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Sources of Information Received by Intuitive Contact

Discarnate (also disincarnate) is a generic term used when speaking of entities or souls without physical bodies inhabiting the 4th and 5th dimensions. These beings can and frequently do impersonate entities of more important credibility, including extraterrestrial and angelic Beings. Common significations of long duration contact include; misinformation, repeated physical, psychological illness, or erratic behavior of ‘host’ or attached symbiotic human. For these and other reasons, these entities are not considered best source.

Techniques to discern integrity of associated entities such as spirit guides, include:

  1. Shielding which must be acted out regularly to protect the Intuitive receiver from those entities of lesser or malicious motives.
  2. Following teachings of a living, physically invested guide as a teacher and role model.
  3. Calling upon a healer or seer to look into the matter (to discern origin and quality of information, and to disengage undesirable or destructive attachments). This can include possession which must be addressed by a highly skilled adept.

Discarnate spirits include souls of humans no longer living in physical bodies who linger for either good or bad reasons in a specific location, or connected with particular groups or individual human beings. In many cultures, some of these are called Ancestor Spirits and proper contact can be very beneficial. Training in these fields is required to become capable of discerning quality and facilitating information received.

If discarnates attracted to the individual through bad thoughts and habits, cause havoc, it is entirely the responsibility of the human to correct priorities and align with the highest potential of their given lifetime. Many specialists and practitioners are available to assist persons in need.

Discarnate entities also include a vast variety of Elemental Spirits which have individual destinies in specific Realms of existence. Some are capable of stepping between dimensions in order to complete tasks on this globe. Many are ageless in duration of existence and connection with the planet Earth. Their accumulated wisdom over time can be vast. Most have no care for human needs or evolution because their roles are to maintain other processes here. Some are Local Spirit Entities, others are Hemispherical or even Global in their functions and responsibilities.

Some people would call these personifications of natural forces. However, it is possible to encounter Entities who oversee Species and Elemental processes which to most observers would be invisible. Each being has an identifiable energy recognition pattern which is individual to that entity. The substance of the matter in a different dimension may be seen and recognized by shamans and spiritual healers who are familiar with these energy frequencies. Experience in discernment and Rites of Passage are essential in negotiation with any powerful Being, and interaction should not be undertaken lightly.

Excerpt from the Metempyrion Monologue Discarnates, 1990 C.E.