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Magnetic Lotus Crop Circle

Throughout time, travelers from other origins in the universe have visited this solar system and planet earth. In many cultures stories about off world visitors from ages past have been handed down through generations. Ancient texts including the Dead Sea Scrolls elude to superhuman Beings granted godlike powers who came from the stars. Enigmatic pictoglyphs have been carved on stones around the world depicting beings with wings and strange headdresses encased in an envelope or capsule.

Star maps have been a major occupation in cultures on every continent over time. Experiences of individuals and groups of people that have been documented for hundreds even thousands of years can not be easily explained in the context of human capabilities alone. Nor can they be simply dismissed. A type of phenomena which has been recently labeled Crop Circles falls into a broad category of the curious and unexplained.

Cresent Moons Crop Circle

What is known is that people have found these formations in cultivated crops and naturally existing fields since before biblical times. Reports going back to medieval Europe as early as 800 A.D. can be found. A famous 17th century woodcut of the Mowing Devil accompanies an account in Hertfordshire, which is only one of many incidents recorded involving glowing lights in the night and found patterns in fields the next morning. Even today, parts of these formations are frequently destroyed by reapers before the workers realize there is some significance to the shapes in the fields.

Galaxy Formation

These need to be viewed from the air to be seen in their entirety and identified for what they are. Although many patterns include circles, other shapes are also found. Designs include astrologic and astronomic symbols, mathematical and geometric concepts, runic writing, and complex symbols which can be recognized in part by knowledgeable people. Interpretation is illusive and the overall phenomenon remains mysterious as to purpose and origins.

Patterns, designs, and glyphs have been found most often in wheat, barley, rape, sunflower, rice, and other harvested crops, but also in snow, ice, and sand. Reports from around the world include Britain, Canada, USA, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, France Spain, Holland, Norway, Finland, Australia, Africa, Japan and others. Many formations seem to be concentrated in an area of Britain referred to as the 'Wessex triangle' around Wiltshire and Hampshire. Perhaps less densely populated areas simply have nobody to observe or report the very temporary occurrences. If the purpose is to communicate with the inhabitants of Earth using universal symbols, then it is logical that locations near large populations would be desirable, as the work would have a greater chance of being noticed and deciphered.

Agriglyph at Cherhill, England,
August 7, 1993 © Metempyrion

With higher population density worldwide, the ability to fly for aerial views, and more awareness in the latter 20th century, thousands of crop circles have been observed during the last 30 years. Many eye-witness reports have been compiled from around the world. A sincere 'thank you' to those witnesses who have come forward to share what they saw. Many images go unreported either due to isolation or lack of interest by the inhabitants.

July 20, 2000 formation, Wylatowo, Poland, farmer Mr. Szpulecki; interviewed by the BLT Research Team related his experiences while a crop circle was being formed in his field:

A strange red spinning spherical light 20 meters in diameter with a white fog inside slowly descended to reach close to the ground and brilliant flashes occurred for a minute. Four arms extended out of this ball of light and energy which rose and fell 4 times to create a design of four circles each at the tips forming a cross in the crop.

During this process Mr. Szpulecki experienced a pressure throughout his body and a sensation similar to static electricity. He did not know what was happening at the time and was informed of the design the next morning by a passing neighbor.
Mayan Crop Circle

Since 2000, this same field has been the site of repeated incidents; different and perhaps elaborations on the original theme. This account is consistent with other eye-witness reports at other sites around the world, as frequently luminous orbs are mentioned as being involved in the process. Also, repeated visitations to a same locale with variations on a theme have been reported in many places.

According to eye-witness reports through the 1980’s and 1990’s a strange soft humming is heard that may continue for several hours after the completion. Moving pictures taken during the process have captured 2 or more luminous orbs spinning and circling, flowing effortlessly over a field in specific directions. When investigated later, the patterns are found in the crop.

People walking through a freshly made formation will experience an electro-static charge which can be registered by devices. To a sensitive person, the feeling can be quite overwhelming. Many experience a glow, almost sunburn affect from some type of radiation exposure, and retain the memory within the cells of their body long afterwards. Compasses and dowsing rods swing wildly.

There are indications that a form of radiation and heat is involved in bending stems at direct angles making them lay down in a uniform fashion to become part of a design. Spinning directional rotations are a part of the way the plant stems are aligned. Much research has been done in the effects of heat on the stems. Most times even relatively inflexible stems have been caused to bend at close to 90° angles. Cellular change in structure is involved which seems harmless to the plant that continues to grow and mature in its new position. A massive circle formation was discovered in 100 ft. tall pine trees in Canada. Some but not most trunks were split. This suggests a technology far beyond human capability, certainly in ages past. It is probable that is still true.

Scientific research by Dr. W.C. Levengood
Anatomical Anomalies in Crop Formation Plants
  1. Nodal swelling
  2. Gross malformations during embryogenesis (poly-embryonic effects)
  3. Charred epidermal tissue
  4. Significant changes in seed germination and development
  5. Differences in cell wall structures
 Flow of Stems within the Formation
* Residual energy pockets visible 
© Metempyrion, photos by Colonel L.R. Dedrickson 
Scientific research by Dr. Hein
Measurement of Energetic Anomalies in and around Formations
  1. The residual field of energy in a formation can be measured with a sensitive electrostatic meter.
  2. This verifies intuitive and dowsing results about the quality of a formation.
  3. The quantity of energy drops off rapidly and becomes undetectable weeks later.
  4. Occasionally, the energy in fresh formations is too strong and may confuse or damage batteries and electro-magnetic equipment.
  5. Known man-made formations do not register variations in energy.
  6. On the outer perimeters of a formation a 'membrane' of very high energy seems to extend upward and can disrupt small aircraft electronic equipment and cameras.
  7. Significant variations in concentration of energy occur within formations.
  8. If quickly harvested, the crop retains the frequency registered in the formation.

