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Blocking Energies with Cobalt Blue

Monday, May 5th, 2014

The Year of the Green Wood Horse is definitely galloping forward at full speed and it is especially challenging to keep our balance during those moments when all four legs are off the ground! To further punctuate this fast, furious and uncertain ride, we had a total lunar eclipse, and have just passed through a rare astrological Cardinal Grand Cross. This cross was about initiating profound change and creating intense stress within the four cardinal signs. The four spheres of life affected were self- identity, relationships, home life and work (hmmm… that seems to cover almost everything in our personal lives!) Cardinal signs indicate natural leaders and initiators and the mode is pioneering and conquering. Amazingly, these are also the characteristics of the Chinese Horse. Combining these energies with the unbridled energy of the wood horse is going to create change. This year we need to be awake, alert and ready to take action!

In this newsletter, I am going to continue to “shine light” upon some more ancient wisdom, this time concerning color, that has been overlooked or forgotten. We know that Light is the source of all life and manifests in our three dimensional world as color, sound and shape. Color defines everything we see in visible creation. Our ancestors knew how to utilize the invisible, vibrational qualities of color to bring harmony and balance into their daily lives, since they were more aligned and receptive to nature than we are. They passed this color knowledge down from generation to generation, but most of this wisdom has been forgotten in modern times and we refer to it as folklore and don’t give it much credence.

Cobalt blue” is a perfect example of this lost wisdom! In many diverse cultures, it was treasured as a frequency that provided protection. For thousands of years, cobalt blue colored glass bottles were and still are used to protect valuable essences and medicines from harmful radiations.

We all know and have seen the evil eye talisman. It’s existence was first recorded by the Mesopotamians about 5,000 years ago and since then it has been used worldwide as an amulet to protect one from evil. There is a reason cobalt blue is the predominant color in the eye!

Many Mediterranean people still paint their windows and front door frames cobalt blue to protect the home from outside evil forces.

Cobalt blue can range from the bright translucent color we see on medicinal bottles to a much deeper blue. Lapis Lazuli is the natural color of cobalt blue and is considered a protective paramagnetic stone. This means that it is easily magnetized. The same is true for the metal cobalt. ( They are attracted to a magnet rather than repelled – they are pulled in.)

When we look at the occult (occult means hidden meanings, hidden secrets) books of Theosophy, Alice Bailey, the Masons, etc. they use cobalt blue book covers. Although they say the covers symbolize the blue ray (which is magnetic), I think that it also used to protect the wisdom between the covers and it makes the books magnetic.

Rudolph Steiner continued teaching and using Goethe’s universal theory of color (as opposed to the Newtonian linear theory that I have discussed in previous newsletters) that theorized there are only two colors in the universe – blue and yellow. Blue shines inwards, while yellow shines outwards. This inward motion indicates a protective mechanism.

The color that is opposite to cobalt blue on the color wheel is gold. The ancients knew that if you have two opposing concepts, that balance (paradox) is found by a third. A triangle is created – the colors are not mixed, but synthesized. It is like the blue and gold are visible in space-time and the frequency that relates them – white -is in time-space. One sees this color combination used extensively within the Masons, Self Realization Fellowship and many other spiritual paths.

There are countless other examples of using the protective qualities of cobalt blue within many religions etc., but I am trying to keep these newsletters short and to the point!! I am thinking of starting a blog, so I can go into all of these subjects in more depth for those who are interested . We can also have feedback from the readers and gain more wisdom! stay tuned!

Now, how can you use this knowledge in your immediate environment? The dowsers have known about the protective properties of cobalt blue for eons and have developed different methods to utilize this ancient knowledge. For one thing, they have discovered that it is really effective in blocking harmful earth radiations.

A practical use of this knowledge has been utilized to lessen the number of accidents at certain locations on freeways, streets and intersections. The dowsers first pinpoint places on maps where accidents frequently occur and then put cobalt colored paint, or tape across the street or highway to block the harmful energies at that location. The energies of these locations seem to cause the drivers momentarily loss of consciousness. By putting the tape or paint across these spots, that loss of consciousness is lessened and there are noticeably fewer accidents!

To expand on this concept, if you want to block the energies of a negative neighbor, or someone in your household, you can use the blue sharpie (perfect color!) to outline any wall on your floor plan to stop their energy from penetrating into your space. If you want to suppress negative earth energies rising from the ground, you can color in all or any part of your floor plan where you feel the energy needs to be blocked.

