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The World from a Seer's Point of View

The American Dowser Quarterly Digest

Summer 2001; Vol.41, No.3, pg.62

If we take up the perspective that all phenomena fall within the laws of nature, then a person having heightened awareness could be called a Sensitive. A person having extended sight would be called a Seer. Intuition is not supernatural’, but rather, extended sense perception (ESP). The validation of the information remains in the quality of work accomplished. The process is accepting an ever-expanding view of reality through one’s own expression using faculties at hand.

Dowsers recognize that since the beginning of extended family and clan gatherings, there have been those who could see and sense beyond the immediate surroundings; those who developed and used this wisdom for the good of the community. Some variation of these abilities also exists among populations of other species on the planet and may be considered ‘instinct’. This intelligence and perception is a natural extension of senses, a blessing surely, as survival and well-being depend upon it. As such, the need to express gratitude is evident, regardless of the deity named in prayer. Hence the development of evermore elaborate belief systems. This may have been the root of many shamanic practices and other religions.

In ancient days, special awareness and abilities of a few people may have been exaggerated to attributions of mythologic proportions by members of the group who did not understand what they witnessed. As time passed on, accounts became stories. The origins of rituals were initially simple gestures of hope, gratitude, and humility in a perceived vast universe. Eventually all that remained was the continued ‘belief’ of the celebrant and followers that certain ceremonial practices brought about desired results. This suggests the effectiveness of prayer as relative to the mental discipline of focusing thought. Over time, the motivations for a process were not remembered and the ceremonies were learned by rote for the sake of continuing the religion. Since the formulae of behavior had been evolved to accomplish specific work, effectiveness has not entirely diminished.

As many dowsers know, a learned skill which is passed on through demonstration ie. initiated in others can be duplicated time and time again. Skills in remote viewing, map dowsing, and on site location can be learned and applied through training and repetition. As a learned skill this talent progresses to a ‘science’ whereby expected results can be realized when a certain formula behavior is acted out. Natural inherited aptitude would be a factor in potential success just as in any field of specialization. A realistic estimate suggests 5% or more of the homo sapiens worldwide population could exhibit latent talents presently. Also, practice and commitment to excellence play strong roles. Unfortunately, teachers and schools of high quality in these fields of expertise are few and far between due to centuries of persecution.

Many people use a dowsing rod, pendulum or other device. Selection of materials most effective may be specifically dependent on the individual biochemistry and permeability quotient of the practitioner (dowser), as much as to the site or task. Example: a branch from native trees found on-site is frequently preferred because of ecosystem compatibility. As an extension of body responses, any of these tools are not necessarily required. Walking over a water dome or underground river causes a bioelectric movement in the tissues of the body. Changes in direction of minute particles or flowing currents through the body can be noted and by repetition, recognized to have certain survival connotations. Some aborigines of Australia can ‘feel’ underground water through the soles of their feet, and tell quite accurately how deep below the surface that water will be found. Particular elephants listen keenly to seemingly undetectable sounds from great distances, for guidance to springs so important to life. Thus, the instrument held by the practitioner then responds to the physical body reactions of the human creature as the needed resource becomes near. The expressed need is focused upon mentally, attuning the attention to that which is sought.

People among us are particularly sensitive to body responses and images picked up through the ether. They have what is called extra sensory perception; hence the word ‘Sensitive’ is relevant. Thought transference, telepathy, can actually be witnessed as substantial matter flowing from one participant’s head to another’s by those who have the sight to see. A bruise on the physical body surface is obvious to many people, as to others, shadows and spots in the auric field designating irregularities of vital energy are equally visible. Hence the word ‘Seer’. This distinguishes an extension of sight in the electromagnetic radiation wavelengths. Being both seen and felt, the essences of life have real substance that can be perceived.

My personal process is one of questioning. What is the meaning of what I am feeling in this place? What am I seeing in this person’s energy field? Is assistance desired? What can I do to effect change? Awareness of my experience is through the body incarnate. The connection between conscious mind and body mind (subconscious) is spontaneous. Interpretation of stimuli comes with experience. One merely needs to look within. Clarity and definition come with quality of intent and scientific, objective, and impartial observation. This takes personal discipline. Becoming attuned to one’s own responses on a cellular or intuitive level is a process of focus.

This translation of personal experience confirms the scientific premise that energy has substance and on some sub-molecular level, all phenomena in the known universe are made up of matter having motion and taking up space. Although as yet, man made electronic and other equipment has not been developed to track these etheric essences as acutely and comprehensibly as the human organism, the scientific community is constantly extrapolating their existence.

As energy perpetually transmuted into thought forms is witnessed by Seers, authentication of subtle essences is established.

On the other hand, the religious community would choose to believe incomplete information handed down through the ages; that some special grace had been granted to particular persons in the mists of time. Resistance to the probability that these same faculties are exhibited and attainable by contemporary human beings, continues to be strongly expressed.

Practitioners in the field of dowsing and related skills stand between science and religion, having the evidence of personal practical empirical experience in the field. This is indeed the most extraordinary of times, a bridge from the past into the future of humanity. Continuity of cellular memory is passed down through generations in the form of perceived wisdom, called perception. Application of this faculty can be transmitted one to another, depending upon receptivity, in the learning experience of the present. "The function of thought is to guide action; the meaning of conceptions is to be sought in their practical bearings." (Webster’s Dictionary).

Dowsers are pragmatic about their work. I have not known a dowser continue to follow a formula of behavior or use a device that does not produce results. Dowsing does not belong with the superstitious "meaning a belief or practice resulting from ignorance or fear of the unknown"(Webster’s). Dowsing and related talents fall into the category of research and discovery. Although an open orientation is helpful, no specific religion is required. People with ESP in some form, exist in every race and culture on the globe. Once we recognize these talents as being within or belonging to the natural order of things, rather than being supernormal or beyond natural human power, Balance can be restored.

"A science is some technique that may be studied and learned by scientific method; the pursuit of knowledge involving the recognition of a problem and the collection of data through observation and experiment to the formulation and testing of hypotheses." (Webster’s).

We should continue to document as accurately as possible in a thorough and organized fashion, any experience, including responses of the physical body, either while they are happening or soon afterwards. The continuation of life on this planet depends upon individuals coming forward to share what they know through personal experience with others. The mystery shall ever remain, because the more we learn, the more there is to discover. In that respect, the kingdom of heaven is quite literally ‘at hand’.

The author Judith Jubb is a lifetime member of the American Society of Dowsers. During childhood it became apparent she had inherited certain extended sensory abilities from a long matrilineage. Coming by these talents innately she felt an obligation to develop them for the good. Intensive study of stones, herbs, metals, elements and the power of projected thought was begun at an early age. Biblical studies were the foundation for extended research into comparative religions. She had the opportunity to meet and converse with extraordinary people of the 20th century, among them, Buckminster Fuller, Christopher Bird, and Rolling Thunder. Yoga and meditation have played a major role in her life. She received Shaktipat from Gurudev Muktananda.