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Sacred Sites - Earth as a Multiple Dimensional Destination

Guardians and Stones

Earth as a Destination

Recorded in the Prism Diary, these extraordinary events took place in 1987.
A magical tale of discovery of heretofore unimagined possibilities came to light.


At a gathering of intellectuals, and explorers I happened to overhear a strange conversation. A tall man with an imposing manner and a voice of authority expounded on his own remarkable find in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

As is typical at such gatherings, a good bit of posturing was going on and some of his claims were hard to believe, to say the least. He was a scientist and a world traveler in the fields of archeology and geology, who had found some stones placed in ways so specific, that in his experience, glacial activity could not be responsible. He felt these stones might well predate other sites found, but the clues were so vague, like wisps of imaginings that he hardly knew how to proceed.

I had experience locating ancient sacred sites through a technique of divination, both on the American continent and abroad. My curiosity was piqued and I introduced myself. Treacy spread before me a history of research of this particular site over the last 12 years, which included extensive aerial photography, topographic mapping and close range video recording. He confessed that several psychics had been invited to the location over a period of years and yet all his accumulated data had revealed nothing identifiable. The purpose of the site and the builders responsible for the placement of the stones remained illusive.

No human evidence had been discovered, and as much of the site was on igneous bedrock, digging was impractical. Without some sign that the placement of the stones was intentional, his theory of human or conscious participation was moot. He found himself at a completely frustrating standstill.

Long into the night he and I spoke of the network of Ley Lines, energy lines crisscrossing the Earth used in ancient times by priests and sorcerers to gather power for magical purposes. He felt somehow this site in the Sierra Nevada Mountains was connected in some way with stories he’d heard about places on other continents. Since no record of such places on the North American continent seemed to exist, he had no foundation for his instinctual impressions of the place.

We set a time to meet several weeks later, before the snows made the pass impassible, and I aligned my work load to accommodate this exciting trek into another dimension. Years before in Europe, I had become lost in space and time at more than one location where the vortex of energies swept me away to ancient events. More recently, I had talked with a man from central Africa, who professed to have seen numerous standing stones, rocking stones and even dolmens throughout his country. Nobody there knew what they were or who had placed them. Some believed they were merely part of the landscape. I was sure I could recognize the energies and be able to tell the difference.

And so, with backpacks and assorted supplies including on Treacy’s part all kinds of recording equipment, and for mine, simple ceremonial instruments, we set out for the Sierras. The drive seemed endless. Through gorgeous country with magnificent vistas from farmlands to semi-arid hills we drove, and at last into mountain terrain of tall pines and huge rock formations defining the steep valley that was the pass.

We arrived near the site just before sunset, and I took out several small items from my pouch to make offerings as a rite of passage. Certain practices had become a way of life for me and where ever I have found myself, these gestures are comforting. My new associate was psychologically unprepared for this exercise and asked about it. He remembered witnessing similar practices in India, so we decided to burn some sage as the last remaining rays of the sun winked at us.

“Frequently, guidance and protection from the local spirits is helpful. Also, courtesy is appreciated and sometimes doors are opened which had been locked and invisible before. Exploration should be done with respect for beings in all realms residing here. Thank you for allowing us to be here.” I volunteered as an explanation. And so began a very intriguing episode.

It wasn’t until the following morning after a hearty breakfast and with packed lunches that we headed for the mysterious stones. I soon found out these were actually massive boulders. Treacy had a schematic map of the site he had developed through the years of research. As he led me from one special area to another, he shared non-stop any insights he had gleaned. These groupings or clusters of boulders were spread out over an area of three acres of rocky surface. They were interspersed with small patches of mountain flowers and other vegetation. One prominent point he had labeled Merlin’s Keep. A conspicuously placed light colored boulder was titled white tiger.

He explained, “That’s just so when I write about location and placement, I have reference points.” It seemed to me this man had created his own world here in this truly charming inexplicable place. Up and down and around he lead and I began to feel more and more disoriented, frustrated and confused. “…and here we have the Altar Stone.”

I froze stone still. “Why didn’t you bring me here first?” I asked in a completely disgusted tone, as I sat down on a flat slab of basalt outcrop. I took out my pipe, filled it with tobacco, and began to puff in contemplation. Just the silence while the man stopped talking was refreshing.

A focus of unpleasant energy became discernable. Suddenly, before my eyes appeared the Guardian of The Altar, and was he angry. This impressive figure of dark complexion and towering posture vented his ire at being neglected and ignored for ages of time. He was dressed in what I could only guess was a kilt of black and green and a turban of black feathers or fur, I couldn’t quite make out which. My confusion lifted and new awareness was bestowed!

Coming out of my reverie I shouted, “You brought me in the back door! Is that the way you always enter this magical place? No wonder you can’t make heads or tails. This Guardian is furious! Have any of you people ever brought offerings? What have you done here? This is a mess!”

“Well.l.l…,” he started pensively, “there were some shards of rock left under the big black stone. See how it’s mounted on the other rock and has three support stones holding it aloft? It’s a dolmen, or at least, a perched rock.” His scientific observation was accurate.

“Yes, of all this arbitrary labeling, this is by coincidence the Altar Stone. What did you do with the shards?”

“I took them away for further investigation.”

