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Manuscript on the Chemical Elements

The elements found in the matter of which the solar system is made have combined to create compounds with new properties through ages of time. Some elements remain in the gaseous state, others transform from solid to liquid to gas depending on temperature and pressure. A variety of metallic and non-metallic elements occur on planet earth. Natural processes which are active on the planet include digestion, distillation, dissolution, fermentation, filtration, fixation, fusion, precipitation, separation, and sublimation.

A chemical element is any substance that cannot be separated into different substances by ordinary chemical methods. The transmutation of elements and chemical compounds are what causes the planet Earth to be in a constant state of change. Chemical processes play a major role in forming and converting everything; all matter. Without these chemical elements and processes, the planet would not be able to support life.

Elements most usually occur in combination with others. An example is the atmosphere which is made up of several elements in compounds (which are formed by combining two or more elements in fixed proportions which then exhibit new characteristics). Minerals and crystals are formed by various processes and in combinations which alter color, texture and hardness.

A chemical formula is an expression of the exact proportion of each constituent in a molecular or structural compound using symbols and figures. An alloy is a substance that is a mixture, as by fusion of two or more metals or a metal with something other than metal causing an impurity which exhibits strength or versatility. An example is steel. Through metallurgy (the science of metals) mining, smelting and refining are processes used in India, China and elsewhere for five thousand years. Frequently combinations of acids, pressure, and heat are used to obtain quality products.

Figure 1.  The Chemical Galaxy I, an alternative periodic chart of the elements
Image from Phillip Stewart's

All forms of life on earth are made up of these basic elements in a variety of combinations, which have become complex in nature. Human beings are only able to survive on the planet because these processes have provided an environment that is compatible. Geological processes, plants and former lifeforms now extinct have all modified these basic components in significant ways, to provide the living planet of the present. The lifeforms on any planet, asteroid or other collection of matter are defined by the elements and processes existing in that locale. What is extraordinary is that with over 115 identifiable individual elements, and simple processes, myriads of forms both organic and inorganic become possible. More awesome in scope is that these elementary building blocks are combined in highly complex arrangements to form vitamins, and nutrients which create an abundance of organic lifeforms. DNA molecules are made up of proteins which themselves are nitrogenous substances consisting of a complex union of amino acids and chemical elements such as carbon, oxygen, iron, sulfur, iodine and other elements.

This is accomplished by the nature of living matter and is called biological transmutation; to change from one substance to another as to convert from one form to another in the process of cellular growth. Mutation of one species into another can occur over time, as in the evolution of lifeforms to more perfectly perform in a given niche in the environment.

Biological transmutation is chemical transmutation which is affected by lifeforms during the life cycle. Two natural processes performed during normal functions of a living organism are digestion and fermentation. All lifeforms consume elements and compounds available in the environment, break them down into components, and combine them inside their physical bodies for nourishment. What is not used is then returned into the environment through expiration or excretion. This happens on a molecular and cellular level so that minute quantities in solution can be absorbed and assimilated. Massive amounts of digested matter exist on the surface of the planet which continues the cycle of life.

The basic understandings of the interaction between elements and their affects on human health have been used by herbalists for many thousands of years to heal physical and psychological ailments. Metallic remedies have been used in powder form by apothecaries around the world to purge the most virulent diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, spirochetes, and poisons. Many remedies are blended in minute amounts or Parts per Million solutions in liquid conveyors such as water or alcohol and are found to be extremely effective as tinctures. Discovery is ongoing as specialists recall ancient wisdom and explore new frontiers in the field of balancing and blending elements found in the environment, for medical purposes. Hence we come to the interaction of the species Homo sapiens with elements on the planet earth which are either found in nature or combined by human beings into altered substances. These can either enhance or destroy life on a subcellular level, individually and globally.

Symbols of Chemical Elements

Periodical Charts of Elements used throughout the scientific community currently focus on an established name and the perceived structure of identified atoms. This concept was postulated in the 1600's A.D. and many physicists have come up with varieties of charts classifying known elements based on similar accepted theories. The number of known elements continues to increase with discovery.

The arrangement of chemical elements according to their atomic weights and properties relative to adjacent elements has been speculated by many scientists. The number of electrons attached to a nucleus of any particular element is always the same, which is identifiable to that element. In compounds with other elements, the proportion of atoms of each interacting element will be constant for the new substance: Water = H2 O (two atoms of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen), and Salt = NaCl (one atom of Sodium and one of Chlorine) are two examples which are abundant on Earth

Before using letters from the Roman alphabet and numerals from the Arabian system to designate each chemical element, other symbols were used by healers and alchemists. Certain associations between the planetary bodies in the solar system, minerals, metals and plants have for thousands of years been common practice on every continent. In many cases, interdimensional beings were said to have dominion over types of matter and forms. In some systems of thought, these connections between realms of reality are still used.

The earliest uses of the abundantly occurring substances which made life on the planet easier were gathering food and healing wounds and illnesses. Wood, shells, gourds, and clay earth were basic materials used before human beings began to make more durable items. By heating clay, more permanent containers could be fabricated. Later, dyes, and textiles became important. Metallurgists refined and worked metals for jewelry, containers, and tools.

Symbols which could be understood from one culture to another were originated to facilitate transfer of goods. Thus symbols were used as an early form of writing before alphabets and languages. The symbols used were derived by the alchemists, healers, and artisans who used chemicals in a variety of compounds to obtain the desired results in specific crafts.

The symbols travelers were most familiar with were those used to navigate by star reckoning, and annual seasons. Hence, many of the early designations for chemicals and chemical processes were similar to the symbols for planets and seasonal changes. This was a simplified language accommodating exchange of goods for thousands of years across oceans and continents.

