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2013 – Year of the Black Water Snake – Gui Si

Monday, January 14th, 2013

The Chinese Lunar New Year begins on Feb.10, 2013 and the Solar New Year, on which Feng Shui is based, begins Feb. 4, 2013, the first day of Spring (Li-chun.) Each year brings a new energetic pattern or theme, since the heavenly and earthly energies are continually moving and realigning. The energies for the year of the Black Water Snake, brings yin water sitting on top of fire and is much different from those of the passing Black Water Dragon year which has yang water sitting on earth! For 2013, it is important to know where the Tai Sui, Sui Po, Sans Sha and “The Evil Yellow Number 5” energies are located, so steps can be taken to avoid, and, or cure them (see below.) I am also sending Master Yang’s “Avoidance Days.” Many of you have contacted me with stories of how accurate these dates are!

According to Chinese custom, the “Grand Duke of Jupiter,” arrives each year in a different direction. He is also called Tai Sui or the “Minister of Time.” Tai Sui literally means the Great Year, the Jupiter Year, the 12 year sidereal period which the planet takes to travel around the sun. Each year as the “magnetic shadow“ of Jupiter passes over the Earth like a wave and darkens the direction of the “animal” of the year (rabbit, dragon, snake etc.), the location of “the Grand Duke of Jupiter” is revealed!

For 2013, the Grand Duke is General Xu Dan” and he resides in the House of the Snake which is in the Southeast 142.6° – 157.5°. If your house faces these degrees, it is considered to be clashing with the Grand Duke. You may experience accidents, obstacles or lose of wealth. The cure is to minimize movements such as construction or digging in this direction. He does not like to be disturbed!

If your house faces Northwest you are lucky! It has the support of the Grand Duke. You will do better in business ventures and competition.

Sui Po is the name of the energies that are directly opposite the Grand Duke in the Northwest. In 2013, these are in the sign of the pig. Sui Po generally doesn’t create any problems, until it is disturbed by such things as renovations, repairs, construction, digging of earth. Any form of earth works is to be avoided in the northwestern sector.

San Sha or 3-killings influence in 2013 is from 46° to 135° degrees. This spans part of the northeastern sector, all of the east and the first 15 of the southeast. Disturbing the San Sha can cause betrayal, robbery, loss of money, injuries, illnesses and fatalities. Avoid digging, construction, or any form of earth works in the Sans Sha area. The ancient texts mention that it is acceptable to have the front of your house facing San Sha.

The Yellow Evil Star flies to the Central palace this year. The “5 star” is earth and as fire produces earth, do not put anything yellow or red or burn anything in this area. So. be very careful when you do any construction and or other movement here, especially any movement of earth. This will probably only apply to those of you with inner courtyards.

2013 Avoidance Days

In Feng Shui there are 13 days each year where one is advised to not do anything important!
On these days, one should avoid moving, trading, receiving payments, getting married, getting buried, or starting a new job.

Feb. 14
Apr. 10
May 8
June 6
July 3
Aug. 2
Sept. 2/28
Oct. 26
Nov. 24
Dec. 22
Jan. 20

Happy New Year!
Love and Light, Carol

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