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Subtle Energies - Etheric Body

Aura Scans as Seen by a Clairvoyant

By Judith Harlan Jubb

The Aura

“ There is an invisible world (or
plane) supporting the visible one.”
—Joseph Campbell, philosopher

The energy field permeating and surrounding a life form is an expression of the quality of the life force and vitality of that organism, and is called an Aura.

Energy fields also emanate from minerals and elements which can be used to identify the presence of each substance by the resonant frequency of that particular chemical material.

Even minute traces of chemicals can alter patterns and colors appearing in the aura of a human being or other life form. Inherited genes define combinations of elements passed down from generation to generation.

Complete and perfect shakra
Figure 1:  Full body aura ideal – This image is one of many possible coloration variations in the etheric field. The clarity of the colors and the smooth blending is a model of perfection. That no irregularities in patterns or gaps in form is what one strives for as an expression of perfect health in thought word and deed.
Image by the Metempyrion Foundation

Environmental factors contribute significantly to the chemical make-up of the body because biological selection occurs depending upon what is available as building blocks. Both prenatal and post birth environments are vastly important to health. Learned ethnic and cultural attitudes produce signature color tones in the aura. Behavior patterns and habitual thoughts produce biochemical components in the blood stream and tissues, which is then translated to visible vibrations.

Just as biologists are finding genetic markers for specific deficiencies or vulnerabilities to named diseases and conditions, so too can shadows and pattern distortions be recognized in the energy field to identify problems.

These can be detected through the use of extended sensory perception such as clairvoyance and clairaudience. The lack of a vibrational color or tone can indicate a deficiency in a particular mineral or vitamin, or malfunction of an organ or system in the body.

Through the ages of Homo sapiens’ population development on the planet Earth, healers have been those individuals who have used sensitivities to prana and the life force to find water and required nutrients to enhance the well-being of the members of their group.

Since ancient times the recognition of energy fields around life-forms has been studied throughout the world in all cultures. There have been people who become highly skilled at interpreting ‘auric changes’ as they relate to behavior and well-being of individuals. This ability can be enhanced by practice and study to become a reliable skill. Over time, numerous highly developed systems of healing using similar concepts have evolved around the world.

Shakra diagram
Figure 2:  Diagram of the Chakras and the Nervous System
Adapted from The Chakras by C. W. Leadbeater

Color Chakra Purpose Organ/System
  Crown Sanctuary of the Spirit Pituitary
  Brow Soular Expression
Pineal body
  Throat Gateway to
Spiritual Devotion
Thyroid gland
  Heart Higher Mind
Cardine plexus
  Solar Plexus Center of Lower Mind
Objective Intellect
Adrenal, Liver
  Splenic Center of Emotional
Astral Nature
Digestive system,
  Coccygeal Creative Survival
Reproductive system
Figure 3:  Chart of Chakras as correlated to organs and system functions in the body.

Changes in the direction of minute particles or flowing currents through the body can be detected, and recognized to have specific connotations. The talent of extended sight allows an individual to see into electromagnetic radiation wavelengths which are not visible to everyone. Shadows and spots in the auric field designating irregularities of vital energy are discernable. The highly tuned human organism has been capable of interpreting this data for millennia.

To maintain health in the body, right thoughts and right actions eliminate disharmonies which would cause disease and distress. Disease and distress shorten the life span and necessarily the quality of productivity.

Therefore, to allow the Soul an appropriate duration to express with maximum clarity of mission manifestation, Harmony and Balance in the body are desirable. The symbiosis between the spirit-soul invested, and the life form inhabited is a work in progress for the lifetime. Whatever the limitations and the attributes of the physical body, the soul is bound to learn to use these to best advantage for both planetary commission and soular evolution.

The physical form is the vessel which contains the soul for the purpose of experience on this plane. This vessel is a gift, as is the opportunity to express creativity and love through faculties given. Therefore it is essential to care for the body with gratitude for the life granted. With care, the work accomplished can be rewarding and fulfilling, thereby enhancing the evolution of the soul personality. Personality expression is defined by several factors.

Major factors leaving identifiable signatures or traces within the Human Aura fall into the following categories:

The skill of deciphering designations comes with practice. Regarding health concerns; inflammations, pathologies, and injuries are readily recognizable. Aura scans indicating difficulties have been helpful to practitioners in health care professions. In this way, extended sensory abilities interface with mental and physical health care in a ‘holistic’ approach. As a self-teaching aid, an aura scan frequently directs an individual towards a definition of goals, confirmation of latent abilities, and a fulfilling lifestyle.

Recommendations for the client’s personal use at his or her discretion are part of the consultation service offered. People are given guidance about attitudes and how health is affected. The etheric body is a reflection of the physical and the reverse is also true. Energy permeating both can be altered and modified, enhancing the quality of life.

Following is data compiled over a period of 30 years. The project has been to use extended sight to observe and translate what appears in personal energy fields (auras) of thousands of individuals. No electronic, radionic or other equipment such as a camera, special lights, or other device of any kind was used. The natural faculty of extended sight into the infra red and ultraviolet spectrum, and sensitive perception naturally granted through the life form as ‘clairvoyance’ is all that has been used. An individual exhibiting this natural talent may be called ‘medical intuitive’. Frequently, this ability is inherited however the skill can be learned if basic intuition is accessible. Many people living on Earth at this time possess similar skills, and can communicate what they see/feel. How they translate this perceived information depends upon talent, practice, and education.

All paintings presented in this report have been done by hand during the viewing. With the correlated text, each is an ‘energy portrait’ of a real person. A concentrated effort to document and organize this data for future reference and to develop a system of reliable recognition, has involved commitment, objectivity, and integrity.

The pursuit of knowledge involving the recognition of a problem and the collection of data through observation and experimentation to the formulation and testing of hypotheses has always been a basis for any science. Dowsing and related talents fall into the category of research and discovery. People with Extended Sensory Perception in some form exist in every race and culture on the globe. For the above reasons extended faculties need to be accepted as a worthy field of investigation and development towards the greater understanding and improvement of the human condition on the planet.

In this presentation, the process of detecting irregularities in personal energy fields and how the physical body interfaces with the aura will be shown. Included will be documented examples with interpretations of bio-energetic idiosyncrasies, weaknesses and flows. Genetic markers will be noted and signatures left by entrenched habits will be mentioned. These include habitual ingestion of specific substances. An extensive discussion of how colors indicate inherited traits, personality qualities, and mental activity will be taken up. The paintings show right and left sides as naturally observed when facing another person.

These images and texts are considered ‘pre-diagnostic’ information. No diagnoses or prescriptions are presented. Any specifically identified malady or injury has been named by a licensed AMA Physician or a licensed Practitioner in the respective field.

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