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Metempyrion Lexicon of Symbols

Universal Symbols
Unity: The Origin
Passive: static principle
Active: dynamic principle
Quaternary: material and passive
Quaternary: material and active
Material generation through interaction of opposing principles
Ternary: neutral and succesive (equilateral)
Ternary: involutive (vertical axis is the greater)
Ternary: evolutive
Quaternary: spiritual and neutral
Quaternary: involutive Ternary acting upon spirit
Quaternary: spiritual Quaternary acting upon the evolutive ternary
Quaternary: spiritual active dynamic
Octant: the spiritual active dynamic acting upon the neutral spirit
Material Quaternary subdivided into two Ternaries
Two intermingling Ternaries
Infinity: All
Center of infinity: emanation; 1st cause
General movement into Upper and Lower Worlds
Spirit principle within totality
Material principle within totality
Both together within totality
Constructive principle within totality
(Quaternary acted upon by the Ternary within the Universe)
Sensory anthropomorphic principle

Archaic Symbols of Chemical Elements
Silver (1)
Silver (2)
Copper (used before 5000 B.C.)
Iron (used before 1500 B.C.)
Lead (white)
Tin (1)
Tin (2)
Brass (alloy of copper and zinc)
Potash (Potassium Carbonate)
Acetic Acid (Vinegar)
Hydrochloric Acid
Nitric Acid
Uric Acid
Bronze (alloy of copper and tin)
Steel (alloy of iron, carbon, and other metals)
Glass (manufactured 1400 B.C.)
Olive Oil
Archaic Symbols of Natural Processes
Astrological Zodiac
The Six Northern Signs
Spring Signs
Aries, the Ram - March 21
Taurus, the Bull - April 20
Gemini, the Twins - May 21
Summer Signs
Cancer, the Crab - June 21
Leo, the Lion - July 23
Virgo, the Virgin - August 23
The Six Southern Signs
Autumn Signs
Libra, the Balance - September 23
Scorpio, the Scrorpion - October 23
Sagittarius, the Archer - November 20
Winter Signs
Capricorn, the Goat - December 21
Aquarius, the Water-Bearer - January 20
Pisces, the Fishes - February 18
Sun Moon and Planets
Sun - Sunday
Moon - Monday, First Quarter
Mars - Tuesday, Shield and Spear
Mercury - Wednesday, Caduceus
Jupiter - Thursday, Bolt of Lightning
Venus - Friday, Looking Glass
Saturn - Saturday, Sickle of Time
Uranus, Initial of the discoverer Sir F. W. Herschel
Neptune, Trident
Pluto, monogram PL
Earth, Globe and Cross
The Aspects and Nodes
Ascending Node, The Dragon's Head
Descending Node, The Dragon's Tail
Quadrature (half)
Quadrature (one and a half)
Sextile (half)
Rhumb of Heaven

A sign composed of eight subsidiary signs taken from a French calendar. It represents the eight corners of the heavens, the whole forming a rhumb.

Rhumb —Any of thirty-two points of a mariner's compass. To turn or whirl as in the seasons of the year, or the constellations visible above the southern horizon.

Symbols of Cycles

The symbols of these signs illustrate the waxing and waning of life and, in winter, the storage of food.

Ancient Celtic Runes
No. Image Name Translation Esoteric Interpretation
1 fehu livestock, money dynamic power
2 uruz aurochs primal, formative energy
3 thurisaz thurz the breaker of resistance Thorr
4 ansuz the Ase sovereign ancestral force Odhinn
5 raidho chariot vehicle or path of cosmic power
6 kenaz torch, wound controlled energy exchanged force
7 gebo gift exchanged force
8 wunjo joy, pleasure harmony of like forces
9 hagalaz hail stone seed form and primal union
10 nauthiz need need-fire (resistance/deliverance)
11 isa ice contraction - need
12 jera year good harvest orbit (life cycle)
13 ihwaz yew axis (tree of life and death)
14 perthro lot cup evolutionary force
15 elhaz elk/protection protective and tutelary numen
16 sowilo sun sun-wheel (crystallized light)
17 tiwaz Tyr, the sky god sovereign order (Tyr)
18 berkano birch (goddess) birch numen (retainer/releaser)
19 ehwaz/ehwo horse/two horses twin equine gods (trust)
20 mannaz human being human order from divine ancestry
21 laguz/laukaz water, leek life energy and organic growth
22 ingwaz Ing, the earth god gestation, container (Yngvil)
23 dagaz day twilight/dawn (paradox)
24 othala ancestral property self-contained hereditary power

The runes here are the 24 most widely spread by Celtic, Nordic, and Germanic peoples. Although subtle changes occurred over time, the basic runes remained recognizable. Each rune has an association with a number and significance on several dimensions. The runes have always been divided into three sets of eight, the number of completion. The origins are mysterious and ancient.