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Beings from the stars have been coming to the planet Earth for eons of time. Whether we claim our primogenitors in some ancient and mythological past are from the stars, visitors from other worlds ore still coming to Earth today. After seeding genetic material from other worlds, observation and guidance of selected lifeforms are facilitated periodically by two methods. The preferred and less intrusive, is by telepathic transmission of data to assist in technological and cultural progress. This method requires that a level of mental development has been reached by some members of the inhabited society to accommodate reception and comprehension of data sent this way.

According to the Hopi, Tibetan, Incan, and scriptural texts found around the world, there have been 5 ages of Mankind which have developed to a high civilization, and then each time been destroyed by what appeared to be natural disasters. Although not the first, Noah's flood was one of many. There are records of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis causing devastation over and over. Evidence of impact craters from asteroids all over the planet has been found; some ancient remnants and some occurring in own time. The Earth's crust seems to be constantly shifting and changing to serve needs and purposes of its own disregarding human and other creature populations. Although cultural advances of human beings is not the primary purpose of the processes on Earth, that we have been given a viable lifeform in which to experience physical existence can be perceived as a gift—a gift that is shared with many other creatures and lifeforms. Celestial bodies including suns and planets likewise have lifespans and cycles of existence. Gaea is an ancient name for the living essence of our Mother Earth. She goes by many names in many cultures and is honored and loved in all of them. She provides life, and sustenance perpetually.

The Aztec Day Keepers of today quote the ancient codices stating they are the descendants of the Atlanteans, which were known to have come from the stars and were close to the 'gods'. Many people believe that before Atlantis, which may have been a worldwide culture, there was the continentof MU, and before the Earth's tectonic plates shifted, lands sank below the oceans and mountains rose above the waves creating new habitable lands. Creatures including human beings have had the capacity to wander to more viable locations and have been traveling around the world since the earliest times.

The Hopi believe they came from the stars in a starship a long time ago which hovered over the Four Corners area of the North American continent and their Goddess Mother dropped a ladder down to Earth telling the people this would be their new home for all time. They have called this place home ever since. The Masau Clan keeper of the history, share this origin at ceremonies and in the Canyon of Stories where it is recorded in petroglyphic detail. Kachina Spirits are said to have come from the stars as planetary guardians on Earth.

The Mayan believe their God being Quetzalcoatl came to them from the heavens, chosen by the 'gods' to find the place for the people to live on Earth and create a great culture. The Aztec leader Montezuma was given a message from the gods in a dream to lead his people to a place of plenty. And so it was done in Mezo-America. In Peru and Chile we find remnants of lost civilizations that barely remain, except for mysterious well drawn figures over miles of territory which are aligned with certain stars and visible from heaven. The common story throughout Southeast Asia is that knowledge was brought to the first inhabitants in a winged or flaming serpent. Many ancient writings concur including the Vedic scriptures of India and Tibet. Could this be a stylized representation of starships?

It is said the Egyptians of ancient dynasties were descended from Gods. Moses received wisdom by communing with God from above. He was educated by Egyptian priests and scholars in sciences, mathematics, architecture, and cosmogony which was shared with Babylonian and Persian cultures. The Archangel Lucifer of the Old Testament is called the bringer of Light meaning knowledge; he and his corps of angels came from the heavens to dwell among early races of men, not just in one location, but all over the world. This tradition was continued in Europe as rulers all claimed some close connection, even lineage, with off world supreme beings. Every culture claims to have superior primogenitors from the stars. It is logical to consider that gods touched down in vehicles and humans were placed in Gardens of Eden where food was plentiful so they could prosper through generations. It makes far more sense to colonize a planet in numerous locations for better survival to populate a species for evolution into the future.

The Mayan Calendar calculates the cycle of 23,000 Earth years for our solar system to cross over the Equator of the Galaxy as it spins in motion with other galactic matter. It takes a period of 30 years to swing through this vast section of space on its way upward before it begins to descend weaving in graceful arc. The solar system takes approximately 2,300 years to transit through the backdrop of one Zodiac constellation and on to the next. The return to an original starting point passing through all 12 constellations is also the end of a very long cycle. There is always a beginning and an end to every cycle, and a new beginning again. The procession of equinoxes causing the Vernal Equinox to begin earlier in sidereal time cycle takes about 25,800 years by our calendars. The older civilizations had been given the skills to calculate accurately these astronomical cycles lasting millennia. Where did they get this knowledge? If advanced beings came from the stars ages ago, they would have brought with them this information.

Whenever events occur which interfere with reception or transmission of information or spiritual development, representatives are sent through one of the closest stargates to gather information about the disruption here and report back to galactic administrators. After initial review and evaluation a decision of an effective response to the situation created by humankind is presented. As far back as 40,000 years humans have known of portals on this planet between dimensions and worlds. Shamans and healers, leaders and elders on every continent have used these pathways to obtain knowledge to improve life for their ethnic group. Sacred sites located around the world have been used to concentrate energy and augment direct pathway connection points to specific star systems throughout this galaxy and beyond,

Irresponsible industrial development over the last 200 years and the acceleration of other ecological issues since 1945 c.e., have seriously compromised a complex balance globally on Earth to the detriment of all resident species. Many holocausts can be fully attributed to human actions. Some of the earthquakes and floods experienced currently have been activated by deforestation and mining minerals and drilling for oil and water, leaving huge vacant caverns between subterranean layers which relied on support for eons by layers of material which has recently been extracted by humans. Gravity is the force that dominates and when resources are taken without foresight repercussions due to shifts in the Earth's land masses must be expected.

Humans have not expressed the level of emotional maturity and cooperative existence which must accompany the capacity to make changes in the environment. Although technological skills are advancing, other faucets of knowledge and character have not and remain retarded far behind the projected timeline of evolutionary development. Seeking answers to why warfare is still happening on massive scales when humans should have overcome fear generated violence ages ago, but repeatedly return to destructive survival tactics, has caused visitors from off world to recently concentrate attention on our planet. This is not the first time humans have reached a relatively high level of techno-social development only to return to self-annihilation as lower emotions dominate motives and behavior. Concern for the future of this planet as a destination for evolving souls in this region of the galaxy has become a priority for more advanced beings from other worlds.

Periodically beings from other worlds have taken necessary more immediate interaction on this planet and representatives have volunteered or been recruited to invest in physical form to interact with members of homo sapiens to advance the evolutionary development in diverse populations around the globe. These beings are considered wise, powerful, and perceived as Gods where and whenever they appear. There are both written records of such excellent leaders and long verbal stories handed down through generations which tell of extraordinary entities who have aided mankind down through ages of time. These stories tell over and over again how off worlders having superior abilities have interbred and thereby genetically enhanced the human gene pool. The idea was that this genetic material would influence thought processes and thereby behavior would be altered on a molecular level which would be forever imprinted...much like deep programming on the motherboard of a computer at a fundamental level which could not be removed. This has proved to be successful to a great extent, but questions remain. Education of a lerger portion of the population may open a the doorway to a mass awakening based on a higher form of logic, which in turn may ignite a global spiritual comprehension.

When a planet able to support life is located in a quadrant of space, technical teams are sent to calcilate an extrapolation of the developmental process in specific species through Natural Laws is projected toward sentience or self-awareness. It is essential the unique process of incarnation in physical life forms and the life experiences provided in this planet be allowed to continue for the sake of myriad souls scheduled to arrive in the next century and beyond. Earth fulfills opportunities that can be found nowhere else in this region of space. Star Children we are and many accepting the call to Earth within the next hundred years will come to assist humanity through these critical times. We each have a role to play. True stories of scientists, mathematicians, inventors, musicians, artists, and other talented people frequently include communication with inter-dimensional beings and entities from off world who guided them to excel in their fields for the good of humankind.

After deadly worldwide wars annihilating huge populations in the 20th century c.e. It was determined more investigation was required to explain ingrained behavior patterns which could only be initiated on the biochemical level. Whatever the problem was, any and all possible causes had to be examined. Sources of nutrition was one obvious possibility. Animals bred for food could coltain intrinsic chemicals incompatible with the digestive system of humans causing irritation and discomfort on a systemic level which in turn initiated a reactionary attitude such as anger. Uncontrolled emotional venting and blaming other people for individual discomfort and anxiety is unsatisfactory behavior. Perhaps blood and other body fluids ingested while partaking of flesh could be a contributing facter. Tissue samples from a variety of livestock species have been gathered to look into this matter over the last 50 years.

Through endless fighting to the extreme of genocide, races of men have forgotten their origins—the stars. We are all chosen to be on planet Earth and in that respect, no one group is superior to any other; no race, ethnic or religious froup is any more the 'Children of God' than any other. The belief that one group is entitled to cause harm to any other because it is chosen above all others to rule or take from or destroy any other is the most damaging collective thought-form on Earth.

The concept of peaceful coexistence must begin on the personal and individual level. Every human being has the capacity to control his/her responses and is responsible to maintain ethical behavior. Techniques of personal development, expnding awareness, hypnosis, age regression, soul retrieval, tracing genetic memories and cumulative racial memories as well as DNA tracking are all accessible. Always rely on your inner truth in discerning accuracy. An objective and unattached frame of mind must be maintained to acquire the desired understanding in any method of discovery.

In the past, starships from far away have come here for specific purposes such as mining resources to replenish their own supplies to continue journeys around the galaxy or exchange commodities and data with civilizations on numerous worlds. Lifeforce carriers, galactic administrators, and off worlders from elsewhere involved in the evolution of sentient species on this planet are assigned to observe and report back to higher authorities on the events occurring on Earth. At the present, visits to this planet are strictly monitored and regulated os a form of the Prime Directive and noninterference applies. Homo Sapiens is deemed a sentient species and as such we are responsible for our own behavior and responses as individuals and interactions in collectives. That is to say, that it is agreed at a higher council that we have the mental capacity through the development of the frontal lobe of our brains to discern between right and wrong.

Therefore we are expected to take responsibility to interact with each other in an evolved manner. We are required to take correct action to resolve misunderstandings and injustices. Since before the time of Hammurabi in Mesopotamia detailed codes of law have been clearly delineated to guide ethical conduct in societies. Scriptures in every religion delineate moral and ethical codes of behavior. It is believed in every culture that these codes were given to humans by God or by god-like superhuman beings from the stars. So why are we still living in a state of misery causing harm to each other? There can be no more waiting for intervention from angelic hosts from On High. We must accept that the task is ours. This is the path to enlightened existence.

Many groups of people on Earth presently claim to be descended from beings from a specific star system visible and recognized from Earth. Some ancient tribes recall in their collective memory coming on Earth ages ago from specific places in the galaxy or universe. The Dogon people from the Pleiades is one. Some individuals have searched into their soular memories to retrieve their journey to this planet through space. Down through time, stars and constellations have played major roles in the lives of humans. Many of these have also been associated with advanced species which have traveled here. The Plieades configuration contains vast numbers of stars in several galaxies and must be acknowledged as a very probable inhabited region. Vega in Lyra, a polar star for Earth in the past as recorded by Egyptian astronomers 10,000 years ago, is acceptd as a home for many souls sent to this planet. Transmissions from Draconis, another polar constellation is said to have guided Draco, a 7th century B.C. Athenian statesman and strict lawgiver. Modern day scientists and inventors frequently are in contact with Capella in Auriga and some feel deeply that they came from there. The Orion constellation contains several dominant star systems to which many cultures and individual people on Earth feel strong connections. Examples are as many as we can perceive.

The Andromeda Galaxy is our galaxy's closest neighbor and is vast. That some of the visitors to our planet in the last century classified as UFOs could be from there is definitely possible. Perhaps from time to time they have 'dropped off' souls from our higher atmosphereto incarnate as human beings for a lifetime. There are vast numbers of sentient beings in the Universe and myriad methods of travel possible to countless destinations, Earth being one.

The Sun transits the cusp between constellations Gemini and Cancer at 9:24 p.m. Pacific Standard Time June 20th on the west coast of the United States while at 0:24 a.m. after midnight of June 21st Eastern Standard Time, signifying the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere on our planet. The Date Line created at the 180° meridian in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (the least number of people reside over an extended area from north to south and east to west) adjusts the 24 hour diurnal cycle on Earth to allow for maximum continuity in communications and commercial interactions. That is what delineates the differences from one date to the next in U.S. coastal time zones in this instance. Greenwhich Mean Time is 5:24 a.m. June 21, 2017. Mean Time is calculated from the prime meridian 0° longitude which runs through London, England. This standard of tracking time is used around the world.

This Summer Solstice Mercury exactly conjuncts the Sun at 0° Cancer later that morning at 10:14 a.m. EST and 7:14 a.m. PST on June 21st. Between June 14th and June 29th, Mercury is invisible because it is traveling on the far side of the Sune from Earth. From April 29th to June 13th Mercury could be seen early mornings and from June 29th to August 20th it will appear in the evening sky. As its orbit is in proximity to the Sun, it slips in and out of visibility more frequently than any other planet and stays concealed longer. These fluctuating exposures to Mercury throughout any given year are thought to affect mental acuity and communications of the human population on Earth.

Depending on the planetary aspects which occurred at the time of birth of an individual person, he or she may be more or less influenced by these Mercurial cycles. An exact conjunction with the Sun on the day of Smmer Solstice may have a significant intensifying effect on the population as a whole. As this is occurring on a Wednesday in mid-week, ba aware of your interactions with coworkers and close relationships. Most aspects among the other planets during this time are congenial being at sextile or 60' and trine or 120° which suggest relatively smooth interactions.

On June 1st, the Moon completes its First Quarter and can be seen as a crescent in the early evenings. Full Moon is on the 9th in the constellation Sagittarius as it directly opposes the Sun at Gemini 18°. The Solstice Moon is the Full Moon that occurs before and close to Solstice. Because the rotation of the moon around the Earth is a 28 day cycle, and the Sun's sidereal transits through the stars are not exactly synchronized with those of the moon, there is perpetual variation in the relationships between the two luminaries. This has fascinated scholars, priests, astronomers, merchants, fisherman, and landowners for thousands of years. The interaction between lunar and solar cycles is highly effective in producing weather systems on Earth which are essential to monitor for productivity and prosperity.

As the moon is waning, Last Quarter ocurs on the 17th of June and is also at void of course between Pisces and Aries constellations. New Moon is seven days later on June 23rd, and the moon goes void of course between Gemini and Cancer, hurrying to catch up to the Sun at conjunction or New Moon Cancer 2°. It is a brief reunion as the lunar cycle of 28 days begins all over again with First Quarter Moon June 30th in Libra. Many people consider this moon phase a time for planning and beginning new projects and at the turn of a new season the combination of solar and lunar energies is powerful. The Zodiac sign of Cancer is said to be ruled by the Moon which is a strong influence this time of year. The Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Libra June 3rd which is visible in the night sky, Saturn on the 9th in Sagittarius, occults Neptune on the 16th, and conjuncts both Mercury and Mars on the 24th in Cancer. Other relationships among the planets this month include: Venus trine Saturn June 1st, conjunct Uranus June 3rd, sextile Mars June 9th, and Neptune June 20th, is the 'Belle of the Ball' in the solar system this month.

Celebrations at Summker Solstice traditionally start on Mid-Summer's Eve, and as Solstice is long and hot in the northern hemisphere on Earth, communities rest from labors with friends for the day. The 4th of July Independence Day celebration is the anniversary of the United States Congress adoption of the Declaration of Independence July 4th, 1776. As many members of congress at that time were Freemasons it is notable that this date coincides with the beginning of the summer season. This holiday is a celebration of diversity of races, religions, and freedom of expression. Many significant holidays throughout the year all around the world in modern times have their orgins in the ancient past. Leaders of towns, cities and nations have held to these planetary cycles providing continuity for the masses. Down through the ages, eligous and secular leaders have come to an accord regarding the significance of recognizing the importance of planetary cycles and retaining customary times of celebration to mark modern holidays. Every lifeform on Earth is governef by Natural Laws.

As long as the homo sapiens species depends on the life cycle of plants and animals for nourishment and sustenance, we are obliged to honor and comply within the beautiful system of Life on Earth. The active element prominent here making life possible is Water. Oxygen and other gases in the atmosphere rely on plants to convert basic chemicals in solid form on terra firma to gaseous and liquid states facilitating the essential processes of Life. The interdependency of the forces and powers of nature on Earth can be thought of as sacred; holy when one choses to accept the concept of Higher Intelligence in the Universe. The concept of Creator as self-perpetuating is evidenced by the eternal continuation of life and evolution on this planet. That is why the Earth is to be protected and cherished; because to have been given the Gift of Life, to be incarnated into the body to experience physical life is absolutely extraordinary! To be a custodian of life for future generations is a resposibility that comes with the gift bestowed.

Revel in the awareness of life this Solstice. Blessings.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

June 21, 2017 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

March 20, 2017 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun


Planetary cycles is a series of articles which make up a treatise confirming both the ancient concepts of the planet Earth as the water of the known universe and the modern scientific data accumulated over the last 400 years with inventions and equipment that have expanded our awareness.

As depicted by early philosophers, theologians, and astrologers the world over, an idealistic symbolical model was selected to represent a perfect harmonious Universe which incorporates physical and spiritual aspects. When drawn on a flat writing surface, papyrus, paper vellum, this image was two dimensional by necessity and therefore simplified as a representation of the actual multidimensional reality. Foreshortening to imply the observer's point of perspective in three dimensional space, and other sophisticated artistic techniques of rendering were not applicable because the model was never intended to be an accurate replica on the Universe. This flat image was only a diagram to engage the mind, to inspire the thought processes of the student. It was never meant to be taken literally, but like scriptural texts to be conceptual.

Hence we find a number of variations and theories on this theme that the Earth is the center of the Universe with other objects moving or changing position around it. Actually we are human beings living on a solid surface in physical bodies and our experience is from this location, meaning that each one of us remains at the center of our individual observed universe. Regardless of our position at any one time, this is always true. As we spin in a circle looking in every direction this is a fact. “Wherever you go there you are.” Since we stand upright vertically on two feet, the sky is above our heads and the ground is beneath our feet.

If we do not consider what might be beneath the ocean's surface or below ground level, the Earth is perceived as a flat surface. We can draw a map of what we see when we travel over this surface. This map is merely a simple guide and is never intended to describe every detail of any environment. That is what exploration is about – empirical research or gathering data through hands on experience at the location.

A star chart works the same way as a chart or map of a city, country, or continent on the Earth. If we look at the sky as a flat surface with all the points of light equidistant from our planet a simplified map can be drawn out to aid us in determining and later recognizing where we are in our travels. If humans were stationary like a hill or a tree maps would not be required, but to communicate with other human beings and to reorient ourselves as we move about through space and time maps are most helpful.

The interesting thing is that humans and creatures are not the only objects moving from place to place. In fact it seems that the longer we observe the cosmos around us, the more obvious it becomes that nothing is perfectly still and everything is in motion. Some things seem to our eyes to be still only because we are caught up in their motion and carried along with them like a hat on a balloon traveling on the winds. Motion is relative and that is where Time as the fourth dimension must be acknowledged.

From the two dimensional map surface to the third dimension of spacial location both horizontally and vertically to include the concept of motion, the fourth dimension as Time is therefore also perceived fact. Everything is in motion through time and space (Keeping to elementary concepts, not including quantum physics and telepathic thought projection which can occur outside normal laws of physics and is another topic).

We come to the idea of cycles which are series of occurrences repeated in sequence that are predictable over and over or replicated through time. Therefore they can be predicted, however as no moment is exactly the same as the one before it the quantity of variations is infinite. Using modern scientific data with finely tuned and calibrated instruments which are continually being improved upon and have been over the last 400 years, our Universe has expanded. The fact remains that all these observations are made from our location meaning we are in the center looking out in every direction. This is accepted as inert. Our faculties and comprehension are finite as life forms. This is a fact.

Even as we gather more specific information about objects and phenomena we were unaware of before, the compiled data adds to what has been accumulated over time and confirms through natural sciences the interrelationships of planetary bodies in our local solar system and the constellations of stars beyond. An Astrological Natal Chart is a map on paper overlapping the positions of planets as they orbit the Sun relative to the Earth in its own orbit. An any moment in time is unique, the date and time of birth of a individual human being in influenced by the energies existing in quality and strength when the first breath is taken at that given moment.

As the outer planets become visible and small moons and asteroid bodies could be observed, these were also included in the science of Astrology as it evolved. When new information is available it is assimilated for deeper understanding. The Star Chart is used as a backdrop because the configurations of stars are relatively stable and can be used as points of reference in cycles of time defining the seasons on Earth. In the science of Astrology these interactions among the Sun, Moon, planets, and star constellations are calculated as mathematical and intellectual exercises. Although origins of the causes of motion and forces may be discussed by people of differing opinions, the observed physical facts remain the same regardless of belief. Whether our exposure to the information is only a two dimensional flat screen or map that can be set on a table or physical exploration, the facts remain fundamentally consistent in the living universe.

When the human factor is added the relevancy becomes complex in interpretations dependent on collective and individual belief systems, which by nature are entirely subjective. Any of these systems of observation are true and valid within their own respective context. The more modern technical data does not entirely negate the earlier perceptions. Rather logic untainted by prejudice confirms and validates a philosophy, religion, and science when studied in its pure form. On Earth different ethnic groups express a variety of lifestyles and intermingle requiring tolerance for another person's universe which at first may seem upside down to us. Remember their feet are planted on the same Earth as ours and the sky above their heads is just as it is for us.

The science of Astrology transforms into an art or philosophy when the trained observer overlays another layer on the natal chart. The fifth dimension of the human personality is an embodiment of the incarnation of a person's soul in space and time. A pattern of opportunities preferences, behavior, and future possibilities can be projected if all the factors are accurately taken into account. These can only be phrased as probabilities because of the individual responsibility as a sentient being with free will choice. This concept of “I AM” is eternally relevant as it is expressed through the lifetime of any individual. The comprehension of sentience or self awareness assumes higher reasoning faculties of discernment and foresight. A basic understanding of natural elements and reactions both physical and emotional is helpful in gauging appropriate behavior. The system of astrology has been proven over time to be most helpful as guidance for many people in making wise decisions throughout their lifetimes.

Among the more significant aspects between bodies in the Solar System this December are Mars in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Libra on the first day of the month. Astrologically this is an auspicious beginning and Mars continues to interact nicely with the other planets coming sextile 60° to Saturn in Sagittarius on the 3rd, and Uranus in Aries on the 6th. The Sextile aspect tends to be “friendly”. On the 27th Mars in Pisces sextiles the Sun in Capricorn 6° as it moves onto Pisces and then Aries by the end of January 2017. Mars sextiles Mercury December 28th. The last interaction Mars has in December is conjunction with Neptune late on the 31st before spilling over into January 1st 2017 after having played nice all month to end the year.

The Moon occults Neptune on December 6th in Pisces and becomes full in the constellation Gemini on the 13th. As the Moon circles the Earth it aspects each planet and the Sun according to their positions observed from our location and is as always the most interactive body each month. This year on Winter Solstice the Moon in Libra is square or 90° Mercury in Capricorn which just turned retrograde on the 19th of December. New moon occurs the 29th just before New Year. Also on the 29th Uranus returns Direct to augment a forward thrust into the new year 2017.

Lunar aspects close to Solstice that are of note include square to Sun and Saturn on the 20th, square to Mercury on the 21st, and Pluto on the 22nd. This day will be dynamic as the Moon is conjunct Jupiter and in opposition to Uranus which indicates financial fluctuations. Being trine to Venus and sextile to Saturn it would be better to rely on friendships of long standing on this day. The Sun in December is highly interactive with the planets. On the 9th Sun sextiles Jupiter, on the 10th is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius and trine Uranus in Aries as the Sun races to transit into Capricorn at sextile on the 21st. This adds a gentle tone to the end of the year, Sun sextiles Neptune on the 30th.

Venus is the only planetary body which has been observed in Direct motion in its orbit around the Sun for the entire year of 2016. From the beginning in Sagittarius through the Zodiac constellations and returning to Sagittarius in mid October, Venus surpassed its January position and entered Capricorn in mid November traveling to Aquarius before Solstice in December. The whole month is perceived as relatively benign and mellow compared to the disruptive influences witnessed throughout the rest of 2016. The number of 60° or sextile aspects between planetary bodies this December set an overall tone which is felt on a subconscious level as a subtle sense of ease, if not recognized intellectually.

On December 25th Christmas Day and Hanukkah coincide and Venus comes to the festivities. Although she is square to the Moon suggesting emotional tension, Jupiter is trine and Saturn and Uranus are sextile and happy to see Venus on the following day. Kwanzaa begins with Jupiter in opposition to Uranus causing potential disruption, but Mercury is sextile to Neptune with communications calming exchanges later in the day.

The important thought to retain is that all these interactions between the bodies of the solar system are mapped on a two dimensional surface and are symbolic representations which are then assigned qualities and powers which can be recognized in human characteristics and activities. These correlations can neither be proven or disproved conclusively and therefore fall into the category of a belief system of free will choice. If we choose to use this system as guidance in human relations it works as well as any other template for behavior, success, happiness, and fulfillment. Like any chosen religion or moral code it only is effective when properly implemented.

In the night skies this December Mercury is in the west at twilight until the 23rd when its orbit takes it on the other side of the Sun. Saturn and Mars continue to be visible in the night and Venus is bright in the evening until late March 2017. Aspects that are visible at night from Earth's Western Hemisphere include: Mars trine Jupiter on December 1st, Moon sextile Saturn December 4th, Moon trine Mars at Full Moon on December 13th, and Saturn trine Uranus on December 24th. All these are considered modifying and complimentary combinations of cosmic frequencies/harmonies. The nights are extra long in the Northern Hemisphere affording more viewing time. At 40° latitude north sunset is at 4:38pm and sunrise is at 7:18am allowing nearly 10 hours to look at stars.

