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The Soul's Celestial Path

Journey of the Soul

Earth as a Destination

The Sombrero Galaxy (M104)
Virgo Constellation

Souls are continually in motion throughout universes, galaxies, nebulae, star systems and planets. Beings take on many forms depending upon tasks to perform and elements available. Forms on different worlds are governed by the natural laws of elemental components in that region.

Myriads of Beings travel through space and time dimensions in bodies made of aetheric matter and energy of all kinds. When a soul comes to incarnate on a world, the factors which must be considered are; gravity, mass, volume, inertia, chemical elements, and types and quantities of radiation.

A Seyfert Galaxy (M77)
Ceti Constellation

These will determine the lifeform energy patterns to be most adaptive to the soular path expression for the duration of the lifespan in that existence. During condensation into matter, the soul may experience spiritual and emotional trauma, if the prior incarnation was completely dissimilar to the current one. A given destination may be more compatible to some souls than to others.

The Crab Nebula (M1)
Taurus Constellation

When the journey is one of extensive delays, transfers, or tremendous distance between galaxies, rather than within the same sector of Universe, multiple transitions may be necessary. With each, there may be an opportunity to participate in a lifeform designation on a local sphere or nebula cloud. Some environments would require energy patterns other than the human form could tolerate. The lessons or information accumulated by a soul in these travels leave recognizable markers within the soul memories, and become a collection similar to a career resume. When these are presented to a governing council in a region of the galaxy, effective placement can be granted to the individual soul.

The Butterfly Nebula (M2-9)
Norma Constellation

A transition will be difficult if the soul is unprepared for the structure of the DNA components and the given faculties of the chosen lifeform. In part this is defined by previous experience and expression of the soul in other lifetimes. Upon arrival at a destination world, the immediate responsibility of the individual entity is to become familiar with the invested lifeform and environment. Some environments may be more compatible than others and finding the most comfortable surroundings on a planet may take time.

The Pinwheel Galaxy (M101)
Ursa Major Constellation

All those beings drawn to this planet into corporeal body investment to complete planetary commissions should accept this opportunity as sacred. Only through the portal of birth, can souls be offered experiential evolution. In order to act out planetary assignment on this sphere, commitment to preserve and protect existing life processes is paramount. Assignment on this world may be similar to a prior commission elsewhere in the galaxy. Upon arrival here a soul may feel right at home.

Orion Nebula (M42)
Orion Constellation

Welcome to Souls remembering their off world origins. Those who are having difficulty feeling comfortable in physical lifeform investment called incarnation on this globe need to recognize that they are here for the duration of a Homo sapiens lifetime. If the body and or environment seem alien, souls can become acclimated for higher quality productivity through systems of entrainment, both mental, and physical. Souls who recognize they are on the Cycle of Involution, that is, coming to this planet to be ‘involved’ in this process, usually know their purpose for being here: To experience, to serve, to cherish all that is here, and to act as role models in guardianship of lifeforms and the Earth itself.

Surface of the Sun and Solar Flares

When the purpose of individual planetary commission has been forgotten, or confused by obstacles along the soular path, clarity must be restored. Frequency of vibration within the body must be harmonized with elementary atomic compounds available to bond compatibly. This must be done to facilitate maximum synchrony between individual will and action.

Sun Spots

Modification and direction may be required if you have arrived from off world and are experiencing disorientation due to static interference in lower astral or electronic dimensions, or if your selected physical body is having difficulty adjusting to the workload your personal soul came in to complete. If the chaos encountered is more severe than anticipated, techniques are available which can improve conditions in the immediate environment so the soul can pursue the destiny intended. When a soul finds oneself in a difficult incarnation, the lesson is to modify expectations and make the best use of the lifespan by adaptation. Any left-over lessons to be learned must then pass on to the next opportunity to invest in a lifeform as incarnate, and continue the Soular Journey. This may occur as a return to Earth, or be carried out in some other part of this galaxy. In some cases assignment to some far off section of the Universe may be the destiny of a soul.

The planet Pluto

If the mind or body is sensitive to changes of atmospheric (barometric) pressure, negative thought forms of others, or certain types of electrical currents found or used on this planet, there are ways to modify disabling effects. In order to fulfill planetary commission optimum functionability is required. The human life form is a tool to use to perform the purposes of the soul/spirit within. This body is the temple of the soul and must be protected.

The planet Neptune

Ingestion of incompatible substances, concentrates, hormones, and artificial preservatives can cause toxins which inhibit telepathic reception. Other substances which block high quality reception and transmission of information if misused; nicotine, alcohol, sugar, mammal flesh, (particularly if contaminated with artificial hormones and antibiotics).