Many times I color in the space beneath a bed if a person is not sleeping well. Also, if you live in an apartment building, you can block the energies of the people below you etc. There are countless way to use this information. Experiment!

I just discovered something else amazing about cobalt blue! CSIc(Color Solutions International) which I always subscribed to when I was clothing designer – picked cobalt blue as the color of the year for 2013!! For all twelve months, it was the most popular and widely used color. Many designers, graphic artists, retailers, fine artists, architects etc. subscribe to this publication to find the trending colors. Seems the world was subconsciously searching for protection on many levels! It is still a major player in 2014.

Now is the perfect time to have an in-depth space clearing. During the clearing, I also check all of your artwork and collectibles to see if they are weakening or strengthening you.
It is amazing what comes up!!

I will be speaking on “Redeeming Our Ancient Wisdom through Dowsing” at the West Coast Dowsing Conference, July 3-6, at Santa Cruz University. Email me for a schedule.

Hope to see you there.

Love and Light, Carol

Viewing the Human Energy Field for Health

Monday, December 19th, 2011

January 10th, 2009 Metempyrion
by Judith Harlan Jubb, clairvoyant

Judith Jubb, a lifetime member of the American Society of Dowsers, has spoken about and demonstrated clairvoyant pre-diagnostic aura scanning at dowsing conferences from coast to coast. As a medical intuitive Judith ‘sees’ personal energy fields as light and color. Colors indicate inherited traits, mental activity, and physical health. Her interpretations of bio-energetic idiosyncrasies, weaknesses, and flows are well documented. A book on the subject is due in 2009.

The use of pendulums and deviceless dowsing for purposes of divining is becoming more important to the detection of subtle energies of all kinds. The disparity between ancient belief systems and modern science grows less each year.

Recently research in Germany with microscopic photography has confirmed the presence of photon cells in the nervous system of the human body. Like in plants, the photon cells collect and store sunlight which is then converted into energy. It is this energy which flows through the nerves to chakras, organs and systems in the physical body to promote vitality.

Because over 68% of the physical body is made up of water converted into blood plasma, lymphatic and other fluids, these can be traced by dowsing techniques just as underground veins of water can be detected. The energetic currents in the body can be tracked due to movements shifting between positive and negative electro-magnetic polarities, called ‘bio-magnetic’ energy. In this way a range of functions can be specifically interpreted. Energy sensitive people are trained to ‘feel’ energy blocks and facilitate release to restore the proper flow of energy in the physical body.

To a clairvoyant, energy frequencies are seen as light and dark shades of colors emanating from areas of the body to create the etheric or energy field. Mystics call this energy field the ‘Aura’. The scientific community is beginning to recognize that the space around an individual organism exists as conjunct with the physical body. This is now being referred to as the ‘information field’.

From ages ago, around the world individuals have used extended sensory perception including extended sight to perceive disharmonies in the human system. They have studied how to modify, correct, or eliminate problems to promote the well being of the soul, the mind and the physical body. As tendencies through energetic irregularities can be recognized frequently before the condition manifests physically, these various techniques come under the category of ‘preventive care’.

Frequently a person notices improvements in lifestyle, vitality, attitudes, and relationships after following suggestions for self improvement. Seeing a new energy picture confirms that what they are doing in their daily life impacts health. We are multidimensional beings and need to pay attention to well being on all levels. Many people use the pendulum at the grocery market and health store to discern what the subconscious mind knows the body needs. Use your intuitive skills, they work! Best Wishes.

Judith Jubb has been a spiritual counselor for over 30 years. Telepathy, remote viewing, intention into manifestation and all related mind sciences are processes that she works with and teaches others on their paths of fulfillment. Her work changing the vibrational quality of water through intention as well as her energy healing work has been documented in Pennsylvania State University and the University of Washington. For more information go to

Karma Clear

Monday, December 19th, 2011

May 13th, 2008 Metempyrion


Karma ends

Faces forgive

What they remember not

Because it is no longer real.