There are many mysteries in the world and the universe which may not be explained. Perhaps it is not necessary to understand them all. Let us rejoice in the gift of life and beauty on Earth, respecting the rights of peoples everywhere to have diverse interpretations of their life experiences, the cosmos, and deity.

Blessings to All

Metempyrion commends all the scientists, technicians, personnel, and astronauts who have participated in the Space Programs over the last 70 years with special recognition of astronaut John Glenn's orbit around the Earth in 1962.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

December 21, 2016 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun


The European solar calendar was established in 1582 a.d. so that the Sun rises on Vernal Equinox as it transits into the constellation Aries every year. On the Autumnal Equinox, the Sun rises in the first degree of Libra. The calendar is divided into Quadrants with a cardinal Zodiac constellation designating each of the four major seasons. There are 12 months of the year and correspondingly, 12 constellations. Aries is the beginning of Spring, Cancer begins with Summer, Autumn begins with Libra and Winter with Capricorn. Some of these were derived from Egyptian and Persian traditions. The Chinese also divide the annual solar calendar into quadrants signifying the change of seasons and although the constellations are depicted differently, the concept is the same; Dragon, Tiger, Pheng, Turtle.

In the western astrological system these four signs of the Zodiac are considered Cardinal signs, with energizing effects in human behavior and have always signified productivity and change. With each changing season, humans must begin and complete certain tasks within a time frame before moving on to a different set of tasks to sustain life as the weather changes throughout the annual cycle. Around the planet between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn on either side of the equator, depending on altitude, growing seasons are longer, and temperatures may vary less than in temperate regions at higher latitudes towards the poles on Earth.

This has been a determining factor in the concentration of human populations. Periodically, worldwide climactic changes have occurred which cause mass migrations to more habitable areas. As long as the global climate remains moderately predictable, settled populations are able to thrive, but if earth changes are abrupt and continue for years, humans and other creatures are forced to relocate to survive. One current problem about relocation is that all the most suitable habitable areas are already overpopulated and immigrants from desert or dangerous areas have no place to go. The nonproductive areas have been expanding for decades due to over farming, deforestation and shortsighted practices. Because of the extensive use of petroleum products and other resources, humankind has been a major cause of speeding up climatic changes which must ultimately affect the entire ecological system upon which we rely. To diminish the forests around the planet not only forces animal life to seek new territories which may conflict with human habitations, but also irreparably disrupts the weather cycles, without which crops cannot be grown or harvested for food.

Harvest Full Moon in the constellation Pisces occurs on the 16th of September, 5 days before Autumn Equinox on the 22nd. This is the time when crops planted in Spring and grown all Summer have matured to their full ripeness to be harvested and is a time of celebration to be grateful for the bounty of the Earth in every culture. The New Moon on September 1st eclipsed the Sun in Virgo. This was an annular eclipse, when a ring of the sun’s light is visible around the dark face of the moon, and it could be seen from Africa, throughout southern Arabia, and across the Indian Ocean. The Full Moon is eclipsed in the shadow of the earth on the 16th, and can be seen at moonset from eastern Australia and Indonesia; during full eclipse across central Asia and eastern Europe; and during moonrise in Africa, across the Atlantic Ocean to easternmost South America. A second New Moon in the month of September will occur on the last day, the 30th. With the Full Moon halfway between them, and the Equinox on the 22nd, this makes a wonderfully symmetrical luminary display to begin the new Autumn season.

The smallest planets in the solar system, Mercury closest to the Sun and Pluto farthest, both go Direct during the month of September; Mercury on Equinox the 22nd, and Pluto on the 27th, leaving only Uranus and Neptune in Retrograde until later in the year. Mercury will be visible in the predawn from the 20th of September to October 15th. Venus in Libra since the end of August, transits the cusp between Libra and Scorpio on September 24th, intensifying its sensual influence, and is visible in the west at dusk. After catching up to Saturn in Sagittarius and conjunct August 23rd, Mars blasts by on its own independent travels no longer inhibited by the magnetic energy of the heavier planet, and transits from Sagittarius into Capricorn September 27th. This position in the constellations is considered a strong grounding influence on the Martian energy, according to the science of Astrology. Capricorn is attributed with Earth elemental energy. Let’s hold that thought as the the year has been rife with warfare, and the end of 2016 could be more amicable through our intentions; focusing and identifying with the influence of Capricorn.

Lunar aspects with the planets this month are: Opposition to Neptune on the 1st, then the Sun on Full Moon eclipse on the 16th, Saturn on the 21st, and Mars on the 22nd. The oppositions occurring at the Equinox are significant because of the critical position of the Sun in relation to the Earth as the sun’s rays strike directly at the earth’s equator. The Moon is conjunct: occults the sun at Solar Eclipse September 1st, Jupiter on the 2nd, Venus on the 3rd from observers’ viewpoint on Earth, Neptune on September 15th, Mercury on the 29th, and Jupiter on September 30th. This indicates an alignment of bodies in the solar system. That is to say a shared approximate north-south orientation plane of passage as celestial bodies orbit around the sun can only cause this series of oppositions, occultations and eclipses so close together.

Planets and luminaries can be in opposition or conjunction with each other without the nearer one overlapping or covering the farther body from sight on Earth. To actually pass in between, blocking energy and reflected light during an occultation occurs infrequently. Although the moon is conjunct Saturn on the 8th, and Pluto on the 11th, these are the only planets it does not occult during this month. For the moon to eclipse the sun and occult all but two of the planets in our solar system within days of each other is quite extraordinary. Because these aspects with the moon are brief in passing as the moon orbits the earth, the significance is that they are clustered together suggesting the subconscious emotions are influenced in many facets of the Collective Psyche of human beings. If the passage of the moon ‘in between’ causes energies from each orb to ‘wink out’ briefly, this could be interpreted as a recalibration process, similar to shutting down a computer before rebooting to allow adjustment of data input, organization and response. These events are actually happening in the solar system among the planets and stars. It is a matter of choice to either ‘go with the flow’ of subtle but powerful energies generated, or to deny their existence and then resist their effects and set up obstacles in our lives and community interaction.

A lot is happening around the globe on many different levels, and we are continually inundated with information and situations as we interact with people and the environment around us. Recalibration may be a very good idea now, allowing time to reflect, and evaluate our purposes, activities and goals individually and as a collective. Over the last century, the human population has increased exponentially due to technological advances in medicine and stronger construction materials for shelter including steel and plastics. This has been very expensive and in many cases not cost effective either in human, or cosmic cycles of time.

World's largest open pit mine, Kalgoorlie Australia

Mining for metals and drilling for oil and water stored over eons of time in subterranean strata have left massive underground cavities. As the layers of rock above shift to adjust to the strain of gravity, earthquakes and flooding have occurred more and more frequently in places considered stable for habitation. In recent years, the continental United States has experienced increased seismic activity along with many other regions in the world. These adjustments in the earth’s crust must continue to take place and humans have played a major role in this process for better or worse. The forces have already been set into motion and inertia can be only slowed by modification of behavior. Global warming has been accelerated prematurely. Reducing our dependence on industrial activity is required. For hundreds of years people have acted greedily and carelessly without thoughts for future generations. Because we can do a thing does not necessarily mean we should do a thing.

Rainforest Logging, Borneo Malaysia

Biological cycles remain constant, determined by nature; the fish populations and the grains to feed livestock grow according to ageless planetary cycles. The existing human population must maintain balance in self procreation not to overburden resources if our species is to survive into the future. Communicative diseases in high density populations are one powerful way nature has of taking care of overpopulation. Another is to reduce virility and fertility of a specific species at the level of the genetic code, which seems to be triggered spontaneously by natural laws we don’t know much about. Although radioactivity worldwide can stimulate over productivity in moderate doses from a distance, it can also cause severe damage at close range resulting in sterility and undesirable mutations. This calls for us to be conscientious in every aspect of our lives. Restraint, conservation, good judgment, and cooperation are the keys to continued prosperity and existence on planet Earth. Perhaps Higher Powers will make the decisions for us, and may have already begun.

We are here by the grace of God. Let us not lose sight of our place in the natural order of life on Earth and in the Universe. Respect, Love and Rejoice in the Beauty of Life on Earth.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

September 22, 2016 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun


The sun rises earlier and sets later in the days just prior to and after Summer Solstice which occurs this year on June 20th in the Northern Hemisphere. Also the sun rises earlier and sets later near the North Pole making the days longer there at this time of year than it does at the lower latitudes on earth. Even that the Sun reaches its zenith over the Tropic of Cancer, at 23° north of the earth’s equator at 0°, this apparent difference in daylight hours occurs because the girth of the planetary sphere is greater, the closer to the equator than near the poles. Therefore, as the earth rotates on its axis, more ground must be traversed before the sun is visible on the eastern horizon.

Ancient scholars were aware of this phenomena in Astronomical and Astrological calculations. In Astrology, the latitude of the location at which a child is born is noted when extrapolating the rising sign called the Ascendant; the degree of the Zodiac Constellation on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth. The birth location was also taken into account when determining planetary influences and dominance in the Natal Chart of the individual, which was thought to influence the success and strengths during the lifetime. Frequently this was carried to the minute and second in cases of royal births which were important in determining the future of entire nations and predicting droughts, wars and other important events.

The accuracy of these predictions relied upon extensive knowledge of the planetary cycles and the orbits of the moon and planets as they traveled across the Celestial Sphere. As in any field of expertise, some practitioners were more accurate more often than others. Hence we have very famous astrologers being relied upon by leaders of nations. Mesu, advisor to the pharaoh in Egypt, later renamed Moses leader of the Hebrews was one such man learned in cosmic cycles. During the European Renaissance Queen Elizabeth had an astrological advisor. Nostradamus (1503-66) was revered by many in positions of authority, and later Rasputin (1871-1918) a mystic and astrologer was advisor to the Russian Czar. Napoleon relied upon astrology to predict his successes.

Births of nations have also been charted noting the placement of bodies in the heavens. The United States of America was conceived by men who were educated, and enlightened with high ideals which were taught in the Lodges of the Freemasons. Wisdom teachings came down through the middle ages using knowledge of latitudes and longitudes of the Earth to determine auspicious locations for cities and towns. Building processes documented far back into the time of ancient civilizations including Greek, Roman, Babylonian, Egyptian, and even perhaps Atlantean cultures included advanced data about the stars, seasons on Earth and geometric triangulation. Did the Stars and elaborate calculations of measurement, placement, and directional orientation at a site on earth enhance the prospects of longevity? It is undeniable that all of these historic peoples produced great cultures in their time. Because of many variable factors, we know that predictions are not infallible.

Nothing lasts forever. What cosmic, cataclysmic or disruptive events caused their end? Archaeologists and scientific researchers have traveled around the world seeking answers. We find records of volcanic eruptions that devastated whole island cultures and caused emigrations across oceans. Even today we have annihilation by floods, storms and fire which cause massive destruction over large areas. Any of these disasters can seem to be an armageddon to the people affected.

And then there are collisions with other bodies traveling through space, such as asteroids. For ages, comets and meteors had been viewed as omens of destruction. Evidence of huge impacts with meteors and comets in the earth’s past causing massive destruction has been found around the world. For many decades, modern scientists considered these occasional occurrences relatively insignificant in our time. early in his career geologist Eugene Shoemaker began to study impact craters like Meteor Crater ¾ mile wide made 50,000 years ago in northern Arizona and viewed the moon’s landscape through telescopes to gain a better understanding of these occurrences. He trained Apollo 17 astronauts going to the moon what to look for geologically identifying impact craters.

Although a few scientists in the past had been curious about impact craters on earth and identified a melted and restructured quartz mineral as being consistent at crater locations, Shoemaker’s documentation was thorough enough to influence the scientific community that asteroids had and will continue to impact earth. Impact with other bodies in space is now considered a dominant process of geological formation on earth. An ancient 15- mile-wide impact crater was identified in Bavaria during the 1950’s. Millions of years old geologic features began to be identified around the world, including a massive 190-mile-wide crater forming much of the Gulf of Mexico. The abrupt extinction of the dinosaurs and other lifeforms worldwide 65 million years ago, has been attributed to a collision with a huge asteroid that covered the earth in clouds of acid dust blocking the sunlight for decades, causing a freezing winter. Such an event would certainly cause famine, death and disease for refugees from devastated areas if it happened in our time. Perhaps people in the past were not so far off to fear blazing lights in the sky. Throughout time, earth has been bombarded by erratic asteroids from the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter that have veered out of obit to cross the earth’s path around the sun.

Recent events confirming this theory include the multiple impacts on Jupiter of the comet SL 9 named Shoemaker 89 which occurred as viewed from the Hubble telescope in July 1994. The gravity field of Jupiter is thought to have caused the comet to break up into pieces which impacted the planet at different times and places over the period of a week. Would Jupiter’s orbit have been altered significantly if the entire comet had collided all at once? How would that have changed the dynamics of our solar system? The giant fireball over Tunguska, Russia in June of 1908 exploded and caused vast devastation. Currently, astronomers search the skies for bodies intersecting the Earth’s orbit in order to detect potential impacts which could wipe out the human population. Hundreds of asteroids in our solar system and dozens of comets have been detected. In 1989 a large asteroid came within 6 hours of striking the earth. An asteroid 1 mile across traveling at 70,000 miles per hour in an intersecting obit is being vigilantly watched. In May of this year 2016, a sizable asteroid was spotted in the area of the Ophiuchus constellation headed our way which just missed earth by hours. Ophiuchus is a giant serpent constellation beneath Hercules, and was revered by snake cults throughout Persia and India in ancient times. A fiery mass careening toward a city from the Serpent in the sky could well be interpreted as a ‘message from God’. All over the internet religious zealots are claiming doom is at hand. Scientists estimate that a large asteroid could strike every 2-3 centuries, possibly wiping out whole cities.

Festivals and celebrations this month include Ramadan, a month of daily fasting from sunrise to sunset. In the Moslem calendar this is the 9th month which is called ‘the hot month’ and begins June 7th. Shavuot, the Jewish Feast of Weeks celebrated the ancient Earth Religion Spring Harvest. Later, it was designated to commemorate the revelation of the Law of Mount Sinai, and begins June 12th or the 6th/7th day of the 9th month in the Hebrew calendar. Both of these calendars are derived from the Lunar cycle and therefore the dates vary from year to year. The Christians took up this tradition in their own fashion and 50 days after Passover, traditionally the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, is celebrated on the 7th Sunday after Easter. This day is the beginning of the Pentecostal Week when many candidates step forward to be baptized. Whitsunday (from Old English meaning white) refers to the white garments of those initiates. In the 2016 Gregorian calendar, this falls on June 12th.

The interrelationships visible in the night skies this summer include the Summer Triangle in the northeast at nightfall which is made up of Deneb, alpha Cygnus the Swan; Vega alpha Lyra the golden harp; and Altair, alpha Aquila the Eagle. This configuration is constant, but is especially notable at this time of year.

The geometric aspects among planets in our solar system are constantly changing. The Moon occults Mercury in Gemini just before New Moon on June 3rd and occults Neptune in Pisces on the 25th. There is a school of thought that expounds a conceptual connection between these two planets exists: Mercury connoting verbal communications between humans and Neptune signifying psychic communications on a higher frequency influencing masses of populations. To have both these planets occulted by the Moon within a month suggests cosmic forces in play.

Each of the planets with individual mass, volume, and force of gravity, depending on the proportion of chemical elements in its make-up, define its influence on the solar system as a whole. The combined frequencies of radiation shift with orbital motion and proximity to the other planets. These can be perceived to impact human beings on Earth in subtle yet pervasive ways, particularly in the mental energy body surrounding and permeating each individual and by extension, collective groups.

The individual orbits of the planets in our solar system are not perfectly circular or on the same plane of the celestial sphere. Nor are they all traveling around our star at the same speed. This causes some planets to swing closer to each other periodically. This season, as the Earth approached Mars, we were at the closest point on May 30th. On June 3rd Earth caught up to Saturn on our way to Capricorn. Both planets will appear particularly bright for several more weeks as Earth passes them by on its shorter orbit around our Star. The overlap of radiation among these planets is intense at this time.

Mars is very dominant to the fore of Scorpio, a position thought to increase forceful tendencies in human beings, and Saturn is located to the left and higher in the sky than Antares, alpha Scorpio. The Sagittarius constellation is associated with higher learning and friendship. In the sky it is less dominant than Scorpio and is hidden within the Milky Way like a Centaur hunting with bow and arrow among the trees of the forest. Saturn here connotes patience and vigilance.

In the night sky, Jupiter is high overhead between Regulus in Leo, and Spica in Virgo. Mercury can be briefly seen pre-dawn in Gemini, and, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are visible through the night. Mars, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde; Neptune joins them on June 14th, but only Mars goes direct before the month is over.

The Moon travels through Leo and on to Virgo to conjunct Jupiter on June 11th with the brilliant double star Spica, alpha Virgo close by. This is just before First Quarter and the half full moon is very bright. Spending a brief 2 days in each constellation, the moon conjuncts Mars in Scorpio on the 16th, spends the 17th between Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius and then conjuncts Saturn on the 18th before moving on to the cusp between Sagittarius and Capricorn on June 20th. Almost 12 hours before the Sun moves into Cancer at the Solstice, the Moon comes into direct opposition at Full Moon. Therefore, both luminaries are at their height of power on Solstice with energy streaming to the Earth from opposite directions. This is a thrilling illustration of the Earth as ‘the planet of two lights; one by day and one by night.’ Wherever you are, in Northern or Southern Hemispheres, in daylight or nighttime, you are showered in light this Solstice!

On Summer Solstice as Venus is in Cancer close to the Sun and unseen, it is likewise in opposition to the Moon and Earth in Capricorn. Mercury in Gemini is in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius and square at 90° from Neptune in Pisces. The art of interpreting these aspects among the planets and their effects on human life has long been of interest to philosophers who study human behavior and relationships.

Maybe we should be working harder to cooperate with our neighbors so that we don’t inadvertently attract erratic destructive forces from off world. Because we create our reality by our intentions, we might want to rethink our attitudes. Thoughts have frequencies and collective thought is very powerful. In the past and currently, wars have come about when one group of people thinks they are superior to another and vengeful enough to destroy those with different ideologies. Fear and anger are allowed to run rampant and motivate violent behavior individually and collectively. This is completely unnecessary for survival, in fact, inhibits the progress of humanity. Earth remains a warring planet because we are not ready to truly forgive and make peace with each other. Emotional evolution has fallen far behind technological development. Our capacity and inclination to destroy far outweighs the desire to act out our potential for a higher level of existence on Earth. Each person is responsible for their thoughts and actions; each human being must find peace within themselves to be influential in a constructive way with others.

Maybe we have guardian angels watching over us who have spared us worldwide catastrophe so far. Maybe prayers are actually heard and appreciated by celestial beings and a Deity who are watching over humanity. Maybe if more of us spent more time in peaceful activities there wouldn’t be so many people involved in causing mayhem.      Think about it.


Credit to National Geographic SPACE series, Asteroids: Deadly Impact © 1997, reformatted digitally NGT © 2003.

This is Metempyrion’s Planetary Cycles 10th year on the internet. To view the past articles for the entire manuscript, click Archives. The purpose of this work has been to demonstrate the progress in human understanding of the Universe and our place in the cosmos, linking ancient and modern concepts. The relevance in daily living within social structures and ethnic groups, and personal responsibility for attitudes and actions has been included from the earliest times by scholars and teachers. The continuation of this perspective has been to acknowledge the validity of the concept that we are part of the Universe and that we have been given Free Will regarding our decisions and behavior. Every person on the planet Earth is a Child of God in that all creatures and all creation are extensions of the expression of Divinity.

To truly be Children of God we need to express our higher selves. Just being a member of a particular religious belief system does not signify a superior status separate from any other group. We are all equal in the eyes of the Lord. We have all been blessed with the gift of Life on Earth and it is truly a beautiful place. The way we perceive our existence here is entirely a matter of personal recognition of our responsibility to live in a loving way.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

June 20, 2016 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun


The Sun transits between Pisces and Aries constellations coinciding this Equinox with the Christian Palm Sunday weekend, commemorating symbolically Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem when palm branches were strewn in his path. This is the beginning of the Catholic Holy Week which ends on Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is designated by the 28 day cycle of the Moon and the Equinox as the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after Spring Equinox. As the March full moon will occur just after Spring Equinox on March 23rd, Easter Sunday is March 27th. Thus the celebration of New Life begins in the Northern Hemisphere, as the Sun passes over the Earth’s equator half way to its northern zenith over the latitude known as the Tropic of Cancer at Summer Solstice.

This year is what is called a Leap Year which occurs every 4 years in the Gregorian Calendar to realign the solar and sidereal cycles as time passes. February has 28 days 3 years out of 4 but in a Leap Year, an extra day is added as the 29th. This means that every 4 years 366 days are counted instead of the usual 365 days in a year. In mean solar time, the sun takes a fraction of a day over 365 days to return to its original position in the celestial sphere (closer to 365 ¼; all combined at the 4th year to equal a whole extra day). Measured accurately: 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, 46 seconds. This regulates its apparent passage from Vernal Equinox to Vernal Equinox on the Cusp between Pisces and Aries.

From ancient times, alchemists and scholars have watched the stars in the night skies and the planets traveling among them. Assigning minerals and metals to the Planets seemed to be a natural tendency to form connections between elements on Earth that man had learned to use for health and the manufacture of items, and the greater cosmos observed. In the natural world around us, many of these elements can be found either in pure form or as alloys and compounds with other elements in extraordinarily beautiful stones. Semi-precious and precious gems have always been desired in ornamentation and considered as ‘lucky’ or strengthening. Whether the concept is literally true in every case, or merely imagined in the mind, it can be quite effective depending upon the belief system of the wearer. The chemical makeup of a pretty stone is responsible for its properties and its color. The thinking of the alchemist was that if a person wore a certain stone, set in a specific metal, desired qualities and abilities would be enhanced. Conversely unwanted tendencies or influences might be modified or inhibited by wearing a particular stone amulet for protection. It can be demonstrated that electrical and subtle energy frequencies are specific to each element and hence any gem made up of a combination of chemical components will have a particular vibration.

Planets & Metals
Sun – Gold Moon – Sliver Mercury – Quicksilver (mercury) Venus – Copper Mars – Iron, later Steel Jupiter – Tin Saturn – Lead
With the development of the telescope beginning in 1611 c.e. by Galileo, planets farther away were discovered and were assigned metals as well. As new metals were discovered, they were assigned to the new planets recognized in the solar system:
Uranus – Uranium, Aluminum Neptune – Platinum, Tin (shared with Jupiter) Pluto – Plutonium, Iron, Steel (shared with Mars)

The ancient assignments were based on a traditional perspective that ‘like attracts like’. Also we note that these selections are based upon color: Yellow gold for the Sun, White silver for the Moon, Iron red for Mars, Orange for Jupiter, dull silver for Saturn… Although this seems simplistic at first glance, a logical method validates the selections if we acknowledge that Astrology is a Science of the Mind and that attitudes and emotions are subconsciously influenced by Color. Behavior is also influenced on a sub-atomic level by the biochemical elements found on Earth making up the human life form. The metallic and gem assignments can be considered appropriate from this system of perspective, empirical observations, and extended sensory perception.

By extension, linking a planet, cluster of stars in a constellation and seasons on earth which reoccur in cycles that overlap, the wise men of ancient times wove a belief system combining alchemy or chemistry with existing astronomy and psychology to form Astrology. Educated philosophers have understood the importance of human interaction with matter and life forms existing here. In the Plant Kingdom, the colors of foliage, flowers and fruits are all defined by chemistry at a basic level. In Earth Religions, trees and flowers were said to have properties and influences by color, scent and taste. Herbology is the study of plants used locally and globally to effect good health. These older concepts were included in the Astrology evolving during the European Medieval Age, and was absorbed into the newer Christian faith. Out of alchemical apothecaries came metaphysical concepts of psychological attitudes and qualities in a personality.

Scholars extrapolated whole systems by which to guide people through their lives, building upon ancient knowledge previously gathered and handed down. One very complex and applicable system devised was that of Astrology. The affinities listed have been used for ages to understand personalities and behaviors of individual human beings and provide accurate Personality Profiles and information about health issues even in modern times. Questions important to individuals include: What is going to happen? What should I do? How should I live my life? Why am I here? Where did I come from? For many people around the world, Astrological Advisors have continued to provide accurate, reliable and effective guidance with knowledge passed down for generations. Astrology is still in existence because it works for those who derive solace and insight by including it in their lives. Many people enjoy Astrology because it includes art, beauty. Literature from Pliny to Shakespeare, to Byron connects the present with the past and with the mysteries of the Cosmos. Astrology opens up whole universes of wisdom through dreams and alternative dimensions. The wonders of the physical universe become integrated with the metaphysical and spiritual Universe.

Zodiac SignRuling PlanetMetalGem StoneColor
AriesMarsIronGarnet, DiamondRed
TaurusVenusCopper, brass, bronzeEmeraldBlue, pink
CancerMoonSilverPearl, AgateViolet
LeoSunGoldRuby, DiamondOrange
VirgoMercuryQuicksilverSapphireIndigo, gray
LibraVenusCopperOpal, DiamondCobalt Blue
ScorpioMars, PlutoSteel, plutoniumTopazCrimson
SagittariusJupiterTinTurquoiselight blues
CapricornSaturnLeadWhite OnyxTerreverte
AquariusUranusAluminum, uraniumSapphire, amethystElectric Blue
PiscesJupiter, NeptuneTin, platinumMoonstoneTeal, ivory
*In Astrology, many of the planets have the same symbol as the alchemical one for the metal of affinity. See Metempyrion Site Map for Lexicon of Symbols.

