda on radio and TV. Many of us are having to deal with unexpected deceit, anger and violence from people we have trusted who are involuntarily being influenced by this exposure. We feel we are being targeted because our responses and priorities are different from those around us. This is a test of Faith on several levels.

Recently local newspapers here are attempting to focus on uplifting fun community activities instead of war and violence beyond our control. If you find yourself and people near you distracted by the chaos, you need to change your focus and that of others around you if only temporarily. Think outside your usual context. The Shamanic Way teaches that there are ‘Times of Not Doing’ which are as constructive and necessary as times of activity. Sometimes inspiration comes which enhances spiritual growth and personal revelation. The ancient Buddhist practice of meditation is a similar concept that has proven highly successful in maintaining mental and physical health.


The major Planetary Shift anticipated is happening NOW and we are all going to be affected by it in unexpected ways physically, mentally and emotionally. A catalytic incident may be entirely unexpected, like being blindsided by another driver on the road which causes a radical readjustment in thinking as well as spinal and neck realignments to relieve physical pain. Emotional adjustment may be required as part of healing. Let’s reorient ourselves to a different way of living with others in a flexible context. Both interior emotional and mental environments and exterior ever changing factors need to be taken into consideration and factored into any and all behavior.

Realize that the 21st century is going to be different on earth for all of us than what we expected. Outworn paradigms need to be discarded as do old memories which are no longer relevant to our individual progress through life. Follow the golden path through the woods and even as scary and gloomy as they appear; as bazaar and irrational as the characters engaged may be; classic rules of courtesy and respect still apply. As unreal as the environment seems, maintain your integrity and faith to reach your intended safe haven.

We are all on the Planet, which is a finite environment with ecological and hence economical boundaries. In order to continue to thrive here we all need to cooperate for happiness and prosperity. Choose your path wisely with foresight into the future.