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Subtle Energies - Etheric Body

Aura Scans as Seen by a Clairvoyant

The Full-figure Aura Scans Group

The next group shown are full figure energy portraits, viewed either as facing or in profile. Frequently currents and flows in the etheric body fluctuate from side to side and back to front. The profile portrait offers an opportunity to scan the back and front of a person’s energy field simultaneously. The flow of energy can be effected by many different factors and change with emotions, attitudes, and health. Identification is by gender, age and month/year of the viewing.

Individual human beings viewed between 1986 and 2007 are shown. Names have been withheld to respect their privacy. Each has given permission for the educational use of their aura painting with accompanying text.

The interview format for the full figure scans is the same as that for the torso scans. These are considered ‘pre-diagnostic’ because no diagnosis and no prescription are given. Any identified malady or injury has been named by a licensed AMA Physician or licensed Practitioner in the respective field. This format clearly defines problems about which the client is or should be concerned. The client remains fully clothed during the interview.

Aura Scan Interview Format


Full-figure Aura Scans with Descriptive Texts

Scan 26-1/03

Woman, Anglo/Am; artist not creating; 8 months pregnant. The energy body shows a whiplash neck injury on the right side from an automobile accident 4 years prior to viewing. Overall good health indicated by golden glow; the aura is slightly off center from front to back, due to the progress in pregnancy. Also the etheric body leans to the left side due to the shift that probably occurred at the time of the accident which has never been re-centered. The baby is seen blue; basically in good health, sleeping high in the abdomen before tipping to drop head first into the birthing canal.

Recommend: Reiki energy therapy to center the physical body in the etheric. Chakra balancing. Tai Chi exercise. Chiropractic adjustments to neck, although taken up after accident, may need to be continued.

*Note: A boy was born in good health, typical position, with slight liver deficiency common at birth and easily remedied.

Scan 32-4/04

Man, Asian/Am; The etheric field exhibits repetitive emotional trauma. His mother died 4 years prior to viewing of diabetes and heart condition, appears in upper right field. Injuries incurred to both legs and right wrist in motorcycle accident in 2002. He has genetic cartilage condition causing discomfort in elbows and knees. Also he inherited weak kidneys. Recent marriage breakup; wife unfaithful causing serious heartbreak. The intense coloration of the energy field indicates critical emotional state. This person is on the brink of an emotional breakdown.

Recommend: Cut back on work load immediately. Reduce stress in home environment. Get supportive counseling to help him cope with his sense of loss. Homeopathic remedies to stabilize the mental state. No sugar or refined foods. Mild detox under supervision. Plenty of sleep – use a mild sleeping aid if necessary. Supplements to nourish body and nerves.

Suggest: Tai Chi or similar regimen; breath exercises out of doors for optimism. Affirmations given.

Scan 40-5/04

Woman, Cauc/Am; Reiki Master, interest in metaphysics; has a healing spirit guide upper right in a green auric field. Frequently a spirit being will come into the etheric body at the time of trauma and remain to assist, if serious compromise of faculties has occurred. Many people with this kind of connection acquire healing skills and train to work in medical and health fields. Childhood head injury seen as dark shadow right temple, brow area. Significant leakage of energy from the heart chakra, front and back.

Complaints: lives at home with parents and experiencing substantial interference. Has developed low thyroid and stomach acid imbalance due to worry. She is taking naturopathic remedies for both, which may be moderately helpful but not resolving the problems. She has noticed nerve pain in pelvic and spine area down right leg. As seen here, there is a severe energy block in the abdominal area; she complains of constipation. This person has too many emotional and physical problems to be effective as an energy healer at this time.

Recommend: Spinal x-ray, possible chiropractic maintenance. Try natural laxatives and colonics briefly. See an MD if problems persist. Digestive herbal infusions may be an option once the trouble is identified.

Suggest: Focus on self healing: separate from parents causing stress. Complete a daily regimen including shielding affirmations, meditation and breath exercises. Seek living/work situations which will be more compatible with philosophic orientation. Feng shui environment to enhance beneficial flow of energy.

The entire library of aura scan paintings will be available on CD soon. Please bookmark this page and check back.

Care was taken to include as much information as possible in the descriptive evaluations. Obvious and dynamic aspects of any one scan have been expressed. Subtle energy transmission and reception is experienced by a ‘sensitive’ in a multitude of ways using all the senses: taste, touch, sound, smell, and sight on an extended level. Many life stories are contained in the etheric field to be translated. Humans are complex beings made up of continuously changing facets which mingle and separate in ever new combinations of thoughts and physical reflections, memories, and selected biochemical components.

This document is a compilation of many segments and types of data carried within the Human Aura at any one moment in time. With perception and practice, a clairvoyant can become more skilled and helpful to members in the community by sharing information to guide people through their lives. The most profound experience a person is able to have, is witnessing the change in health and wellbeing of another, in which they took some part.