From the Greek word logos meaning logic, the suffix -logy defines a specific study, science, theory, or doctrine. For instance, biology, physiology, astrology, theology…. Collective consciousness as cultural tradition plays a powerful role in any ethnic practice. If an idea spreads among cultures over time, the power of a shared thought-form dominates. The older sciences gradually evolve into traditions among the general population and are then accepted as common knowledge which works in expected ways, with traditional expectations and actions. There are exceptions of course, and the variations of interactions in specimens and effects on individual personalities in time are myriad. Amazingly certain observed associations are as valid and reliable today as they were thousands of years ago.

Although these are the traditional designations, rulers of city states and countries always looking to enhance their powers, often have personal preferences of stones. Many people wear their birthstones; that of their Sun Sign, because they feel more centered in their identity. Personal choices are purely subjective and perhaps the Ascendant constellation or the Lunar position at the time of birth is preferred. Then that assigned stone is acceptable to signify a dominant trait in the personality makeup. This is optional.

Understanding of the associations and influences among planets, seasonal constellations of stars as observed, and events in our lives on Earth is a study over lifetimes. Correct interpretation depends on disciplined study, empirical observations both of the Astrological system and behavioral expressions of human beings. For complete overview of a person, other factors to be considered are; lineage or inherited genes, pre-natal and post- natal environments, nutrition, and Free Will Choice. The latter is affected by the individual Soul identity. These are not absolute or quantitative, and that is why Astrology is an Art. The choice to participate in any religion or collective belief system is entirely subjective. People are drawn to a general mental perspective shared with others according to the person’s inclination, cultural background, and options available. Frequently choices are based on personal experiences during the individual’s lifetime. Astrology is a philosophical pursuit which appeals to many people around the globe whatever the organized religion practiced. Astrology is an idealized template of perfection which is used as reference. Astrologers acknowledge that complete comprehension is an ideal only, because of the Higher Powers involved. The concept and acceptance of that truth is the foundation of Astrology; that Spirit is without bounds, Energy is indestructible, and the Cosmos is ordered and governed by Creator.

In every language, archaic, scriptural, scientific, and modern, on every continent, the movements and interactions of the Sun, Moon, Earth and the Stars, have been recorded as significant to human beings, and life on earth. Written in clay, on stone or in scripture; viewed through scientific and electronic inventions, understanding our part in the Universe has occupied the attention of scholars and theologians down through history, and will continue to do so. The organization of accumulated knowledge is flexible as more data is gathered. Astrology is a time tested and trusted system applicable to our existence, because it evolves. Many people have a passing exposure to the Signs of the Zodiac whether by the Ayurvedic System, Chinese Astrology or Western Astrology. Although some ancient Astrology sciences such as the Egyptian, labeled groups of stars slightly differently, the predominant stars have been constant in signifying seasons on Earth. The constellations named as the Zodiac, exist as a band of stars visible arching over our heads in the night skies. Depending on the time of year, the sun brightens our days so we cannot see the stars in that area of the sky during daylight. But at night, the stars away from the sun, beyond our solar system are visible. They are a constant presence. What a wonder it is to look out into the night skies.

The month of March is full of activity in the solar system; the Solar Eclipse at New Moon was visible on the 8th from the Aleutian Islands to the Indian Ocean during daylight hours. On March 23rd, the Full Moon will be eclipsed as the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, and will be visible from the western coast of North and South America at moonset and Australia and Asia at moonrise as the world turns. Venus is visible in the morning sky until April 30th when she appears to be swallowed by the Sun. Saturn in Sagittarius is visible not far from Mars rising in the night sky. Saturn turns retrograde March 25th and appears to hover at Standstill 16° Sagittarius. From our perspective on Earth Saturn will appear to be traveling backwards through Sagittarius until mid-August. Jupiter was setting in the west predawn until March 8th. Now it appears in the evening in the constellation Virgo where it remains retrograde until mid-May when it goes direct, prolonging its stay in that area of the sky until September.

The Ides of March, the 15th, a classic time of violence and chaos proves to be so this year as the Moon transits into Gemini at the cusp between Taurus and Gemini on the 13th. This movement precipitates squares or 90° aspects with Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun over the next 3 days. Also to add to the mix, the Moon is in opposition (180°) to Mars on the 13th, Saturn on the 14th, and Jupiter on the 15th. These are all considered conflicting aspects and although the moon travels rapidly through the constellations, that it encounters one obstacle after another during these few days, will have an accumulated affect much stronger than if they were spread apart. Expect all facets of living to be compromised: Relationships, business, communication both personal and social, including international commerce. Erratic weather conditions, warfare and starvation are dominant during this time. Complementary interaction among the solar system bodies serge in to counter the disruption within the month, but the abrupt changes will cause difficulty in maintaining balance. Earth is in Libra, the constellation of Cosmic Balance.

We can choose through will power and stamina, to modify our spontaneous emotional responses and personal behavior over the next few weeks and months. This conscious effort will make a difference in what occurs in human relations the rest of 2016. Thankfully, the Easter Celebrations throughout worldwide Christendom call for Prayers for Peace. Purim begins on March 24th with feasting and prayers in the Jewish tradition and Passover is April 23rd. High Holy days in religions around the world are reminders of mistakes or blessings in the past. Frequently they commemorate great events in traditional ways and should inspire humility and collective joy for Life on Earth.

The Solar Eclipse at New Moon was visible on March 8th from the Aleutian Islands to the Indian Ocean during daylight hours. Jupiter was setting in the west at predawn until March 8th. Now it appears in the evening in the constellation Virgo where it remains Retrograde until mid-May when it goes Direct, prolonging its stay in that area of the sky until September.

In the night skies, March is full of activity with Moon conjunct Jupiter in Virgo just after the Equinox on the 21st which is considered an auspicious sign in the heavens. On the 23rd Jupiter is Square Saturn in Sagittarius, which is the stronger power because of placement in the Zodiac and restraint in interactions on earth may be noticed. Mars is also in Sagittarius just ahead of Saturn, so all three planets can be seen. This planetary energetic interaction takes place crossing above us just hours before the Lunar eclipse on the 23rd. The eclipse will be visible predawn on the west coasts of North and South Americas at moonset, and in Asia at moonrise as the world turns. Jupiter will still be in proximity to the Moon and should make an exciting event in the sky.

Saturn turns Retrograde March 25th and appears to hover at Standstill 16° Sagittarius. From our perspective on Earth, Saturn will be traveling backwards through Sagittarius until Mid-August. As the Moon speeds rapidly between the constellations it will pass Jupiter and catch up to conjunct Mars on March 28th, and Saturn March 29th as they are traveling companions in Sagittarius. These conjunctions take place during daylight in the Western Hemisphere on Earth, but in the night skies before and after, the connections can be observed. The moon is still large not quite at Third Quarter which will be on March 31st.

Earth Day this year is on April 22nd. In all expressed religions, faith and prayers are important during this season. Blessings.

Metempyrion Foundation Astrological Archives are quite extensive thanks to benefactors who collected texts from the late 1800’s, and research by respected scholars and astrologers throughout the last century.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

March 20-21, 2016 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun


The beginning of December, as the moon is at fourth quarter the night sky activities are more visible. The Geminids Meteor Shower with 85 meteors per hour are particularly visible over a broad area in the Gemini Constellation, just north and east of Taurus and the Pleiades. The best nights to look for these are December 12th, 13, and 14th.

Pollux and Castor are the two boldest stars in the Gemini constellation and as the story goes from Grecian times, are brothers. Although they are usually referred to as the Twins, actually, they are half brothers. Both have the same human mother, Leda, but the god Zeus fathered only Pollux making him immortal. Perhaps that is why the brighter star is designated as his. Castor's father was the mortal king of Sparta, Tyndareus and husband to Leda his queen. Helen (later of Troy) was fathered by Zeus with Leda as her mother and is a full sister to Pollux. Sister to Castor is Clytemnestra later to be the wife of King Agamemnon, both fathered by Tyndareus. Such are the royal families of the ancients tied to their deities.

The offspring of liaisons between immortal gods and humans were half god and half human and inherited some of the powers and gifts from the deity parent. These were the Lesser Gods of the Earth and they distinguished themselves through great athletic feats and superiority in battles so were called Heroes. Extraordinary beauty and talents were qualities which distinguished them as 'superhuman'.

Both Pollux and Castor journeyed with Jason joining the quest for the Golden Fleece and with the other heroes sailed on the ship Argo earning the title Argonauts. How the brothers came to be stars in the sky is both sad and inspiring. The great love between brothers being eternal to their salvation. During the adventures of the two brothers, there was a confrontation with warriors of great strength and both were injured, but only Pollux survived because of his immortality. He was so aggrieved by the loss of Castor, Zeus finally made a concession in protocol and granted that they could share the gift of immortality. Given life on alternate days, each lived half his life on Earth and half in Heaven.

Thereafter they were referred to as the Dioscuri or the 'striplings of Zeus'. Sometimes they were also called the Polydeuces, which is how the concept of them as Twins came into being. They were considered tutelary divinities and protectors of sailors and assisted negotiations with guests in matters of hospitality towards travelers. Sometimes they were depicted together riding matching white horses. Later as heroes and athletes often were, Pollux and Castor were commemorated by being placed among the constellations of the stars, visible in the sky on clear nights for all time, a symbol of brotherly love and devotion to aspire to. The concept of international 'good will' was grandly depicted at the recent Russian Winter Olympics as star studded shapes in athletic postures representing various sports champions appeared above the crowds.

Another great hero visible in the night skies at this time of year is the Giant Orion, the Great Hunter, also known to be the epitome of masculine beauty and power. He was the son of Mother Earth and was born of a buried cow hide. His constellation dominates the sky during the winter months carrying a sword and a club with his hunting dogs, Canis Major and Canis Minor. Sirius is the brilliant star south and east of Orion in Canis Major. It was said that Orion was the favored huntsman of the Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis known to the Romans as Diana.

As another Winter Solstice is upon us the cycle of rebirth of the Sun is celebrated around the world. Hanukkah began December 7th and Kwanzaa is on the 26th. Religions and cultures each have a way of acknowledging the end of an annual cycle and the beginning of a new one. The English word 'cycle' evolved from Middle English, which came with the Romans to Britain as 'cyclus'. The Romans took the word from the Greek 'kyklos' meaning 'circle'. One cycle is the 24 hour day as the Earth rotates on its axis. Also the turning of seasons as the earth orbits around the sun is another cycle in time. As seen from earth, the Sun's cycles, focusing on the relative position of the sun in our sky changes every day, season in and season out in a predictable recurring cycle.

The cycle of the Solar Year, if we measure the declination of the sun above the horizon at the same time every day, over the period of a year, we notice a 'return of cycle'. The apparent position of the sun at Winter Solstice from our location would be the lowest or closest to the horizon, over the Tropic of Capricorn, named for the constellation Capricorn in the celestial sphere. At the Summer Solstice the sun would be over the Tropic of Cancer, the highest point above the southern horizon. These points refer to opposite solstices in the Southern Hemisphere of our planet. Simultaneously as the Sun rises at different location on the eastern horizon, from south to north, and back again from day to day throughout the year.

The apparent phenomenon is called the Analemma. Analemma is a Greek word to name the elongated figure eight which is charted when an entire year of the sun's motion is tracked, to return to the original position above the horizon at Winter Solstice. It is a chart of the sun's daily declination shown on a globe of the earth usually as a figure 8 crossing over the equator close to each Equinox. Because the earth's orbit is somewhat elliptical, the lower part of the figure appears elongated. The recurring path is a natural phenomenon which is completed in the same sequence every cycle. Interesting to note is that the symbol for 'infinity' is a horizontal figure 8, which in mathematics represents an infinite number. This observed (apparent) physical phenomenon demonstrates the concept of a cycle as being Eternal; as the ending of the old and beginning of a new cycle, repeating for ever like a spinning circle or in this case an overlapping path of a figure 8; by definition Never Ending.

The Greek geometrical approach to questions about astronomy was for the most part lost during medieval Christendom. Later these equations were referenced by 16th and 17th century astronomers, during the European Renaissance. Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, and later Newton built upon empirical data and extrapolations based on the ancient concepts of Hipparchus, Aristarchus and others for a better understanding of the solar system and the universe.

Persian and Arabian astronomers used the Astrolabe, which may have been devised by Greek or even Egyptian astronomers in antiquity as Ptolemy mentions a similar instrument. Using the astrolabe with the sun dial, the sun's path could be predicted in a reliable way to chart the passage of time and traveler's position on the earth during ocean or desert journeys. This knowledge was carried to Europe during the 9th through the 11th centuries to be used by explorers in their travels around the world for the next four hundred years. Now we have more advanced telescopes and Global Positioning Satellites to do this same work using mathematical calculations. Likewise sophisticated equipment has been invented to better scan the events and objects in the universe from satellites and probes circling the earth and traveling far out into space.

Measurements by scientists and professionals can predict the motions of the planets in our solar system, and the positions of each relative to the other bodies are studied carefully. The apparent degrees marked between the planets as they move around the same star, the Sun have been a fascination to human beings as long as we have resided on Earth. This interaction between the planets of our solar system has been compared to interactions among the populations of Earth for a very long time.

Early this December the Moon in its 4th quarter is conjunct Jupiter in predawn hours. They will be conjunct again on December 31st as the moon glides through the constellation Scorpio once again. The Moon is conjunct Mars in Libra on the 5th, but occults the planet as it passes directly between Earth and Mars. Then on the 7th, the Moon occults Venus briefly at 2° Scorpio. On the 19th, Uranus is occulted at 16° Aries by the Moon. This indicates that these three planets appear above the Earth at close declination to that of the Moon, which is not always the case. On December 17th the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, but as their declinations are different, does not occult that planet. The question: What do these intersections in the heavens have to do with human activities? It has caused deep contemplation by the greatest minds of the ages.

Perhaps because all of these positions suggest apparent, though not factual proximity, philosophers thought they suggested intensity and similarity of motives during contacts between human beings. The Moon undoubtedly effects oceans on earth and likewise fluids in lifeforms. It is conceivable that on cellular levels our bodies change from day to day and we are affected emotionally which precipitates the quality of interactions with other people. The New Moon will be on the 11th and stars will be very bright and highly visible. The Full Moon in all its glory will be on December 25th, Christmas Day on the cusp between Gemini and Cancer directly opposite the Sun in Capricorn.

The most compatible aspects among the solar system planets this month are: Moon trine Neptune in Pisces on the 7th and Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune on the 11th. December 8th Sun in Sagittarius is trine Uranus in Aries which is seen as auspicious. Uranus has been Retrograde in Aries since July 20th, and will be at Standstill to go direct on December 25-27th. The event coincides with the Full Moon offering a softening of the energies reaching Earth. This abrupt change in the directional flow of energy could catch us unawares, but at this time Saturn is within the orb of trine influence with Uranus, which will become more pronounced as Saturn moves more swiftly through the constellation Sagittarius. Saturn's role as disciplinarian and modifier will be most critical as Uranus comes square to Pluto in Capricorn the end of January 2016.

Although populations here on Earth are still being jostled around and the interactions of the planets continue to be less than stable, it is important that we use our hearts and minds together to balance irrational and destructive behavior in our personal lives and on a grander scale between ethnic groups, belief systems and nations. Enjoy the environment, the celebrations of the season, and the stars in the sky thinking of them if you wish as guardians watching over us.

Best Wishes for everyone everywhere on the Planet in the coming year.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

Decemeber 21-22, 2015 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun


This month there is a partial eclipse of the Sun on September 13th in Virgo 22° at New Moon when the moon is conjunct the Sun directly between us causing the shadow of the Moon to strike an area of the earth’s surface. Because the moon and the sun are not exactly aligned in space on this occasion, the shadow of the moon only partially covers the Sun as observed from our position on earth. This brief interruption of daylight passes through South Africa, Madagascar, much of Antarctica and the southwestern Indian Ocean in slightly more than 4 hours as the rotation of the Earth on its axis continues.

The moon is also interactive with the planets in the solar system occulting or eclipsing Uranus, Mars, Mercury and Venus repeatedly this year 20 times in all. Uranus is occulted every month in Aries, when the moon swings in between on its orbit around the Earth. As the moon is much closer to earth than any of the planets or distant stars, it covers more space in the field of vision and therefore can block the energies from a particular body for several hours.

In Astrological science, the specific matching degree is significant because the moon passes through the constellations rapidly from our planetary perspective. Changes in exposure to subtle energies can be important to health and attitudes which impact activities and interactions with other people and the social environment. A conjunction between bodies in the solar system is when two or more appear at the same degree of longitude on the celestial sphere. A conjunction becomes an occultation when the bodies involved simultaneously appear at the same degree of latitude in the celestial sphere causing the nearer or larger body to eclipse the one farther away. Any point above the Earth’s directional horizon is referred to as the declination degree. Whenever planets and luminaries land on the matching degrees both North and South and East and West at the same moment in time, one is occulted or hidden from our sight.

In 2014 the Moon occulted Saturn in Scorpio 11 times, interrupting interaction between the Earth and Saturn more than any other planets altogether totaling 22 times. In 2013, the Moon intercepted correspondence between Earth and Pluto in Capricorn 8 times out of 18. Jupiter was occulted by the moon 8 times in 2012 while in Gemini; the total planetary occultations by the Moon was 14 that year. And in 2011 only 3 major planets were occulted by the Moon, including only one time each of Venus, Mars and Mercury. Going back as far as 2005, there were 12 total Lunar occultations of major planets that year, the focus being on Jupiter for 9 times in the constellation Libra. Notice the fluctuations in contact, some years being much less than others and including different planets. Indeed, these occultations seem to have escalated in the recent years.

Calibrating only the solar and lunar occultations of the solar system planetary bodies we can begin to glimpse the complex energetic interactions among the respective bodies and the influences of those on lifeforms here on planet Earth. Paying attention to the shifting Moon’s focus on various planets certain years, it would appear that the Moon may act as a modifier by interrupting potent energies from any particular planetary body influenced by its relative trajectory in a given constellation of stars. This concept implies that the major stars emit massive quantities of cosmic rays and light altering our environment in ways we do not comprehend. Further, exposure to these forces is briefly deflected by the mass of the Moon or the Sun as a shield during occultations. Conjunctions or aspects of proximity naturally have strong influential effects as well.

Consider then the occultations of major stars in constellations far away which are constantly transmitting cosmic waves through space. Visualize the galactic and universal pulse made up of a vast variety of frequencies as a saturated whole, each part affecting each and every other on subatomic wave radiation levels. Astrophysicists are continually expanding our understanding of quantum reality throughout the universe. Microcosmic and macrocosmic activities are happening simultaneously, continually and pervasively as exchanges of energy are happening everywhere.

Looking at interactions within the solar system; the Moon occults Uranus at Aries 19° on both September 1st and the 28th on its path around the Earth. The sun at Virgo 13° trines Pluto at Capricorn 13° retrograde on September 5th. Mars at Leo 19° trines Uranus Aries 19° retrograde September 8th. Mercury is retrograde from September 17th to October 9th and both Uranus and Neptune remain retrograde. Pluto goes direct on the 25th of September at its ‘stationary point’ Capricorn 12°, to join other planets including Earth traveling counterclockwise in their orbits around the Sun.

Because the Earth’s orbit is between those of Venus and Mars, this year Venus has been in apparent Retrograde motion since July 25th while Mars has continued in Direct motion or the same direction of orbit around the Sun as the Earth. While Venus has been vacillating back and forth in Leo, Mars has caught up with her on September 1st for a conjunction tete-a-tete and then entices her to follow him through the stars in Direct motion September 6th. For the next few months they are seen together in the predawn sky and they briefly kiss in conjunction on the 3rd of November before Venus reluctantly moves on. First Mars on August 6th and then Venus on August 20th became visible as the Sun came into Virgo and then at Equinox September 23rd the Libra constellation. Both planets are visible before sunrise throughout the rest of 2015 trailing behind the Sun through the zodiac constellations. Such is the annual cycle of the Sun as experienced on Earth.

In the night skies, Mercury in Libra can be seen August 1st to September 24th until its path brings it close to the Sun. The Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Virgo September 11th before sunset but they remain visibly close in the early evenings until the moon moves on. The constellation Scorpio is visible in the west and on September 17th the crescent Moon is seen with the red giant Antares, the heart of the Scorpion and later conjuncts Saturn on the 18th after dark in the western hemisphere. Jupiter is visible September 10th throughout the year in Virgo, rising before the Sun in the predawn sky.

A total eclipse of our satellite the Moon, takes place on September 27th and will be visible across most of the populated planet from the western Indian Ocean across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe at moon set, and across North and South America at moon rise, as the earth passes between the sun and the moon. Just after the Equinox, as the hours of Daylight and Darkness are close to equal in both Northern and Southern hemispheres on Earth, the areas directly affected are maximized. At this time of year, the rays of the Sun strike the planetary equator at the Earth’s widest width. The time duration of this eclipse is 7 hours and 24 minutes. Time from beginning to ending umbra will be over 3 ½ hours.

While the moon is totally eclipsed, it appears a deep red orange called a Blood Moon. At this month’s eclipse, the moon is at its perigee or the closest point to the Earth in its orbit and appears larger than at other times. This is called a Great Moon or in modern lingo a Super Moon. The last time that a total eclipse of the moon happened while at perigee was in 1982 and the next time these two events will coincide is 2033. During a Lunar eclipse the moon has its least reflected radiant effect on lifeforms here. However, as it is the Full Moon regardless of falling within the Earth’s shadow, the oceanic tides are still influenced by its gravitational pull as a body mass, and at perigee, the pull of the moon is stronger than normal causing higher tides. At perigee the moon is 31,000 miles closer to earth than at apogee reflectively causing lower tidal fluctuations on our planet.

This is the Harvest Moon which is celebrated by festivals around the world. Much of the human population will be viewing this spectacular lunar eclipse occurring sometime during the diurnal cycle of the planet wherever they gather. The Yom Kippur day of fasting is on the 23rd of September, this year’s Autumn Equinox by the Solar Calendar and the Sukkot feast celebrating the Fall harvest is on the 28th, the day after the Lunar Eclipse.

And as the seasons change at the Equinox around the globe, so do the activities of plants and creatures including human beings. Autumn Equinox has always been a time of adjustment, storing food harvested and bringing out warmer clothing, securing livestock and home in preparation for rough weather ahead. Both Spring and Autumn Equinox are a time for changing attitudes and focus of attention. This year with the fluctuation in weather, the population hesitates in expectation of the future.

It has been a year of disruption and dislocation for many people who want to make a dramatic change in the course of their lives and those of their children. Hardship and turmoil as perspectives are altered drastically with new exchanges across cultures and land masses occur. The modern technological advances in forms of mobility and the quantity of human populations have been and will continue to be major factors in planetary changes. More than ever, collective consciousness on massive levels is changing our idea of society across the world. The mingling of ideas is abrupt and challenging, yet there is hope as cooperation and compassion light the way. With flexibility comes transformation. Change is the constant in the Universe, trust it.

The International Day of Peace is designated as the 21st of September. Let us be grateful for life and share with others in need at this time of Harvest and prosperity.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

September 23, 2015 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun


This Summer Solstice seems to be more moderate in interaction among the planets and luminaries of our solar system then in recent years. On this day, there are no particularly intense energetic exchanges happening. Although there are several planets in apparent Retrograde motion, the only transitions are Mercury, Retrograde since May 19 to Direct in Gemini June 11th and Neptune Direct since November 2014 to Retrograde in Pisces on June 12th. The first period of Mercury retrograde in 2015 was January 21 to February 10 in Aquarius.

As Mercury returns to Direct, orbiting the Sun in the same direction as the Earth, many people take a sigh of relief because its Retrograde motion often causes miscommunication in personal and business relationships. People complain of slower mental capacity and limited comprehension and retention during Mercury retrograde. Perhaps it is because of this observation that the planet was named for the Roman god Mercury who was associated with mental activity. The flexibility of attitude mimics the observed changes in Mercury’s position with relationship to our own Planet. Fortunately these cycles are relatively brief, lasting 19 to 26 days about 3 times during a solar year by our calendar.

Venus had been Retrograde from December 21, 2013 until January 31, 2014 and since will have remained Direct until July 25, 2015. Looking back into the past, although Mercury retrograde periods are somewhat regular every year, Venus is more whimsical as are the human emotions. That Venus be connected with matters of the heart in mythology seems an apt symbol. Mars is the closest planet beyond the Earth and has longer periods of direct and retrograde patterns. After a Retrograde period of 2.5 months the Spring of 2014, Mars will remain Direct until April of 2016; that’s almost 2 years.

The outer planets may remain retrograde for months as the earth speeds by on its shorter orbit around the Sun. This year the retrograde cycle of Jupiter, which began December 8, 2014 turned direct April 7, 2015. Saturn went retrograde March 14, 2015 and will go direct August 2, 2015 not to stray too far from the cusp between Sagittarius and Scorpio constellations. Uranus which had been retrograde since July 2014 returned to direct December 21, 2014 and remains so until July 26, 2015. Its path will appear retrograde again until December 26, 2015. Neptune has been direct since November 2014 and goes retrograde June 12, 2015 to remain so until November 18, 2015. Pluto which is the farthest from our planet had been Direct since September 2014 and went Retrograde from Earth’s point of reference April 17, 2015 to last over 5 months. On September 25th Pluto will then go Direct until April 18, 2016.

As we notice, the durations of the Direct and Retrograde observed motions of the other planets vary and become longer depending upon several factors; the distance from the Sun, the speed at which each planet travels in orbit, the orbit of the earth around the Sun, and the relative distances from the planet earth. How can accurate predictions into the future positions of the planets be made? By empirical observations of the cycles through millennia and applied mathematical calculations, which is science handed down through generations of astute human beings for thousands of years.

