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Can Subtle Energy Interface with Technology?

by Judith Harlan Jubb

Shamans and Healers have used subtle energies in countless ways to bring about energetic and bioelectric changes to promote health and well being down through the ages. Intention or focused thought forms are an integral part of this process. The ‘Will to manifest change’ must be directed before actual manifestation can take place. Another most important factor is ‘the Desire to help’. Many people drawn to any health field express basic components of these qualities which can develop over time.

The ancient technique of the ‘laying on of hands’ has always been considered one very potent way to transmit healing energy from one person to an ailing human or animal. Numerous cultures around the world honor individuals who practice some version of this process.

Prayers have always been revered as potent and when an affirmation or intention is transmitted as a thought form to an object or substance, the effect can be enhanced exponentially. Examples of this phenomenon include the effects of appropriate Radionics tinctures and Bach flower remedies. Minute quantities of minerals in solution can also be amazingly effective in specific circumstances. The effectiveness of healing teas, infusions, and tinctures depends on many factors including the time of harvest, processes of manufacture, and importantly, intention.

Associated techniques that can be used include ‘charging’ or ‘infusing a healing frequency’ into an object as in an amulet, or an herbal compound in fluid. This is typically water based, which is then ingested by the individual needing particular energetic support. Tinctures frequently include alcohol to prolong viability.

The following is an internet article appearing April 2008 which includes documentation of laboratory experiments completed at Pennsylvania State University from 2005 to 2008. The charts here show verified data as these participants were tested more than once under the same conditions to allay any suggestions that the results were anomalies and could not be reproduced.

The tests show unquestionably that a person trained and practiced in focusing subtle energy through intention is capable of projecting specific frequencies from the palms and finger tips for a predetermined duration of time into a beaker of ordinary water. The question is not, can this be done by human beings, but rather can man produce equipment capable of registering and translating the types of energy transmitted and received by lifeforms?

Are we all Qigong masters? First feedback about
our Water Structure Intention Experiment

by Lynne McTaggart, Apr. 30, 2008

Last Saturday, April 26, as you know, we ran our historic Water Structure Intention Experiment. People around the world participated, for the first time, in attempting to turn ordinary distilled water into ‘healing’ water by changing its molecular cluster structure.

The scientists from Pennsylvania State University are still busily analyzing the results by studying the results of Raman spectroscopy, will recorded any subtle change in the vibration of the molecule.

Unusual calibrations

Although the scientists are not finished examining their data, they have told me one thing: they’ve seen results they’ve never seen before with their equipment. One reason it is taking so long is that our water had a great deal of variation an hour before the experiment was run. This could mean that our anticipation of the event began to affect the water. Or it could mean that our hypothesis is wrong. Or it could mean that with intention, we are emanating an energy like a Qigong master, which is being picked up by the spectroscopy before the event. One interesting possibility comes from some work the team did with a group of healers. Dr. Tania Slowecki, one of our Penn State research team told us, their working thesis on the healer’s experiment, as well as our Intention Experiment, is that the structure of water — that is, the arrangement of molecules — plays a more important role than its chemistry in therapeutic applications like homeopathy or ‘imprinted’ water samples from healers.

Qigong grandmaster’s effect

The scientists chose to use Raman spectroscopy because they discovered one published study showing that Qigong Grandmaster called Dr. Yan Xin significantly altered the structure of a water sample, as measured by a Raman spectrometer, when he sent his Qi from a place seven kilometers away from the water sample.

When running this kind of study, scientists will send a laser beam into the sample, while the Qigong master is sending Qi to the water. The laser light is absorbed by the water molecules, depending on how they are energetically configured or arranged, and then reradiated at a different wavelength. This re-radiation process, as picked up by sensitive CCD cameras and the Raman equipment, says Tania, “gives them information about how the water is structured – the vibrational states of the hydrogen bonds relative to the oxygen in water, for example. These are also known as ‘hydrogen bending modes’.”

If it is significantly altered after the Qigong master sends intention, as it was with Yan Xin, the scientists will know that his intention had an effect on the water.

