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Blocking Energies with Cobalt Blue

Monday, May 5th, 2014

The Year of the Green Wood Horse is definitely galloping forward at full speed and it is especially challenging to keep our balance during those moments when all four legs are off the ground! To further punctuate this fast, furious and uncertain ride, we had a total lunar eclipse, and have just passed through a rare astrological Cardinal Grand Cross. This cross was about initiating profound change and creating intense stress within the four cardinal signs. The four spheres of life affected were self- identity, relationships, home life and work (hmmm… that seems to cover almost everything in our personal lives!) Cardinal signs indicate natural leaders and initiators and the mode is pioneering and conquering. Amazingly, these are also the characteristics of the Chinese Horse. Combining these energies with the unbridled energy of the wood horse is going to create change. This year we need to be awake, alert and ready to take action!

In this newsletter, I am going to continue to “shine light” upon some more ancient wisdom, this time concerning color, that has been overlooked or forgotten. We know that Light is the source of all life and manifests in our three dimensional world as color, sound and shape. Color defines everything we see in visible creation. Our ancestors knew how to utilize the invisible, vibrational qualities of color to bring harmony and balance into their daily lives, since they were more aligned and receptive to nature than we are. They passed this color knowledge down from generation to generation, but most of this wisdom has been forgotten in modern times and we refer to it as folklore and don’t give it much credence.

Cobalt blue” is a perfect example of this lost wisdom! In many diverse cultures, it was treasured as a frequency that provided protection. For thousands of years, cobalt blue colored glass bottles were and still are used to protect valuable essences and medicines from harmful radiations.

We all know and have seen the evil eye talisman. It’s existence was first recorded by the Mesopotamians about 5,000 years ago and since then it has been used worldwide as an amulet to protect one from evil. There is a reason cobalt blue is the predominant color in the eye!

Many Mediterranean people still paint their windows and front door frames cobalt blue to protect the home from outside evil forces.

Cobalt blue can range from the bright translucent color we see on medicinal bottles to a much deeper blue. Lapis Lazuli is the natural color of cobalt blue and is considered a protective paramagnetic stone. This means that it is easily magnetized. The same is true for the metal cobalt. ( They are attracted to a magnet rather than repelled – they are pulled in.)

When we look at the occult (occult means hidden meanings, hidden secrets) books of Theosophy, Alice Bailey, the Masons, etc. they use cobalt blue book covers. Although they say the covers symbolize the blue ray (which is magnetic), I think that it also used to protect the wisdom between the covers and it makes the books magnetic.

Rudolph Steiner continued teaching and using Goethe’s universal theory of color (as opposed to the Newtonian linear theory that I have discussed in previous newsletters) that theorized there are only two colors in the universe – blue and yellow. Blue shines inwards, while yellow shines outwards. This inward motion indicates a protective mechanism.

The color that is opposite to cobalt blue on the color wheel is gold. The ancients knew that if you have two opposing concepts, that balance (paradox) is found by a third. A triangle is created – the colors are not mixed, but synthesized. It is like the blue and gold are visible in space-time and the frequency that relates them – white -is in time-space. One sees this color combination used extensively within the Masons, Self Realization Fellowship and many other spiritual paths.

There are countless other examples of using the protective qualities of cobalt blue within many religions etc., but I am trying to keep these newsletters short and to the point!! I am thinking of starting a blog, so I can go into all of these subjects in more depth for those who are interested . We can also have feedback from the readers and gain more wisdom! stay tuned!

Now, how can you use this knowledge in your immediate environment? The dowsers have known about the protective properties of cobalt blue for eons and have developed different methods to utilize this ancient knowledge. For one thing, they have discovered that it is really effective in blocking harmful earth radiations.

A practical use of this knowledge has been utilized to lessen the number of accidents at certain locations on freeways, streets and intersections. The dowsers first pinpoint places on maps where accidents frequently occur and then put cobalt colored paint, or tape across the street or highway to block the harmful energies at that location. The energies of these locations seem to cause the drivers momentarily loss of consciousness. By putting the tape or paint across these spots, that loss of consciousness is lessened and there are noticeably fewer accidents!

To expand on this concept, if you want to block the energies of a negative neighbor, or someone in your household, you can use the blue sharpie (perfect color!) to outline any wall on your floor plan to stop their energy from penetrating into your space. If you want to suppress negative earth energies rising from the ground, you can color in all or any part of your floor plan where you feel the energy needs to be blocked.

Many times I color in the space beneath a bed if a person is not sleeping well. Also, if you live in an apartment building, you can block the energies of the people below you etc. There are countless way to use this information. Experiment!

I just discovered something else amazing about cobalt blue! CSIc(Color Solutions International) which I always subscribed to when I was clothing designer – picked cobalt blue as the color of the year for 2013!! For all twelve months, it was the most popular and widely used color. Many designers, graphic artists, retailers, fine artists, architects etc. subscribe to this publication to find the trending colors. Seems the world was subconsciously searching for protection on many levels! It is still a major player in 2014.

Now is the perfect time to have an in-depth space clearing. During the clearing, I also check all of your artwork and collectibles to see if they are weakening or strengthening you.
It is amazing what comes up!!

I will be speaking on “Redeeming Our Ancient Wisdom through Dowsing” at the West Coast Dowsing Conference, July 3-6, at Santa Cruz University. Email me for a schedule.

Hope to see you there.

Love and Light, Carol