Wipe the slate clean

Without censure

Fresh anew

Begin as


Again. OM

Swami Sri Guruiji Grace Love
Advaita Monism Hindu Practical Vedanta Guru
Samadhi Shaktipat
Cornville, AZ

Food and Health

Monday, December 19th, 2011

The word recipe comes from the Latin recipere meaning to receive. In past times the word referred to a prescription from the apothecary. The archaic symbol for recipe is the one used even today by pharmacists for medications:


Currently the word recipe is used to designate a list of ingredients with instructions to be mixed together in the kitchen to be consumed as food. How this reference has changed over time is not so mysterious as we might think. There are recipes for skin care, hot bath soaks and poultices. Healers have always been herbalists who gather plants to be blended together for healthy results. A good cook is frequently also a good gardener who grows fresh produce and herbs.

Ayurvedic medicine uses barks of trees, spices, herbs and roots for medicinal effects as do the curanderos of Central and South America. The tradition of blending natural ingredients together for a better quality of life has been with Homo Sapiens for thousands of years. Mixing roots and leaves to alleviate discomfort, pain and disease is the most important identifier of evolution. What a brilliant idea to mix these ingredients in a way to be consumed as a pleasurable experience.

Good nutrition is as important today as it has always been for health, alertness, vitality and longevity. With the advent of modern travel and transport, the basic ingredients of exotic foods from almost anywhere in the world can be experienced in our own homes. The Chinese always think ‘health’ when the cook is in the kitchen. A balanced meal must contain complementary foods for appeal, taste, harmony, and well being.

In the present times, special care should be taken to read labels of products which could contain chemicals and ingredients harmful over the long term if consumed repeatedly. Many cause allergies and complications in the digestive tract, as well as a deficiency in mental clarity needed for learning and good judgment decisions. Some have been linked to behavioral problems in children and adolescents. Laboratory food preservatives may be difficult to break down in the body causing stress for organs or simply be indigestible, meaning the food is passed out of the body without nourishment value.

Learning the Science of good cooking means being sensitive to body functions and needs for nourishment. The Art of cooking is about serving healthy ingredients in a fashion that is pleasant to the palate and the eye. Digestion is best when the ambience is relaxing, uplifting, and happy. Meditation between preparation and presentation is frequently helpful.

So we see that the person who selects the food and cooks in the household has a very vital and important position. This person is actually a healer, because food when combined and presented properly serves as medicine in a most fundamental way. If care is not taken, the family suffers; disharmony, sickness, and even long term inherited vulnerabilities can develop.

As a healer, the cook should take care to be sensitive to allergies and different requirements of individuals. The changing conditions and attitudes of the people she serves should be taken into consideration. A perfectly wonderful meal could be wasted when other people don’t feel like consuming what is presented. Rather than taking offense at rejection, consider the needs of others and be flexible. Variety at the table is always welcome. The kitchen ‘maven’ should be conscientious, happy, and healthy. The meaning of the proverbial chicken soup becomes multidimensional as food for the soul, comfort for the heart and nourishment for the body.

Organic ingredients are recommended whenever available; fresh rather that canned or frozen is preferable for taste and nutritive value. The quality of life is precious and while being thrifty is important, health must be the primary focus. Remember, the cook is the guardian of health in the household.

About Meditation

Monday, December 19th, 2011

April 13th, 2008 Metempyrion
for health and peace of mind

The basic idea about meditation and why people meditate is that during our day we are constantly subjected to sensory input and our minds are active in the process of thinking to make effective responses. Engaging in conversation, studying written material, solving problems is all part of an average day.

Typically, while engaging in these activities and between them there is an ongoing mental commentary going on in the mind. People aren’t always aware of all that mental thought activity on a conscious level, but most of us can’t get away from it. Meditation allows all this activity to calm and often results in the mind becoming more peaceful and focused.

Meditation allows the opportunity for awareness to become rejuvenated.

Meditation can be considered a technique or a practice. It usually involves concentrating on an object such as a flower, candle, sound or word, or the breath. Over time, random thoughts diminish as the mind is focused on one particular thing. More importantly, the individual’s attachment or emotional involvement with these thoughts progressively becomes less. The meditation subject may get caught up in a thought pattern then becomes aware of this, and attention is gently brought back to the object of concentration. Other forms of meditation are also practiced without a image or object focus as in a posture of complete relaxation.

As experiences in meditation vary from one individual to another, the best attitude is to refrain from having any preconceived expectations when meditating. Being in the moment is an important part of the process. Relaxation, increased awareness, mental clarity, and a sense of peace and harmony are commonly realized through meditation.

