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Words and Terms


Acolyte – follower, student as in religious or spiritual studies.  

Adept – a highly skilled expert in alchemical and metaphysical practices accustomed to working with forces, powers and substances.  

Affirmation – a solemn declaration; an optimistic or hopeful assertion to set a frame of mind in place to facilitate beneficial action.  

Alchemy – is an early form of chemistry with philosophical and magical associations; a method or power of transmutation.  

Apothecary – pharmacist  

Ascetic – someone who lives with strict self discipline and abstinence, training for spiritual reasons; living in contemplation.  

Attachment - added by connection, used as referring to discarnate entity or presence connected to the physical body of a person or other life form.  

Aura – an emanation or glow made up of subtle energy surrounding an object or life form which connotes life force, called Chi or Prana.  

Blessing – (OE meaning blood) the rite of consecration by sprinkling the altar with sacrificial blood.  

Carnal - of the flesh, incarnate; as opposed to disincarnate or discarnate which refers to a being or entity without a body of flesh.  

Cathexis – concentration of psychic energy on a particular person or thing to precipitate an outcome. Psychological concentration on an aspect of oneself.  

Ceremony – a set of formal acts described by custom or authority making up a rite or ritual protocol for a specific outcome or expression.  

Chakra - (ch pronounced as in change also chariot) in the Sanskrit meaning spinning wheel. Used here to identify a collection point or vortex of energy associated with health and vitality.  

Chi - (Ki or Qi variations) life force energy flowing through a system of nerve like pathways to maintain vitality and well being. Chinese in origin.  

Clairaudient – the quality of being or a person with extended hearing.
See also: Extended Sensory Perception  

Clairvoyant – the quality of being or a person with keen perception and insight.
See also: Extended Sensory Perception  

Confirmation – corroboration; ratification; proof. That part of a ceremony in which a person is admitted to full membership of the religious group, as in baptism into the Faith.  

Consecrate – to declare holy by spoken formula or sign. To keep and protect from harm or evil.  

Convocation – to summon to assembly as in a meeting; esp. ecclesiastical or academic group.  

Complementary – medical or health treatments which interface with other systems of healing to complement a regimen to regain health.  

Construct - something built systematically; an idea or perception resulting from a synthesis of sense impressions. In an energy field this is formed by concentration either by the individual or projected from another mind, and manifests in the etheric body made up of heavy subtle matter.  

Conventional – refers to the current broadly accepted methodology of improving health with the use of pharmaceuticals and invasive operations on the body. Practiced by members of the American Medical Association.  

Cure - to counteract or alleviate a harmful condition ailment, or evil. A system, method, or remedy of treating a disease.  

Dιjΰ vu – (French literally; already seen); the impression that one has previously had an experience that is actually happening for the first time. Frequently a sign if initial intuitive awareness. The beginning of Third Eye opening.  

Dimensions - realms of subtle matter coexisting in space and time with the physical world normally perceived. Also called universes as in parallel universes. Pertaining to more than the perceived 3-Dimensional plane.  

Divination - the art or practice of seeking to foresee or foretell; to discover hidden knowledge. Unusual insight or intuitive perception.  

Divining - as with a rod, pendulum or other device; a forked branch believed to aid in finding answers to questions which seem otherwise inaccessible.  

Dowse – Human cellular responses to water, minerals and other matter translated through the use of a device such as a pendulum or rod.  

Discarnate - (also disincarnate) a being or entity from another dimension which has lowered its inert vibration to be seen or be more effective in its purpose on the physical plane. Frequently of the lower astral plane and existing of etheric matter.  

Disease - disharmony manifesting, mentally or physically causing malfunction in actions and bodily functions.  

Empathic - the ability to share in another's emotions or feelings by assimilation of subtle energy exchanges within the etheric bodies.  

Energy block - as recognized in physical therapy, Reiki and other systems; A disruption in the flow of Chi or life force caused by disharmony over time which builds up causing psychological and or physical illness.  

Electrolyte – any substance which in solution or liquid form is capable of conducting an electric current.  

Element – one of four substances believed since ancient times to constitute all physical matter. Earth, Water, Fire, Air. In the Asian system, a fifth element, wood, is included.  

Elementals – Devas; nature spirits on the astral plane which undertake the formation of material sheaths. Builders of forms directed by intelligences on higher planes according to the Divine scheme.  

Electro-magnetic spectrum – complete range of frequencies from radio, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma ray, and cosmic ray waves.  