The least obvious but most important factor in these observed cycles is the orbit of our own planet around our star. It is because of our orbital path around the Sun that the other planets seem to hover and change directions against the backdrop of stars. The observed interactions bring to the conscious level the interconnectedness of the bodies in the solar system. Hence, the energies actually existing between planets and luminaries come into focus as an identifiable signature of the whole solar system, as well as defining flows of influence otherwise overlooked or neglected in human life on earth.

Although the concept that the planets’ motions are influential in human behavior is significant, these can not be considered the only factor motivating activities of populations on earth. Some individual humans may be more affected than others during specific planetary energetic interplay because of their personality profiles. For instance, if Mercury was dominant in position at the moment of birth, the person may be particularly influenced during the lifetime whenever Mercury retrograde occurs or when another planet aspects Mercury. For someone else, these conditions may not be so important. The same would also be true of any of the planets in the system relative to the human specified. To become aware of extra-terrestrial influences in one’s life gives the individual data to include in one’s personal development to modify or augment judgment, and then make choices and participate appropriately in the greater community. If one knows when Mercury is going retrograde, he or she can align the daily schedule to make maximum use of the powers in play. Sometimes doing nothing is more beneficial than doing anything. Inactivity becomes a constructive choice at that moment in time.

Through observation, the consensus among people who have studied these subtle energies is that the window of time when Retrograde or Direct currents are strongest is just before, during, and just after the Earth overtakes the other planetary body in its orbit around the sun, causing the perceived backwards motion against the backdrop of constellations. The gravitational pull of one large body over another comes into effect according to the Natural Laws of physics. At this time energetic tension between the Earth and the other body involved becomes intense until the orb of influence is passed. This is determined by the mass, volume and velocity of the planetary bodies involved. It is for these reasons that the influences of Mercury and Venus are more frequent and flexible. Although a planet may remain in a backwards or Retrograde motion for weeks or months, it is actually the moment the Earth passes by that planet, that has the most affect on human behavior. When the planet involved apparently returns to Direct motion relative to the Earth’s orbit, a release from the magnetic drag can also be felt, as human responses become more fluid once again.

In most cases of the Direct forward motion of a planet, a noticeable ease of flow and possibly acceleration in productivity both personal and business can be experienced. Retrograde motion tends to delay or suppress processes and expected outcomes. This can be experienced in day to day transactions and set backs in communication and relationships. It is recommended that no important decisions be made during the critical time. This is especially important for individuals who have aspects between the planets involved, charted at the moment of birth, which will be sensitive to a change in frequencies of sound, light, and magnetic waves. The Doppler Effect is an illustration of the concept that, as a moving object passes another the relative frequencies accelerate and then decelerate at the moment of passing. Reference: German physicist and mathematician Christian Doppler 1803-53.

In this series of articles about Planetary Cycles, the concepts of a layering of cycles or patterns of subtle energies around us and around the Earth are all influential in the whole expression of the individual human being, as well as the collective. Our responses in any situation are always a combination of belief systems, socio-political, community, and familial environments and our free will choice, as well as natural forces both planetary and from off world. How we behave with family members, fellow workers, and acquaintances can be understood when we take all the factors into consideration. Our actions express our emotional feelings and talents, our mental aptitudes and attitudes, our physical stamina and capacities, which all reflect the soul. This defines our ideas regarding how we feel about our place in the Universe and how we choose to act during our lifetime here on the planet. The broader our scope of understanding, the better our future outcome for continuing life on Earth through progeny becomes.

This June Full Moon is on the 2nd. The Moon’s orbit around the earth brings it into perigee on the 10th, and apogee on the 23rd. The New Moon June 16th is conjunct to both the Sun and Mars at 24° Gemini on that day. As the Moon travels through the constellations rapidly it is Void of Course transiting between Gemini and Cancer constellations within hours, and cruises past the Sun to precede it to the cusp. Then the pre-First Quarter crescent Moon conjuncts Venus and Jupiter in Leo June 20th. The Sun enters Cancer at Solstice on the 21st of June. As Mars and Jupiter are both Direct, we can interpret their paths relative to the Earth as physically invigorating and bountiful influences respectively on the inhabitants of Earth. Humans are then responsible to use that energy wisely and beneficially.

As both Saturn and Pluto have been retrograde since the Spring and continue so for several months more after the Solstice, we can deduce that their relative stability in position will continue to hold sway. The apparent effect is that the other planets swing through a column of gravitational energy from the Saturn at Sagittarius/Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn quadrant of the sky maintaining a massive combined influence. Earth 0° Capricorn at Solstice continues a trek between these outer planets and the Sun which has been in opposition at 180° in the constellations Taurus, Gemini, and now into Cancer. Reflecting on the weight of powers in the solar system influencing the earth and its inhabitants, the importance of these times and choices made become more visible, as they manifest.

If it seems like you have been taking ‘two steps forward then one step back’ as if you are not accomplishing as much as you had hoped to do this year, perhaps these retrograde planets are affecting you energetically in part. Instead of being frustrated because influences beyond your control are in motion, recall even minor tasks completed in daily living as progress. We are moving forward even if by ‘one step at a time’. Forbearance and tolerance with self and others is the contemplation for the season.

In the night skies look for Mars in Gemini near the twin stars Castor and Pollux, then Venus and Jupiter near Regulus, the heart of the lion in Leo to the west. In the early evening, the lovely crescent moon joins these lights for an elegant display at the Solstice Celebration. Later Saturn appears near Antares in Scorpio. In the predawn morning Mars, Venus and Jupiter will have set below the horizon, but Saturn will be visible overhead and Mercury will show up briefly in Gemini towards the east before sunrise. The cool nights and early mornings are a peasant respite from the heat of the summer days in the Northern Hemisphere, so take the time to enjoy our Universe.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

June 21, 2015 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun


The Sun transits the constellation Pisces into Aries at 22:45 GMT on March 20, 2015. This is happening 75 minutes before the beginning of a new diurnal cycle, March 21 in Greenwich, England, the longitudinal meridian 0° chosen to designate the world clock. On the other side of the globe the International Date Line meridian through the Pacific Ocean from the north pole to the south, marks a new day 12 hours before the western hemisphere begins its daylight hours. Everything East of this Date Line is March 20th, everything West of this Date Line is March 21st.

The solar, equinoctial or tropical year of 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes and 46 seconds spent by the sun making its apparent passage from Vernal Equinox to Vernal Equinox is referred to as Solar Mean Time. There is a slight variation between the Sidereal Cycle and the Solar Cycle. The difference between the sidereal year, the 365 days, 6 hours 9 minutes 9.54 seconds for the sun to return to the position relative to a fixed star or pattern of stars and the solar year is causes the Precession of the Equinoxes.

This variance causes a slow shift of placement in the cycles of time. A period of 25,800 years to return to the predominant constellation at the vernal equinox is a phenomenon actually based on the axis rotation of the Earth as it wobbles in a conical motion which shifts through the Zodiac in a preceding direction; from Aries to Pisces to Aquarius and so on. Dividing the greater cycle into 12 solar cycles, approximately 2150 years is the duration of time that the Sun actually appears in a single constellation at Vernal Equinox. Many people are aware intellectually of this phenomenon and acknowledge these current times as the Age of Aquarius. In the times of Jesus of Nazareth, Pisces was revered during the Festival of Passover, The Age of Taurus, the Bull came before and was depicted in stone carvings across the civilized world. Almost 13,000 years ago, in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia the Age of Leo was predominant at the Vernal Equinox.

Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 arbitrarily structured the solar calendar to compensate for this natural precession by adding a day to the month of February every 4 years, before the Vernal Equinox. This gives the inhabitants of Earth the impression that the sun continues to rise in the constellation Aries at Vernal Equinox even as the scientific community recognizes the precession of the equinoxes. Since each cycle of passage through a constellation takes thousands of years, it is simpler to standardize planetary annual cycles for the sake of consistency. 2015 is not a Leap Year but 2016 will have an extra day in February to keep March 20th and the passage of the Sun into the constellation of Aries as the designated beginning of Spring. This return of cycles is both comforting and invigorating, announcing The Eternal Cycle of Life on Earth.

For convenience in commerce and travel, instead of using local mean time in each locality, much of the global population operates by a system of designated Time Zones that are calculated to change at every 15° longitude on the Earth’s surface. Thus using North America as an example; there is Atlantic Standard Time Zone, Eastern Standard Time, Central Standard Time, Mountain Standard Time, Pacific Standard Time, Central Alaska Standard Time, etc. These zones extend north to the pole and include Canada and south to the south pole including Central and South America. As the earth rotates on its axis, the sun is observed to travel west reaching its zenith at noon one hour later in each time zone, than the prior designated meridian 15° to the east. Therefore each time zone functions to regulate and coordinate human activities within that geographical region. In this way conformity of productivity within a larger population can be regulated.

Within the Muslim world the society operates on Local Mean Time which is accurately calculated using the Sun’s exact position overhead at noon for any given place. This is the system handed down from ancient times and is considered pure and true for certain purposes even today in the physics and astro-sciences. The latitude north and south of the equator is also a factor as the angle of the sun’s rays or declination, is also relative to the specific location on the planet. Mayan Day Keepers and ancient astronomers around the world were aware of and recorded these observations of Natural Laws. This is also the only authentic time system by which all life forms are stimulated and sustained to growth and reproduction. Between the cycles of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon inhabitants on the planet are provided for. Imagine if even for a brief time, due to some cosmic catastrophic event, these existing relationships would be altered.

On maps the degrees of latitude measured north and south from the earth’s equator are parallel. The spaces between longitude meridians appear to expand at the Earth’s equator, and converge at the Poles of the planet. The lines on a spherical surface become closer together the farther away from the equator in either direction one travels north or south. Because the majority of humans populate latitudes between 70° North and 50° South, for communications and other interactions, the Time Zones remain constant as agreed internationally. Thus, the 24 hour diurnal cycle is divided into Time Zones each of one hour duration from 0° at Greenwich, England both east and west. The International Date Line in the mid Pacific Ocean at 180° longitude is half way around the world in either direction and 12 hours difference in Time from the 0° meridian. Hence; adding up to 360° completing a full circle and beginning a new day every 24 hours. The dark of night over Hawaii is actually dawn of a new day in Siberia and New Zealand.

If the Sun is transiting into Aries from Pisces signifying the Equinox at Greenwich Mean Time 22:45 pm March 20th which is Eastern Standard Time 6:45 pm in North America, then at some point in the mid Pacific, the time is 10:45 am on the following day, March 21st. In India the time would be 5:45 am pre-dawn. The designation AM is an abbreviation for ante meridiem, Latin meaning ‘before meridian’ or before Noon when the Sun is directly over head. Likewise, PM is for post meridiem, or after the sun has passed midheaven, designating the hours after noon to midnight. At this season of the year, there are equal hours of daylight and darkness everywhere on earth because the sun’s rays are striking directly over the earth’s equator at 0° latitude before it continues, either north or south toward the solstice.

The constellation Aquarius is half way around the Zodiac circle from Leo. The ancient Persian science of astrology perceived the 12 signs in the stars to correlate to the annual solar year. This very relevant system of a complex pattern of natural phenomena must have evolved over ages of time observed from earth. The question arises; did human beings develop this system all on their own, or were they taught how to put the cosmic pieces together by representatives of older cultures from other worlds? Common among religious beliefs in many cultures around the globe is that primogenitors from off world settled among the populations on earth as leaders and teachers. This should not be disregarded as merely wishful thinking. Great leaps in evolutionary awareness and faculties must have had some significant outside stimulation for which the process of natural selection can not be the only contributor.

Although the Darwinian Theory of species development to survive in ever changing environments has merit, it does not explain the whole story of human habitation and behavior, just as the Einstein Theory of Relativity does not fit into every formula to explain cosmic activities. The Mandelbrot Set of fractals, fits a multitude of manifested phenomena, and it seems plausible that a variety of powers, forces and energies would be functioning simultaneously by different codes in alternative dimensions across universes of time. There is no logical reason to speculate that only one process would account for all that is observed and experienced. The more we know, the more there is to learn.

This is what is happening this month in our solar system this season: On March 1 Mercury was briefly in opposition to Jupiter which is in Leo and visible high over head in the night sky. On the 3rd of March Jupiter is trine Uranus, on the 4th trine to Venus and later, on the 10th trine to Mars. These are interpreted as favorable aspects during this time and as Jupiter is dominant in the heavens, prosperity, and good will are expected. The inner planets travel more rapidly through the stars and Venus is square Pluto on the 5th and on the 28th comes into square Jupiter. Mars is conjunct Uranus on March 11, and square Pluto March 12st. Uranus is square Mars on March 12th, and Pluto on the 16th, forming a T Cross spanning ½ of the Solar System. These days will be turbulent as the powerful energies are volatile. Use caution and patience when dealing with other people. The decisions and actions made at this time will have long term and far reaching implications and effects for an extended period of time across the globe. Saturn goes retrograde on the 14th and is trine the Sun on the 25th which will dampen agitated emotions, but distrust will not be entirely resolved.

Also this month there are transits from one constellation into the next or what is referred to as Cusp transitions; Mercury transits the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces on March 13th, Venus transits Aries to Taurus on the 17th, and Mercury from Pisces to Aries in the last hour on the 31st. Equinox is always a time of flux as seasons change, but this year the interaction among the heavier planets bring with them more powerful influences. This is further compounded by the interrelationships between the Earth, Sun and Moon.

The Moon will reach its orbit perigee at 19:39 GMT on March 19th in the constellation Pisces. This is just a day before the Total Solar Eclipse over the Equinox, March 20th, at 29° Pisces as they both transit into Aries at the beginning of a new year of growth on Earth. This eclipse will be visible in the northern hemisphere across northwest Asia, to Iceland, Greenland and the northern Atlantic. Central eclipse at local apparent noon will be at 10:17 GMT. From beginning to end the eclipse will take a little over 4 hours. This will be before daylight hours in the USA, and therefore not visible. Because of the physical dynamics between these bodies, this happens at New Moon when the moon comes between the earth and the sun, causing a shadow or umbra to cross over the earth’s surface as the moon continues in its orbit around the earth. On the 21st, the Moon occults (eclipses) first Uranus and then Mars. This points to the Moon as a particularly powerful influence during this Equinox and the interruption of solar and planetary energy frequencies no matter how brief, can only have a significant impact when occurring in close sequence at this time.

The overall impression of the collective associations in the solar system currently is very unstable at best. The patterns of human behavior reflect anxiety, hostility, lack of trust, violence on mob levels in numerous locations on the planet. These can easily escalate at the slightest provocation into outright antagonism between traditional adversarial populations. Justice, balance, unprejudicial objectivity is called for to counteract socio-political unrest. Thoroughness in investigations by higher authorities on both national and international spheres is required to hold tensions in balance. Compensating currents among the planets can be called upon for strength and direction. Purim March 5th, is one Full Moon which is relatively quiet.

However, adding to the turbulent emotional climate on the first day of Passover, Full Moon when the moon is in opposition to the sun on April 4th, there will be a total eclipse of the Moon. As the Earth passes directly between the sun’s rays of light constantly striking the face of the Moon, the earth’s shadow will be cast over the moon. This event will take place beginning 8:59 GMT and only be briefly visible at moonset in North and South America. In Asia, Australia and the Indian Ocean, it will be moonrise. On this day, the Moon will also be void of course for 2 hours as it transits from Virgo to Libra. Given all these elements, this does not bode well for human beings already in economic crisis around the world as emotions tend towards exaggerated expression.

The Catholic/Christian world and all the world religions are taking pause now to focus spiritual priorities on human beings. Faith is the only thing that can sustain human beings during times of trial such as this. At the beginning of a new year, the resurrection of life and rebirth, we must come together in loving cooperation. Now more than ever the emphasis is that human beings are responsible for their own behavior. Ideology is a guide toward constructive interaction in relationships with other people. Release old grudges and strife. As the chosen children of God we are expected to act according to the path demonstrated by the Master Teachers and prophets. Accept the blessing of life bestowed. Rejoice in the renewal of life on earth.

Take time to share in prayers of gratitude with others while experiencing Equinox, the Cycle of Balance on our Home World.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

March 20-21, 2015 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Winter Solstice   December 21, 2014 c.e.

When one realizes that geometry and other mathematical sciences were developed particularly by the ancients to understand the positions and movements of the planets and constellations relative to locations on Earth at any given moment, the scope of the connectedness that was grasped by our ancestors becomes most remarkable. Mathematical calculations were a significant part of the Archaeoastronomy which gave an accurate system of describing cycles of motion of astral bodies which were important to designate the changes on Earth. Directions to navigate across vast oceans and terrain to reach unseen destinations, could be ascertained by “following the stars.” We know that there were master astronomers on every continent.

Thales lived 624-545 b.c.e. and is considered the founder of Greek astronomy. The Geocentric Theory is that the Earth is motionless at the center of the universe, with the sun, moon, planets and stars all circling around it. In this simple model, all these are imagined to be equidistant from the earth and inscribed on the interior surface of a sphere beyond the planet. Euclidean Geometry is based on the Pythagoras Theorem which precludes we explain our observations of the Celestial Sphere in terms of a rotating Earth, by watching the movement of star constellations, in a clockwise circular motion around the northern polar star, Polaris. This places Polaris at only 1 degree from the actual representation of the extended Earth’s rotation axis North-South, and is still used in modern times to accurately locate latitude positions on the Earth’s surface.

The ancients also noted declinations of stars and constellations where they could expect to find them year after year depending on the season. The Travelers, or Planets were observed to travel across this surface on journeys of their own, which could be mapped accordingly. The ancient concept of a Celestial Sphere which is a spherically based astronomy/astrology considered the visible universe in a hypothetical spherical context of which the Earth is the center. Arbitrarily using as a Constant that all stars as points of light are equidistant from the planet Earth, navigation was and remains today based on this concept. This is an ideal referred to as the Celestial Sphere, and is a pure concept much like any other scientific model. The distances separating celestial objects are measured by the angles they map on the celestial sphere, as if on a concave surface. A constellation is a group of points of light which seem to be in the same measured positions relative to each other as they move across the sky no matter the hour or season, year after year, and are therefore considered ‘fixed’ or constant. This is not the physical fact as was dramatically visible during the Blood Lunar Eclipse, April 14, 2014; but merely a condensed representation of vast multidimensional space, for practical purposes.

The Copernican Doctrine formulated in the early 16th century by the astronomer Copernicus, proved that the Earth orbits around the sun in what is called the Heliocentric Theory of the solar system. He also maintained that the nightly migration of the stars in a clockwise direction from east to west around Polaris, the North Star is a Geocentric phenomenon. As he developed his concept, the Earth’s daily rotation on its axis causes the 24 hour day, divided into night and daylight. His Heliocentric model describes the motion of the planets in the solar system against the background of stellar constellations seen only after the sun sets.

Scientists today set up experiments under laboratory conditions, which are in reality arbitrary and simplistic for the function of comprehending the basic interactive process to be studied. The advantage is that one study can be separated out from a multitude of potentially interactive influences for specialized comparison. In mathematical computations, any one formula only focuses on the relationship between specific factors. The more influencing factors to be taken into consideration, the more complex the equation becomes. Researchers are finding more and more that if any one single component of an interactive whole is disregarded, that no matter how insignificant it may be individually, this exclusion or miscalculation can make an extraordinary change in the matrix infrastructure of the whole concept to be examined and understood.

In Astrophysics the precise distances between stars and galaxies from the planet Earth are actually relevant only when one wishes to attempt to grasp the size of the Universe. This exercise is an abstract one, because agreed upon designations of units of measurement are purely hypothetical. As conceived by a small segment of the population engrossed in this intellectual pursuit, if a collective of mathematicians decides to agree that a unit has an absolute quantitative value, then based upon that supposition, certain concepts can be communicated as calculations in a language system. That is the purpose of such a speculative process.

If we concede that any calculation or experiment starts with either a premise to be proved or an observed phenomenon to be understood in its pure simplistic form, then whatever we are preconditioned to resolve is what we will be looking for specifically. In a Cause and Effect outcome, the human brain seems to be capable of understanding a process when compartmentalization is applied. In other words, by separating out tasks to be accomplished one at a time, the expectation is that when ultimately recombined, comprehension will dawn.

And then there is the adage: ‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts.’ This suggests that no matter how complete any quantitative formula may be, there will always be mysterious processes we can not ever fully understand. That is where the alchemical and magical aspects of transformation occur. A leap of faith, a spiritual context must be acknowledged and adapted. There exist many things in the universe that can never be explained fully, nor is there any real need for Human Beings to do so. All will be revealed in Time. The ancient science of Astrology was involved in a different system of formulae regarding the energetic relationship between life on Earth and Cosmic forces existing. That is to say that the emphasis of study was from an entirely different orientation of perspective than later sciences. Everything about the collected records worldwide tell us that human existence on the planet Earth and how that plays out through Time is central to the basic premise to be resolved. Everything from Birth to Death is charted including health, mishap, marriage, prosperity, and descendants. By a specialized group of scientists, a complex system of designated symbols, powers, quantitative values and qualities was set up to signify factors in a complex equation to define lifetimes of human beings. When properly interpreted this system gives the most effective personality profiles of individual humans even today.

Noted psychiatrist Carl Jung became fascinated by the study of Lunar and Solar affects on human behavior. The correlations observed in emotionally sensitive people who reacted to the cycles of these bodies more acutely than the norm, could be observed in isolated environments at mental health facilities called sanitariums. He spent much time documenting facets of consciousness and emotional responses to cosmic energies and determined that the probability of influences on subliminal behavior levels were predictable. After years of study, he concluded that these responses must be stimulated by factors outside the immediate environment. What this suggests is that perhaps the ancient perception of astronomical placement of planets in the solar system relative to the position of the Earth, may have some impact on human behavior and events throughout the lifetime. During his life, Jung documented scientific evidence that metaphysical (beyond the material physical) influences must be factored into personality development, behavior and the interrelationships of humans.

Until the advent of the calculator and more recently computers, all the calculations required to project these cycles had to be extrapolated by human beings with immense mathematical abilities. The math sciences were essentially developed to calculate distances between points around the Globe, and degrees of aspects as the planets rotated through constellations and interacted with each other as visually observed from a Geocentric, or Earth centered concept. The alchemical magic of all of this is that Astrology effectively works as a reliable system which can be used to describe patterns in the motivations and lifetime experiences of individual people.

In the science of Astrology, the concept of a Celestial Sphere is used for the sake of simplicity and is an abstract representation. That is to say, the perceived brightness and size of a star, galaxy or planet is considered, without complicating the equation with distances from our solar system. This is valid if we concede that the planet Earth and all lifeforms existing here are affected by the quotient of energy perceived as light, magnetic and unseen energies, depending on the declination above or below the Celestial Equator on the arbitrary inside of the Celestial Sphere, which encompasses the Earth at its center. Since the study of Astrology is the interaction between Human Beings on Earth and our psychic universe or known cosmos, this model is most valid for that purpose.

Using Celestial Sphere concept, the placement of luminaries and planets this December is something to contemplate regarding both socio-political global activities and on a very personal emotional level. The Full Moon occurs on December 6th in the constellation Gemini and appears high in the sky being at a high declination above the Celestial Equator. For this reason it is called the White Moon of the American Indians and is very bright. Since the sun’s reflected light beams from the full Moon more directly upon the higher latitudes of earth, it is considered to have a powerful influence on the human behavior of populations in those areas at this time. Some individuals may be more affected than others by the dominant moon, depending upon the interplay with other influences in their emotional and physical makeup. At juxtaposition, the Sun is considered a weaker influence in the winter than in the summer season.

Winter Solstice this year finds the Sun returning to the Capricorn constellation. The sun’s perceived position in the constellations is defined by the earth’s location. (See solar system graphics at equinoxes and solstices for comparison through time). The placement of the other planets in the solar system has been tracked up to this time and we notice that the outer planets have not changed their position in the Celestial Sphere by much this year. That is to say that they are advancing through the constellations more slowly than the inner planets. In reality, the actual distance traveled by Pluto is farther than that of Mercury. This is one reason why the influence of the outer planets has been thought to have more impact over time than the inner planets moving faster through the constellations. Only from our position in the earth’s orbit around the sun does it appear this way. If we were on another planet, the picture would be different.

The Celestial Equator on the Celestial Sphere is the hypothetical extension of the Earth’s Equator on the earth’s surface. On the 1st of December, the Moon occults Uranus, which means that not only are they at the same degree of the Aries constellation, but they are also both at the same degree of declination above the equator of the Celestial Sphere. The moon is 90° from Pluto in Capricorn on that same day, and 120° from both Mercury and the Sun at 13-14° Sagittarius. Mathematical triangulations are involved in all these processes. These measurements by degrees are calculated in circles against the Celestial Sphere as a backdrop. Jupiter’s path appears to go Retrograde in Leo on December 8th and will continue thus, relative to Earth’s orbit into April 2015. It may not be a good day to invest in the stock market on that day.

Hanukkah begins on the 17th as the moon transits into Scorpio. On the 19th, the crescent Moon will conjunct Saturn, the planet of responsibility and discipline. Since they are traveling at different declinations against the Celestial Sphere, the moon will not occult Saturn, and both will be visible before dawn. Uranus in Aries squares Venus in Capricorn and is sextile Mars in Aquarius on the 20th. This suggests a shift in aggressive attitudes of individuals and ethnic groups which are deep and dynamic, but manageable. Uranus will become direct on December 21st and appears to be going our way over the Solstice. That would be a blessing after so much strife around the world this past year.

