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Ancestor Spirits

The memories a person holds of family members they interacted with in the past are happenings that can be shared with a clan or a group, and in that way recounted over and over again down through time. Sometimes people feel the presence of entities that used to be alive in a place, and may choose to try to communicate with ‘ghosts’. Storytelling began in this way, the incidents and adventures perhaps being embellished by descendents. A sensitive person may hear or see spirits. Members of the family may suggest that after listening to stories of people no longer living, the person’s imagination was activated. Some people would suggest that ancestor spirits are memories.

Ancestor Spirits are entities that are linked to the living through genetic memory. Because of the common genes carried in a family, ties on a physical, subcellular level can not be destroyed as long as they are passed down through generations. If a gene is discarded by nature in the creation of a unique human being, that person will not carry the gene, and therefore will not be able to access the memory. Denial of a memory can cause serious harm to the psyche of an individual on a deep level. In a collective group the consequences of the loss or denial of racial memories can be devastating. Even if memories of actions by ancestors in the past are frightening or sad, they should be acknowledged. Then healing can begin.

Some genes are survival oriented and basic to the reproduction of fully functional life-forms. Others are necessary to the continuity of stored ‘memories’ defining the orientation of a collective group, relative to the cosmos. Knowledge available in the past may have been lost due to premature discontinuation of a line of carriers through war or some catastrophic event. Ancestral memories may begin to surface long after the genes were initially formed. Through time, combinations are restructured, and memories may blend to form new information or converge to recapture that which was lost. Much information that is genetically coded may take eons of time through generations before it can be deciphered.

Because of a short lifespan of one hundred years or less, Homo sapiens does not have the foresight required to ordain which genes should be discarded and which should be retained over generations. The only exceptions would be obvious disease or deformity in a specific case. Mass destruction of separate populations by arbitrary selection, through a false sense of superiority of one group over another, can only bring annihilation of the species over time.

Spiritual and emotional evolution of Homo sapiens have been retarded over time by the common misconception that some groups are not valuable to the gene-pool of the whole. This shortsightedness has caused a tearing away of valuable information time and time again, slowing natural processes of development toward global unity and enlightenment.

Intuitional skills can enhance the recall of history through genetic memory even though any physical evidence or remains of a culture or family may not be found. Ancestor Spirits can be called upon to act as guides on an inner journey in self discovery. There are many prayers and invocations used across the planet to attract such spirits and thereby to have access to a more clear understanding of time and destiny. An ancestor spirit is an identifiable collection of energy patterns attributed to a specific personality soul. If a ‘soul’ is remembered or called upon repeatedly over generations of time, this energy may remain available to members of a clan or extended family group.

Even though it is disincarnate or without physical form, a strong personality can have an effect on actions of living people. This is not always a good influence and precautions should be taken before invoking an unfamiliar entity. Frequently, it is to the advantage of the Ancestor Spirits to give helpful guidance to their descendents. Therefore a living human being who is trained and practiced in the art of recognizing ‘souls’, is most suited to communicate with beings from other dimensions. Through ages of time, persons with extended sight and other abilities have been designated by their community to fill the role and take on the task of ‘walking between dimensions’ to bring back wisdom and guidance from souls who are no longer in the body.

Frequently Ancestor Spirits attach themselves to a descendent for whom they have an affinity or one who can hear or see them. As the descendent can recognize the ancestor through genetic memory, so the ancestor spirit is drawn to familiar genetic vibrations of a living descendent. A symbiotic bond is created when needs of both beings are satisfied in the relationship. An ancestor spirit may choose to be a Guardian or Protector for an individual throughout the lifetime. At the end of one lifetime, the power of the connection may pass to a chosen descendent. A being long since passed out of the physical body can be elevated in the collective mind of a group and invoked for direction and strength for generations. Traditionally these Beings are called Ancestor Spirits. In some cultures as remembered role models these Beings are considered heroes of old, spiritual leaders and even ‘gods’.

Caution: Not all spirits have the welfare of humans as a priority. Some souls of the deceased may have destructive intent. A Spirit Healer should be called in to sever all ties with discarnates of any kind which are causing harm to the individual, or through the individual to others. Consequently, care should be taken. In actions or health of an individual, the realm of spiritual influence must be considered. If abhorrent behavior is expressed, corrective action must be taken for the welfare of the population at large. Sometimes powerful measures must be taken and strength, integrity, and specific knowledge are required.

Prayers and affirmations along with rituals are most effective in casting out unwanted energies and drawing in well-meaning, helpful Ancestor Spirits. This concept is an ancient one and has served groups of human beings as a foundation of belonging on the Planet Earth since the beginning of habitation.

Excerpt from Metempyrion Monologue Ancestor Spirits, 1980 C.E.