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The Amazing 39th Parallel

by Carol Assa

For years, I have been interested in the powerful energies of the 39th parallel, since our national capitol, Washington D.C. was deliberately planned and constructed on this line of latitude by our Founding Fathers They even had to clear a swamp to execute their plans. The 39th is seen as the central nerve circuit of our planet and interestingly, more cases of MS are found near or on it than anywhere else. Sacred places that depended on this high frequency energy, like the Oracle of Delphi in Greece, were also positioned directly on it.

Recently, however, I had a huge awakening when I discovered that Beijing is also on the 39th! No one has ever commented on this in all of the Feng Shui classes I have taken, books read etc.

The placement of Beijing (Peking) and it’s center, The Forbidden Palace, was purposely chosen in the 15th century by Feng Shui Masters, who were aware of the powerful, high frequency earth energies emanating from the 39th parallel. This means that the Freemasons were also privy to this same geomantic knowledge that was secretly passed down through the ages! This ancient view of the world embodied the concept of an invisible architecture underlying and sustaining all of creation. They knew there is a dynamic interaction between the site, heaven, earth and all the kingdoms. Sites were chosen, magnetically aligned and built to both import and export energy and information to connect the government, economy and society.

Thomas Jefferson was very instrumental in laying out the whole whole plan for the Capitol. He personally financed the Lewis and Clark expedition to survey and lay out the Mason Dixon Line - on the 39th parallel! It was like putting a stamp that could be used across the whole country. He also devised the township and rank system we still use today through his knowledge of magic squares! Magic squares are based on planetary energies discovered by ancient mathematicians. The 6x6 magic square he used to lay out America is derived from the energies of the sun.

The Chinese Feng Shui Masters also used the magic square to site their cities, country etc. They used the familiar bagua which is a 3x3 magic square based on the energies of Saturn. Saturn rules government, law and authority. There are so many amazing parallels between Beijing and Washington D.C.!! But, I need to keep this newsletter short, so will only give some highlights. There is definitely a book here!

The other noteworthy bit of information about the 39th parallel (and I include some of the 38th parallel energies because of natural deviations etc.) is that I once heard the entire United States is laid out like Masonic Lodge. The front of the Lodge is Washington D.C. in the East where the Worshipful Master sits and the back of the lodge where the Senior Warden sits (keeping the 38/39 latitude down the center) is “Bohemian Grove !" Moving on from west to east, the center line goes right through Denver, where the CIA is moving their headquarters and where the emergency seat of our national government is underground. It goes right through Denver Airport where there has been many problems and gossip.

The line continues and crosses the Native American site at Cahokia Mounds in Southern Illinois. Cahokia Mound is considered the largest and most sophisticated pyramid complex north of the great pre-Columbian cities in Mexico. This shows the native Americans also knew the secrets of geomancy! It then crosses the city of Indianapolis which is a known power point. (more on that later.)

Next the energy proceeds directly onto the 1000 year old (disputed as much older) Native American earthwork Serpent Mound (pictured above.) Serpent Mound is 1,200 feet long and about 5 feet high and made of earth. It is formed in the shape of an uncoiling snake about to swallow an egg-shaped oval in its open mouth. The head of the serpent is aligned to the summer solstice sunset and the coils also point to the winter solstice sunrise and the equinox sunrise. It is the largest and oldest serpent mound effigy in the world and has become a focal point for geomatic researchers worldwide. It was not a burial site.

Then, we arrive at Camp David and further on, we are back in D.C. I know Earth energy cannot be totally comprehended with only a single factor- there are faults, and underground water etc. but, to have so many sites worldwide involved in sacred geometry located along or near a particular latitude line means they all knew something we have forgotten!!

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