Metempyrion is dedicated to bridging the gap between mundane reality and the interconnecting dimensions existing throughout the universe.

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Greetings and Salutations to all those finding themselves at this moment in time on the Planet Earth, the third planet from the near star in this solar system. Many have traveled long from far away. Some are returning from assignments elsewhere in Universe. Some have remained close by in dimensions attached to this orb for the opportunity to continue and complete work they chose to pursue ages ago.

Eagle Nebula (M16)
Serpens Constellation

Due to the space/time shift in different realities, they may find themselves in a place they have very different memories of, and have trouble accepting the current conditions among the populations. This is a common occurrence, and there are other people already established here prepared to act as guides in the orientation process.

The existing incongruences have been brought to the attention of Beings who have a high regard for this planet and the role it plays in the galaxy. This Earth is revered for its beauty, diversity of life forms and the energy gifted by countless Spirit Beings over a vastness of time to bring Gaia to this precious point of Deity Fulfillment.

Individual souls arriving on Earth - Terra firma in physical investment called incarnate, generally fall into several major categories:

Souls arriving on the 'World of Two Lights" (one by day and one by night), come for a multitude of reasons all with one commonality: soular investment in a life form here for the experience of expression on this plane. Translated, this means finding oneself in a physical body here, is an opportunity to use this life span to perform tasks expressing the truth of the individual soul.

This planet is unique in the solar system, and rare in this section of the galaxy, as the life forms it is capable of sustaining through complimentary ecosystems, range from microbic sub cellular complexes, to long lived highly adaptive, specialized species. The multitude and diversity of simultaneously existing populations is overwhelming.

All is made possible by the multidimensional qualities of the Planet as it is called 'Gaia'. Many new souls may be aware of the obvious heavy matter making up a 3 dimensional reality. The fourth dimension includes the passage of time and changes in the environment as ongoing processes. The fifth dimension is a meeting place with beings and powers not in dense physical bodies at this time yet which influence material forms here. Many of these Powers may not look like creatures or beings encountered on the physical plane, yet have forms distinguishable for who they are and over which domains they have provenance. Beyond this intermediary level, there are eight more layers of subtle matter which make up the energy body of the planet, and play an integral part in sustaining life here. The layers beyond this level are more and more interactive with valences from other sources.

These can be accessed by a resident soul in physical form, through disciplines, intention, and prayer, to enhance existence during the life span. These topics are to be presented later in the orientation material.

This data bank named METEMPYRION has been established to speed up the acclamation for souls entering physical plane. Many arrive feeling lost, disoriented and unable to find their right path of action here. The chaos, distractions and obstacles all contribute to the condition witnessed on the planet at this time. With comprehension of these disturbances comes the perspective to assist individuals and communities in defining priorities towards further evolutionary development and expression.

Welcome to Planet Earth

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