Barbury Castle Pictogram, July 17, 1991, photo by Richard Wintle,
© 1991 Calyx Photo Services

These are a few facts that have been compiled:

  1. The formations typically take seconds to complete.
  2. Several formations may take place in far flung locations on a single night.
  3. Sometimes elements may be added to a formation over several nights.
  4. The same location may be used repeatedly over years with more complex variations on the theme of the original design.
  5. Advanced geometric formulae such as the golden ratio play a role in the design configurations.
  6. Some patterns emulate known symbols of Universal meaning.
  7. Some patterns appear in elongated 'agriglpyhs' suggesting writing in a pictographic rather than linear system.

Cycles Crop Circle

Processes or causes which can be eliminated by the observations and results of tests mentioned above are fungus infection and weather such as wind and rain. The designs are too clean in form, complex in proportions, and identifiable in modality regardless of location on the planet or 'medium' used (wheat, sand, trees, snow) to be realistically attributed to simple natural causes.

Also, an innate evolved consciousness is indicated by the symbols selected and the process of development in complexity over time. These same aspects tend to diminish the concept of Gaia Consciousness or species collective cooperation. Organic forms are made up of defined elements which are then altered in ways to conform and comply with local environmental factors. This limits the ability to form designs independent of place. Communication among members of a species is real. This can not account for the singularity of purpose expressed in the patterns, or the imposed foreign quality of radiation during and after, in and surrounding the formations.

FroxField, Sisters of Pleiades

That Devic Beings from a different dimension connected with places and influencing lifeforms, have produced these manifestations to communicate with the human population has been suggested as possible. These beings are known to govern powers and forces on the planet and if organized might be able to do this on a global level. They well could be translating messages from an even higher or more distant realm, as intermediaries. The concept of Beings from parallel universe is similar in context and very vague in definition.

Winterborne Dream Catcher, August 1994

Ley lines have been recognized and forces of power have been used by mankind for thousands of years. Although many crop circles do seem to manifest near ancient sacred sites, this does not answer entirely the enigma of the placement of these formations.

Regarding the possibility of a Higher Conscious Collective of coherent thought among a trained group of humans being responsible; although this is perhaps a future reality, there is little evidence that such a cooperative effort to manifest these formations with the focus of intent required, exists at this time. Telepathic coordination may be involved on some level, but would need to be orchestrated by some centralized Higher Power.

A possible method of transmitting a Holograph or other image might be to use a design template through which an energy beam was directed to a location on the earth's surface to etch a matching pattern in a field. Conceivably this could be done from a satellite or space-station, if the correct quality and frequency emission was known and could be regulated accurately every time. What we do not see is evidence of accidents, miscalculations or mistakes of any kind in execution. Every documented pattern seems flawless.

If a group of human beings is creating these designs in the fields, the technology required to leave the electro-static and other subtle energy signatures would need to be highly developed. Leaving the stems of plants changed in the manner observed would mean specific control of types of energy not broadly known on earth. The enormity of a project on this scale would need vast amounts of resources. Supposing a process like the one described above were possible; in the current economy systems on earth, the costs seem prohibitive for the manufacture of equipment necessary and the creation of these formations.

The Mandelbrot, Ickleton, Cambridgeshire., England,
photo by David Parker, © 1991 Science Photo Library

Many speculations about origins, energies, agents, location selection, and purpose have been made over the last 30 years. Feelings of wholeness, invigoration, harmony, peace, completeness, and awe are frequently felt as part of the Crop Circle site experience. Only humans based in fear of the unknown would feel anxious about an adventure such as this.

The questions remain: If these designs have always been made and observed but rarely understood or recorded, then how do we know there are more now than ever before? Are designs like mandalas, and symbols of languages handed down in cultures to this day remnants of past instructions? Perhaps ages ago when great cultures were located in sites now underwater or in ruins, those inhabitants were informed and did see such things.

Harlequin Circle, Avebury, England, June 1st,
© 1997 Peter R. Sorensen
Dutch Triple Spiral, Dreischor, Holland,
July 16 © 1997 Peter R. Sorensen
Watertown, South Dakota 1997,
reported by Dr. Levengood,
© 1998 Peter R. Sorensen
Oberdrauburg, Austria, August 14, 1997,
reported by Andreas Muller,
© 1998 Peter R. Sorensen

Crop Circle formations may occur cyclically, as the galaxy and planetary alignments shift into certain relationships with far away departure points to designate migrations of souls to this solar system and planet Earth. It is then highly significant that Beings with advanced technology would choose to demonstrate in this way to the people of the earth, when it is clear annihilation would be just as possible. These patterns may be portents of future contact with other worlds. Perhaps the myths of off world visitors do have an ancient foundation, and it is time once again to reconnect with our celestial neighbors.

Beckhampton, Wiltshire, August 8, 1998 © 1998 Francine Blake

When the Spirit touches the Heart we connect to the Universe
and feel the Flow of Perfection and the Heartbeat of Existence
—Rod Bearcloud Berry

Thanks to those people whose research into Crop Circle phenomena has contributed to the compilation of this article, including: Busty Taylor, Ron Russell, Peter Sorensen, Lucy Pringle, Andreas Muller, Robert Boerman, Pat Delgado, Colin Andrews, Rod Bearcloud Berry, Dr. Hein, David Kingston, and Dr. Levengood.

This article is dedicated to USAF Colonel retired, Lorin Ross Dedrickson, (1918-2007) whose onsite observations as a Master Dowser in the United States and Britain were most helpful. He was well known in the fields of subtle energies, UFO, and metaphysics research, and has been called to a higher commission.

Metempyrion Archives, 1978-2007.

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