Entity - a thing that has a definite existence in the physical or the mind; a thing real in itself; a presence.  

Entrained response - usually occurring on the cellular level and in suspension in water. Can be translated as a practiced subconscious reaction.  

Esoteric – ideas or doctrines intended for an inner group of disciples or initiates.  

Etheric Body – subtle energy body connected with the physical body by the motion of the blood and lymph fluid, through the electro magnetic current this flow causes.  

Extended Sensory Perception - formerly called extra sensory perception includes extended perception abilities of various types:


Feng shui – of Chinese origin; also ancient shamanic practice akin to druidic science dealing with ‘dragon energies’ or earth forces for well being.  

Formula – a fixed form of expression; verbal or symbolic writing; an exact method performing a task; a combination of elements as in chemical compounds.  

Geomancy – that science relating to the use of stones or earth to interpret Earth Energies as they relate to human existence. Very ancient knowledge.  

Healer - one who heal through prayer and specific knowledge of healing agents in the environment.  

Healing process - the process of becoming sound, or healthy.  

Holistic – term to connote ‘wholeness’ as in caring for the whole being body mind and soul; as a process of healing by reestablishing balance in the physical and subtle bodies of an individual. Preventive care. Methods of treatment considered part of an intelligent regimen: Chiropractics, Osteopathy, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Psychiatrics, Hypnosis (including many techniques of visualization and suggestion), Physical Therapy (numerous modalities), Homeopathy, Naturopathy. Also included are shamanic techniques and prayers.  

Ideomotor – unconscious body movement to stimuli either physical or energetic. This can be visually amplified by a dowsing device.  

Implant - to insert or embed a thing of material substance.  

Imprint - to mark by impressing; fix in the memory on a subliminal level. (also can be imprinted at a sub-cellular level).  

Initiate – a beginner, newly initiated into the study of spiritual matters.  

Investment - as in the soular personality investing or taking up a physical life form as a garment or vessel in which to reside for the lifetime.  

Interactive program - receiving and transmitting information by energetic, non-verbal means.  

Intuition - the faculty of attaining direct knowledge through a finely developed sense of insight. Spontaneous cognition recognized by the conscious mind coming from the subconscious connection with the body mind through cellular reflexes.  

Invocation – to call upon a god or higher being with a focused outcome in mind, for inspiration, blessing, or support by name.  

Kineseology – (kinesiology) the science of kinaesthesia the sensation of position, movement, or tension of parts of the body perceived through the nerves in organs, muscles, tendons and joints. (Also called muscle testing or energy testing.)  

Kundalini – Hindu origin; described as the devi or goddess luminous as lightening who lies asleep in the root chakra. She is said to maintain all breathing creatures. The systems of yoga focus on awakening this power.  

Magi - (Persian origin, pl. of magus) Member of a priestly caste in ancient Media and Persia, having occult powers.  

Magic - (Persian origin; also magick Celtic) the use of spells, incantations, rites, charms to have powers over natural forces.  

Mandala – (Sanskrit origin meaning circle); a pictograph of circular design to symbolize the totality of the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism. Also generic in psychological context as in C. G. Jung studies.  

Mantra – (Sanskrit origin) a chant repeated aloud or silently in a rhythm which enhances focus to attain an altered state of consciousness.  

Matrix – (Latin meaning womb) pl. matrices; that within which and or from which something takes form. Any nonliving intercellular substance in which living cells or crystalline structures are embedded.  

Meridian System – pathways of flow for Chi energy; Chinese origin.  

Metaphysical – (Gk. Origin; beyond the physical or material) a branch of philosophy that deals with first principles, and seeks to explain the nature of being or reality and the origin and structure of the world. Associated with the study of the nature of knowledge.  

Mineral – inorganic substance occurring naturally in the earth and having a consistent and distinctive set of physical properties usually crystalline in structure, hardness, color and composition expressed by a chemical formula.  

Multidimensional beings - creatures, souls, and entities existing in and effecting more than one realm of reality. Also called inter-dimensional.  

Natural - inferred from nature rather than revelation.  

Natural Theology - Deriving knowledge of 'God' from the study of nature.  

Ogam – (also Ogham) an ancient alphabet of unknown origin consisting of simple linear strokes carved into bone, stone, wood, and metal. Thought to be the precursor of runic writing stemming from early migrations.  

Paranormal - generic classification of phenomena and information not readily understood or explained by a preconceived system of scientific or spiritual beliefs.  

Possession – consumed or controlled by an emotion or by an evil spirit.  