The planet Uranus with rings

Foods containing manufactured chemicals of any kind are stressful to the organism and can diminish the quality of productivity. The brain cells can not convert enough trace minerals, or oxygen necessary to properly discern information received. Other organs necessary to maintain the body functions become overwhelmed trying to process unneeded material. Conversely, if the body is deprived of necessary elements to sustain cellular renewal, through deficiency or starvation, the lifespan will be limited. In either case, the body will cease to be useful. To prolong productivity in the lifetime of the organism, Homo sapiens, balance must be maintained. Proper ingestion, exercise, and elimination of waste (toxins) are essential in sustaining a productive and fulfilling existence.

The planet Saturn

Tracing earthbound origins through lineage is one method of becoming comfortable with personal destiny at any given moment in time. All methods of worship and styles of culture expressing reverence for Creation and gratitude for Being are acceptable. Any process which denies life and spirit must be abolished; first in the thought forms and habits of the individual soular personality, and then in community with others by combined effort. Prayer is an effective beginning to this process, which must ultimately be acted out through the physical faculties to be manifested in the environment.

The planet Jupiter

To feel fulfilled, souls which retain memories of past lives either on the planet Earth or elsewhere have a better chance of understanding their purpose in the present lifetime. Getting in touch with genetic memories can be helpful on one’s Soular Journey. Understanding the lifestyle of earth ancestors can guide one to finding the correct organic balance to maintain energy levels in a specific life form.

The planet Mars

Evolving souls who have returned to Earth from prior lifetimes here are urged to fulfill destiny by preparing the way for those souls coming into incarnation on the planet for the first time. This exchange of information can go on creating infinite harmony, as it should be in a gloriously bountiful garden, the Earth, gifted to us all by Creator.

Earth and the Moon

Messages received regarding the off world origin of a soul begin a quest to retrieve lost information about a soul’s journey to Earth, and reasons for being here at any particular time. In order to receive transmissions clearly and completely, static must be eliminated; garbled messages must be scrutinized for discrepancies, which should be deleted. Information which is destructive to the soular personality or physical existence is false. Minutia, and repetitive information can only be used as foundation material if currently relevant. Otherwise, it must be discarded so the evolution of the soul can occur to the highest degree possible in the short time frame of the lifespan of the individual organism. Spirit home identification can assist in obtaining a Universal perspective which must then be translated into right action on Earth.

The Moon of Earth

The use of chosen practices towards self realization to develop reliable contact with Higher Self is for many a preferred alternative to searching through lower astral contacts for information. Enlightenment begins with the Self. As an individual soular expression of Deity, to evolve further is not mandatory during any one lifetime on a planet. Only by completing good work can the soul be considered worthy to pass on to the next level of existence. Physical lifeforms will be furnished until soular lessons are learned and planetary commission (assignment) is completed. Contact with Universal Wisdom becomes possible without intermediaries of any kind, through Higher Self, Deity Connector.

The planet Venus

Needs of the evolving planet are also taken into consideration. If a particular being has acquired talents and wisdom during incarnations elsewhere which would enhance a collective planetary evolution process, that soul may be sent to a planet requiring those particular skills. Then the assignment is amenable and planetary commission will be anticipated before arrival. If a world is in a state of crisis, souls in the galactic or solar system vicinity with the desired abilities and knowledge, may be diverted from their expected destinations. In situations of this kind, no matter the distance, passage will be direct and in Cosmic Time reference, spontaneous. Only highly evolved, flexible and experienced souls are called into planetary service in this manner, and only if the conditions on the planet in question are extreme. The annihilation of a planet by the unevolved activities of a lifeform or species on that world is not acceptable. The opportunity to incarnate on a world is granted with the understanding that time spent in that location will be used to Evolve. That is, to grow in harmony with pre-existing elements and forms towards compassion, enlightenment and Godliness.

The planet Mercury

Incarnating into the Homo sapiens species is required for the Planet, if the disruption and contamination by souls already incarnated here are to be balanced and harmonized. This can only be done by manifested work acted out through the physical body. Remembering the purpose for coming to Earth is the beginning.

The tasks at hand require perception of that which is needed in global community, and proper custodial charge of planetary resources. Therefore, two processes are co-existent on the planet and occur simultaneously, each one enhanced by the other:

  1. The continuing evolution of lifeforms through generations towards perfection in harmony with planetary environment on Earth.
  2. The eternal continuation of everlasting Life not only on this planet, but as an irreplaceable Soular Destination in the scheme of the Journey of the Soul throughout universes.

From one who has arrived. Prism Azala entered this section of the Universe through the Isis Star Gate.

The planet Earth over India

Excerpts from Metempyrion Monologues: Journey of the Soul; Destination Earth 1968-78 C.E.
Hubble Space Telescope images are available at the Hubble Heritage Image Gallery