The self development process is enhanced through meditation as we become more aware of our feelings and thoughts about daily experiences and interactions. Our sensitivity about personal needs and perhaps unrealistic attitudes or goals may be exposed for the first time and need to be addressed. If silence, peace of mind, clarity, bliss or other promoted benefits of meditation is not achieved, that in itself is not a sign of incorrect practice or incapacity to attain these goals at a later time.

What is important is that one is regular in making a reasonable attempt on a daily basis at a designated time. With regular practice one inevitably acquires an increased understanding of and proficiency with the particular meditation technique. Some people use the formal concentrative meditation as a preliminary step to practicing a mindfulness meditation during the day where one maintains a calm increased awareness of one’s thoughts and actions during the day during activities of any kind.

For some people, meditation is primarily a spiritual practice and may be closely tied to the practice of a religion such as monastic Catholicism, Hinduism Buddhism, Sufism, or other contemplative spiritual expression. . Many people in the world have meditated if only for a few moments by sitting peacefully without thinking, perhaps in a church or at home in silence. Traditionally. meditation is a means for guiding ethical qualities which can then be observed in behavior in a cultural group or society.

This is however, not a requirement for effective meditation. Meditation deals with contacting something within us that is peaceful, calm, rejuvenating and meaningful. Whether one calls this God, or soul, the inner child, or peace, theta-wave brain activity, or simply silence is not important.

Meditation is different from contemplation only in the form of technique practiced. Contemplation suggests a problem solving focus. Meditation is an active process where the subject remains fully aware of what the awareness is doing, but does not become involved in any given solution. It rather attempts to transcend this level of thought activity.

Self-hypnosis like meditation involves at least an initial period of concentration on an object or sound. In hypnosis one does not maintain an awareness of the present or stay conscious of the process itself. One enters a semi-conscious trance for purposes of relaxation only. If a hypnotist is present to act as a guide to the subject, problem solving may occur on subconscious levels and later conscious realization can be obtained.

Meditation involves concentrating on something to take the attention beyond the random thought activity that usually goes on inside the person’s mind. This can involve a solid object or picture, a mantra, rhythm of breathing, or guided visualization. A mandala is a highly colored symmetric painting, or the picture of a spiritual teacher in a high meditative state is used frequently. Mantras are sound which have a flowing, meditative quality and may be repeated out loud or inwardly. The breath is also a common focal point. Guided visualization can help to bring one into a meditative state and also may be used once a meditative state has been reached to produce given results.

Any meditative technique can be helpful, and the person may need to experiment with several before finding the one most compatible and supportive for them. Finding the effective technique or combination for the individual becomes most satisfying, enhancing the life over time. Here are a few recommended guidelines for meditation:

* Set aside a specific time every day
* It should be done before a meal
* A specific quiet, comfortable place should be designated for meditation only.
* Sitting with spine straight and vertical is most often suggested, however, if physical disability causes discomfort, a prone posture with complete symmetrical placement of extremities and alignment of the vertebrae is acceptable. Take care not to fall asleep.

While meditation is beneficial at any time, most people who meditate agree that early morning is best as the clarity of mind, energy, and peaceful attitude can be carried into the activities of the day. Also, meditation is beneficial after a day’s work before supper to clear the tensions of the day. Later in the evening is another appropriate time for meditation. Having at least one time daily to meditate helps to maintain regularity in the lifestyle. Many people find patterned or colored lights, meditative music or regular drum beats aid the process of obtaining a deeper meditative state.

When first learning meditation, 10-15 minutes is adequate. After regular practice, one becomes able to meditate for longer periods of time. Many people meditate twice daily for 20-30 minutes each time. The very experienced person may be able to sustain a blissful state for an hour or more. Although a living teacher is not required and much can be learned through books, beyond elementary levels, guidance is recommended. A teacher can be an invaluable aid in learning a meditation technique and continuing correct practice. Some techniques are spiritual in nature and others are mainly concerned with stress-reduction and peace of mind.

Any aid which works is applicable. The processes used to relax the eyes, the body, and the mind is an individual choice. If muscular discomfort or nerve pain is experienced while reaching a state of relaxation, make sure the position is not causing strain. During meditation, the awareness is heightened and one should expect to notice otherwise ignored sensations. This can be done without attachment and used as objects of the meditation. Frequently, these sensations dissolve without having to change posture. Remember, a quiet body contributes to a quiet mind. What is important is finding what works in the life of the person.