Healers and apothecaries used simple processes to produce mixtures and compounds of elements for healing purposes from earliest times. Plants which were used for medicinal purposes were associated with seasonal availability and identified with chemical properties as effects in the body were observed to correlate with pure elements or mixtures of concentrates. The earliest pharmaceuticals were made of powdered minerals and parts of plants. These substances are as effective today as they have been down through the ages.

Archaic Symbols of Chemical Elements

The list of commonly used elements and compounds shown here has been handed down for several thousand years. The symbols are made up of shapes which connote either a sign that identifies the specific quality for which the element is known, or a clue as to the process required to obtain a usable quantity (fire, precipitation, condensation, etc.)

Figure 2:  Archaic Symbols of Chemical Elements

Archaic Symbols of Natural Processes

These processes occur in nature, on the surface of the planet, in the exchange of atmospheric gases, in water solution and on land by interaction of weather conditions, plants and minerals in the soil. These processes are also active at subterranean levels in the interior of the planet Earth.

Ages ago human beings observed the outcome of these processes upon substances in the environment, and by experimentation, began to use them to enhance living conditions. The observation that these processes could be speeded up by the controlled use of fire, greatly advanced the social development in populations of Homo sapiens. Two of the earliest fields of development were healing and the manufacture of pottery. The fabrication of utensils and vessels expanded by many different processes, metallurgy came later.

As signs became helpful for communication between peoples, these symbols were used in context to describe certain useful processes required to obtain desired results and products.

Figure 3:  Archaic Symbols of Natural Processes

The most noticeable aspect of these charts is the human need and capacity to separate, identify and categorize components in the environment. One motive may be curiosity; however a simultaneous motive is that of need; rather how any element or combination of elements can be used by what processes to enhance living conditions of the individual or the population.

Exposure to toxic substances, ingested or inhaled can impair judgment by inhibiting higher mental functions for example, understanding of the difference between right and wrong. This causes an inability to think rationally. Other brain activities can be blocked causing loss of coordination and death. Caution is recommended when experimenting with chemical elements. Combinations can be poisonous immediately and also cause long term irreversible damage on cellular and molecular levels in individuals and populations. One common example is mercury poisoning.

Poisoning of the atmosphere, water supply, and soil by careless manufacturing procedures over the last three hundred years has compromised the living environment on planet Earth. Toxicity is found in food and water supplies worldwide. Technical information alone is not adequate for the evolution of Homo sapiens to proceed as destined. When foresight is not present in a significant ratio of a species population, annihilation will occur. Farsightedness is the ability to perceive the outcome of actions and taking responsibility for the effects of those actions. Right actions support life on the Planet Earth.

Survival on the earth is governed by Natural Laws. Homo sapiens has the choice of participating within the natural system on planet Earth or choosing to rebel out of arrogance. In the present, the idea that humans can transform natural laws to suit themselves without consequence has brought the species to the brink of extinction. The entire planet and all lifeforms are at risk, and that is something no species has the right to control. For thousands of years, human beings have not had this massive impact they have today. One major part of the equation is the population of the species. Overpopulation currently strains resources worldwide.

Figure 4.  The Habashi periodic chart of the elements, an alternative chart formulation
First published by F. Habashi in
Metals from Ores. An Introduction to Extractive Metallurgy,
Metallurgie Extractive Quebec, Sainte-Foy, Quebec 2003

Scholars have said that in the distant past, human beings were even more powerful, and because they abused powers they had obtained, whole civilizations were decimated by natural forces. The humans remaining had to begin to build all over again. Knowledge and skills that were lost had to be reclaimed step by step. Individuals of vision and talent have always come forward to lead the social progress and spiritual evolution of the human communities.

The talent or intuition in knowing how to locate and combine ingredients to obtain desired results is an Art. With study, practice and acquired skills, the art becomes a reliable technique which can be taught to others possessing an aptitude in fields such as medicine and the manufacture of articles. Studies in chemistry and medicine have been fundamental in the evolution of human beings on the planet.

The science of alchemy is " early form of chemistry with philosophical and magical associations; its chief aims were to change baser metals into gold and to discover the elixir of perpetual youth..." As human kind continues these same quests, modern chemistry seems little changed in purpose. Alchemy is a significant part of Shamanism which has been with Homo sapiens from the beginnings of social interaction.

The speculations of Spirit and origin of the soul have long been a part of the questing for truth in the hearts of humans. Throughout time, these have been facilitated by guided ingestion of substances found on the planet which allow the mind to expand perceptions of the world and cosmos. How to interact with subatomic space and energies can be learned from Elemental Beings which are familiar with the elements and processes. Sometimes these can be contacted through dreams, or through rituals and magic practices of sharing consciousness. These mental explorations are called "inspirations".

Communication with Interdimensional Beings has been one method of gaining information for the good of the community at large. Regaining the power and continuity of wisdom passed down through the ages brings human kind into the present with an ancient collective foundation that is as valid today as in ages past. To understand more clearly why our souls have traveled to the Earth and invested in this lifeform, retracing the past is a requisite for the continued existence of human beings on this planet. To continue the quest of the soul, fundamental awareness of elements existing throughout the Universe is recommended.

† For purposes of this paper on chemical elements and processes, only naturally occurring combinations are referenced. Scientific alteration and radiation of atomic structure under laboratory conditions to experiment with modification of natural lifeforms and species are not included in this article.

Metempyrion Manuscript excerpt: Chemistry as Pertaining to Human Existence. 1971-76 C.E.