I was really getting irritated now, “Away where, for what purpose? Did you return them to the site?”

He realized he’d missed something very important, “No, I gave them to my father and he became deathly ill. So I took them to a man I know and he told me they were evil, so I threw them away. It was a few years ago…I don’t really remember.”

“Ah!” I shook my head, “no wonder. What were you thinking?…Well, there’s nothing for it now but to make peace if possible.”

“But, I hadn’t found any evidence of human participation. No tools or arrowheads or anything. I thought maybe those shards meant something that could be discovered by testing.” The man practically whined as if to excuse his lack of foresight.

“You won’t find artifacts of that type at a place like this. All the peoples I know of would make sure nothing was left here. What we need to look for is something entirely different, like symbols traced on the stones.” My mind was spinning with possibilities. After spending time at that rock altar placing tokens, and chanting softly to soothe abused feelings of any and all residing spirits, especially the Guardian, I turned and walked out of the maze the way I had been led in.

The next day dawned and we set out wiser and with resolution that the place of the Guardian would be honored. With some renewed sense of balance I was drawn in a different direction than we had embarked on the day before. The proper entry was a wide stone-lined flat grassy way which wound in a clockwise arc, and led to an arrangement of boulders on bedrock. Treacy followed with satchels containing cameras, lenses, film and recorders. His mood was subdued somewhat from the day before.

“See that over there…I call that…” He just couldn’t resist commenting.

“Shush…I don’t want to hear it. Did you see this stone circle here?” The stones were spaced enigmatically, some in pairs; a set of three in one place, but roughly the same distance apart at intervals in a circle. They were approximately the same size, all of granite.

After some hesitation, he answered, “Well, not really…I call this area the…”

In a distracted gesture, I raised my forefinger to my lips, “Never mind. I’m here now and I will show you what I can.” Working among the rocks became my preoccupation. I went from one to another around the outside. There was a specific path of energy and if I took a misstep I had to backtrack to get it right. This meant concentration and intuition to follow the currents were required. The whole while, the man stood apart, on higher ground, with video recorder in hand.

Finally, I was allowed to enter the circle. It was almost noon, and the sun shown brightly even though the breeze was chilly, the portent of a storm to come. I walked toward the center stone and as I placed my hand upon it. Treacy, following me step by step through the viewfinder, jerked his eye away from the camera, tumbled off his perch, and roared: “What the holy shit is That?!”

“It is the Center Stone.” The pure clear statement rang across the open space.

“It can’t be! I never saw it before and I’ve been documenting this site with my associates for over 10 years! Nobody has ever seen this before.” His exclamations of awe and disbelief continued on for some minutes while he tried to explain to himself how this could have happened…that it would have been concealed all this time, and then appearing out of nowhere in broad daylight.

“None the less, that is what it is. Here look, at one time it was tipped over so as to deactivate the circle. We can see the concussion marks on what was the underside, and those matching on the bedrock surface.” Everything was so visible to me in some enhanced state of awareness. I could almost hear the history of this wondrous place as if the voices of the rocks themselves had been awakened.

“Wait a minute, I’ve got to get this on tape. Stay right where you are and I’ll tell you when to point at the evidence. Holy shit!” Treacy gathered himself together and approached the center stone with video rolling. I carefully drew attention to each compaction point and its corresponding scar from rock to rock floor as the camera zoomed in for close up verification.

“This is It! Boy, wait ’til they see this. It’s the proof I’ve been looking for…there is no way to deny what this means. Who do you suppose tipped it over ?…This is amazing!” His excitement was growing by the second, so that he could hardly contain himself.

A moment’s pause, then I ventured, “Quite possibly the builders deactivated it so those coming after couldn’t tap the power drawn here without knowing what they were doing. Or perhaps a rival force of some kind wanted it destroyed. In any case, whatever happened here was ages ago beyond reckoning.”

One more day was spent at this remarkable and complex site before returning to the present. Measurements and other details were compiled to be deciphered later.

The weather turned dreary without the sun, and a cold wind began to build. In a small grass covered chamber braced on three sides by massive boulders, I sat down to reflect. I brought out a musical drum and played a soft melodious chant. “I am giving thanks to the spirits in this place, and saying farewell.” The sounds resonated off the stone walls and the space was filled with a sweetness.

Epilogue: Because of the findings on this excursion, and others, Treacy was able to culminate research about this location and published a lengthy documentation. One gifted seer could actually see ancient Ogam markings on the boulders here. The stone circle at this site acted as a gateway to perception of the entire area and over a period of several years, researchers were able to compile data regarding a number of stone circles, dolmens, standing stones and other placed rocks in California and Nevada.

The summer following this trek, a tour bus took a group of dowsers to this site to further investigate and interpret the information. Treacy’s work in this field has inspired explorers to look for subtle clues previously unrecognized that suggest a global culture from eons ago.

Who the builders were is yet to be determined. No existing race of people identifies the work as their own, although they may have used the sites in ceremonies during their temporary occupation of an area. Placed stones occur around the Earth especially in areas where electro-magnetic currents seem to converge. Although more and more clues are being gathered all the time, how these sites were originally used remains intriguingly illusive in the deep past of the planet.

These monuments to knowledge lost are precious. May the Guardians be forever vigilant.

Guardians and Stones appears here with permission of the author, Prism.