Extraordinarily, at Solstice, the Moon is aligned with the sun at New Moon Phase and is void of course between the constellations Sagittarius and Capricorn as both luminaries pass over the cusp to Capricorn within hours of each other. It is at this time that the Sun is dominant over the Moon. The moon is at its Perigee of orbit around the earth on December 24th. As the orbit is not perfectly circular, but slightly elliptical, sometimes the moon is a little closer to us and sometimes it is farther away. In this year the moon is at its Apogee or farthest point to Earth on December 12th and then on the 24th, Christmas Eve, the moon will be at its closest distance to the earth between New Moon and 1st Quarter. This factor may cause modifications of the combined powers of both luminaries. Scientists, mathematicians, astronomers and astrologers all consider such details when deciphering influences on elements and lifeforms on Earth.

On the 26th the Kwanzaa celebration begins with the Capricorn Sun sextile at 60° to Pisces Neptune which is always a compatible blend of energies on the higher octaves. The Moon at 1st Quarter, once again cycles to cover Uranus on the 28th of December. Some might consider this a powerful moment for conception on several levels.

In the night skies this December, Jupiter shines brightly in Leo being at a higher declination and is conjunct to the moon over the 11th and 12th. Mercury and Venus can only be seen briefly after sunset before they are swallowed by the Sun, and Saturn shows up before dawn in Scorpio. Look for the Ursids Meteor Shower over Solstice which should be brilliant near the northern constellations of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, as the moon will not be a distraction. On December 24th the crescent moon can be seen with Mars in the west during the early evening hours. Wrap up and enjoy our Universe!

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Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

December 21, 2014 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Fall Equinox   September 22, 2014 c.e.

Ma'at the Egyptian Goddess, spirit of divine order is the daughter of Ra and is depicted accompanying him and Thoth her husband, on the Royal Barque traveling across the sky. The god Ptah was ruler of moral order and royal power, and in stone hieroglyphs, these attributes were personified by Ma'at. Likewise, the pharaoh is depicted with Ma'at in miniature at his side to signify just rule, to uphold the order of the state. In many paintings, the pharaoh as the representative of Ptah in the material world, has Ma'at at his side, as wisdom.

Sometimes Ma'at is depicted as the Balance; the stand and arms from which trays are suspended and the Ka (soul, heart), is weighed to equal the weight of the Feather of Truth. Civil judges were called the Priests of Ma'at, the feather meaning the ‘true voice’ of the soul, fitting its rightful place in the divine order of the cosmos. Civilization = strength and a unified country governed by justice maintains the contentment of citizens = righteous conduct. In this context, the imagery is both metaphorically symbolic and literal.

As the Sun passes from Virgo the constellation of Harvest, into Libra the Balance at Autumn Equinox, we feel the Earth’s equilibrium shift. The sun, symbol of Ra hovers momentarily directly over the earth’s equator as the seasons change. Just like the Summer ends and the cycle of darkness towards Winter Solstice begins, so does the Soul pass into death and must be judged to be either reincarnated in eternal life or, because of crimes committed during the lifetime, pass into oblivion in the Underworld.

For the Egyptians the duality of existence was ever present: light vs. darkness; fertility vs. draught; fate vs. fortune; good vs. evil; order vs. chaos; life vs. death—and always present was the Balance between truth and illusion, Ma'at. Her emblem is the ostrich plume against which the integrity of the heart is weighed in the Hall of Justice before Ra, God of all. It was thought that she ushered the soul to the hall before Osiris, ruler of the Underworld.

In ancient documents of astronomic events, there may be months, even years when two specific planets do not aspect each other. Over ages of time, cycles of activity have been recorded so that a certain predictability is noted. That is one reason why astronomers and astrologers have been particularly interested in the skies this past year. The interaction among the planets of our solar system continues to be intense this season, which is reflected in human relationships.

With farther to travel in their orbits around the Sun, the outer planets appear in a particular constellation for longer periods than planets near the star, and may even remain at a degree from our perspective for months. This is considered significant because that means longer exposure in aspect between any two larger masses radiating energy. This month for instance, Jupiter will be at 14° Leo for 5 days over the equinox before moving on. Pluto has been at 11° Capricorn since July 17th and will finally reach 10° of Capricorn on September 20, returning to Direct motion on the 23rd. In the meantime, any planet passing through another constellation or the same one, will be observed to harmonize with Pluto when reaching 11° and 10°. Mars squares Neptune September 21st and Jupiter trines Uranus on September 25th. So many aspects among the planets beyond Earth’s orbit in a short period of time is an uncommon occurrence, and therefore is seen as significant by astronomers and astrologers alike.

Sometimes the frequency of the chord of energy generated between the planets involved is pleasant and complementary; sometimes it is not, depending on several factors. If no aspects are in effect, then there is no specific energy between planets in the solar system to influence happenings among human beings. However, momentum can continue long after the initial exposure to intense energies, seen as a delayed reaction which does not immediately subside.

As an example, the Moon orbits the Earth and is observed to pass through the Zodiac Constellations quite rapidly, visiting and interacting with each of the planets only briefly. Full moon this month is the Harvest Moon on September 9th in Pisces. Just after this, the moon occults Uranus on September 10th in Aries, meaning it is both conjunct by degree in Aries and also on an intersecting path between Earth and Uranus. Moon squares the Sun September 2nd and 15th, causing temporary emotional tension with people in our lives. At New Moon just after Equinox also ‘void of course’ between Virgo and Libra on the 23-24th the moon is conjunct both Venus and then the Sun. Interactions with the Moon are repeated frequently throughout the year as months turn, and each intersection is a temporary unique situation.

A similar phenomenon is observed with Mercury, and from our respective position appears Direct in motion or Retrograde (in reverse motion through the skies), seeming to fly back and forth between the other planets. Perhaps that is why this planet was named Mercury after the Olympian god who was ‘the messenger of the gods’. If Mercury is being mischievous, miscommunications will occur. Mercury is identified with mental activity. The planets were given names and characteristics of classical deities and powers with which the cultural group could identify. The languages may change, but the attributions have remained the same for millennia. The personification and correlation between the gods and the planets came about through centuries of observed patterns of exchanges as the planets traveled through the backdrop of the stars and galaxies. The nomenclature that is used by modern western civilizations is taken from Greco-Roman culture:

Allegorically speaking, the outer planets were given names of the older gods and the planets closer to the Sun given names of sons and daughter gods. In Greek and Roman pantheon hierarchy Uranus was the father of Cronos or Saturn, the Protector of Sowers of Seed. Both were Titians or Elder Gods, and Saturn was the father of Zeus whom the Romans called Jupiter. After he was victorious over the elder gods Jupiter was the Lord of the Sky. The planet Jupiter, because it’s large size and mass dominates the night skies, is rightly named and corresponds with the qualities of expansion, good fortune and power.

Neptune, his brother, the Ruler of the Sea controlled storms and calm weather. This makes sense even today as the oceans cover most of the surface of the earth and the cycles of evaporation, condensation and precipitation regulate life cycles on the planet. He is also called Earth Shaker. The currents of the element Water are directly linked to the subconscious mind and emotions which is why the planet Neptune is equated with human subliminal motivations, dreams and behavior. Pluto, also a brother to Jupiter was unpitying but Just and his domain was the underworld. As such he was considered the Ruler of Wealth and precious metals hidden in the Earth. Wherever the planet Pluto is at the time of a person’s birth, is said to influence that individual’s economic status and financial career during the lifetime. Because Pluto is an outer planet, its power extends to commerce and financial transactions on a global level as well.

Mars, the Greek god Aries is the god of war: The victorious warrior and the ruthless destroyer of civilization and peaceful activities. Where he goes, strife, terror, destruction, genocide, and death follow. He is impetuous without forethought of outcome other than victory. If allowed to go uncontrolled, his violent tantrums can annihilate every remnant of humanity. On a good day, he is the arduous lover of Venus, goddess of love and beauty, unless they are quarreling in jealous disputes. Depending on the degrees of aspect between these two planets on a given day, human relations on both personal and social levels can be either harmonious or badly compromised.

In the science of Astrology, each planet is imbued with both good and bad qualities. The chart below has been adapted from Astrology a Cosmic Science by Isabel M. Hickey:

Sun      Giver of Life; personal Will, dominance
Moon      Builder of family; personality, subconscious emotions
Mercury      Connector: mental link between spirit and matter
Venus      Beauty; love and personal affection or narcissistic
Mars      Physical vitality; active energy, courageous or ruthless
Earth      Mother; the material existence
Jupiter      The principle of Expansion; growth
Saturn      The principle of Discipline; concentration, contraction
Uranus      Awakener; independence or rebellion
Neptune      Dissolver: compassion or chaos
Pluto      Gatherer; with cooperation or coersion

The sun changes degrees daily and moves through the constellations monthly, as our calendars reflect. During the annual course of the sun, aspects with each planet are expected. What makes this month interesting is that more charged exchanges (aspects) than typical between the luminaries and planets occur:

Sun: trine Pluto Sept 3, conjunct Moon at New Moon Sept 24
Moon: opposition Sun at Full Moon Sept 9, occult conjunct Uranus Sept 11,
              occult conjunct Saturn Sept 27
Mercury: square Pluto Sept 9, opposition Uranus Sept 13
Venus: opposition Neptune Sept 10, trine Pluto Sept 14, sextile Saturn Sept 21
Mars: square Neptune Sept 21
Jupiter: trine Uranus Sept 25

Taking into account the individual orbits of each planet traveling through the Zodiac constellations, transiting between them periodically, the individual rates of speed and distances of each, makes the Solar System a very complex neighborhood of increased activity some years.

This season, as many of the outer planets are highlighted in aspect frequencies with each other, the international socio-political strife remains dominant. Neptune in Pisces, which it rules, holds sway over differences in ideologies and religious beliefs, has taken a step backwards in retrograde since June 9th and goes direct November 16th. Pluto in Capricorn has been retrograde since April 14, 2014 will go direct September 23rd at Autumn Equinox. Uranus in the constellation Aries is temperamental and retrograde since July 22, to return direct December 21, at Winter Solstice. This has caused interference and hesitation in socio-political relationships as conflicting belief systems around the world are re-examined. Viewing news broadcasts over the last months, these correlations are obvious.

Neptune is still the key factor in these dynamics and our attitudes toward the events are paramount. For that reason it is recommended to hold good faith in the present for the future of mankind, rather than be vindictive and trapped in old patterns. The energies of the planets are shaking us up, yes, maybe to help us break free. Release. Recognize that we are all a part of a global community.

Mars transits Scorpio into Sagittarius September 14th and moves toward trine Uranus at 15° Aries on October 5th. As Uranus is the Higher Octave of Mercury, analysis of the global situation takes a leap forward when the active energy of Mars surges into a position of cooperation at that time. Whereas Mercury is quick and constantly on the move, Uranus, its Higher Octave retains data for extended periods of time. Neptune, is the Higher Octave of Venus, and connotes a deep and long term unconditional love and compassion beyond flirtation. Since these older planets are now involved as guardians in the survival of Human Beings on Earth, we should expect an evolutionary transition. As the outer planets reside in a constellation for a longer period of time than the planets closer to the Sun and earth, they have more influence streaming frequencies and reflecting energies continually from any given cosmic position.

The Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn October 5th which indicates that ‘proper application of power’ is the lesson. Rather than trusting false data and catering to a hidden agenda, correct decisions for long term justice can be achieved, by evaluating the needs of all parties concerned. Use the concept of a Balance, with the fulcrum being the point of support to maintain equilibrium by counterbalancing forces effectively. With so many exchanges among the planets in September and around the Autumnal Equinox, the need to draw boundaries clearly and define personal space is felt acutely. Fate/fortune; justice/power to decide.

Do we wish to continue wasting human lives and financial resources on wars? This momentum can be overcome towards global resolution, or can be a trigger to a lapse back into the middle ages of 1300 years ago. If old pattern responses are not released here now, mankind may well forfeit any gain in evolution made in the last 600 years. This is a pivotal point in human existence. Choose. Vote in the elections to create the world you want to live in.

Closer to home, all creatures and lifeforms are responding as is their nature; the northern hemisphere is slowing down towards dormancy, while in the southern hemisphere energies are gathering for the new growing season. We each need to make our world work for us on a daily basis which means staying grounded and accomplishing tasks in the order of priorities. This is more important than ever. Personal health is directly related to state of mind…eliminate worries over which you have no control. Right proportions of weight and force = Harmony. Trust yourself and live with integrity. Truth = emotional /mental stability.

In the skies, Mars and Saturn can still be seen setting in the west in early evening near the constellation Scorpio. Procyon in Canis Minor and later Sirius in Canis Major are visible before dawn as harbingers of the Autumn Season. Come winter, Betelguese in Orion will soon be here. A total eclipse of the Moon will occur on October 8th during daylight in the western hemisphere, and a partial eclipse of the Sun October 23rd will be visible from many locations.

The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century 2000-2050
Egyptian Mythology
by Veronica Ions

Metempyrion Archives

Metempyrion Foundation accepts responsibility for these interpretations of energetic interaction among the planets and the constellations, and how human behavior can be affected thereby.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

September 22, 2014 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Summer Solstice   June 21, 2014 c.e.

The Sun transits from the last degrees of Gemini into the constellation Cancer on the Summer Solstice June 21st to herald the beginning of Summer. As the planet Earth’s climatic changes seem to be escalating, this summer may be one of the hottest humans have experienced for many decades and perhaps centuries. Draughts are continuing around the world leaving many populations without water to plant their crops or tend their livestock.

As far back as Babylonia in the times of the Chaldean civilization, cycles of draught have been documented. In order to be prepared for hard times, precise weight measurements and prices per unit were recorded in great detail. Granaries and storage chambers were filled with a portion of the harvest each year to last through the non-growing season. More importantly allotments accumulated over time would be held back for longer periods when crops might fail and livestock could not be fed by harvests during draughts lasting years. Throughout Mesopotamia and Persia, extensive accounting of supplies and records of these events were written on clay tablets in cuneiform. Later in biblical times, periodic draughts were noted; as was a great draught throughout Egypt. Sometimes, visions and dreams would be interpreted by a Seer as premonitions which gave forewarning in time for preparations to be undertaken.

“Joseph answered Pharaoh, ‘Pharaoh’s dream is a unit;
God has made known to Pharaoh what He is about to do…
Take note! There are seven years of great abundance ahead throughout
the land of Egypt, but following them there will come seven years of
famine, and all the plenty in the land of Egypt will be forgotten; the
famine shall exhaust the will be woefully severe…”

Genesis 41:25-31, Holy Bible, the Gideons version

As advisor to Pharaoh, Joseph then makes suggestions about delegating tasks to be carried out in order to survive the impending hardships of draught and famine.

Historically, scholars have been called in as consultants by royalty, governing bodies of city states and later countries, to record observations of phenomena and ascertain patterns of weather changes. People then could be better prepared through cooperation to survive when earth shifts occurred. Along with navigation and travel, foraging and food production could be reliably determined by accurately charting earth cycles and those of the Stars over durations of time. These studies have always been a preoccupation of those in positions of power for these purposes.

In Meso-America, records of the diminishing fish supply caused by an ever increasing population of millions of people in concentrated areas, is just one example of the sensitive balance between existing resources, cultivation of food and Homo sapiens as a species. Thousands of years later, human beings are still dealing with the same challenges, which to some extent we have exacerbated by our own shortsighted habits. There will always be unexpected disasters caused by occasional cataclysmic events, but with foresight, restraint and cooperation most cycles of hardship are relatively predictable and can be survived if appropriate measures are taken.

The Moon is again a dominant force in the aspects between and among the planets this month. Conjunct Mars in Libra on the 7th of June and occulting Saturn in Scorpio on June 10th, the dynamics among the 3 continues to influence political relationships around the world. Just prior to Solstice, enhanced by Uranus, the Moon swings into Aries and comes into opposition with Mars on the 20th. Continuing its course through the constellations into Taurus, then is 180° to Saturn on the 23rd, so that Mars and Saturn seem to be Guardians standing at the opposite of a long temple hallway, on either side of the Moon at the Solstice. Since the Solstice is in reality a Cosmic Gateway this is a highly provocative situation. Although acute aspects with the Moon are not long lasting, the timing relative to the Solstice amplifies their importance in the overall scheme of events for the entire solar year.

The outer planets involved in setting the tone this year are; Mars square Pluto in Capricorn on the 14th, and Uranus in Aries in opposition with Mars on June 25th. Neptune goes retrograde on June 9th and will remain so until November 16th, slowing interactions among populations on Earth. Pluto which has been retrograde since mid April tethers the T square and maintains some stability in negotiations on earth. As the Sun transits from Gemini into Cancer at Summer Solstice, amplifying the power of Jupiter which has been ‘holding space’ in Cancer waiting for Mercury and Venus to catch up, an extraordinary phenomenon occurs. The T becomes a Grand Cross in the Cardinal signs of the Zodiac; Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. The Earth’s position among the planets determines to some extent this phenomenon, as we stand at the Heart of intersecting lines of massive energy currents between the other planets in the solar system.

A T Square with planets spaced 90° from each other also then in opposition respectively at 180° is formed by the planets Uranus, Pluto, and Mars. As the Moon swings into conjunction briefly with Uranus in Aries over this solstice, the combination of energies from the two becomes more agitated. Mars is at the opposite end of the arm of the T in Libra, with Saturn near by in Scorpio. From the Earth’s position in the solar system, we are right in the center of what’s happening.

Looking at the Solar System graphically, it is notable that because both Mercury and Venus are on the far side of the Sun from the Earth, our planet home is significantly positioned in the center of activity. At the Heart of this configuration is Earth which is in Capricorn with Pluto relative to the Sun. On the opposite side of the Sun in Cancer is Jupiter, with Mercury and Venus approaching. The intersecting arm with the Moon and Uranus clustered in Aries on one side, and Mars in Libra on the other, seems to form a giant or Grand Cross which is considered a rare and powerful dynamic in our solar system. Ancient astronomers and astrologers down to the present believe that the magnetic fields and other subtle energies emanating from these bodies individually and collectively influence our planet and all life-forms here.

The outer planets have been slowly traveling through the Zodiac constellations to reach these positions for months in preparation for the moment in time when the Sun reaches its Zenith on Summer Solstice (nadir at Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere). This polarity on Earth simultaneously occurs when the entire solar system is participating in cardinal positions all around us. Happening as a contrepoint at 90° across the system and through our location at the center, acting as balancers are the Uranus-Lunar – Mars-Saturn and the Pluto-Jupiter juxtapositions coming into play.

Our position among the planets determines to some extent this phenomenon and accordingly, the Earth must also have an affect on all the others. It might even be possible for the Earth in its current position among the planets to collect and transmute diverse energies as the Sun with all its power and glory, just now steps up to the Throne. The Sun as masculine and the Earth as the feminine partner beside it in the center of this Grand Cross, together could harmonize all the other planets. The Sun ignites an extraordinary signature energy of this solar system on many dimensions at this time, which is broadcast throughout the galaxy by radio and other cosmic rays.

This moment in time defines in space, the existing polarity between Male and Female, Right and Left, Light and Dark, action and stillness, force and love; the Cosmic Law of Duality. If we choose to accept this interpretation as a collective Free Will Choice, this is an opportunity for an important step in Emotional Evolution: Complementary in Harmony. Let us be prepared to participate and accept a transition of collective consciousness among the inhabitants on Earth.

I just love it when ancient teachings and astrophysics come together! Rejoice in Life.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

June 21, 2014 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Spring Equinox   March 20-21, 2014 c.e.

The Guardians at the Gate stand between the Darkness and the Light at the Vernal Equinox. In ancient temples, sculpted winged figures and mythical beasts would be placed to stand on each side of the entrance into the sacred space. Around the world we find two ‘Watchers’ larger than life were carved out of stone to signify a ‘doorway’ into a deeper or inner world. Depending on the beliefs of the culture, certain creatures or forces of nature would be given specific attributes connoting vigilance and depicted as guardians on either side of the Gate or portal into a different dimension. The figures were named for supernatural powers or beings and rightly so as their purpose and tasks were most important; shutting out the powers of darkness and protecting the keepers of knowledge and faith.

In the forest groves of the old religions of the world, at the ancient temples, in the olden rituals, the initiated passed through an arch designated as the point of transformation. Once beyond this gateway whether of cedar trees or stone, a person was expected to be responsible for knowledge and behavior which identified the individual as an evolved being of higher consciousness. Initiation rights have long been a part of human spiritual life; that which connects the physical animal form with the realms of the spirit.

Now the Gate of Tchesert is the gate of the pillars of Shu
the northern gate of the Tuat; or as others say—it is the
two leaves of the door through which the god Tem passeth
when he goes forth to the eastern horizon of heaven.

The Book of the Dead, translated by Budge

In Egyptian cosmology, Shu represents Divine Will separating earth and sky and forming the world. Tuat is the underworld. Frequently this arch or gate was extended to a narrow hall beyond suggesting the birthing canal before opening out into a larger space or a ‘womb’ for assemblies and rituals. Named Tefnut, this inner womb represents the birthplace of social order. At other locations, the long causeway or path guarded on each side by a series of protectors would end at the Gate into the sanctuary. The symbolic impression is that of rebirth; new life. The return to the place of origin, and then after recognizing one’s source and a common belief system as a metaphor within a group, once again going out into the world among the elements and life forms to partake of existence here on planet Earth. The concept is to carry a sense of sacredness and wisdom back into daily life and interaction with others in a civilization.

Later the guardians were abstracted into the form of pillars which were named as protectors. This idea is so very engrained on a subliminal level, that most creation myths include some similar expression. Wherever caves and tunnels are available for shelter, we find remains of dwelling and also depictions showing the importance of dreams and spiritual realms of people who existed ages ago. The navel or Omphalos stones present at ancient sacred sites may be surrounded by manmade walls as a temple erected later with guardians at the door, but the place itself is that which is Holy Ground. The beginning of life on earth as a group or culture is a major development in the evolutionary process of human beings, and appropriately acknowledged as such. This concept is a very defined sign of cooperative and collective sentience and must have occurred spontaneously to be recognized as a landmark in awareness of our place in the universe. Indeed our ancestors regarded this extraordinary transition in human existence as essential for our survival and prosperity. Hence the significance of pillars and guardians at a very real Gate or Portal of consciousness fabricated out of matter by human labor.

The Guardians of the world hastened from heaven to mount
watch over the world’s true ruler; thus the moonbeams, though
they shine elsewhere are especially bright on Mount Kailasa.

Buddha-Karita, Book I

As Mount Kailasa is the home of Shiva and his consort Parvati who create and guide the life processes on Earth, it is fitting that guardians be present to keep darkness out of this holy place.

The Vernal Equinox this year occurs March 20 - 21 when the Sun returns to its annual point of origin in the constellation Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac belt of stars that are familiar to us on planet earth. For the last solar month, the sun has been traveling through the constellation Pisces and on Equinox it transits the cusp between Pisces and Aries. This moment marks a Gateway to a new year on a different time line. As the fourth dimension, the passage of Time defines the return actually as a spiral…in the ‘same place but not’. Recognition of the Sun’s passing through this portal is the official First Day of Spring, or Autumn depending on either the north or south location of the observer from the Earth’s equator. The Sun continues to travel through the Aries constellation until April 20th when it passes into Taurus to linger there until May 21st.

Regulus, the heart of Leo rises in the evening in the east. Later Spica the brilliant blue white star of Virgo and Mars, a male energy planet now in Libra with the Moon passing close by both is a beautiful and uplifting sight in the early morning skies. Earth is passing by Mars in Libra and this planet is particularly dominant in our sky, due to nearness. The Moon comes Full on March 16 this spring which is four days before the Vernal Equinox. On the 18th and 19th, still bright, it is interactive in close proximity to Mars and the bright star Spica in the constellation Virgo. Virgo represents Ceres the Mother Goddess of Harvest and plenty. At this time of year, the most fertile belt for growth on the planet, between 30° North latitude and 30° South of the equator, with the concentration of human population, festivals to rejoice in fertility and prosperity are celebrated.

The Moon is complex in that there are cycles within cycles. The seven day week and 28 day month cycle of the Moon is an ancient calendar used by agrarian societies to mark time. This is the cycle with which we are most familiar because it is so visible. From New Moon or completely dark, to First Quarter seen as half light and half dark, then to Full Moon as the shimmering disc in the night. Third Quarter is observed as equally dark and light, with opposite halves from First Quarter; then once again the Moon passes conjunct to the Sun in its obit around the Earth to be invisible to us in daylight. A complete orbit around the earth from New Moon to New Moon is called a lunation.

When two New Moons occur in the same solar month, the second one is called a Black Moon. Some years, this only happens once, in most not at all. Once in a while, this phenomenon occurs in two months of the same year. In 2014 this happens in January and March both having 31 days. As the Lunar Cycle is 28 days long, the moon is dark on both the 1st of March and the 30th. This is a relatively rare occurrence in the overlap of solar and lunar calendar years. On March 1st, the New Moon transits the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces and then on March 30th, the 2nd New Moon occurs shortly after passing through the cusp between Pisces and Aries. Actually, the cycle of the moon remains constant; sidereal time 27.33 days and solar time 29.5 days. It is only the Gregorian Calendar authorized in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII designating some months longer than others that causes this to be apparent. The last year two Black Moons occurred was 1995, in January and March. The next year the cycles will line up this way is 2033.

There is another cycle for the Moon, which occurs and returns in a predictable pattern, though relatively quiet in passage, recorded by ancient and more modern scholars around the earth. This is the apparent movement of the moon through the backdrop of celestial constellations. Like the Sun, from our point of view the moon also moves across the stars, but since the moon is orbiting the earth which is simultaneously traveling around the sun, the dynamics are very different.