Prayer – (Mid. Eng. Origin) 1. An utterance of gratitude or praise to a god or higher being for blessings bestowed. 2. An earnest entreaty or request for support or guidance to a god or higher being. Generic term.  

Precognition – to know before some event occurs.  

Premonition – associated with survival instincts; a forewarning in advance of some danger or future event.  

Psychic - (Gk origin meaning of the soul) moral or spiritual in origin or force. Lying outside the sphere of obvious information. Common or generic term for one who is sensitive to subtle energy flows and uses ideomotor reflexes to gain insight.  

Psychometry - the ability to interpret information by touch; extended tactile talent.  

Radionics – (akin to electronics); Radiethesia a field of study using subtle energy frequencies in muscle testing of bodily responses to stimulae. From Radicle meaning the root-like beginning of a nerve or vein.  

Remote viewing – a technique of scanning from a distance; or tracing an event or condition in present time some distance away, by clairvoyance.  

Revelation - an act of revealing or communicating an enlightening truth or insight a in a dream or meditation to an individual or group.  

Runes – meaning mystery or secret. Characters incorporating numeric significance, environmental elements, and communication beyond the 3 dimensions.  

Sacred – connected with Deity; regarded with respect and reverence accorded a a holy object or place; venerated.  

Sanctify – to consecrate, make holy as a person, place or object. To purify or make free from (sin) evil; binding by religious sanction. To make productive of by spiritual blessing.  

Scan - to skry or divine; to look into using extended sensory perception  

Scar - the trace of a wound, physical, mental, or emotional. Evidence of damage.  

Sensitive - a person finely sensitive and responsive to sensory perceptions.  

Sentient - capable of perception or feeling; consciousness, awareness or sensation that does not involve thought.  

Shaman - (origin NE Asian, Sanskrit sramana, meaning ascetic) generic term of a priest or medicine man in religions around the world based on the belief in good and evil spirits (shamanism). A trained spiritual adept interacting with interdimensional beings for the health and well-being of individuals and community.  

Sidereal – stellar; in reference to the stars as in the Sidereal Day, or the measure of one rotation of the earth at Vernal Equinox as 23 hours; 56 minutes; 4.09 seconds using stellar positions over the equator as reference.  

Skry - (archaic origin) remote viewing as through a crystal ball or other device; also called remote scan as or happening some distance away; ie: map dowsing.  

Soul - an essence which is regarded as being the immortal part of the person; is credited with the functions of thinking and willing, and hence determining behavior. The moral or emotional nature of a being.  

Soular - of the spirit-soul and personality of an individual. Having to do with spiritual evolution through incarnations as defined by Dharma or right path. Part of the identity of a being carried over space and time to be recognizable through change.  

Subtle energy – term to signify a quality or frequency of emanation or radiation which is existent with and connected through heavier forms, yet is not easily detected or obvious.  

Supernatural - relating to an order of existence beyond the normally visible. Relating to discarnate or multi-dimensional entities. Beyond human powers or understanding.  

Superstition - a belief or practice resulting from ignorance or fear of the unknown; a fearful attitude toward nature, natural phenomena, or 'God'.  

Telepathy - transference of thoughts or images, by focus, and intention.This method of communication needs a transmitter and a receiver. The telepathic receiver is frequently called an intuitive. The sender is referred to as a telepath.  

Thought form - the result of focusing on a specific belief thereby setting up an expected pattern.  

Trauma - body injury; shock or painful emotional experience causing lasting damage to the psyche.  

Vitamin – a complex combination of organic substances found in food synthesized in the body and essential in small amounts for the regulation of metabolism normal to growth and function. 1912 Casimir Fink defined vitamins as small nutritive substances in foods.  

Vortex – pl. vortexes or vortices; any activity that resembles a whirl or absorbing effect. Used referring to a convergence of earth energies at a location.  

Wiccan craft - (Old English) relating to (supernatural) occurrences and the power of influencing natural phenomena. Wicca - male wizard; Wicce - the female form as a practitioner of a belief system inclusive of the natural world. Also witch. Derivative from the word for Divination.  

Witan - (Anglo Saxon origin) Sage, advisor, king's advisory council member. Wit - old English also old German as Wizzi (knowledge) meaning to know, mind/memory, resourcefulness, wisdom. Wizard, sorcerer.  

Yoga – Hindu origin; a science of practice to attain liberation of self and union with the supreme spirit or universal soul. There are seven basic systems involving meditation, controlled breathing, and prescribed postures.