The Penn State team has used this to study a number of homeopathic solutions, colloidal silver and various kinds of water imprinted by so called resonance devices and also healers. In the main, they have found that changes in the structure are most important.

However, with three studies of healers, they discovered healers weren’t affecting the structure of water itself, but were emanating radiation that was being directly picked up by the instrument sensors — in some cases even before they began the study.

For instance, with Qigong Master Jixing Li, whose healing ability was well documented, the scientists did not record any change in the structure of the water but did find that the pH of the water went into strong oscillations before Master Li’s arrival. Dr. William Tiller recorded similar effects in his Black Box Experiments (see The Intention Experiment, chapter 8). This is considered evidence that a space like the lab is ‘conditioned’ with healing energy.

A healer’s light

The lab then enlisted a healer called Judith Jubb and asked her to send intention. Jubb complained about the laser light and asked that it be turned off. However, with no laser light, there would be no light to be scattered, which is what the scientists record with their equipment in order to work out what is going between the molecules of the water. Without any light, there should be nothing for the CCD camera to photograph.

Here’s a graph of what occurs when a member of their lab, who is not experienced in intention, tries to affect the water.


However, here’s what happened when Judith sent energy to the water sample once the laser was turned off:


The CCD cameras system picked up waves of faint light emissions — corresponding to a far-infrared wavelength of 8628 nm.

Judith had an excellent ability to control her emanations, says Tania. “A sudden vanishing of peaks correlated with her informing us, ‘I’m shifting frequencies now and am passing through a vacuum state.’” As soon as she left her ‘vacuum state’, the infra red signals returned.

The scientists have also re-examined Dr. Yan Xin’s data and found evidence of large energy peaks, detected by the Raman spectrometer, resulting from long-wave far-infrared light waves — just like those of Judith Jubb.

“The most interesting point about the peak in the Raman spectrum generated by Dr. Yan is that it makes no physical sense,” says Tania.

Both Jubb and Dr. Xin are noted for their healing abilities, even healing at great distances. However, infrared energy at the levels detected by the Raman spectrometer is not something that can be sent long distances, according to our understanding of transverse EM waves.

A third healer also recorded these light waves while sending healing to Rick, a member of the scientific team. The scientists then discovered that Rick’s energy emanations were beginning to entrain with the healer’s.

So we’ll await new results to see if our effects, like those of healers, are more akin to a giant rush of light energy mediated over a long distance.


Comments from the test subject:
Judith Harlan Jubb

An exceprt from the article "Judith had an excellent ability to control her emanations. A sudden vanishing of peaks correlated with her informing us, ‘I’m shifting frequencies now and am passing through...’ As soon as she left... the infra red signals returned.”
—Dr. Tania Slowecki, Penn State, psi Research Team

Because the type of energy transmitted in this way is difficult to see by most people, and because until recently no equipment registered these subtle energies, the prospects for future research in this field have been greatly improved by these laboratory findings.

The documentation of using biomagnetic and bioelectric energies to assist the well being of others suggests that traditional techniques of healthcare recently diminished by standard contemporary medical schools, are indeed valid. In any science or field of study, quality and effectiveness depends on the individual practitioner.

Healthcare modalities currently including the concept of ‘running energy’ – that is intentionally placing fingertips or palms of the hands on a specific meridian or point on the body to effect change, include several types of massage, cranial/sacral work, Reiki, miofacial therapy, reflexology, acupressure, and others. Frequently, a healer will intuitively sense a need to ‘balance the flow of energy’; remove energy blocks, restore depleted energy in an organ or tissue, or enhance vitality overall.

Shamans and energy healers also tap into the greater energy field available in the atmosphere and channel these subtle energies specifically to promote the well being of a client, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The philosophical foundation in this work is that ‘everything is made up of energy, and energy is everywhere’. In the very immediate sense as the scientific community now believes, this is actually true. From the subatomic level to the cosmic we are immersed and entirely surrounded by Energy.

It would appear that the human body, mind and soul together can be a tremendous receiver and transmitter of cosmic energy if and when the intent and desire to do so are aligned with and channeled through the human body. What an amazing concept! We are indeed multi-dimensional beings.