The Moon actually passes through the band of major constellations known as the Zodiac on a much faster track than the Sun. Transits between constellations which are called Signs because they signify a change of seasons on the earth are frequent in the Lunar Cycles. The moon passes through one sign in a little over two earth days, depending on the size of the designated group of stars. When the moon transits the ‘cusp’ between one constellation and another, this moment in time is referred to as void of course. This passage generally takes the moon several hours to complete. The Moon is neither totally in one constellation nor the other, but is in concept considered ‘in between’. For thousands of years, knowledgeable observers have noted these transits and coincidentally a flux of subtle energies in relationships among life forms on earth, specifically humans.

2014 March Lunar void of course events: Mar 2 cusp Pisces to Aries; Mar 4 cusp Aries to Taurus; Mar 6 Taurus to Gemini; Mar 9 Gemini to Cancer; Mar 11 Cancer to Leo; Mar 14 Leo to Virgo; Mar 16 Virgo to Libra; Mar 18 Libra to Scorpio; Mar 20 Scorpio to Sagittarius; Mar 23 Sagittarius to Capricorn; Mar 25 Capricorn to Aquarius; Mar 27 Aquarius to Pisces; Mar 29 Pisces to Aries; Mar 31 Aries to Taurus. So we see how there are two New Moons in March as the moon comes full circle in its orbit around the earth. Following this example we get an idea that the ratio of the moon’s orbit cycle to the solar month adds an even deeper dimension to the cosmos in motion of which we are a part.

We might consider each of these void of course events as a Gate or Portal to a new perspective. On this Equinox the Moon is void of course between Scorpio and Sagittarius. As the Sun has just passed from Pisces to Aries a few hours earlier marking the annual Gateway, this lesser gate may be considered a second portal experience on the inner levels as a New Beginning for personal emotional development.

When the Moon is void of course, which is determined by elliptical motion of the bodies involved, energies are in a state of hesitation. Recognizing how the moon affects fluids and that the human organism is mostly water in composition, the cells of the body, specifically in the brain may go through bio-magnetic/electric changes in current. Although most people are entirely unaware of these fluctuations in frequency or direction of kinetic energies within the body, their behavior may be more affected than they realize.

Temporary emotional states of confusion are common. Lack of clarity in decisions can result. Useful advice is to either rest in relative stillness or consider refraining from stressful situations with other people during these hours. Likewise, it is suggested that a brief ‘time out’ be taken from serious highly detailed forms of mental or physical activity. A good idea is to just be aware that more care and concentration in tasks is wise when we notice we are not functioning at full capacity. Many people are simply attuned and automatically make minute adjustments in expectations and activities throughout the week. Knowing everybody is responding to these cycles on some level, allows us to be less judgmental about our own and others’ capacities. A deeper study of the influences of cycles between life on earth and the moon further explains interactions among human beings.

In the ancient Earth Religions, the sense of respect and need to guard the temple of life, the Earth as Mother is central to the process to civilize humans; to shut out the fear, violence and darkness. This is illustrated by repeated activities, gatherings and rituals partaken of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually, synchronized with the planetary cycles as experienced in Nature. These ancient practices are still acted out today by many who feel more at peace within themselves after participation in ceremony and prayer. We come together to remember our beginnings and the renewal of life each day and each year as the Sun returns. With it we have the opportunity to grow into a new dimension of self realization in a spiral pattern ever upward in evolution.

We are grateful to the Guardians as they stand vigilant over us, watching so that life can continue on earth through times of hardship, famine, disease, and war. Together we share communion in Faith and Light.

Data regarding moon phases and cycles from Metempyrion archives; Astronomical Ephemeris

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

March 20-21, 2014 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Winter Solstice   December 21-22, 2013 c.e.

In the Northern Hemisphere of the planet Earth, the majority of the human population resides between 10° and 50° Latitude North. Latitudes are measured in degrees designated from the Equator at 0° and towards the North and South Poles at 100°. Travelers have used Latitude and Longitude degrees around the planet to mark positions on maps while sailing the seas and traversing land masses since ancient times.

During winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun progresses farther south of the earth’s equator, to reach Latitude 23° South, named Tropic of Capricorn at Winter Solstice on December 21. The Sun actually appears in the star constellation of Capricorn which is why this latitude is so named. After that date, the sun appears to travel north until it reaches zenith over the Tropic of Cancer, the Latitude 23° North of the equator at Summer Solstice. (See diagram appearing in Planetary Cycles article Autumn Equinox 2011). Also as the days grow shorter this time of year, the sun rises and sets lower to the South on the horizon. In the Arctic, the sun seems hardly to rise at all and darkness of night reigns. The sunrise occurs on December 21st at 20° N latitude at 6:30 am and sunset at 5:26 pm; at 40° N sunrise is not until 7:18 am and sunset is at 4:38 pm. Even farther north, at 60° N sunrise is at 9:02 am with an even earlier sunset at 2:55 pm. On the same day at lower latitudes near the equator, the sun will be higher above the horizon for longer in Mexico, North Africa, Arabia, and India than it will be in Alaska, Northern Canada, Europe and Siberia. Although the earth’s diurnal 24 hour cycle remains relatively constant, the daylight hours are in constant flux which affects all life on Earth.

Another cycle which influences activities of humans, animals and plants is the solar flare and sunspot phenomenon which effects radio waves in our atmosphere. This year with the 24th cycle of high activity on our Primary Star, changes in interference and agitation are noticeable around the planet especially in communications and satellite technologies. Although the peak of solar flares over 2013-2014 is not nearly as dramatic as the peak of 2000-2001, this is a year to view the Aurora Borealis in the northern polar regions around the planet. The 11 year cycle of sunspots causing solar flares directly influences the dynamics of the earth’s ionosphere which is partially visible as the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

The ancient Romans called the goddess of the dawn Aurora, and Boreas was the name of the north wind. Auster was the name of the south wind; hence the Southern Lights which occur during the winter months in the southern hemisphere are called Aurora Australis. The best visibility months in both the north and south are around Spring and Autumn Equinox, but also around Winter Solstice as the nights are so long. Many tourists are traveling to Alaska over this month for a spectacular up close and personal view of the Aurora Borealis. The Cree people of North America call this display the 'Dance of the Spirits' which is an apt description as the lights are in constant swirling motion.

As particles violently discharged in solar flares from the Sun are cast out into the solar system on the Solar Wind, when colliding with the Earth’s ionosphere, light up in a beautiful array. Electrical discharges in the ionized air are thought to be responsible for fabulous streaks and curtains of light. Sometimes depending on weather conditions, these light displays can be seen as far south as 42°N latitude. Geomagnetic storms occurring in our upper atmosphere are minute collisions caused by articles striking against the geomagnetic field surrounding the Earth. On December 15th and 16th, these will be particularly intense and may damage high tech equipment around the planet affecting communications systems.

Planetary interactions in our solar system this December include: Dec. 1 the Moon occults Mercury (meaning the Moon passes in front of Mercury, hiding it from view on earth) and Saturn. As the Moon is at New Moon Phase on Dec. 2, with the Moon conjunct Sun this will be difficult to see. Another occultation occurs on Dec. 28th when the Moon passes in front of Saturn. This impending conjunction may be visible for a night before Saturn is hidden, and then reappears a night after the Moon passes onward into the Third Quarter on Dec. 27th and 29th. Look to Scorpio in the West at dusk if in the Americas. The Full Moon occurs on December 17th at 28° of Gemini, and it is void of course, transiting between Gemini and Cancer star constellations later that day. This means that on Winter Solstice, 4 days later the moon is just after the Full Moon phase, so is still very bright in the night sky. The American Indians sometimes refer to this as The White Moon.

The most dominant aspects between planets this month which will have major affects on individuals and populations are: Mercury moving into Sagittarius to square Neptune on the 7th of December, and then compensating in an apologetic way to make amends by becoming Trine with Uranus which is in Aries on Dec. 10th. Be careful to filter communications on both days. Jupiter in Cancer is retrograde and when the Trine with Saturn occurs on the 12th, expect a special harmony in transactions: Almost as a kiss between self discipline and wisdom in finances.

After being retrograde since July Uranus appears to return to forward motion through the constellations on Dec. 17th; an auspicious day for driving energy to accomplish tasks. On the 19th the moon and Jupiter will appear close together in the sky which is always a welcome sight as a blessing during the Holidays at Midwinter. On the Winter Solstice, Venus is undecided and hovers between Direct and Retrograde then slips into apparent backward motion from the earth’s perspective until the very end of January 2014. Relationships may be put on hold and no decisive plans should be made until after that date.

Be mindful that Solar activity intercepting the Earth’s energy fields always tends to agitate emotions and irritability as our physical cellular bodies have to compensate for atmospheric changes. Be patient with yourself and others. Our brains are highly specialized technical equipment which can become unstable causing unexpected reactions.

The clear winter nights offer splendid observations of Capella in Auriga, Aldeberan in Taurus, Castor and Pollux in Gemini, the constellations Aries, Andromeda and Cassiopeia all circling around the North Star, Polaris. Bundle up if you go outside to view the stars.

*Thank You to and the Geophysical Institute, UAE

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

December 21-22, 2013 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Fall Equinox   September 22-23, 2013 c.e.

Imagine being on a rise of land where there are no trees, or landscape formations obstructing the view of the horizon for a sweep of 360°; a full circle in every direction. At sunrise and sunset and all through the days and nights the sky in all its glory unfolds for human watchers to observe from the ground at this site. For millennia, priests, scholars, scientists, fishermen and farmers have been fascinated and guided by events in the heavens. On every continent stone markers and circles are found that prove to be connected with the seasons of Earth and the celestial luminaries, signifying auspicious occasions and seasonal changes.

In eastern Africa, ruins of an ancient culture as sophisticated and complex as the high dynasties of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, Mesoamerica, and Peru, include curious artifacts. Previously perceived as simple tools, these are now speculated to be possible scientific devices to harness energies and gather precious minerals at specific locations and times, for purposes unknown. How were our ancestors connected with the stars that they would even conceive to use cosmic and earth energies that we are just now beginning to investigate. What about antigravity and mobility in migrations? Obviously, ancient peoples communicated and traded globally. More evidence is discovered every year through radar, aerial photography, archaeological excavation, and diving exploration that great civilizations have existed on Earth in ages past. The more we explore, the more mysteries we uncover.

Solstice and Equinox have been designated in petroglyphs on standing stones placed within stone circles around the world. These were used in celebrations of the seasons of the planet, and for communion with powers, forces, perhaps even beings beyond our solar system. Recently humans have sought intelligent life across the galaxy. What if populations in the past used subtle energy transmissions at particular times in the cycles of Earth to communicate with star systems far away? Imagine vortices and ley lines in Europe, similar lines in Africa, and on the Nazca Plain of Peru being used as pathways of stones constructed to amplify and gather energy at power centers, sending massive beams directed into the cosmos for millions of miles, to inhabitants on planets in the constellations of Auriga, the Pleiades, or Orion?

Solar Calendar spiral petroglyph

One might wonder what constellation our Sun is located in, as viewed from a populated planet in another part of the local universe. Using Earth as a model, we know that at certain times in the sidereal cycle, specific stars are visible above the horizon in certain areas of the sky on a dependable schedule which repeats itself. This has been known as the Sidereal Calendar for thousands of years. It is probable that on other planets in other solar systems, similar observations would occur at regular intervals of time. Even being aware that everything in the Universe is in motion, the vastness of Space balances relative distances so that from our perspective objects appear to be constant. So it would be logical to expect constellations and positions of stars far away to be predictable. The only exceptions are the planets in our own solar system which are close enough to us to be observed moving through the distant background of stars in constellations.

Venus and swirling galaxies

This matter of perspective is what allows us to appreciate the seasons on Earth as we experience them. Recording positions of the Sun, Moon and stars precisely using empirical research, the paths of our neighboring planets through the constellations, has been a consuming pastime for eons. Why? There must be some compelling reason, which has been forgotten over time, that our ancestors thought was important to our existence and prosperity on this planet. That this practice has continued into the Space Age must fulfill some deep seated need in the collective psyche to look beyond the planet Earth for our origins, and possible future destinations. How and when was this programmed into the human collective consciousness?

Interstellar migration has been alluded to throughout time in scriptures, carved in stone and clay tablets, codices and myths handed down in the form of stories around the world. There must be some basis for these beliefs which are pervasive and ageless. Welcome to the continuum of being sentient. Equinox on September 22—23 north of the Earth’s equator is the beginning of Autumn and south of the equator, the beginning of Spring. Wherever you are it is a time to celebrate being alive.

Full Moon of Autumn Equinox this year falls on September 19th for very bright nights over the holiday. The rising Harvest Moon at the cusp between the constellations Pisces and Aries just after sundown should be glorious. The night previous to the Full Moon night, the moon is in the constellation Pisces and goes void of course, meaning it is at 0° of Aries between constellations the morning of the 19th. The moon actually transits constellations every two earth days as it obits the planet. What makes this particular occasion unique is that the void of course is occurring at the Full of the Moon, so close to the Equinox. The moon will go void of course then traverse Aries and move into Taurus being void of course on Sunday the 21st of September, before actual Equinox, but by then the moon phase will be past Full.

Equinoxes in the solar calendar happen twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Autumn when the hours of daylight and darkness are exactly equal. The Lunar Cycle does not coincide with the Solar Cycle and the autumn full moon may occur either before or after equinox, so it is a special event when they overlap. The third dimension of this particular equinox is the void of course phenomenon. Experts recommend that the 2 hours the moon is between constellations be used in reflection rather than decisive action. While the moon is bright, it is almost impossible to see most stars or planets in the night sky.

Just after sunset, Venus is brilliantly visible in Scorpio in the western sky as the moon rises in the east. Antares, the red star at the heart of the scorpion becomes visible as the twilight deepens, making a striking celestial view with Venus close by in the early evening. Saturn is also in Scorpio but as the Sun courses through Libra later in the Fall, will only be visible in the night sky until October 20th, while Venus can be seen throughout the rest of the year traveling far ahead of the Sun.

On the Equinox, the Moon is in opposition to both Venus and Saturn in Scorpio, square to Mars in Leo, and trine Pluto in Capricorn. Throughout the month of September, the interactions or aspects between the planets make an interesting display for observers. Venus is trine (120° away from) Neptune in Pisces on September 14th, trine Jupiter in Cancer on the 26th, and square (at 90°) to Mars in Leo September 28th. Mercury in Libra is square Pluto on the 14th briefly and then transits into Scorpio on September the 29th.

As everything is in motion and relative to our perspective from Earth, the inner planets and moon appear to move more rapidly through the starry skies. Mars is exactly trine Uranus making a relatively quiet September 15th but Mercury is in opposition (180°) to Uranus briefly on the same day. Venus is conjunct Saturn on the 19th ; Mercury is square Jupiter that day as well. Pluto goes Direct on 20th, after being Retrograde since April. Uranus and Neptune continue to be Retrograde until later in the year. This looks like a very busy month for planets, cosmic energies, and people on earth, including many exchanges, both pleasant and not so.

Being aware of what is going on among the planets and luminaries brings us to an adjustment of perception regarding interactions and relationships with other human beings. Just looking at all the activity in the solar system, one can easily come to a conscious basic conclusion that this season is going to be filled with unexpected shifts and unreliability as others around us are affected. All of these aspects taken into account suggest caution at this time as hasty activities both mental and physical can prove to be unwise and unsafe. Both self reliance and flexibility are absolutely required to remain emotionally balanced and physically safe during this time of change.

Equinox is an exciting time, but excitement can be over stimulating and stressful. Take time out for relaxation between periods of intense activity and productivity.

To learn more about ancient monuments and prophecies handed down through generations plan to attend the Southwest Dowsers Conference in October in Flagstaff, AZ. Judith Jubb presents Pictographs and Petroglyphs, Messages and Mysteries from the Past. See our Events page for details.

* Thanks to Michael Tellinger for his research in ancient culture and new sciences

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

September 22-23, 2013 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Summer Solstice   June 21-22, 2013 c.e.

In ancient Grecian times, it was believed that the Universe created the gods. Heaven and earth were formed long before the gods. Gaea the Earth and Uranus the Sky were the first parents and had several children which were rather like natural forces. These Titans as they were called, were gigantic and powerful enough to mold the planet into a habitable environment for life forms which came later. The most important included Cronus, or Time; Oceanus the river encircling ‘the world’; Hyperion who was the ruler over the sun, the moon and the dawn. With his spouse, Theia, he procreated Helios the Sun god and Selene the Moon goddess. Prometheus who was the savior of mankind, brought the human race out of darkness. After losing the War of the Titans, the Titan Atlas was punished by Zeus who forced him to carry the world on his shoulders for eternity. Still today he is acknowledged as separating the firmament from the atmosphere.

These Titans or Elder Gods reigned supreme in the universe for untold ages of time, and in turn procreated a pantheon of Olympian Gods whose interaction with humans included conceiving heroes and heroines with super human strength and special powers. Mythology is rich with stories of these and in almost every culture, we find similar tales of gifts bestowed to progeny by beings from Off World which came to Earth to guide and teach, leaving behind them legacies and descendents. The Titans are honored as the ancestors of men; the First Race attributed with the invention of the arts and magic.

The War of the Titans has been a favorite story told down through centuries, and in 19th century England was alliterated by poets of the Romantic Movement. John Keats 1795-1821 wrote the epic poem Hyperion, relating in poignant beauty this extraordinary creation myth:

Anon, rushed by the bright Hyperion;
His flaming robes streamed out beyond his heels,
And gave out a roar, as if of earthly fire,
That scared away the meek ethereal Hours;
And made their dove-wings tremble.

excerpt from Hyperion by John Keats, 1818

Once again in the cycles of Time overseen by Cronus, Summer Solstice descends upon the northern hemisphere of planet Earth this June, 2013. Hyperion continues to guide the sun, the moon and days as he has always done.

Celestial activity this Summer Solstice continues to enact this cosmic play between the luminaries and the planets with the stars as a backdrop setting which enhances and influences the story from afar. Jupiter and Mars are still in the constellation Gemini with Mars 90°, square Neptune in Pisces just before the New Moon June 7. Mercury is square Uranus a few hours later and these interactions are unpleasant at best. Creatures on earth pick up frequencies which are agitated and can cause problems. A word to the wise; better to refrain from verbal communication on these days with a high probability of ending in disagreement, even argument.

Venus is in opposition to Pluto on the 11th; the Sun and the Earth are directly in between. Saturn trines Neptune the same day which adds an interesting dynamic to this mix of currents, weighted towards subconscious and emotional responses to our environment. Venus comes square to the mysterious Uranus the very next day June 12th as she seems to flaunt her beauty to stir up long forgotten feelings. In the early evening twilight she shines brightly low on the western sky with Mercury which is a lovely sight, although fleeting. Their conjunction on June 20th in the U.S.A. Pacific time zone twilight, can be witnessed if one looks carefully. Mercury becomes concealed by sunlight after July 1st, but Venus will be visible in evening skies until the end of the year. On June 27th Venus transits from the constellation Cancer into Leo, as a portent to a ‘hot’ July.

Mars is sextile, that is 60° to Uranus on the 17th which is considered the least intense exchange between these two volatile planets. Their natures are not entirely dampened as Uranus is in Aries, a fire sign and Mars is in Gemini, an air sign, which stimulates mental activity.

Jupiter which has been visible in the night sky fades by June 5th as it approaches the Sun and comes into direct conjunction with the Sun on the 19th of June. These two most grand bodies in our solar system amplify each other’s powers to charge the Earth and all elements here with immense life force just before Solstice when the Sun reaches it Zenith overhead the Northern Hemisphere. This combination of timing thrusts the inhabitants of the Earth into activities of awesome global impact for an extended period of time and into the future. Use this 2013 Summer Solstice to set long term goals with care as all decisions made and actions taken will be reflected back to you for years to come. The Sun transits the cusp between the constellation Gemini into Cancer over the Solstice and Jupiter follows the Sun’s path into the constellation Cancer on June 25th.

Being dominant in the play acted out within our solar system at this time, the Sun trines both Saturn and Neptune on June 26th, binding cosmic energies with the outer planets to envelope the Earth in a wash of love, strength, courage and destiny.

This month, the Moon plays a lesser role in the celestial drama, appearing in the constellation Capricorn opposite to the Sun on the 23rd of June. Capricorn is considered an earth sign in the zodiac, and a Full Moon here can be beneficial to planting root crops sturdy enough to be harvested late in the year. This location places the Moon conjunct to Pluto and its path occults the outer planet. The tie between the two enhances dreams and connection to the inner dimensions. As the Sun is in Cancer, the intuitional side of human nature can be expected to be enhanced during this time for sensitive people. For business oriented activities, diligent application should be the focus for success.

Many of the planets are on the other side of the sun from earth and the only ones visible in the night skies are the ones farthest away from the Sun, so get out your telescopes if you wish to locate them. Have a beautiful Summer Solstice Celebration.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

June 21-22, 2013 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Spring Equinox   March 20-21, 2013 c.e.

Turning as the Annual Cycle begins once again with Equinox which is either a time of planting, or a time of harvesting in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres on Earth, our attention is drawn to the moment in time and its significance in our lives. Determined by cosmic forces and cycles beyond our control in the universe, and ordained by scholars and priests using the Sun, Moon and Stars to guide us on our path through eternity, we pause to be grateful for Life and Renewal. So it is that the ancient rites of Spring are continued to this day using the First Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox to determine Easter and Passover.

Eastre in Old English and similar to Austre in Old German, meaning East the direction where the sun rises, is also the name of the Goddess of the Dawn. The ancient festival of this season was called Easter. Spring has always been considered the Beginning or Dawn of the new season of growth and prosperity. Thus we continue to celebrate this paschal festival as in days of old. The resurrection of Christ in the Christian religion is ritually commemorated annually at this time, as is Passover in the Hebrew context, still important in contemporary times. The ancient Egyptians considered this time a rite of passage into a New Dawn and elaborate displays by priests and rulers were acted out to ensure the prosperity of an entire civilization. These ideas stem from earliest agrarian cultures throughout the Middle East and Europe as an expression of gratitude and hope for a continuation of life.

"For everything there is a season, and there is a time to every purpose under heaven; a time to be born, a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; a time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; a time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; a time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace."

The Holy Bible, King James Version     Ecclesiastes 3:1

Clearly, as long as the planet earth continues to exist in its appointed position in our solar system, these cycles will remain constant. In the sense of renewable cycles, we can perceive this concept as ETERNAL LIFE.

In the Western Hemisphere, similar celebrations at this season remain as important as ever. The Hopi and other agrarian peoples continue their traditions of communing with supernatural spirits to ensure life for human beings on earth. These are acted out in dramas, telling of the beginning of the world and asking ancestors for guidance in planting and harvesting. Spring Equinox is a most sacred time each year for prayer and celebration to these peoples.

Corn-blossom maidens
Here in the fields,
Patches of beans in flower,
Fields all abloom,
Water shining after rain,
Blue clouds looming above.

Now behold!
Through bright clusters of flowers
Yellow butterflies
Are chasing at play,
Through the blossoming beans
Blue butterflies
Are chasing at play.

HOPI from American Indian Poetry

As the inhabitants of the Earth have passed through the darkness of winter and of even longer cosmic cycles; we continue to awaken into a new millennium and a new age of humanity. Like new shoots of freshly growing things, we are tender and vulnerable as we begin to understand that indeed a new day has dawned, and life will flourish into the future. With an adjustment in consciousness regarding the larger picture, each one of us needs to look inside for inspiration and compassion. Patience is a lesson in time. Time is the fourth dimension, which although flexible, is also persistent in motion. Never ending. So, while we witness changes with the passage of time as we exist in life forms which are temporal, the teachings throughout history proclaim that all is infinite. Spirit is eternal.

At this Spring Equinox, the Moon is just past First Quarter Phase, transiting the cusp between the constellations Gemini and Cancer. This also means that the Moon is 90° away from the Sun’s position in Aries, relative to the earth’s annual orbit. (See Solar System Graphic). That is why on earth we see only half of the moon’s face lit by sunlight. At the Vernal Equinox, blessing and planting celebrations all over the world are acted out to insure fertility and prosperity for communities.

The Moon midway waxing towards Full Moon Phase in Cancer which is considered a fertile sign in the heavens for planting seeds with the Spring rains, this Spring portents an excellent start for fruitful crops. And so it is that we begin a new cycle of rebirth and life on Earth.

As to the planets which accompany us on our trek around our star; Mercury has just gone Direct in Pisces, and Venus is running to catch the Sun in Aries then overtakes it before Full Moon. Mars is slightly ahead of both Venus and the Sun in Aries over Equinox, but together they pass by in the second week of April. There is a dynamic of conjunctions between Mercury, Mars and Uranus, March 22-25th, and on the 28th between the Sun and Venus. It is as if they have all been invited to the same very loud party lasting a week or more, each with a lot to say. Uranus is concealed by the light of the sun and comes into exact conjunction with the Sun at the same gathering briefly on March 29th, just after Full Moon.

Expect a whirlwind of energy and activity during this time, both amenable and diversely challenging. The larger planets moving through their appointed courses where they traverse majestically, will maintain a sense of stability for the more spontaneous engagements among the inner planets, the Moon and the Sun. Jupiter still reigns on high in the night. Saturn is still Retrograde in Scorpio and visible towards the west before dawn. Mercury is Trine (120°) to Saturn, both in water signs, on March 28th; if one looks, a glimpse of Mercury in Pisces is possible before the day becomes too bright. Neptune and Pluto continue to reside in Pisces and Capricorn respectively where they will remain for years to come.

