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The term kinesiology defined, is the science or study of human muscular movement. What is referred to as kinesthesia relates more to the nerve messages sent to the muscle and the resulting response. Both of these terms come from the root word kinetic meaning movement or dynamic energy from or in motion. The minute muscular responses that usually go unnoticed, can be clues as to systemic body responses to stimulae in the environment. Sounds, temperature, even the quotient of negatively charged ions in the atmosphere all cause nerve and muscular reactions on some level. Many of these reactions can be interpreted to guide a person to right behavior, and actions to sustain optimum comfort and productivity.

A system using this basic information has been developed to be used in health practice. Whether or not a particular individual has allergies to certain foods can be easily determined by using Kinesiology. Whether a certain medication or herbal preparation is going to be helpful can also be tested by the muscular response generated through this simple technique of observing how the body responds to any given substance.

Kinesiology in application:

A practitioner will have a client stand with one arm raised to shoulder level, out to the side away from the body. The nutritionist, herbalist, naturopath, or therapist then tests to find the innate strength of the person as the client is asked to resist when pressure is applied by the practitioner at the wrist to cause the arm to fall.

Next the practitioner asks the client to hold the food or tincture being tested in the opposite hand (sometimes over the solar plexus). The practitioner again tests the resistance of the extended arm to see if the client's body system responds well or is weakened by the substance held.

In this simple way, eating habits can be changed to allow maximum assimilation of nutrients the body needs to function properly. Also, any substance which will not benefit the client can be detected and eliminated.

This method can be practiced with a friend, each taking turns being the 'practitioner' or the 'client'. Learning about yourself is fun and important. Being well and content are what makes life exciting.

Muscle testing yourself can be difficult if you are not used to listening or feeling things going on inside your body. It takes practice. Some people become very good at using a pendulum as a bio-feedback device. In this way, discerning the minute nerve and muscle responses to specific questions can also be demonstrated. This is called dowsing and is another way to find answers about beneficial influences in your participation and environment. All relates to Kinesiology.

If you want to become more attuned to your body's responses try the following exercise.

Muscle test yourself (also called 'Energy Test'):

Preparation: find an object with some weight, to be easily held in one hand and lifted with an outstretched arm to the side, ie; large water bottle, stone, book.

Step 1. What would you like to test? Have a list of substances in your mind or in front of you. Suggestions: foods, herbs, medications.

Step 2. One at a time, take or (visualize) the object to be tested in your left hand (or whichever hand is the receptive incoming energy hand), and place the heavy weight in the opposite hand, arm hanging down at your side.

Step 3. Ask yourself aloud "is this substance (food) good for me at this time?" Try to lift the heavy weight slowly sideways upward and out to the side until you feel a resistance in the muscles of the arm holding the tested item. How far away from your body can you lift the heavy weight?

Step 4. Check with very fatty foods. If you can lift the arm holding the weight object easily, than the weight is too light and another object should be found which gives you better resistance.

Step 5. Take something that you know is very good for you and test that (fruit, or vegetable for example). Try lifting the arm with the weight. Can you feel the difference? How far up can you lift the weight?

Step 6. After these initial steps, test what you want to test and get authentic results.

Check with a variety of foods. Note the difference in the ease or difficulty raising the weight depending upon your body's response to each item selected. The higher you can lift the weight the better the substance you are testing is for you. If you can raise your arm with the weight beyond horizontally, then what you are testing is excellent for you to use or consume. Your body needs the substance very much. Also notice when the body feels supported; when the weight feels like a feather, as if you could lift that weight for hours. Your body craves that product.

When you trust yourself in this testing method, you won't need practice Steps 3, 4, and 5. Just pick up the weight and test the item. You can also test for how many times to take the product or how long; just see when your body rejects it by not letting the weight be lifted high.

Once you are ready with your testing, you can do the whole testing procedure in your mind's eye while in a store, holding the product in one hand and asking "Is this good for me now?" Visualize the outcome of a lifting arm. How high can you lift it in your mind's eye?


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