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Great effort has been taken to duplicate the actual vibrational qualities of each individual Aura Scan. Radiation given off by life-forms and elements vibrate beyond the basic visible spectrum and must be experienced first hand for accuracy. Colors as they appear on this website in scans may differ depending on the monitor viewed. Digital technology limits the variety of colors and tones. Metempyrion has used the latest available format and technologies to present the most accurate energy portraits.

Translucent watercolor paint of the highest quality, on paper was chosen for the ability of overlapping colors in space most closely corresponding to the visual effect in the energy field.

The Aura Scan interview format is used to confirm the reliability and quality of clairvoyance. This format clearly defines problems about which the client is or should be concerned. Clients remain fully clothed during the interview. No personal questions are asked until after the painting of the etheric body is completed:

Aura Scan Interview Format

Individual human beings viewed between 1986 and 2007 are shown here. Typically, the painting is given to the client at the time of viewing. Few copies were made for documentation until 2000. At that time the compilation for future reference was begun.

In all examples given here, the names have been withheld to respect the privacy of the person scanned. Each individual has given permission for the educational use of the aura painting with accompanying descriptive text. These examples confirm the interpretation of what is actually seen in the etheric body at that moment in time. Each painting and text is coded for identification by gender, age of client-month/year of the health scan.


Torso Aura Scans with Descriptive Text

Scan 1.75-5/05

Boy, Anglo/Am; vitality low due to an inability to assimilate nutrients. An inflammation in upper digestive tract should be investigated. Stomach is not digesting properly and perhaps enzymes are not being produced naturally. Anxiety issues noted by the mother may be directly related to a lack of what the body craves on a cellular level. The dark coloring across the frontal part of the head indicates a lack of proteins. The child is under a doctor's care but no improvement has been seen after several months.

Impression: Areas of the brain are not receiving nutrients to trigger hormone responses throughout the body.

Recommend: See a nutritionist. Under a Naturopathic practitioner change the diet to low stress foods. No refined sugars, no wheat products. Reduce cow dairy intake as may be contributing to intestinal problems.

Suggest: Miso paste, rice milk, papaya enzymes. Try mineral salts in solution, amino acids in liquid form in small doses.

Scan 4.5-6/01

Girl, Anglo/Am; moderate physical health, complex personality. Aura shows heart chakra is suppressed indicating anxiety about being misunderstood. The mother assured me no medical condition is diagnosed. Fears of being left alone even for short periods, scary dreams; sees multidimensional beings and too young to express or understand. All this has caused emotional strain and frustration between child and parent, seen here as dark streaks from the head and a red-violet tone in the child’s emotional body. Loss of sleep experienced causing emotional and physical stress behavior.

Interpretation: Some images experienced by one so young are memories from another lifetime (existence). Others are interdimensional entities drawn to the girl possibly as helpers in the present. Ancestor spirits; no particularly evil entities are visible. This child expresses sensibilities to subtle energies and could be called an ‘indigo child’ (developed).

Recommend: Parents need to recognize these images are real presences; to make allowances to validate the child’s experience. Also, if assurances could be made to ease the fears of the child, sleep could be coaxed with the aid of chamomile or other naturopathic relaxant. TV violence or ghost movies are not advisable as this child is highly suggestive.

Suggest: Allow her to read about and socialize with others who have similar perceptions/experiences, to neutralize her fears of the unknown.

*Note: An immediate change in the child’s attitude occurred when I spoke of these matters with sincerity.

Scan 6.5-3/02

Boy, Cauc/Am; recovering from a head injury received 1998. The mother was murdered at the same time. The physical vitality one expects to see is not present as all regenerative processes have been and continue to be directed to self heal the injury. The physical trauma is evident by the break in the etheric body on the left side of head and shoulder. The spirit of his mother stands close to shield her son. The emotional trauma has not been healed and this scar in the etheric body may be carried throughout the life time. The red violet in his emotional body should diminish with time and activities. Depression and concern are also evident; a state of bewilderment lingers, and residual fear is harbored in his stomach. This will eventually cause bad digestion if not attended. He lives with his grandmother who is doing her best to raise him.

Recommend: Good food, no refined sugar or preservatives. Supplements to support the healing process; proteins, probiotic digestive aids. Suggest: No violent TV; regularity in routine and sleep to promote a sense of security. Out-door activities with friends.

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