This Spring Equinox in 2013 c.e., is indeed a New Beginning in so many ways after the convergence of several ending Cycles. Let us rejoice with open hearts and pray for joyful and generous expression of living on this beautiful, bountiful planet. Life springs forth and with it hope is renewed.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

March 20-21, 2013 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Winter Solstice   December 21-22, 2012 c.e.

There are at least three possible interpretations for each of the sagas; Mayan Calendar Cycles, Hopi Prophecy, End of Days, Apocalypse, and the Sidereal/Planetary Cycles of Time. Earth changes are natural occurrences which have been and shall always be part of a living planet. That the massive human population now takes up areas on every part of the globe precipitates that some group somewhere will experience tragedy during a natural shift caused by weather or movement of matter making up the planet.

In Sanskrit scriptures the Kali Yuga is expected to rage on for thousands of years in the cycles of man. The current Kali Yuga began 5,114 years ago or 3,102 b.c.e., according to scholars. The Mayan long day calendar and that of the Hindu have many similarities. The Baktun is a cycle of 144,000 days. The longer cycle of 13 Baktuns from the beginning calendar of the Mayan culture 5,125 years ago, is thought to be ending on December 21, 2012. An ending means a New Beginning. In the late 1800’s American Joseph Goodman and Juan Martinez from the Yucatan, began to investigate the Chilam Balam manuscript written by Mayan priests, which revealed an extensive understanding of time and existence on planet Earth. In 1937, the Goodman Martinez Thompson Correlation by Eric Thompson was published.1

High on the Colorado Plateau in Northern Arizona, an ancient culture has sustained a continued presence into the current times. In this semi-arid climate between 4500 and 6500 feet above sea level, human beings have planted simple crops and thrived with a sophisticated cosmogony in a Universe reality that is unique and yet similar in many aspects to other cultures around the world. They are the Hopi people and this place is The Heart of the Earth.

The theme of the Creation Story of the Hopi people is that their primogenitors came from the Stars to begin a new society on this planet, many thousands of years ago. In a huge horseshoe shaped canyon with walls of red and yellow sandstone rising around a vast flat area which could easily contain a Mother Starship from another galaxy, a Keeper of History of the Hopi recently shared his understanding of the many splendid petroglyphs. These were created in an ancient era and depict travel from the stars to the earth by Beings from off world. Stories of their ancestors since before they first arrived on this planet are told by the Elders of the Masau Clan, as part of rituals and reenactments that take place on special days in the Kiva and at festivals.

The famous Hopi Prophecy Rock shows a timeline which only briefly glimpses into another Universe. Depicted on the stone a story unfolds of people evolving and the earth changes they experience. Toward the end of the picture, there is a parting of the ways and many people are left behind, falling away. Others continue on upwards following a new path. The Y in the path is suggestive of a choice between the old patterns and exploring a new way of life on earth.

In the New Testament of the Christian Bible, The book of St. John’s Revelations which he states is his vision he himself recorded, is to remain unchanged by later editing. People have been looking for the world to end in a great cataclysm, to fulfill priests’ interpretations of this vision since 250 c.e. Nostradamus (French 1503-66 c.e.) and others have perpetuated this prediction latching onto any impending cycle ending. Over the last 50 years, New Age believers have been purporting the close of the Piscean Age and the coming of the Aquarian Age.

In the Sidereal timeline, this is an actual occurrence recorded in ancient Egypt and noted as the Precession by the Greek astronomer, Hipparchus in the 2nd century b.c.e. The shift of degrees within the constellations where the sun appears on Spring Equinox is caused by gravitational forces of both sun and moon on the earth, which is not a perfect sphere and wobbles on its axis. Motion through each constellation varies but can be approximated at 2,150 years. A complete cycle through all twelve zodiac constellations takes 25,800 years.

Jewish religious texts speak repeatedly of the Ending and coming of the Messiah of a New Age. The Christian millennium by Gregorian calendar, 2000 a.d. was to have been the symbolic if not literal end according to evangelists. When Christ did not appear with a Host of Angels to carry the faithful to Heaven, the timetable was pushed to 2010 and now 2012. Over the last 100 years a huge number of human beings have died of war, pestilence, disease, hunger and natural disasters. The population continues to increase exponentially every year, regardless. Who knows when or if these occurrences will come to any ultimate End.

Natural catastrophes are exacerbated by humans willing to make war over material resources, with a lack of understanding of forces beyond our control. Any number of these could be called ‘Holocausts’. Manmade disasters could be discontinued in a heartbeat by making intelligent choices. It is possible that a new paradigm in the form of a shift in collective consciousness could manifest an age of global community and cooperation. A Golden Age of Peace on Earth. Interestingly in the Book of Revelations of the New Testament, the story ends with God living among men on Earth in the new world in an age of Peace.

As we walk through this time of changes we become a part of a rebirth process which has been awaited by cultures around the world. The Winter Solstice is an annual celebration as a solar year ends and a new year begins. A cluster of years forms a longer cycle which has also been documented and celebrated throughout time. These ages or eras may go by different names in different languages, but all are based on Time Keeping observed as the planetary cycles relate to the greater cosmos around us.

An amazing 26,000 year cycle is occurring over Winter Solstice 2012. Our Sun and therefore our solar system is swinging through an alignment with the Galactic Equator or the midline of the Milky Way as has been predicted in the past. The Mayan Time Keepers call this the Sacred Tree or The Birth Canal of the Sun. Recent scientific calculations confirm that between 1980 and 2016 c.e., our sun’s center will be approaching and then passing through what is called the Dark Rift (made up of galactic dust and gases) visible in the night sky. This is referred to as the Galactic Alignment Zone and due to masses and distances involved, the Birthing is expected to transpire over a period of 36 solar years. What an extraordinary happening to be a part of…as our solar system weaves a thread of energy through the galaxy! Everything is in motion both separately and together as part of the greater whole.

If it is recognized as a repeating cycle, how long have sentient beings been on Earth to witness this? Who was around to record the beginning of this cycle? Who will be here to make note of the next one, beginning thousands of years in the future? We are here Now as a convergence of several cosmic cycles takes place.

At this moment in time we are experiencing a triple birth: The Solar New Year at Winter Solstice 2012 is one. The transit between the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius, which has been in process for several years is in completion; and the greater cycle of transition as we pass through the Galactic Equator which takes 26,000 years to return is a passage of rebirth. Many of the energetic transmissions bursting from the core of the galaxy and streaming throughout a broad field may have long term affects on our solar system into the future. This is an extraordinary time to be alive. In terms of Cosmic Time, these events are perceived as happening almost simultaneously but each one is actually an ongoing never ending process of its own. It is easy to get lost in Space and Time unless we stay grounded in the present. This planet is full of life and beauty. Let us cherish every moment here.

The skies this December include the Geminids Meteor Showers Dec. 13th which should be especially wonderful as they will appear to be sparkling all around the planet Jupiter in Gemini at the rate of 85 shooting stars per hour. This is the dark of the moon so they should be highly visible. The moon will occult Jupiter on Dec. 25 and the Full Moon in the constellation Cancer occurs on the 28th. Jupiter is the only planet remaining in apparent retrograde motion from now until January 30, 2013, when all the planets will be moving in the same direction (from Earth’s orbital position in the solar system) in the new year. Saturn will be visible in the early morning throughout December, and Venus continues as the Morning Star until she catches up with the Sun once again in 2013.

Enjoy the seasonal celebrations and look forward to the future ahead into the 21st century and beyond. Consider this a ‘Moment of Opportunity in Time….’

1 It’s About Time article by Teresa Crabtree, Metempyrion Press 2011.
Thanks to Thomas Razzeto at
Metempyrion recognizes and honors traditions and prophecies handed down through time around the world. The differences we present are in the interpretations of those teachings. People have free will to believe as they choose, collectively and individually. Much of the information published on the Metempyrion website is provocative in content. The Foundation is committed to informing our readers of a perspective which is otherwise unavailable. The viewpoints of the articles appearing on the website are alternatives to common points of view which inundate the population through mass media and religious dogma. Metempyrion offers a reasonable Path of Action to survive challenges and changes experienced in the Now. For a better understanding of the philosophy of the Metempyrion Foundation, see the article Journey of the Soul at

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

December 21-22, 2012 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Fall Equinox   September 22-23, 2012 c.e.

The cycles of planet Earth are most dominated by our relationships with our Sun and Moon. On this first day of Autumn 2012, the Sun enters the constellation Libra and the Moon is ‘void of course’ for 2 hours between Sagittarius and Capricorn. From our perspective on Earth, this defines the aspect between the Sun and Moon as square or 90° apart. The moon is in its First Quarter phase, and these 3 factors suggest this day is a time for inner reflection and patience in interactions with other people. Time taken out today to balance emotional attitude and mental focus, will optimize a busy schedule later in the month. Other contributing planetary energies which also suggest guarding against frustration responses are: Moon square Mercury and Uranus; Venus Square Mars; Pluto conjunct Moon; and Uranus square Pluto. In cosmic terms we would not call this a ‘sweet day’ as frictions are prevalent, however with care and planning, all will turn out well. This is not a good time to rely on the collective system and self sufficiency is recommended. Make choices wisely.

Also, there are other noteworthy cosmic influences coming from far greater distances which have a variety of cyclic influences on the elements and creatures here. We know that electro magnetic radiation from sources throughout the galaxy and beyond, both visible and invisible are cast powerfully from nebulae and stars in our direction. Infrared, ultraviolet, and radio waves are sent out in masses from objects in the Orion and other constellations. Some times these energies break through our protective atmosphere and everything on earth is exposed to the affects. In recent times, technical instruments have been invented to monitor and measure many types of existing particles and energy. One such device is the photometer which calibrates photoelectric energy from stars. Great advances have been made in detecting and recording electro-magnetic radiation as well.

The sidereal cycle relating to the sun’s return to a given constellation or near a dominant star is slightly different from the solar cycle but effectively reliable to signify time for cultures of humanity throughout the ages. Certain bright stars rise above the horizon regularly denoting the change of the seasons during the passage of our Earth on its orbit around the Sun. In ages past, these dominant stars were considered messengers, each at its appointed time, that the weather was changing and a new season of growth or latency was eminent. It is conceivable that radiations from specific stars reach the earth and influence life forms and cycles here.

Many petro-archaeoastronomical monuments were located around the world in places with uninterrupted 360° celestial views of the heavens to track these stellar cycles and in that way, leaders of peoples could communicate to the people the appropriate preparations for survival and celebration. Without technical instruments to validate impact, distinct vibrational frequencies from afar have been discerned by finely tuned beings on earth for millennia. In the present, this can be referred to as ‘communing with the stars’. Although this field of empirical research remains illusive, many people are affected on subliminal levels without conscious awareness of what is causing their behavior responses, or in some cases, physical discomfort.

Among the Messenger Stars are Aldeberan in the constellation Taurus, Rigel in Orion, Sirius in Canis Major, and Fomalhaut in Piscis Austrinus. At this time of year, the brightest star rising in the south east is Fomalhaut, meaning the Mouth of the Fish. Piscis Austrinus is not just a fish but a mythical creature depicted by the ancients resembling a dolphin with a beak, an elaborate ruff around the gills and an elongated body with scales ending in a dragon-like tail. Between and below the zodiac constellations Capricorn (appearing first above the eastern horizon) and Aquarius, neither having magnitude 1 or 2 brilliant stars, Fomalhaut is the guiding light in this area of the night skies, and is calculated to be 23 light years from earth.

Although in different cultures, constellation designations may vary, the stars remain constant and significant as the seasons on earth change. Every year this brilliant star appears as the Autumnal Equinox approaches. As Antares the red heart of Scorpio begins to set in the west, Fomalhaut can be seen rising in the east, low on the south eastern horizon during evenings. Thus Fomalhaut is considered the celestial herald of Autumn in the northern hemisphere on Earth. In the southern hemisphere, it is the messenger of Spring. The larger and brightest stars in the heavens have long been used as directional and seasonal markers by human beings and over the last two hundred years, astronomers have devised a system of classification to describe magnitude, type, color, and luminosity of the major stars visible from our planet. Astrophysics is an accurate science categorizing and quantifying by calculations, the distance from earth and factoring in age, composition, volumes and masses of individual objects in the observable universe.

Fomalhaut is a magnitude 1 star in the same class with Spica of Virgo, Regulus of Leo, Arcturus in Bootes, Vega in Lyra, Deneb in Cygnus and others. In this scale of brightness, 1 is the brightest class in apparent magnitude. Luminosity is the intrinsic or absolute brightness of a celestial body and is calculated when the star reaches its Zenith or highest point above earth horizons. The different colors of stars was a study by Secchi who developed the first spectral index for the stars in 1863-67. His system was improved upon by Pickering in 1890 and then by Cannon and Fleming who developed the precursor to the currently used MKK system of classification (after Morgan, Keenan and Kellerman). There are 13 main classes of stars, 10 of which are further subdivided into 10 subclasses each. Using an elemental spectrometer the chemical elements of gases and molecules can further identify the makeup of the stars.

Fomalhaut is hydrogen dominant with singly ionized metals which contributes to its blue-green-white color and is designated as a spectral class A type star. Color of a particular star is signified by an Upper Case Letter, while Arabic numerals denote temperature class and Roman numerals denote class of luminosity. Scientific astronomic classification examples: Fomalhaut; A1 v and Antares; M1 ib. To locate a star on a star chart, the Greek alphabet letter identifies any particular star if the proper name is not used. Frequently the letter alpha identifies the largest brightest star in a constellation.

As is the penchant of descriptive analysis of the human mind, every kind of objects noted in the skies by the naked eye and through telescopes and radio wave instruments, is coded with a specific classification designation, including variable stars, double stars, clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. When one finds the correct documentation, and knows the code used, universes of information become available to the curious mind.

Of course, personal observation is always an adventure. The planet Jupiter rules the night skies, rising in the constellation Gemini, as a huge yellow light. Look for it east of the Taurus constellation with the V of the bull’s horns and Pleiades cluster. Venus will be gracing the pre dawn skies in the constellation Leo, rising in the east after Jupiter. Ambient light from the earth’s very atmosphere is in constant flux due to moisture, particles, seasons, visibility and lights from concentrated human habitations. To distinguish colors of stars by eyesight, early twilight is best because the value contrast is soft between background sky and the points of light, making the pastel tones easier to see. This is a true delight.

Another phenomenon to look for is the Zodiacal Light, which is best seen in our Northern Hemisphere at predawn around the Autumnal Equinox and in early evening after sundown near Spring Equinox. The main axis is along the ecliptic path for approximately 90° and is confined to the region of the Zodiac constellations. Depending upon various contributing factors, on occasions, it can be 2-3 times as luminous as the Milky Way. On a clear still night away from distractions look for the Milky Way, created by a concentration of billions of stars and interstellar gas lying near the plane of our galaxy.

Enjoy these beautiful autumn evenings as well as the days of Indian Summer.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

September 22-23, 2012 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Summer Solstice   June 20-21, 2012 c.e.

Investigating cycles and patterns, whether they be in the microcosm of persons and immediate environments, the greater world at large, or our galaxy and beyond, we find congruity in Universal Laws. There are cycles of time, growth, death, and regeneration in subcellular contexts, lifespans within species, ecosystems, planets and stars, each to its own nature.

Human beings have been intrigued by diversity to the point of obsession – that is, focusing upon differences. In the world of mathematics and quantum physics, scientists have worked diligently to find formulae which resolve and confirm everything to its simplest components and behavior. This research has brought us to the point where single inert particles are witnessed changing into Energy and recycling into entirely new ‘essential forms’.

This in itself is evolution in perhaps here-to-fore unimagined structures that are made up of types of matter less dense than can be yet quantified by mind or device. Qualities of energy can be discerned by sensitives, taking up space which can only be partially identified by current technology apparatuses. There may be no need to comprehend all these Mysteries in order to be aware of their existence.

To be flexible, adaptive and centered in one’s true nature, regardless of currents of distracting external influences is an important key to both physical and psychological survival. A spiritual core is most helpful whether it be a collectively expressed religion or an individual belief system. We then come to the concept of the quality of ‘thought forms’ and the marriage of Spirit and Matter to guide one’s behavior throughout the lifetime.

Thoughts are both energy and matter as they are produced by the soul and mind through the functioning of the physical brain. This occurs in conjunction with pure energy traveling through the nervous system of the organism. In turn, the marriage of the soular personality invested in the lifeform and the material nourishment ingested in reoccurring cycles, allows an individual to be receptive to ‘ideas’. The human imagination is boundless.

In ancient cultures and many existing to this day, human interaction with the Cosmos (defined as a harmonious and orderly system) acknowledges that everything is part of a whole; much like the Mandelbrot/Julia Sets suggest everything is reflected in everything else. Here we come to the Mobius strip conceived by A. F. Mobius, German mathematician 1790-1868 a.d., which has been illustrated as the Infinity symbol by metaphysicians down through the ages.

Also the Spiral as a representation of evolvement both metaphorically and literally as motion and change through time is reflected in the double helix of the DNA molecule. Life, ever changing through cycles of time. These examples of patterns and simplicity, beautifully illustrate the Oneness in Universal Existence and intermesh so perfectly that Divine Consciousness can not be disputed.

The Mayan Calendar that modern people have access to at this time ends with calculations up to what has been correlated to the Gregorian Calendar to be approximately 2012 a.d. or c.e. The present was 500 years into their future during the time when the Daykeepers actively worked out these cycles of the planets and luminary bodies. Since their culture was brought to a

traumatic end so abruptly, and their knowledge in math and astronomy was almost annihilated, no one was left to continue the work. This should not necessarily be interpreted as ‘the end of the world’ but perhaps the end of several converging cycles in the known universe; to begin all over again, as all cycles do.

These viewpoints are alternatives to common perspectives which inundate the population through mass media and religious dogma. Metempyrion fully recognizes and honors traditions and prophecies handed down through time around the world. The difference we present is in the interpretation of those teachings. There are at least three possible interpretations for each of the sagas; Hopi Prophecy, End of Days, Apocalypse, and the Sidereal/Planetary Cycles of time.

Earth changes are natural occurrences which have been and shall always be part of a living planet. That the massive human population now takes up areas on every part of the globe precipitates that some group somewhere will experience tragedy during a natural shift caused by weather or movement of matter making up the planet. Natural catastrophes are exacerbated by the greed of humans willing to make war over material resources, combined with a lack of understanding of forces beyond our control. Any number of these could be called ‘Holocausts’.

Interestingly in the Book of Revelations of the New Testament in the Bible, the story ends with God living among men on Earth in the new world in an age of Peace. According to Sanskrit scriptures the Kali Yuga is expected to rage on for thousands of years in the cycles of man. The Mayan long day calendar and that of the Hindu have many similarities. In the meantime, Metempyrion offers a reasonable Path of Action to survive challenges and changes experienced in the Now.

Let us look at what’s happening in our solar system in 2012. The annular (partial coverage by the moon) solar eclipse of May 20th could be seen with dark glasses, across parts of North America, Asia and Russia. Although not as intense as a total eclipse, the duration was longer. Mars and Saturn are visible after dark; Jupiter can be seen in the dark hours of the morning and Venus will continue to be the morning star until December.

The New Moon or the dark of the moon, arrives on the 19th of June just before the Solstice. If a person feels vacillating currents in decision making and emotional expression, it may be due to this lunar cycle. Because of the nearness to Solstice, there may be delays with projects both just beginning and in process. There will be an energetic fluctuation as a sustained effect caused by the Lunar and Solar interaction this month into July. Patience and prudence are a good course to take at this time. Perseverance will be rewarded later in the year.

*Metempyrion Press article on the Mayan Calendar post date 12/19/11 may give more detailed information about these amazing observations and calculations. For a better understanding of the philosophy of the Metempyrion Foundation, see the article Journey of the Soul at

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

June 20-21, 2012 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Spring Equinox   March 19-20, 2012 c.e.

Documentation exists that as early as 1534 BCE Egyptian astronomers recorded and predicted orbits and eccentricities of planets in the solar system. Euclidean geometry has been used as a reliable method since 300 BCE. Babylonian, Chinese, and Mayan calendars all recognized the probability that the movements of these bodies have influence on the inhabitants of planet Earth. Over the last five hundred years and since the invention of the telescope by Galileo, astronomers have been continuing to observe the events and patterns occurring among the planets.

The interplay among planets this Spring is extraordinary. The prominent planets appearing after twilight are sprinkled across a starlit sky like jewels during the night hours, and can be appreciated just by looking up. The luminous Venus at the end Aries appears in the west just after sundown, and on February 25th is conjunct the beautiful new crescent moon. Jupiter is positioned not far away in Taurus, and the communion between these 3 bright bodies as the moon comes conjunct to Jupiter February 27th, makes a lovely sight. Jupiter and Venus will not meet again until mid June.

The Moon travels on to conjunct Mars just past midheaven in the first degrees of the constellation Virgo, March 7th. This rendezvous is especially exciting as Mars has been hovering impatiently in Virgo, first moving forward then retrograde to culminate in joining with the Moon just before she waxes Full on March 8th. Mars is then left behind as the Moon courses on to flirt with Saturn still to the east in the constellation Libra on the 10th of March. All this interaction makes this March Full Moon particularly fascinating. By Spring Equinox, the waning crescent moon will only be visible in the early morning hours just before sunrise.

Before the equinox, Earth will pass by Mars in Virgo. As Earth catches up to Mars and swings ahead, this gives the impression that Mars is moving backwards or retrograde from our position. In February 2012 Mars reaches its closest approach to Earth since August 2003. At this time, the orbits of the Earth and Mars begin to converge and the bright orange red neighbor is easily spotted with the dominant Leo constellation close by. Mars is in direct opposition to the Sun at 13° Pisces on March 3, 2012, meaning Earth is directly between them.

Mars is in direct opposition to the Sun at 13° Pisces on March 3, 2012, meaning Earth is directly between them. The balance of masculine and feminine roles designated to the planets for thousands of years in the imagination of humans is thus; Venus feminine, Jupiter masculine, the Moon is female and Mars and Saturn signify male energy. The entire month of March will continue to be filled with wonderful cosmic events in the heavens that are visible to the human eye. The planets whose orbits place them across the solar system from the earth, on the other side of the Sun include Uranus, conjunct the Sun at 4’Aries on the 24th. Neptune, Pluto and Mercury, are all invisible during daylight hours on Earth.

If viewed from another perspective in the solar system, Earth, Mars and Saturn would all appear in relative proximity to each other. These planetary relationships do not happen every year or at the same times in the same locations of the celestial sphere. This makes 2012 unique. At Spring Equinox 2012, from Earth, the Sun appears in the first degree of Aries which means that the position in our planet’s orbit around the Sun is actually in the first degree of the constellation Libra. (See graphic simulation for a view of the solar system.)

What we are witnessing is the difference in time durations that individual planets take in their annual orbits around the Sun, our primary star. Since the earth is closer to the sun, our year, the time it takes earth to make a complete orbit around the sun, is less than that of the outer planets. The distance between the sun and earth is much less than that of Mars and planets beyond, so Earth is actually revolving around the Sun in a shorter amount of time. Just so, Mercury and Venus take less time to orbit the sun than the earth because they are closer to the sun.

(Calculations are revised from time to time)
Earth Year 365.25 earth Days (rotations on planetary axis)
Mercury 88 earth days
Venus 243 earth days
Mars 687 earth days
Jupiter 11.86 earth Years (revolutions of earth around the sun)
Saturn 29.65 earth years
Uranus c. 84 earth years
Neptune c. 65.95 earth years
Pluto c. 248 earth years

Even today, scientists study cycles of solar storms and prominences in order to predict the impact of radiation on planet earth and technology upon which our global community relies. The full impact of the March 10, 2012 solar storm which might have caused severe damage luckily missed the Earth because the path of orbit was moving away from the worst of the radiation burst from the Sun. The proximity of Mars at this time will also cause energetic disruption in life on Earth. Throughout time, humanity has been influenced by subtle energies due to these and other cycles within our solar system. Records of observations over time have confirmed there is some connection between collective behavior of humans and interaction of planetary bodies.

Although some people would contend these are merely coincidences, the repeated synchronicity can not be altogether discounted. We may not entirely understand the specific causes of the affects, however we can recognize shifts in attitudes and activities during periods of time when a repetition of cycles occurs. The duration that a particular planet resides in a specific constellation can be said to emit an identifiable resonance of energy that seems to be expressed on planet Earth as a reflection by the human population. This knowledge has been used to direct human activities on a massive scale in the past. Leaders of nations have used the Stars and aspects among the planets to great advantage. It hasn’t always worked, but with significant success to be a factor in decision making.

Of course, other factors to be taken into consideration are location on Earth, environment, ethnic beliefs, technological development, and free will choice making human relationship dynamics extremely complex. In the future, foresight of cosmic occurrences may help to balance and stabilize group and individual reactions to local events which might at first seem unconnected with the larger universe. In these times, we must concede we are an interactive global community and what happens in one part of the world, affects people elsewhere.

Instead of portents of mass self destruction and annihilation, perhaps a shift in comprehension to interpret planetary cycles as ‘energetic opportunities’, would be constructive. What other reason could there be to spend resources and time in scientific research of these matters, if not to learn how human beings can exist together on planet earth? This question includes the universal quest to find The Creator, our origin and perhaps life forms throughout the galaxy and beyond with which to share communion in a larger sense.

2012 is an exciting year of change and adventure to embrace. Vernal Equinox is the rebirth of life forms on Earth. It is the time to release the old paradygm of sorrow in death and reach into the future with the renewal of Life. Celebrate the season and rejoice.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

March 19-20, 2012 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Winter Solstice   December 21-22, 2011 c.e.

