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2014 – Year of the Green Water Horse

Friday, January 17th, 2014

By Jia Wu

We have crossed over the threshold of the Winter Solstice on our annual journey from darkness into Light. From now until the Chinese Solar New Year that begins on February 4th, 2014, we are in a period of flux as one cycle winds down and another is birthed. During this transition, major shifts in our Planet’s Light and energy occur as matter rearranges itself. This mutable, shifting phase is the perfect time to get your home and business prepared for the Year of the Green Wood Horse that arrives on January, 31st, 2014.

January, 2014, has two New Moons, and each one falls on a New Year’s celebration!! The first one occurred on January 1st, and the second one will be on the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, January 30th. Each year brings a new energetic pattern or theme, since the heavenly and earthly energies are continually moving and realigning. The energies for the year of the Green Wood Horse, also known as the “Horse in the Clouds,” brings yang wood sitting on top of fire and is much different from the mysterious, secretive “Black Water Snake!” Everything will be out in the open. It will be a year of “walking the walk” and not over thinking. Events will move quickly with unbridled energy and there will be no time for procrastination or idleness. It is also a year for surprising romance especially for the ox, snake and rooster.

According to Chinese custom, the “Grand Duke of Jupiter,” arrives each year in a different direction. He is also called Tai Sui or the “Minister of Time.” Tai Sui literally means the Great Year, the Jupiter Year, the 12 year sidereal period which the planet takes to travel around the sun. Each year as the “magnetic shadow“ of Jupiter passes over the Earth like a wave and darkens the direction of the “animal” of the year ( dragon, snake, horse etc.), the location of “the Grand Duke of Jupiter” is revealed!

For 2014, The Grand Duke resides in the “House of the Horse” which is in the South 172.5° – 187.5°. If your house faces these degrees, it is considered to be clashing with the Grand Duke. You may experience accidents, obstacles or loss of wealth. The cure is to minimize movement and any construction or digging in this direction. Also, do not face this direction. He does not like to be confronted or disturbed!

If your house faces North, you are lucky! It has the support of the Grand Duke. You will do better in business ventures and competition.

2014 Avoidance Days

In Feng Shui there are 13 days each year where one is advised to not do anything important! These are also known as the “Master – Killing” days. On these days, one should avoid moving, trading, receiving payments, getting married, getting buried, starting a new job or anything else important.

Feb. 12
Mar. 3
Apr. 8
May 5
June 2 and 28
July 27
Aug. 24
Sept. 20/28
Oct. 18
Nov. 15
Dec. 12
Jan. 19

Time for your annual Feng Shui update!
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Happy New Year!
Love and Light, Carol

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