High in the Andes Mountains of South America, in the modern country of Peru, lies the central capital of the ancient Incan Empire. The word Cuzco the name of the capital city means ‘navel’ as in the birthplace of the culture and the people. Not many miles away is the ancient city of Machu Picchu, which is situated magnificently among mountain peaks. There the solid rock of the mountain was carved for a specific purpose at the temple of these worshippers of the Sun. Inti or Apu Punchau (the head of the day) was their god and progenitor. Every Winter Solstice the priests held a ritual to tether the Sun to the Earth at the Intihuatana, the hitching place of the Sun, so that it would return and renew life throughout the empire in the cycle of the coming year.* A form of these rites is still acted out by the native people.

The Inca were great astronomers and recorded the motions of Venus, and the other planets and stars, some of which were thought to be handmaidens to the Moon. The Pleiades protected the grains and harvests. Pachamama, Mother Earth and Nina, the god of fire were other major deities in the Incan Cosmogony.

Throughout the Incan Empire, gold was revered as it reflected the brightness of the sun. Masks, amulets, jewelry and other articles both sacred and mundane were finely crafted of this metal. Prayers to the gods were frequently accompanied by offerings of gold and silver, and many of these artifacts were stolen by the early Spaniards and melted down to make holy Christian objects. Some survived in tact from the older religion, and researchers have been able to learn how they were used. A custom in some regions was to hang small ornaments of gold upon a special tree during certain times of the year as blessings for the prosperity of humans, animals and crops. A tree with a llama (primary animal for clothing and food) standing beside it is an image frequently seen carved in stone.

This idea of selecting a chosen tree as a place of prayer and decorating it with tokens and amulets during celebrations, is a universal one of ancient origin. In Phrygia, the central Anatolia of olden days, numerous stone carvings depict a sacred tree sometimes called the Tree of Life, either bearing fruit or decorated for ceremonial occasions, with figures on either side in prayer. Egypt, Babylonia, India, Tibet and China all have myths surrounding the sacredness of trees. In Sakya Buddhism, the Buddha is said to have sat under the Bodhi Tree where he received enlightenment. Other significant trees are the Pipal (fig tree) and the Banyan. Brightly colored ribbons are hung on branches in celebrations. In Africa, the Baobab tree plays a dominant role in myths and legends.

In Persia, ancient Iran, Shab-e Chellah (Yalda) has been celebrated as the First Day of Winter, and also the birth of Mithras, the Sun God since before Zoroastrianism. Cedar, myrtle, and other evergreen trees are associated with ceremonies and rituals. Frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, are all resins from trees used as incense, for inducing peaceful states of mind. Palms, pomegranate, fig, and fruit trees of all kinds are mentioned throughout scriptures in symbolic and celebratory contexts. Other aromatic plants used include cedar, sage and that from which comes Tokal, of the Americas for incense, spiritual healing and cleansing. Every one is considered sacred for its special properties.

In Europe, the Gauls, Norsemen and Celts all celebrated Winter and Summer Solstices under and around trees. The Sacred Grove of the Druids usually was of Oak trees. Many cultures used the acorn as food, the nut being pounded into a flour and stored through the winter. Mean Gheimhridh, the Celtic midwinter ceremony is called the Serpent Day of Transformation. It is said that an Elder and a Birch tree stand as guardians at the gate to Annwn, the underworld and for 3 days at midwinter, the Sun God journeys through the darkness to be transformed for a new year. This is acted out at New Grange by New Druids of present day meeting there at dawn each year from December 19th through the 23rd to celebrate the birth of a New Year.

To many peoples in the Northern Hemisphere, this is known as a time when the Sun ‘stands still’. The phenomenon occurs as the sun reaches the Tropic of Capricorn, and is generally perceived to last three days at its southern most point on the Earth’s eastern horizon before it reverses on its course northward to Summer Solstice.

The sacred tree of the Teutons was a Giant Ash called the Yggdrasil or Divine Tree. The roots extended deep into the underworld while the branches carried souls of the departed to heaven. Yule is a Norse word for Wheel and the Yule Log signifies the joining of the old year with the new at the death of the one and the birth of another to continue the cycle of time as a Wheel. Traditions of bonfires at midwinter during the longest night occur throughout the world. Midwinter gatherings around an evergreen tree as a symbol of immortality, are as old as time. Holly is a symbol of good fortune and Mistletoe is considered the Seed of the Divine.

The Roman Brumalia, for Bruma meaning ‘shortest day’ was the Winter Solstice celebration later combined with the Saturnalia or Bacchus Festival of December 24th. These were early festivals of rebirthing the Sun. Pine trees, (source of pinion nuts) would be decorated with images of Bacchus.

Throughout Europe, part of the feasting in this season included hot spiced beverages. In England revelers followed the Holiday’s designated King and Queen in a procession through the orchard to a gather around a large apple tree and with cups held high, toasted the tree and nature spirits in gratitude for good harvests past and future. Vineyards were the gathering sites of this winter gaiety in more southern areas of Europe since before Roman times.

Christians still celebrate this festival time with wassail, gluhwein or similar drinks. Recipes vary widely depending on ingredients available. Spices used throughout the Middle Ages were expensive and difficult to get from far away exotic places. Favorites included cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, ginger, and sugar. Some people prefer only apple juice while others include ale or wine as a major ingredient. This is a popular recipe from Metempyrion gatherings:

The Christmas tradition of the lighted and decorated Christmas Tree is a continuation of these winter celebrations centered around a sacred tree. This year, the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah coincides with the Solstice as the first of 8 days commemorating the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem by Judas Maccabaeus in 165 B.C. The menorah, a candelabra of 9 branches and representation of the Tree of Life, is lit during this festival. A wide variety of fruits and nuts add to the feasting this time of year wherever people gather together.

In the American Southwest, to Hopi (Hopitu Shinumu meaning The Peaceful Ones), Zuni and Pueblo peoples, the Winter Solstice is a time to bring the Sun back from slumber. The underground Kivas, sacred places of magic are ritually opened at the beginning of the Wheel of the Year. The Kachina Season is begun, when human beings make prayers through purification and communication with the Spirits for prosperity in the coming year. Especially prepared corn and sacred incense are used in these rituals.

The Dogon of Mali celebrate Goru, Winter Solstice as a Last Harvest Ritual every year. This commemorates the arrival of Humanity from the sky god Amma, via Nommo, inside the Aduna Koro, the Ark of the World (the hollowed log of a tree). Beginning December 26th and for 7 days, Kwanzaa the celebration of family, community and culture is based on African harvest celebrations. Maulana Karenga developed the holiday in 1966 which is recognized around the world by people of African decent. Each day a candle is lit and one of the seven principles of the gathering is the focus.

In our solar system this month, Jupiter is conjunct with the moon on Dec. 6th and is a lovely sight in Taurus as the moon is coming full. Mars is square the moon at a 90° angle on Dec. 9th, which suggests agitated emotions the day before a total lunar eclipse at Full Moon on Dec. 10th in Gemini. This eclipse can be seen during the night in Hawaii, and throughout Asia, most of Europe, eastern Africa, and Iceland. The western U.S.A. and northern Mexico can observe it just before the dawn of the following day. Venus can be seen in the west after sundown for the entire month.

The Geminids Meteor Shower around the 13th is an explosion of falling stars at 85 per hour but so close to full moon may not be easy to appreciate. The Ursids Meteor Shower near the polar star, occurring over the Winter Solstice Dec. 20-22, though with less frequency, should be more visible after the 3rd quarter phase of the moon.

As the moon continues to swing through the elliptic of the celestial constellations, it engages each planet in turn and passes by to the next on its monthly journey. Near the solstice, the Sun comes 60° sextile to Saturn on the 19th which can be seen as a stabilizing force, particularly as Saturn is considered the ruler of Capricorn the Winter Solstice constellation. It is for this reason, that the Roman Saturnalia or seasonal festival was named. Saturn was a powerful patriarch in the pantheon.

On the 20th, Venus is square Jupiter, and on the 22nd the Sun is trine Jupiter and square Uranus. All of these aspects translate to making Jupiter a major player in the solar system this season. The planet Jupiter has always been a symbol of power, prosperity and the principle of expansion. When Jupiter goes direct relative to all the other planets on the 24th, we should notice a powerful thrust into the New Year, 2012. On the 30th, the Sun will be in conjunction with Pluto, at 7° Capricorn, which sets both a tone of finality and closure for the end of the year, and of potential regeneration. Hopefully, this may be interpreted as the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new sense of cooperation in the next year.

What gives one pause, is that according to the American Ephemeris, between December 20th and 22nd, the Moon—Scorpio, Sun—Capricorn, Venus—Aquarius, Uranus—Aries, and Jupiter—Taurus are all at 0° of a constellation. This indeed connotes many ‘new beginnings’ at Winter Solstice 2011.

And so as the old year dies and the burning Yule Log symbolizes new life by the light of the fire, the Sun is brought forth at the dawn of a whole New Year. Enjoy the season and the starry nights. Choose your tree and your ornaments with care and blessings as people have done for thousands of years around the world.

Happy Celebrations.

*Note: The Winter Solstice in Peru which is south of the Earth’s equator, is celebrated at the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice as the cycle of the seasons is reversed. When the Sun appears directly over the Tropic of Cancer, it is the time of least influence in the Southern Hemisphere. See Planetary Cycles Summer Solstice 2008 for further explanation.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

December 21-22, 2011 c.e. Earthtime

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Autumn Equinox   September 23, 2011 c.e.

At Equinox, the light of our Sun, the local star strikes the Earth at the equator and for a brief moment in time, both southern and northern latitudes of the globe share almost equal distribution of the sun's energy. Due to the tilt of the earth on its axis, there is a difference between Spring Equinox and Autumn Equinox as to which hemisphere receives the rays more directly. That phenomenon is what triggers cycles of growth or decline in the life forms on Earth, and determines the Seasons. Because we are directly linked with the Sun, there are many correlations between changes on the surface of the planet and in the atmosphere, and what is happening in the cycles of the Sun, our primary star.

The connection between solar activity and terrestrial cycles is an area of ongoing research. Sunspots were first observed in Europe with the invention of the Galileo telescope in 1610. One of the most dramatic correlations is the extended period of relative inactivity in Sunspots between 1645 and 1715. This is referred to as the 'Little Ice Age' and recorded throughout Europe and China as much colder than normal, resulting in longer winters, failing crops and frozen rivers. This caused starvation and because rivers were the main thoroughfares, trade and communication were shut down.

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth

Graphic Simulation of Positions in the Orbit of Earth around the Sun

Near the end of the 18th century, Sir William Herschel speculated that certain events on the Earth such as the growth of wheat, correlated with the cycles of solar activity. Around 1843, a German apothecary named Schwabe noted that the positions of the sunspots changed suggesting the Sun's rotation on its axis, and calculated this to take 27 earth days to complete.

The period between 1645-1715 is frequently referred to the Maunder Minimum because the accumulated data by both G. H. Sporer and Dr. Maunder noted a correlation between sunspot activity and the Aurora phenomena of the North Polar region of the earth, which led to research into atmospheric and magnetic effects caused by Sunspots. As observations continued, other changes in sunspot activity began to be noticed. In 1849, the Zurich Observatory in Switzerland began to record the number of sunspots visible monthly and yearly, which continues to this day. A cycle which varies between 9 and 11.5 earth years as the number and amplitude waxes and wanes is well documented over time.

The Royal Greenwich Observatory has accumulated data since 1874 to find that most sunspot activity occurs in the latitude bands on either side of the sun's equator, and as the amplitude of the activity increases, these seem to spread towards the equator as the cycle progresses. The Royal Greenwich Observatory and the US Air Force Solar Optical Observing Network have shared information since 1977. NASA also uses this compiled data to predict sunspot activity which causes disruption in radio and satellite transmissions and missile launches. See Marshall Space Flight Center Solar Physics Branch research for current graphs by Wilson, Hathaway, and Reichmann.

An exceptionally high activity cycle was recorded in 1800-1822. In recent years, 2009 was particularly low in sunspot activity recorded as having 260 'spotless' days. In 2010 there were 51, and in 2011 as of September only 2 'spotless' days, which means the earth has been exposed to accompanying radiations and emissions more and more. The magnetic activity that accompanies sunspots can produce dramatic changes in the ultraviolet and soft X ray emission levels which cause important consequences in the earth's upper atmosphere.

Most recently geomagnetic aa index levels directly related to sunspot activity have been used to predict future trends by Joan Feyman and others. In 1995, numbers were low; 2000-2001 numbers reached a dominant high, and decreased again to a low in 2009. As the waxing in amplitude of sunspots is escalating, the high point of the cycle expected between 2013-2015 is predicted to be of much less intensity than the 2000 high, and then waning to a low in 2020.

The questions that come to mind are: What other Solar phenomena cause changes on earth? Photographs taken of the Sun during eclipse show dramatic changes in the Sun's Corona during maximum sunspot activity and minimum cycles. Changes in the Earth's magnetic field occur just before a cycle of minimum sunspot activity. What else is being affected by the sunspots, flares and prominences occurring on our Sun?

Professor of history, Raymond Wheeler, University of Kansas traced back 2,500 years to find that wars occur in cycles on earth which are directly related to the sunspot cycles on the sun. Dr. Buryl Payne, former physics professor at Boston University has spent much of his career researching the causes of human collective consciousness and how behavior is affected by cosmic energies. The research implies that the typical reasons; economics, religion and ethnic differences can not be the only causes for massive destructive behavior. He goes on to state that "the cycles of war are in phase with sunspot cycles which cause disturbances in the Earth's geomagnetic field and can produce changes in blood chemistry. When glands and the endocrine system are altered, emotional changes can be produced." If this is so, and we are aware of how cosmic energies influence our chemistry and hence our behavior, perhaps we are able to modify or adjust our actions by responsible conscious thought.

Metempyrion fully recognizes and honors traditions and prophecies handed down through time around the world. The difference we present is in the interpretation of those teachings. There are at least three possible interpretations for each of the sagas; Hopi Prophecy, End of Days, Apocalypse, and the Sidereal/Planetary Cycles of time. According to Sanskrit scriptures the Kali Yuga is expected to rage on for thousands of years in the cycles of man. The Mayan long day calendar and that of the Hindu have many similarities.

Earth changes are natural occurrences which have been and shall always be part of a living planet. That the massive human population now takes up areas on every part of the globe precipitates that some group somewhere will experience tragedy during a natural shift caused by weather or movement of matter making up the planet. Natural catastrophes are exacerbated by the greed of humans willing to make war over material resources, combined with a lack of understanding of forces beyond our control. Any number of these could be called 'Holocausts'.

People have free will to believe and behave as they choose, collectively and individually. With that free will, comes the intelligence and responsibility of right action. Interestingly in the Book of Revelations of the New Testament in the Bible, the story ends with God living among men on Earth in the new world in an age of Peace. Some would interpret that to suggest that human beings can evolve emotionally by a better understanding of our responses to stimuli within the environment.

Other cosmic energetic influences this month include Pluto going direct in Capricorn while Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune remain in retrograde motion relative to the Earth's orbit until later in the year. Mars moves out of Cancer which tends to dampen its power, and into Leo a fire sign two days before the Equinox. Many people may feel a burst of energy with this transition.

Equinox is both physically and metaphorically
the moment between Light and Darkness

For more complete information see the sources referenced in this article. Archaeoastronomy, Astrophysics, and Meteorology of the planet are all subjects recommended for study to understand the Planetary Cycles. In the meantime, Metempyrion offers a reasonable Path of Action to survive challenges and changes experienced in the Now. To learn more about the philosophy of the Metempyrion Foundation, see the article Journey of the Soul at


Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

September 23, 2011 c.e. Earthtime

Autumn Equinox alignment

Summer Soltice   June 21, 2011 c.e.

From beyond the beginnings of time, as we shall call the time before people first came together in groups to build permanent villages which later became great cities, humans have believed in one God. Depending upon the habitat in which they lived, many natural powers were known to be important influences over life and death. The wind could destroy structures, the rivers could become floods causing devastation and disease, trees could fall and droughts could scorch and devour by flames all living things.

Over all these things, there has been a Supreme Being. The two great luminaries seen from the planet, the sun and moon, brought the order of cycles of seasons. Many stories of how cultures and civilizations arose began with the interaction between the Sun and the Moon and how each was created to reign over a part of every twenty-four hour day, every month, every year and every aeon. In western Africa, people have a variety of cosmogony legends about the Sun and Moon and how they were created. A group of Senegambia people called the Serers tell this story:

'One day the Sun's mother and the Moon's mother were bathing naked in a waterfall. The Sun turned his back so as not to see his mother naked, but the Moon looked very keenly at her mother. After the bath, the Sun was called by his mother who said: "My son, you have always respected me, may God bless you! You did not look at me in the waterfall; and as you turned your eyes away from me I pray God that he will allow no living being to look steadily at you." The Moon was called in turn by her mother, who said: "Daughter, you did not respect me in the waterfall, and you stared at me as if I were some bright object, so I want everyone to be able to look at you without ever tiring his eyes."'

Peoples from the Congo and Angola call their supreme being Zambi who lives in the sky. He is the supreme judge after death. The Bomitaba people tell this story:

"Once upon a time there were two suns. The one we have now and the moon. It was very tiresome for mankind, which being constantly in heat and light could not rest comfortably. One day one of the suns suggested to the other that they should bathe, and pretended to jump in a river; the other threw itself in and was quenched. Since that time there is only one sun, and though the moon lights men it no longer warms them."

                                                                    from Mythology of Black Africa
                                                                    The Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology

This year between two Partial Eclipses of the Sun, one occurring on June 1st in the constellation Gemini and one on July 1st in the constellation Cancer, the Full Moon at 24' of Sagittarius occurs on June 15th just a few days before Summer Solstice. The Moon is fully eclipsed from the light of the Sun by the Earth on that day. This eclipse will be visible to people in Australasia, Japan, India, Africa, part of Europe, and South America. None of these events will be visible in the continental U.S.A., due to the daily 24 hour cycle of the planet and also the ecliptic arcs of the luminaries involved.

The June 1st partial solar eclipse will be visible in Eastern Asia, Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, Northern Canada, and Northern Alaska. The July 1st partial solar eclipse can be seen briefly in the southern oceanic areas, and in Africa and Antarctica.

All these eclipses both full and partial during this period suggest that the season will be one of adjustment and fine tuning felt worldwide in the cosmic and energetic interrelationships between Sun, Moon and Earth. The effected latitudes are subarctic and higher temperate zones in both northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth. These phenomena are provocative for contemplation involving cosmic energies.

In the midst of all these events is the Summer Solstice on June 21st, marking the Sun's annual transit into the Constellation Cancer. On this day aspects among the planets of the solar system include Mercury square Saturn at a 90' separation and Mars square Neptune, which will together be felt as a tenseness in both mobility and communications.

Leading up to the actual Solstice, the planets in the solar system will fluctuate in and out of specific harmonic relationships with Neptune going retrograde on June 2nd. Jupiter comes into sextile aspect with Neptune on June 8th which is generally a time of truce, but not dramatically so when either planet is in retrograde motion as is the case here. On June 9th, Venus moves into Gemini which adds softness to verbal communications, and on June 12th, Saturn which has been retrograde will return to a direct motion in the constellation Libra until reappearing as retrograde in February of 2012. The message here would seem to be 'take advantage of the relative peace while it lasts'. The Moon conjuncts and occults Venus on June 30th, so emotions may be hidden, but only briefly.

As these critical times on the planet continue to fluctuate and shift causing confusion and aggression between populations around the world, the concept that collective consciousness may be adversely affecting earth changes already in motion has been brought forward. This is one opinion expressed by shamans who remain the watchful guardians within their respective territories and can not be entirely disregarded.

In modern lingo: "We create our own reality." If we truly believe we have some power to control our existence and our environment through free will, then we must concede that by our intentions, we can bring about harmonious change. Prayers and good thoughts become more important than ever to sustain optimism and peace of mind. By participating in these activities, we influence the people around us and the global community at large.

Gather together in joy and harmony, looking forward to the new times as we evolve with the Earth in willingness rather than resistance; in openness rather that fear; in communion with All in the cycles of time.


Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

June 21, 2011 c.e. Earthtime

Summer solstice alignment

Vernal Equinox   March 20, 2011 c.e.

The Vernal Equinox as the Sun passes into the constellation Aries falls on March 20th, and coincides with the Jewish Purim on that Sunday this year. The Full Moon occurs the day before as it transits the cusp between Virgo and Libra. These two celestial events do not always occur so close together because of the differences in the two respective cycles. Also this year the Moon is in apogee, at its closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit around the planet. This will not happen again until 2029. Therefore, this Vernal Equinox will be a particularly bright one.

In most ancient traditions, the Spring Equinox was celebrated as an awakening of life after the darkness of winter. In Wyoming the Big Horn Medicine Wheel is a large circle of stones with radiating spokes from a central place. This circle is about 80 feet in diameter and has 28 spokes made up of lines of light colored stones on the ground. It appears that these spokes mark cycles of the moon. Events at solstices and equinoxes may have been acted out here for ages, as special marker stones align with sunrise and sunset at such times. There are also stone markers that align with the rising and setting of certain significant stars and constellations at specific times of the year. This is currently a sacred site for Native Americans who come to leave prayers and offerings to the spirits on occasions throughout the year.

Peoples of the Americas have always looked to the sky and used the cycles of Sun and Moon to guide their lives. The changes of the seasons with noted signs in the night skies guided people to the best times to hunt, fish, plant and travel to new locations. The Morning Star Venus and the coming and going of prominent constellations inspired creation stories to be handed down through generations. The tradition of seasonal celebrations is an ancient one based on the cycles of Life on Earth. These ceremonies are celebrations of Joy and Gratitude. A sense of generosity and sharing is also engendered at these celebrations. Gifts and offerings to spirits are made so that in return individuals and the community as a whole will be blessed with health and prosperity. Food shared is always an important part of festivities.

Prayers, stories and music also play a part in celebration. This is a beautiful prayer from Navajo legends:

Ceremony of the Night Chant

In beauty (happy) I recover.
In beauty my interior becomes calm.
In beauty my eyes retain their power.
In beauty my head becomes cool.
In beauty I walk.

Impervious to pain, I walk.
Feeling light within I walk.
With lively feeling, I walk.

In beauty, abundant dark clouds I desire.
In beauty, abundant dark mist I desire.
In beauty, abundant passing showers I desire.

Vernal Equinox is seen as the return of life and prosperity as the planting is begun for the new crops and later harvest. Peoples of the Americas seek harmony and communion with the universe. Ceremonial practices strengthen the spiritual relationship between humans and the creative powers of the cosmos. For the Hopi people, the Night Dances are held in the Kivas, below ground or in the dark during the month of March. It is only later in April that Dances are again held in the outdoor plaza in sunlight. The Kachina spirits are called upon for their participation as intermediaries between humans and the forces of nature.

Ceremonies of beauty and power fulfill the spiritual needs of the participants, regardless the forms or languages used. We all share a common delight in drama, costumes and ritual. Prayers are an expression of hopes, dreams, and visions. All of humanity shares these qualities and we are living in an age where contact with cultures other than our own brings us in touch with a wide range of diversity from which we can learn many things.

Looking at the positions of the planets in the solar system and how they relate to each other, we find that this is a very busy time. At Full Moon in Virgo the Moon is in opposition to the Sun in Pisces on the 19th, the day before Equinox. As Uranus is also on the cusp of Aries, the Moon is also in opposition to this planet briefly before passing by and moving through the Libra constellation. Oppositions are usually intense aspects and depending upon the unique planetary interplay can be adversarial, causing disruption in the human collective consciousness.

Saturn is exalted in the constellation Libra and will continue to reside there for some time. Currently, Saturn is the only planet in retrograde motion. All the others are viewed from the Earth as moving forward through the backdrop of constellations. As it delays in Libra, the 'Lord of Karma' acts as strong balancing force for the activity in Aries. When it turns direct in June, the power of Saturn and the quality of discipline will be very noticeable.

Several planets are clustered near the cusp of Pisces and Aries which now are particularly activated by the fact that the Sun will cross over to Aries at the Equinox. This must be acknowledged as a highly significant time. The Sun is exactly conjunct Uranus on March 20th at 0' Aries which could be transmuted into disruptive activities on Earth.

As Uranus is considered a higher octave planet, powers of intuition will be enhanced which is necessary to survive the abrupt shifts in continuing Earth changes. The Sun is the dominating factor at this time with increased sun spot activity which is expected to cause disruption on Earth. As we see, over the course of the last few months, the tectonic plates around the Pacific Rim are all responding to these highly volatile and unstable energies. Throughout history, increased upheaval, and wars in the human population on earth have been documented as occurring synchronistically with cycles of increased sun spot activity.

This is a time to be mindful of human activity and technological developments which may be more harmful in the long term outweighing the immediate privileges granted. How fragile are nuclear installations? Do we have the necessary skills and knowledge to offset the damage which is very probable considering the powerful forces of nature. Have these gigantic factors been realistically taken into consideration? Be aware, look around and know what you see is real. Consider your role as interactive and not isolated. How can you change your negative thought forms and actions into positive creative ones? What you do with your life makes a difference in the world around you. Be true to yourself. Act on your intuition and personal wisdom.

The Sun comes into conjunction with Jupiter early in April, and as aspects among the planets become more compatible, we can expect a most needed energetic respite. The common factor that we all share is life on the planet Earth. All of us are equally dependent and involved in the planetary cycles. Let us rejoice in the return of newness and the beginning of Spring. Let us hold peaceful and caring thoughts in our minds every day.

(For a basic meditation technique to learn how to be at peace, see the article 'About Meditation.')

Graphic Simulation of Positions in Transit of Planets
in the Solar System Relative to Backdrop of Stellar Constellations

March 20, 2011 c.e. Earthtime

Winter solstice alignment

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